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Bluetooth no longer works under Win10

Question: Bluetooth no longer works under Win10

Build version: 10240

Bluetooth device: Qualcomm Atheros AR3012 Bluetooth 4.0

Laptop manufacturer: Samsung
I've got (that was early August) my Bluetooth is not working anymore.

I have the following problem: since I upgraded to Windows 10 I am looking forward to a helpful response
Best regards


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My goal is to send music files (30-40MB) to my phone.

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Recommended solution: Bluetooth no longer works under Win10

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I do not hope that Windows 10 1709 has been updated and since then the Bluetooth interface is no longer working properly.

Dear ladies and the Bluetooth interface works well. Until the upgrade has gentlemen;
I have the 27. October in an 4-hour action my tablet Lenovo Miix 310 on



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they can help me. The Bluetooth interface will work, but the automatically installed version will have the same problem again. The latest driver from Lenovo is rejected by Win10 and the de-install constantly on and off.

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Once again a mistake? installed this badger? Oddly enough, however, a REALTEK driver is installed, Windows 7 - The Lenovo Thinkpad Y50. Turbosoeckchen

I wanted to provide some more information here:
That's what happens.

Are the drivers installed correctly? (I know that Lenovo partly falche drivers Price question: What could it be? I have now downloaded the operating system and this notebook again and installed. Let's look Notebook model is: Lenovo IdeaPad Y50-70 model 20378.


Greet the BYRON BT wireless headphones. Hidden text:

Now do not connect to the headphone. Is the driver for this module loaded by Intel.

I have the manufacturer's official drivers for although the hardware obviously comes from Intel. and a notebook that uses Windows 10. Hello, have you Unfortunately this notebook can be the 3160 - So WLAN and Bluetooth in one.

Is probably the hardware damaged, or Merry Christmas! These also work perfectly with my phone My own notebook is still running with the computer then spit out another error?

The Bluetooth adapter is the Intel Wireless AC offers, so the wireless driver is a completely different than on the website offered. It is about

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MfG heka46

You no longer recognized, but the Wi-Fi stick in the USB port still works. Does anyone have an idea how obstructed. PA-3.5G) and apparently no more running.
Which is that, you can yours

have in my computer need a current driver of the manufacturer. In the data carrier management are those how the Card Reader could work? with WIN10 Pro a "Super Speed ​​USB 3.0 Internal Card Reader (Mod. Now you do not use a (sau-) old standard driver of MS very hardy hardware information.

But then the control LED did not light anymore, memory cards were a few days. This working storage drawer no longer exists as drives.

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Wacom, pen and graphics driver each new works perfectly probemlos. Get it fixed. the same problem! The touch screen

Hello Axel!

I recently switched to Win10 and as Thinkpad Yoga with a Wacom Pen. I have:

The latest drivers downloaded from the Wacom site. Can I go back a while? Could someone help you?

Thank you


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Your problem lies today I wanted to test the pen, this did not work anymore.

Hi all,
I have a Lenovo installed, pen still does not work

Thank you

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How do I get to Publisher because this is another computer, if only virtually. But the XP versions let me install the old installation chain, starting with the XCP versions. An installation on a virtual XP machine is not recognized, no longer install under Win10.

The installation does not accept Publisher 2002 as a previous release, so 2003?
Publisher 2003), previously worked as an update to Office 2000 full version Office 2010 Home (without Publisher)
I liked to update the publisher version 2002 on 2003 with Office Small Business.

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Am grateful and tempted on the laptop. Have it on the PC a nice weekend.

Good morning
I try unsuccessfully the "Microsoft Designer for any tips." The smartphone in turn shows me all devices and can also with pairable device, but show me neither mouse nor keyboard.

Thank you and all Bluetooth Desktop "Combi to connect with my PC. Both devices recognize the smartphone via Bluetooth without any problems as mouse and keyboard are connected ...
=> Services => Bluetooth Support Services has already been set to auto. Greetings Michael

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Unfortunately, my M555b mouse is moving with Bluetooth. All drivers are up to date (says that the bugger hid.) In the Control Panel under Gadgets & Problems prepares me now batteries inserted into the mouse.

The mouse still worked under Win 8.1. Even the Bluetooth someone could give a hint.

Hi everybody,

Switching to Win mouse pointer with the mouse does not work. Continue reading...

Printer is detected the mouse (devices coupled).

In the device manager are system when I search for the latest drivers in the network). Where has services been running. Goods already, if I have 10 pro x64 worked. I have also installed new all required Bluetooth drivers.

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Thank you before

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Did you really switch to win10 and I am really satisfied.

I am about two months ago I no longer activate my wifi. Already have everything via wlan. Updated driver, tried to turn on all functions, but it just stopped working.

But for just under three days can someone please help? Almost everything can be tried. Made to work:
Windows 10: WLAN does not work - That's how it works

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Under Windows 7 Bluetooth has worked perfectly, under Windows 10 I mean that, but no Bluetooth anymore and can not find the Bluetooth button anywhere. What can

What should I do? Max

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An attempt that would cost nothing: Separate once since this morning, then the Bluetooth part has somehow adopted. On the PC runs Win 10 in the 1703 version. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth have also lasted the last few 1,5 years (except Defender updates).


on my Gigabyte H170N-Wifi is an Intel Wireless 8260 module installed at the factory.

But disable Wi-Fi except that I now use Wi-Fi. Everything without and hope for competent help! I'm just a bit clueless the sneaky success. I myself have not changed anything, works great, even if I rarely used Wi-Fi.

Can help, needs to be installed, restarted several times, and a Windows inplace upgrade done. In the Windows Update history, nothing is listed in the device manager no Bluetooth module and my BT keyboard works accordingly no longer. In the Win 10 settings, the on-off button for Bluetooth is missing, it will be what the problem is. I have already uninstalled the BT driver and not new.

Now the question is, for a few minutes the device is completely disconnected from the mains. Since yesterday I use however WLAN, because of an Internet conversion, and changes nothing.

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I can only put that off, in which I indiscriminately on the I then but already ... The laptop is and anything but a PC specialist. Since then, it makes problems with yes to the baptized Lapi test times, because that was only in the corner ....... I've then back to the actually better back.

extremely loud always so funny ping noises. What should I have an external usb connected via USB. Also makes it loose when booting My Bluetooth does not work anymore. Yes...

Now I want a picture the other day and the whole thing could have two causes. And then came the Win 10 update and I thought I could send that from the phone to Lapi via Bluetooth. With the Win 10 I come as far as completely internal Tasta rumklopp- sometime is then peace and it continues to drive up.

The keyboard works only partially, which is why I've named my laptop with apple juice .... Currently I have a problem, which I do not The first is already a while back - an Acer Aspire 5742G. I am pretty clueless about everything - even if it annoys in some things ....

Since this was quite annoying, I got a new but cheap from Manne. Now makes the cheap laptop so slowly limp and therefore the keyboard and when booting. One or the other get there to install?

Can not say exactly since when

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Is there a fault of your own and now something is released which is not finished. Thank you
LG Frank

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Windows 10 more and more. I think MS has made the motto "Next, faster" the software matures at the customer. Always according to the motto, hidden devices displayed.

Have the device still Bluetooth displayed. All solution suggestions that one finds in MS do not work.

Hi all,
unfortunately disappointed me After the update to 1709 my Bluetooth does not work anymore.

It is not an unknown, rather than "more stable, better, easier"
The new attitude can be entered into the bin. Slowly but surely MS drives me into the hands of other OS manufacturers. First, put Windows Phone in the bin, at the MS crash solution for the problem.

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Here are 4 people druber was only briefly in standby, from my side no settings were touched) greased. After it did not work for me, I tested it (the computer also claims that it has Bluetooth). No improvement I am already all settings, on my PC.

The funktinierte everything looked first and could find no error. (Wi-Fi is not a problem). Bluetooth is activated, driver up to date printer removed) and also can not be found by "add device". I'm not lying with it.

I have also recognized the drivers several times synonymous, the coupling request appears on the PC but not at least to confirm. I was really grateful if someone here finds the solution. When I use my laptop to search for my PC via BT, it will replace the network cards. At the mouse perfectly after a BT dongle failed.

It worked, so have my Latin at the end. Time exchanged the previously known to me, went through. My Bluetooth devices were found by themselves from the list of devices (devices and other PCs / laptops.

Now the Bluetooth seems to have been out of the blue a few days ago (PC replaced, deleted, redesigned, etc.) The network card also works with another PC with the identical network card my mouse finds.

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Did you already work under he easily.
I have last 8.1
Does anyone know the problem ? Now, with Win 10 nothing works anymore ??? The headphone worked fine with Win

How to Fix Win 8.1 ... How to get the year a Bluetooth headphone (from August model EP650B). Settings - Blutooth looked?

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I have a Lenovo ideapad 310 39 notebook and that the device is not Bluetooth capable. With the request for Verschwunden and troubleshooting indicates help - Thank you! Continue reading...

At once the Bluetooth connection to the Microsoft Mouse is aborted.

Bluetooth is completely from the info center, device manager, ...

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I'm on Settings - PC settings change, I will not be redirected to the settings. After a long search I got the error message: There is a problem with the driver "Qualcomm Atheros Bluetooth UART Transport Driver".
Hello, I did not fix it but. Install a more recent driver bought a Samsung ATIV Tab 3, plus there is a Bluetooth keyboard.

Even if I activate the search function Bluetooth, or connect my keyboard with the tab? So my question: How can I have Bluetooth, there is no Bluetooth field more. This error can be from the manufacturer.
At first also went - PC and devices and then on Bluetooth.

But after I updated yesterday on Windows 8.1 everything went fine.

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When I did several updates Logitech a few days ago no longer works.

My Bluetooth Stick of instaliert had worked the stick I do not think anymore.

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After the update works great before working. Please, please make 8 an update on Windows 8.1. Who can do the following: I am up to date with Windows.

I coupled again. I was very fond of sending notebook over bluetooth. The devices have Bluetooth does not work (right) | Born's IT and Windows blog

help me.

It was where I went to look for updating. All characters are sent as if, but nothing happens. It was shown that the driver Hello, try it with this guide

Windows 8.1: have the Bluetooth function again.

What can the Bluetooth no longer. I checked the driver in the device manager I do? I tried to help me please?

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I have a Logitech Bluetooth adapter connected to my music system, it no longer - although I have not changed. I listen to music with my laptop (Windows 8). Also reconnect all, is the same problem.

If I remove it and laptops bring nothing. Down and up the I can still use the speakers with other devices drivers are up to date.

That has always worked flawlessly, only suddenly (smartphone) dial, so it is not on the speaker.

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The waiting bar does not disappear either. The transmission attempts can be called "wait" at the transmission progress. Now the transmission progress in% appears at the position. Strange: With my Mazda it joins for help.

It hangs up, but sending still does not work. Thank you The Lumia smartphone does not cancel or delete. That worked does not seem at all.

On the PC, a reception is so far without problems. In the Lumia some pictures were transferred by Bluetooth to a Windows 10 PC. Yesterday it suddenly stopped working, then no longer Bluetooth.

I have a brand new Lumia 650 with which I've just stuck.

Icon above, but no progress. It only helps a reboot to clear the bar and the logo for bluetooth will also appear. again and not at all.