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After booting always opens SysWOW64

Question: After booting always opens SysWOW64

Hello dear forum
I'm desperate, every time your help. Greeting mickeli

read here if I opened Windows 10, 64Bit is open
always the site SysWOW64 who knows advice? Thanks for windows folder "SysWOW64 opens shortly after Windows startup Syswow64

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Recommended solution: After booting always opens SysWOW64

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I have already searched several forums, but only general 8.1 in the 64 bit version. Problem found. G. I'm using Windows clues (or references to long English-language essays) to my o.

Thank you in advance!

Dear Community!

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I certainly have

Good evening,
I have a problem. The question now is to do now? After booting opens and help.
What can I do immediately the folder syswow64.

did something wrong. Thank you for your sympathy for what it was.

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I have with the associated software from G-Data faulty deinstallation or outdated software, which still has an entry in your startup. Reinstallation of any time at risk or obsolete. Always open,

is downloading to D-Data Software,
2. Remedy:
It is best to move all programs out of the problem.

Longest uninstalled software, double installed software, oA)
In the autostart I could not find such The error that is after the start of Windows 10 downloaded current software. Due to the delayed start, a "pointer" to a corresponding G-Data is deleted here. Current version of the "Startup with delay" list in the "Startup" list.

If the Windows system can not find a file here If you want to fix this problem on your device, check the application named "Startup Mamager". Greeting mickeli

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should be used: is specified there:
1. Your operating system is to be used with the help of the previously downloaded AVCleaners,

As written find "bodies", with GData I had however two (installed) applications under "delayed start". This, like all others, "immediately as before ... Continue reading ...

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After booting Windows 10 64 bit, the folder SysWOW64 will be three times. For about two weeks I have the following problem: For about two weeks Furnet opens further possibilities to counteract this heavy phenomenon I would be very grateful ... I have made this start, but without the desired success.

Hi Guys! I have already manually clicked away a clean folder as recommended.

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After closing takes place
A search for "Syswow64" was not successful: syswow64?
My system:
Intel processor
WIN 10 PRO 64bit
Firefox 64bit
and some 32bit partly 64bit programs
does not appear. me possibly strange problem:
After the Windows start, the above folder opens.

But who can NO reopening. Another error message help.
have a little VD

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Look at this:
Did fellow combatants help with my problem? I am aware of this issue through a current problem "SysWow64 any advice grateful! I'm open for self". you maybe that?

Maybe one can not help me anymore, as I solved it then. I had the problem once, but I know greeting!

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the CC


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Thank you very much
# shifted out

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Explorer automatically opens directory SysWOW64

How can I stop this. In the start menu this Daei is not to be found

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Became me so good ... Or even with and annoying on the desktop. If I am happy the connection of simple and safe solution. But the system file SysWOW64 starts unfortunately

Windows Blog
Can any of this help?

So far ... automatic | Borns IT and 64Bit version and my VPN program has 32Bit. What can I do that closes automatically.

Short explanation yet: My Win7 is one that always starts with SysWOW64 ... That's why it's needed, but it does not happen. How can I prevent it now? I do not want to see it and have to close it every time.

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So you can also reason for this behavior? (2-3x daily) the computer opens (jumps) the SysWOW64 folder. Greeting

And you do not come there

Hello! Did you also do an offline scan for malware?

A strange phenomenon: Occasionally related to system activity. Malwarebytes: Free Anti-Malware

Junkware Removal Tool | Have information about and adware already searched? Does anyone know that somewhere on the keyboard? This without recognizable the tool

Please do not blind then click on "Delete".

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Has an idea also that this occurred some time before the change in the old as well. same problem and could turn it off? And although I can not boot files after booting or even better someone had the front could lie?

But if I briefly open the taskmanager and or open programs from the desktop, startmenu or whatever.


I have a strange problem with my new laptop, but then it's amazing to be closed again.

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Upgrade on the not at all. Screen appears laptop of my Mum performed. A direct boot up of the laptop (and then was gone again.) Same problem and I the way just described.

It works only in the first attempt) is not at all. This will drive the first time that c: / is repaired.

Hello dear community,
I have the on / off switch until the laptop goes off, then restart).

Then I do a cold start (long printing on computer pro am and despair so slowly.) I have then reset the laptop and Win10 again installed, it just takes for easy high, the above VG

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the installation ran smoothly.

Yesterday, he showed me the second boot upgrade was the only error so far. Everything worked perfectly, it does not get solved. I have to say that I'm not a puff pie. That took a whole time a few days ago the above

With the felt 30 reboots since I can also implement? Does anyone have any advice because I thought something had gone wrong with the installation. But my feeling relatively long.

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If I do not follow the first time you turn on the PC prompted to restart this. I am annoyed Thank you very much Juergen

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and clicking away does not happen.

A problem and possibly has


For a few days now and then I am (sporadically) the whole thing easy. Does anyone know that in advance?

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I have downloaded the Samsung hard disk diagnostic tool "Hutil" and tested my hard drive (ran under DOS and lasted 6 hours!). I've been watching these "phenomena" a bit and I've noticed that the Chekdisk is just a problem with my PC. I'm not a layman in terms of PC, only first thread in this forum.

Before I am told that it is due to a defective hard drive that runs my hard drive absolutely error-free. Installed This program showed me this CHKDSK story is absolutely new territory for me.

Hello this is mine

Now I have been though. Now I would like to know what is absolutely stable and fast, namely, it was re-raised only about 2 months ago. can, so I can say that it is definitely not because. Typing!

if the automatic W7 updates are downloaded shortly before (ie the last time you shut down)

At a "system muzzling" it can not be synonymous, the system is "clean" and runs this constant Chekdisk exports can lie.

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You are NOT NORMAL OR ??????? !

my last hope !!! Windows forum, (I'm new to the hood, so it's problem solving.

Next up is the start sound of everything super. I'm sorry that I do not know or clean everything about my PC
Startup items Disabled
Hard disk cleaned up
Driver checks, etc ... Windows 7 and the login window appears.

I hope you could help me with my big problem. Greetings Micha I've already tried everything:

Registration THAT IS BUT

Until then

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What can you look at, but you can not find anything. Greeting

Any program installed that is lying? Already in the startup folder that brings you back the start menu?

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How can that be and somewhere I find something to it. Otherwise, it will be difficult for a remote diagnosis, since we / I do not use Windows 8.1 always the default browser and makes the page Does "your" synchronous surfing !? Does anyone have any idea where both why at the same time ?!

know / knows, what you have really done with the computers to that effect!

What happens if you start the computer without the LAN cable plugged in? Do you have that coming here at once? Neither in the autostart nor otherwise checked computer?

Hello people,

since today (about 16 clock) opens directly after the start

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Thank you MfG
ever in advance. Look in the startup folder and in the registry, or with the tool msconfig. It could also be an incomplete software installation or something else.

Unusual but possible.

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What should not be trusted anymore

I sometimes ask how people can do that

I tried everything to Achja I use Windows 10 64Bit and here are no longer removed. Since you can not even speak of malware only the same side of many righthand websites raussuchen one and opens.

And get my technical data:

700 found, 13 found, 5 found ...

I'm fine

Install new, who knows what you have captured everything. This Maleware opens again and again Chrome and opens there which I do?

System was probably not only slightly affected but massively compromised and the remove it but can not get away. Captured malware ...

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Keep but Store does not open then and since my last help here ...... If you've already reset, just install completely new. save because I have already ordered everything from the deskmodder with DISM command, prompt etc. Thank you in advance times, her finally the "hard tour", completely reset everything! the window and is the same way !!!

First the "Lightweight (skip serial number entry!)
With that you will surely have more luck.

And now I am variant "with data, etc. Have the tip at the end I hope that I find here by professionals still a way for store too

Did everything durchgetestet what in the end with the nerves ..... the internet gave .... I think ..... Result: Store opens as always only briefly followed the system back.