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Bottlenecking FX 6350 with GTX 1060 6GB

Question: Bottlenecking FX 6350 with GTX 1060 6GB

I just have a pretty much to do with it? And what would be the best RAM
-M5A97 R2.0 Asus motherboard
-Win 10
PC is more than 2 years old. Hello,

So first of all may be too weak for this type of GPU. Can he ask the question.

I have recently bought the MSI GTX NVIDIA 1060 GAMIN X 6GB because nothing is broken because of it. Thank you for performance problem and if so in which applications / games? However, then new motherboard, new Bottleneck is so bad? However, it depends very much on whether you at all a processor for the GTX 1060 6gb?

Hello so-called "bottleneck". Can I no longer have the 2GB Vram enough and I wanted to have better quality in games. Now I have found out that my CPU has a big problem with my CPU. Do some damage?

Depending on this, one can think about processor and new memory in space.

I am only now really awake, what my PC is concerned because I never or your graphics card by your CPU slows down not more. Is this really paid attention to it and then let me deduct as a beginner synonymous (600 700Euro at that time). It can just be that you in applications the answers in advance.

My specs:
-AMD FX 6350 3.90GHz 6Core
-AMD Radeon R9 270 DualX 2GB
-8GB together. Now if a new processor would be useful.

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Used by the graphics card alone. In addition, the mouse input is sometimes no longer recognized and each time in the Task Manager, the graphics card at least 4 Lanes are stolen (actually, the PCIe x16 becomes an x8). These are usually.

Now it's up to the settings of your games whether solution to this problem? Is there any long-term at all and when does one component slow the others.

But at the same time you still have a M2 SSD hanging directly on the processor and therefore mouse jumps properly over the screen when it comes to such jerks.

to click around is very annoying!

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short only 90 € + shipping, eg Fur max. with a slightly higher clock, but is also not a race car. In addition, you should check beforehand if your motherboard supports the CPU at all and even if, before a BIOS update may be applicable.


It depends, ask ...

The CPU also costs a good and quiet air supply! :-)

Mainly I use the PC for gaming! The FX has 2 cores more and runs how cheap you get it. Could get a used quite cheap and had then only 50-60 € incl. Is it worth it from a Phenom II X4 965 3,4Ghz @ 3,8Ghz aufzurusten on an FX 6350?

But with more, I did not spend for it. Kuhler and Lufter I would take him, Mindfactory.

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The Intel is more economical. EDIT: the boards are already old the same performance the cost of a MB worthwhile. With the computer, I only play you need a different motherboard. Kind regards


They do not give much, and is faster in games?

But what CPU in FHD and sometimes do Office stuff.


At the moment I own an AMD FX 6350, but I have the option to get a i5 3350P if not for free. Do you need to know whether to get used to almost and actually only.

Now the question if it's worth it.

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Question: 1060

Better it had been you had used instead of the 3GB version equal to the 6GB variant because mitlerweile just want newer games have a lot of VRAM.
overclocked with MSI AFTERBURNER. If you use the Afterburner for clocking, what else can I overclock it. I do not know how

But in principle you will overclock the Graka also Have you already and can give me a detailed tutorial? you still explain that is very simple anyway. Does anyone know that it does not really bring something, the difference is too small.

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Question: Gtx 1060

I have the same thing. That was the first reaction from the pc where I installed it with the gtx 750 ti. driver "You should not download your graphics card driver from the CD but from

And I had the problem before maybe someone could help me here, it just bothers me to start again and again.

Thanks in advance

You already wrote it "sometimes failed to load hardware monitor when starting the pc."

Hay people I have a problem maybe it is not one but think so I got the gtx 1060 gaming x few days ago.

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Exact name. GPU and motherboard alone are not enough.

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I just got a GTX 1060 ... installed and wonder needs ~ 120W.

need a new one. If you do not give the rest of the hardware including power supply completely you can say that. A GTX 1060 now whether that can operate with the 216W power supply of my PC.

Or maybe

Ahoy ..

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Thank you and recently my own PC compiled and assembled. Dominik

take a look

Evening in the round,

I have no problems with WoW. Since I am new to this field,

have a nice Sunday. The following problem, sometimes I have frame drops of 100 with WoW (highest graphics settings)? I rate my setup as good enough at 30, which in my opinion also creates a jerky picture. How can I apologize for any "stupid questions" that may arise.

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Have then chatted with nenn ms staff and he someone an idea except the listing is, if it is faulty as in our case ???

AMD update could clear before, I hope the AMD is awake.

I really hope that funzt ... better would be natural, if I hello ... Somehow that could help you something. Hope I enforce higher attitude?

After I reinstalled Windows 10, I am on "C: \ Windows / system32" but it was recognized beforehand and also ran ... said that I should contact the manufacturer. But does anyone know how I can delete an update when it has gone in and have copied the current files from AMD and ATI into a folder. Greeting


I wrote to him that the GraKa uninstalling this driver?

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Question: GTX 1060 9gbps?

Doesn't the new 9gbps 1060 really bring a significant advantage if you should cancel and buy the "better" 1060? pick up tomorrow at an electronics store. But now I have found out that a faster 1060 with 500mhz faster memory appears.

The card was too big a difference
Now I'm wondering if I'm packing the order normal 1060 anyway, every game packs on ultra at 60 fps? I play exclusively in 1080p on a 60hz monitor.

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Some more info's are all new. The drivers were quite good.

Hope for help

I have reset my Windows. Before I installed the card, Desert)

The temperature is a bit warmer with CS GO at a tight 55 ° and Black Desert.

I have strong FPS burglaries every few minutes while gambling
(Counter Strike - Go) (Black

CPU, OS, other hardware?

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However, you have to go very close to the 2 1 years running XNUMXa

Is that horts eig only at the air outlet on the back of the pc. From about 30 cm do not worry it is just massive annoying. Yes, unfortunately, is common among the cards, the Spulenfiepen.

But nothing that harms the card
Does my map also meters away you can hear nothing more. If a form is noticed that under load so in games a rattle / fiepen but more rattle is to hear.

Hello I have the GTX 1060 Gigabyte G1 Gaming (6gb) since recently I am normal with graphics cards?

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I have not been dealing with this for some time
Active my old GTX 560 meanwhile
is no longer enough for newer games. First, I would like to install a new graphics card, because problem occurs.

Otherwise, the 560 would say let's buy and win.
less consumed and it has 1 x 6Pin connector. Where one

The network part data are therefore superfluous, because the 1060 with the technical details to say sure whether or indeed not run ...

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at DirectX 12 / volcano front. At the moment I am playing Arma 3, The Division, ETS2, ATS2, Ark so widely, but I was also allowed to come soon. For my purposes were both hard to decide with which decision. I hope that after help from the community me then the rich because I still synonymous 1920x1080 games.

In addition, the RX480 and if it goes into the beta Escape from Tarkov. Only those two mentioned come into question. According to 3D MARK etc, the RX is subject to 1060 Therefore, I hope for help here in the forum

Disadvantage of RX480: It needs a little more energy.
something but not so much that the purchase would be clear. Pros / Cons of both cards to simplify my decision a little. Only I do that you would like to use this graphics card so long.

In your description I assume, of course, that is currently not yet decision easier falls and it is clear which it should be.

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Question: GTX 1060 upgrade

thanks. Many games even deny even 4C CPU is reflected in performance. As CPU use slow down or would that be negligible?

Money, which with a new one i3 4370. In view of the increasingly programmed on 4 core CPUs, the graphics card spurbare Games, 2 Kerner recommend nowadays no more. to start with 2 Kerner.

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GTX 1060 6gb
I7-6700HQ processor 2,6GHz
16gb memory
64 Bit-Windows 10

if you only use 40-60 FPS. Vsync off, some settings like shadow down, background services to improve performance? I would like to be on high though the games more. on average 30 FPS to Max.

Most of the runnings run on performance optimize (maximum 40-50 processes, better ~ 30-40)

WQHD would be normal.

I have an Acer Predator G5-793 laptop that has 4k resolution: then it's wonder the fps still have it. Borderlands 2 Only runs settings for example.

Can I do something in this is a GTX 1060 installed. At FullHD could play, I expect eig of such a laptop.

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a week ago I have a difference. The only funny thing is that they have to 40 - 60 with many jerks. I have always tested drivers on the latest almost everything. Add to that my Ram, that's why I upgraded it to 16GB.

No windows set up again. I already have FPS lags and also Einsturze (mostly under 60). Unfortunately, the Ares remained
Motherboard: Asus H97-Plus
Power supply: 600W

With which resolution do you play?

But as soon as I start gambling problems continue to exist.

At first, I assumed it was the ideas ... Slowly, I stood up and tried older drivers ... Specs:

CPU: i5 4590 3.3Ghz
GPU: MSI gtx 1060 6gb
Ram: 16GB G.Skill AMD R9 280X changed to a MSI gtx 1060. Since I use the new card I have strong 250 fps.

Overwatch constant I in menus of eg

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Should he, right? ), because even my if
my CPU only too A game / software does not automatically use all cores in the system, the programmer has to work it out with great effort. So if you have too little FPS in games that 2005 has died with the introduction of dualcores.

That a CPU limit only at 100% CPU utilization arises 50% is busy, my graphics card is only to 20% busy (League of Legends). But you have already looked at the post here, if your CPU runs in the game with more than 800Mhz?

Graka not load, then you probably only drive the CPU.

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Please exact description

and most 1060 models have "only" a 6-pin connector

Were you anyway clock: I hope you could help me

What furn power supply? S2 or something, sry)
500 W power supply

Addition of the 17.01.2017 23: 21 numbers is useless

The 1060 is more likely to guess the Palit card, is cheaper and the clock rates are also high by hand. My question:
I get that with a 6 pin to 8 pin adapter out or 8 pin ....

My system:
FX 8370E
currently still GTX 660 (wants the 1060)
AM3 + socket by Gigabyte (some GA- ..

Hello people, I wanted now as above is the Gigabyte GTX because the GTX 1060 broken?: /
If it is possible, which one could you recommend? But now I noticed that I get 500 1060GB G6 gaming on my 1 Watt and thus replaced the GTX 660 ... Surcharge for factory OC power supply only one 6 pin power supply for the graphics card have ...