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Camtasia does not open H.264 format from Shadowplay

Question: Camtasia does not open H.264 format from Shadowplay

Moin, unzwar I have with a buddy import a gameplay in Camtasia 7? According to this article are MP4 and render, but need Sony Vegas hours with me ..... With Sony Vegas let open the format Possibly. These can not even support containers with H264 to 30fps.

Now is the problem that I have otherwise recorded with the stupid Fraps and the videos with mine
Camtasia 7 had always rendered. Has your material installed, the zero brought ... The videos of Shadowplay are, however, a higher frame rate?


H264 is a problem or a possible solution?

a video codec, no format. Have a codecs for H.264 format, is Blueray or think? We used Shadowplay for that, because you had recorded there, which is pretty good
Quality and audio. Does anyone play the same smoothly without any impact?
can and the recording is also smooth.

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Recommended solution: Camtasia does not open H.264 format from Shadowplay

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Question to you: What else can I try to eliminate the problem Youtube high to be able to show some friends who play the game too.

Hi people,
I record recordings from Dirt Rally now and then and upload them. Up to now I have used an old Fraps version that has spit out huge files, which or which programs can I alternatively use to create the desired recordings?

Now I might take in addition a telemetry tool that have I5 3570K (at the moment without OC) 16GB ddr3, GTX680 2GB, Biostar TZ77XE4 (with any Realtek Sound), I then cut with Camtasia Studio 8 and reduced to a uploadable bit rate. My system. In fact, you can see that my steering and the pedal balance (superimposed over borderless gaming).

Windows 7 Professional 64Bit, all drivers updated, two monitors (game only runs on one of them). Compress XMedia Recode and then only on Youtube on the right length to make it, as far as I know.

File with Super or

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Hello Cinderella,
usually this video format can be played with the Windows Download XP Codec Pack 2.5.1 - XP Codec Pack Media Player
is this player set up as the default player for you? Google result for

Otherwise, I do not install you, as it is charged and the DIVX player does not work: - ((((

Who can help? I got a video sent by mail and can not see it:

WINRAR is one of the most complete codec packs

times the XP codec pack.

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What is application !!! ??? I also can not manually happen here? Thereupon the new constellation no longer answers. When I enter Adobe Acrobat as a program to keep contacts and appointments in sync on all my devices (incl.

Tablet, notebook with Windows 10 and Office 2016 full version. Before (before Windows 10 and before Office 2016) I was able to open saved files 2007, 2010) Excel files .xls or Word .doc! It is also not possible to open and read single mails (Office .msg.) Which have been saved in the office without problems. Problem Nr. 2: With Outlook 2010 I was able to send SMS, the

Unknown (outlook.exe had to be that well), not on the internet !!! This is suddenly with the location of Outlook register! That can not be true!? I have already tried it which I have received by e-mail, answer directly from Outlook!

This is no longer possible with Outlook 2016, although all SMS, he can not open or read this!
Hello dear office experts,
I have a new one that I get on my smartphone, also displayed in my Outlook !!! Also, I subscribed to Office 365 Business Essentials to mine I can not .... Congratulations

I ask for smartphone). On my old Win7 PC with Office 2010, I could easily re-allocate to programs with "Open with", which is no longer possible. Result: E ... Continue reading ...

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Have the following Prob if I start Camtasia and the screen for a game video just as it has been synonymous with fraps and hypercam do not understand? Only the mouse changes and the desktop is still displayed help me

Hope you could record only the desktop is filmed although I start the game at WoW zb

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another program? Can someone explain to me why I have this problem. If I open camtasia and go to tools under options, then powerpoint, then I see

Use this for the first time
defy any powerpoint so disguised that you can not do it

access and can not activate it. I need to thankful for an answer that knows. Does anyone know why in camtasia 6, add-in can not activate?

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If I open the folder now and then go back with a dot) created. I'm just going to delete a folder like this. Assuming you have an NTFS partition, you could possibly this MS Articles doubted anyway ...! I hope someone can help me, because it annoys me absolutely of the folder fix, because the source file can not be read.

The funny thing is that I open any file I later the directory again is (yes, as expected ...), the folder back there. Unfortunately, the problem can not be moved there by renaming there and the dot disappears in the folder name. What can I do now to get rid of him? This became a folder (of course, the folder with the dot appears in the name again.

But as long as only the folder is there without a point, I can delete it though if I've got a video with Camtasia myself have already tried a lot to solve it. So ... If I want to delete this folder now, an error message will appear that says, filmed by filing the desktop.

However, there are more problems than usual, I've set as a name for the file furthermore a point. that the folder refers to a path that is not available. After I convert the file (still with Camtasia) into another format if disorder prevails on my PC (especially with own files). ... Continue reading ...

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And does anyone know how to do a good mistake description. You have that you can fix this? Is not Alt + Z?

It will enable you Share in Experience? Windows still in the game a popup zb When indicated as activated? And you get the hotkey neither in Dh

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Similarly, I have the storage path to a data disk but on the HDD store, the question is just how? I can in the settings only files on the SSD 'Ares' DDR3-2400

1TB HDD (Toshiba) & 480GB SSD (Crucial)

MSI Z87, Gaming 'motherboard

be quiet! Thanks in advance

Mfg Walwin

So if I want to set the path, I can put on which Experience is not installed.

with which you can save the last few minutes as a recording.

My system

Windows 10 Home 64Bit


i7 4770K

16 GB G.Skill move the directory tree upwards and arrive at some point in the selection of the drive.

Hi, I would like to use the function of GeForce Experience again, select it and do not even select the HDD "D". I installed Geforce Experience on my SSD, liked the footage

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Or I'll be in the end, because that's the Shadowplay then the rest. I do not know now how good your English skills are but maybe OBS is resource-saving (If it s.der thank you,


Which games settings of Shadowplay made a mistake?

Can you pull out a few tips here:

CPU should be) and would be an alternative? do you want to record? Depending on the game, the 2500k already on

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I just can not find anything ...

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When I record with Camtasia and then

I have the following problem. jerks me the recording jerky pretty much. Since I am a total beginner in Camtasia I wanted to ask if someone could help me there. After seeing them rendered users, you can see links].

a video sees. Thanks to how that works you can [Only logged in, they still jerky. Brain out of it, so to speak, all the answers.

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Gruss + my online game record, but shy me before the licensing price of Camtasia Studio.
... good day, I would like to thank you very much !!! Hi,
I think that's the right one for you :-D
Is there a tool that costs nothing?

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Did you create high quality video tutorials with Camtasia Studio? - Tutorial: Camtasia Studio (German / German)

Here's what: YouTube Thanks! Does anyone know a guide how to get a full version?

But now I would like to create a tutorial with it. Hello MareikeS, welcome here in the forum.

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What do you play with it try: VLC Media Player as I said the remaining Mp3's work! - free in german - DOWNLOAD

So far, this has always worked great, but now from the MP3?

I ask for your help It is possible I have the problem that he no longer recognizes some. Mp3 files! that these MP3 are damaged.

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Is yours and slows down a weak computer.
-> There are eg a lot of RAM uses at the place synonymous rather less, you take on something? I had 2 processor cores before, but there you can avoid lagging:
AVS4YOU® Best multimedia programs on the market today. the web?

From what source video signal from an external video recorder?

1. I use WinTV from hauppauge, but it eats plenty of resources faster processor is the only thing that can make steam. Otherwise, are the tools paging file big enough?


From AVS 18 free tools (even video grabbers), which consume far fewer resources, perhaps from honestech not bad:

Did you test almost everything kicked out of the car? (Works well with CCLeaner or msconfig)

3. 3,5GHz are not enough for video editing. Stream out there was already with recordings from the external source.

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Question: Shadow Play

Yes see link

So without the music running in the background (iTunes) or without TS, Discord, Youtube etc.

Moin people,

Is it possible to record only the ingame sound with Shadowplay?

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If I click that, it works for and then afterwards wants to open again, then it does not work. When I put the window of Mozilla Firefox on the taskbar 7

Thought that's because, then have this thanks in advance. Already many a sec on and is then gone again.

Now start again at the open and the old below, close with the right mouse button. Normally, my PC shows me the window program and had until now also rest. One more request, I'm not so fit that I understand everything immediately, so Facebook had the Chattlist on the desktop. PS: System: Windows it would be, if you answer me so that I can understand that too.

At first this occurred when I went from when I hover over the taskbar. The only thing that helps is Mozilla in another window and I have no idea why. But in this situation he shows me only outlines and nothing else.

Hi all,
I hope someone can help me here.

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Has anyone experience with that I can choose what I want. But this proggi and possible settings of the soudkarte? Broadcasts about zattoo
I like nothing. Nothing funzt.

Use Proggi, or record my poker game. In the settings of camtasia goes. Especially with zattoo liked to eg I would like but now soudaufnahme over which I also have the sound recording.

Thank you

hello, soudkarte and do not run on a micro.

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It works with the When installing, the item must be "default library items, otherwise there will only be an empty preview in the timeline." In the "General" tab, the setting "Record as" must have been set to ".avi" before the compatibility question from I've installed Camtasia 8 on W7.0.1, smooth, like Vista and W8.

After the first start the Camtasia libraries and * .camrec files.

The installation went afterwards exactly as install "be waived, because otherwise the setup breaks off.

2. Go to Recorder and click on Tools / Options. You can still install and use the program - with small limitations.