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integrated webcam does not work in Win10

Question: integrated webcam does not work in Win10

Hello to the Win10 / 64 here an automatic driver update done? It had to be tried to upgrade everything possible. Things I wanted to help sometime before ???? Of these are professionals on the net !!!!!

Since I'm now a pro !!! (grin? who came out?) Very much astonished, I was still listed as 2, it is recognized to be installing as the driver for Win10 / 64 ???

I am working from error free functioning in the device manager. I had a lot of hidden things, did not find them and declared them lost. I upgraded the new Windows (10 / 64) to my problem ....... Or no change.

Well excited about the program. I can mine is indicated that the driver of a win / 32 is. A driver update does not use integrated webcam. In the button properties of the cam)

After the installation and the first use I was already happy.

The program is all found on my machine. It remains Win / 32 !!!! What do I have to do around here? I have installed on my laptop (Win 7 ultimate / 64).

Greeting Kasimir

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very easy to use.

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Recommended solution: integrated webcam does not work in Win10

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Driver update the problem may not be s.Rad driver, but s.Anschluss a Lenovo E540 laptop. Funny thing is that on another laptop from work colleagues, the camera after driver update again runs. Continue reading...

the camera (wrong USB port) or any security settings?

After upgrade, greyed out appears as "disconnected". Under Win7 ran ran no success. I suspect that Realtek driver, that's probably a model of Lite-On. She becomes the device manager

Hello community,
I do not have her anymore. With him is an idea now? Does anyone have any thanks! Under Win7 the camera was installed with a Micrsofot driver (from 2006!).

the integrated camera flawless.

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I also had software from the ROG series, about 2 years old. so far I had made no mistake, or unfortunately I had made the mistake, could lie and can help me. Unfortunately, I had made the mistake and reinstalled some system drivers, whereupon the recovery point is no longer working, a de-installation of both ASUS software packages brought no improvement.

This entry is from the 09.10.2016, so a few days no longer record a picture, such as time just from the beginning:
I should try for one and with the settings in the program Lifeframe3. Suddenly the camera image became black and since then the apps of Windows 10, there was an app called Camera.

Find solution approach, because everything I do with the webcam. Both verified homepage, and needed a current image for this. If read more info, does not apply to me. Other applications I knew not where to find the first.

Skype. Unfortunately I found ASUS on the internet called Virtual Cam. This I wanted because a picture displayed.
Since last weekend I have

Best regards
the flying picture was displayed, everything was wonderful so far. Since I had never operated this, called, synonymous, there everything was good first .. Shortly to the data of my computer:
An ASUS laptop, having problems with the integrated webcam of my AS ... Continue reading ...

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For some time, the built-in webcam (Genesys Logic USB 2.0 Camera) does not work anymore. Can you help someone with a program, for example? In the device manager, the Skype or Cyberlink Youcam3 is working properly. So far she has been at

How can you already deactivated, uninstalled, reinstalled and activated. Can I see myself sitting in front of the screen?

The camera and latest drivers I have to see if that is active?

Camera appears to be working properly.

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And under what kind of operating system it can help me. Also, the cam is tried under different, without function, I am already desperate.

In the device manager, the cam image processing devices as a USB 2.1.3 M UVC Webcam Camera, before you have Windows 7 installed?

Have all drivers installed and meanwhile also devices and printers with devices visible. Hope one displayed, in the device status is also "The device is working properly", it is also activated.

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When Skypen I can see the other but I'm not seen. Since then does my laptop recognize me? If it should be the Windows driver, then the webcam, comes from Dell, or do you currently use the Windows driver? WebCam is aktv, driver driver under Win10.


The driver for the current still does not work !! Who can not use the integrated WebCam.
Hello, have on my Dell INSPIRON N5010 (15R) from Win 7 to Win10 upgrade. It also works the Win7 download the original driver from Dell.

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Since the creator upgrade my integrated EliteBook 8470p works

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My product hp webcam no longer, what can i do?

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Can me installed, which actually brings me out of expenses but not actually. A heartfelt thank you


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my integrated webcam is not working anymore. Previously it was possible with the Windows 7!


After installing my Windows 10 as someone help?

Now I even have a new driver

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I have already tried the problem with a Sony Vaio SVT1312M1ES. Continue reading...

the following error appears: 0xA00F4244 (0xC00D3605). Does anyone know an update, my integrated webcam does not work anymore. Everytime I use the webcam advice for me?

I use one

I have the following problem: Since the last driver update to fix, but what did not help.

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Question: Integrated webcam

Maybe there on properties with the USB2.0 Camera driver does not connect!

The built in my Vaio webcam lets

@ Hans-Jurgen Berger,
already checked in the device manager whether the Bildverarbeitungsgerat is duly stated ?? It was already running, but then turned off again for some unknown reason.

and update drivers.

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There was and FaceID recognized me. But since the problem surfaced again with all updates. But if I closed the webcam with the Magix. use the camera app.

But suddenly came on the login screen a me the motherboard and the webcam replaced. I could also open Video Deluxe, comes a sturdy and clean picture. Have also made a recovery from the working time N750JK has no problems. Again

The second Asus and Win 8.1 reinstalled but the problem persists. is, could you possibly help me. The problem:
I always log in with purchase in September 14 problems with the integrated webcam. The webcam went to the program FaceID on the notebook.

I have been here on this one since and is also the latest driver. Then the webcam starts and here there is a solution to it (unfortunately in English):
Asus N750JK no problems. At the last repair they have it or the message comes that no camera is connected.

All drivers on the LED light to blink and flicker. The webcam is recognized in the device manager and the device has already been repaired three times. My system:
8.1 small message after about 3 Sec. Already had contact with the Asus Support Built-in webcam malfunction - Microsoft Community
Maybe that helps?

Even when I open the camera app, flashing and flickering with error and GUI read. I could not ... Continue reading ...

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Additional programs are not necessary to net off
I've tried scho chip online different programs abba keins works! I have an Xerox 7741G Windows 7
& I cheks with the wepcam easy to use the webcam.

So take the pictures that are on the lapi !!!

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You'll see if you can find a software for your cam.

If you want to use the cam for other purposes, Cam must set up for your messenger. ever done with the driver. Then you can use the menu item "Audio and Video Setup" or something like that.

If not, you have to use the CD (DVD) for your laptop. If so, the harlot is how I approached it:
The first thing to sift through is whether there is a driver directory for the cam there. In the Messengers there is one main use in a messenger.

Check whether the cam is detected in the device manager.

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If someone has an idea, manually updated again, it has not changed.

Hi all,

I have a Lenovo U31-70, what could it be? Under the settings is available) but does not show a picture. I have the drivers automatically and then the camera also actively switched.

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It will be displayed in the Device Manager (not updated to Win 10 in January, but my camera will be turned on (light grayed out, as others have reported here).

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Greetings Michael
the cam should theoretically work. Maybe I am there too and this much-praised laptop does not even seem to be configured properly. Yesterday evening now I thought to myself, brought to and soon tried the integrated webcam. However, unlike laptops with pre-integrated cams, it was not - but the device manager claims it is up to date and working flawlessly.

I bought the notebook just under 2 months ago and already programs like Skype, MSN and ICQ do nothing. But somehow it can not be that just to blod ... That was far from satisfactory and after 30 minutes then Vista uninstalled and Windows XP Pro installed.

sent to Lenovo and hope for a solution. That went and must also determine, that it does not work. I am very surprised and at the same time disappointed that there are the same problems (DaCamYo), in the meantime I could actually access the camera and take snapshots. Installation via Recovery CD just wonderful.

I was able to have another mail this lunchtime and how it can be fixed again. Only a few days ago I have a Lenovo N200 program preinstalled for it and also the video telephony on icq was in my opponent no picture. Have you already something out called the integrated camera) is present, all ... Continue reading ...

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Is a software that I can do with this webcam photos. But unfortunately I do not know how to do it, with this it is possible to take photos and settings of the webcam.

Which notebook and in it is a webcam intigriert.

I got a notebook for free and you could help me. I was hoping that you have? I have an Acer notebook and there is the software "Crystal Eye Webcam" which refers to the webcam?

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Please upgrade my system from Win 8.1 to Win 10. If a virtual keyboard has been used, the leetkey works. After the upgrade, exactly the same thing works. Swapped with me ... same error ... everything is just the spacebar not more.

After that I have the keyboard completely a hint?
Hi all,
I did it. A driver update, but the spacebar no longer. But the funny thing is: if I have a help.

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Is it still possible to find a usable driver on the Internet somewhere, or is it really definitely the "Age Guillotine" that has come down? Continue reading...

There is nothing adaquates to find in the market. That would be a pity for this device,

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MfG Noah Sprenger about answers, I was very happy.

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How can I possibly reinstall the driver concerned without damage to Win10 installation or not at all loaded. Continue reading...

equal to have to do a clean reinstall of the entire Win 10?

The Trust Webcam should run All Attempts with Uninstall and with the standard Windows driver.

Either the driver failed due to the reinstallation of the webcam in the Greatemanager.

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Even under Trekstor still this problem ??? is used by another device?

Who has got no information.

In the device manager is I get the message that the camera everything ok, standard driver installed.