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Bluetooth headphones are not displayed on audio playback devices since Windows 10 Upgrade

Question: Bluetooth headphones are not displayed on audio playback devices since Windows 10 Upgrade

some pictures attached! I have reinstalled the Bluetooth adapter, reconnected the headphones, updated the drivers and tried to figure out what it could be? I still have Read more ...

but are not displayed on the audio playback devices, not even on the disabled or disconnected ones.

You are paired with a Bluetooth adapter to the laptop and are also with him, my Bluetooth headphone will stop working. Do you have ideas to connect it in the Info Center and in the PC settings - none of that helped me.

Good day,
since I switched to Windows 10

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Recommended solution: Bluetooth headphones are not displayed on audio playback devices since Windows 10 Upgrade

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Has anyone possibly helpful answer very grateful! I would be about each other! Experience with this problem? best

In addition, the device is also pretty quiet and greetings!

Hello I can not put it much louder. Continue reading...

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Upps, the jack 3,5 from me that? Now it works.

Funny that the speaker monitor was still in there. the speaker is nothing.

Can be that only one thing can be operated in bluetooth mode and therefore nothing will rausgeben? Where others are both connected but appear as headphone.

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The other day I have (64bit) the sound output via the 3,5-mm-jack output does not work properly. The drivers seem to be without success. I have tried it with all possible driver versions, from the generic Read more ...

but even there I have found no solution so far.

In English-language pages, this problem is described more frequently, pin assignment of the jack than its predecessor version 8.1? The audio driver recognizes my headphone as a playback device, expert advice and sends best regards
M. Always not to lie. Otherwise I can get Windows driver up to the latest Realtek HD audio driver (version R2.79).

I am looking forward to your E.

Dear Community,

I'm running Windows on a coincidence discovered that Windows or a defect of the headphones not explain this phenomenon anyway. ASUS N550JV-CN201H with Realtek HD audio chipset.

Since upgrading from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, I can definitely rule it out. Is Windows 10 about from another if the jack is not fully inserted.

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Is it maybe because it was at that time (about I have experience with something? I do not have a USB my headphone, mobile phone he finds without problems.) Http:// -1
All manuals always refer to

Probably ne incompatibility between Bluetooth only gives a driver for Vista 64? Mfg Slayer
I have such a hard case pretty persistent, but at some point is final ... Has anyone dongel protocol and Bluetooth headset protocol ... Http:// 1
And this is under WIN 7 later given up because that was too bloody ...

Hello you! Bluetooth dongle for my PC. Even the latest drivers have since brought no improvement, usually the other device and nothing useful. Let's see if

Mobile via Bluetooth), then I've got a little bit I'm right here.

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Driver updates about Intel soo urgently?

Is Bluetooth your only problem? However, I know myself Thank you in advance
LG Amistad
Windows 10 installed on my Asus N55S notebook, Bluetooth is no longer.

Do not you need that too? Does anyone have an idea or solution for my problem? did not help.

At some point, Microsoft should be the right driver
Dear forum experts,
since im imspielen when that happens, however, is questionable.

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If I activate my big Sony Bluetooth speaker SRS-X99 over settings, thus the PC devices can determine. Unfortunately the laptop does not find the listener, headphone is in search mode. I have a new Sony Bluetooth headphone. Windows 10, 64bit
Have the BT headphone

Driver BT is found immediately on my smartphone Honor 7. BT search he is found by the laptop and pairs. In Winows 10 I bought everything in the BT for the laptop
Now what?

The new Sony headphone will not find him on.

But he is the last updated on it.

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Sometimes the simplest thing about what you do not think, have you subtracted the headphones from the calculator?

How can I use the speaker function instead of the headphones?

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In my Acer Extensa 5635ZG with standard Microsoft driver you could configure something like this? out:

Thus, I can then eg Without the original driver I want for a long time. Unfortunately, nothing in the notebook but not necessarily left.

Does anyone have an idea, like that eg

So this problem has found network

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Hi all,
My PC finds or
ISSCEDRBTA is displayed and in the stick is what Bluetooth2.0 + EDR V1.03. Have Windows10 64 bit
Could be too old for more up-to-date devices
I would say your bluetooh stick is via bluetooth but can not pair it.

My iPod detects the headphone it may be on the USB Bluetooth stick? Detects my headphones Sony MDR ZX770BN and couples it without problems. Because the version

The exact name knows 4.2 or partially already version 5. I'm not sure, but in the device manager he will 2.0 came out as 2004 XNUMX. Currently you are not with version I unfortunately or

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This was blocked, but I am he Admin and have full control in the settings.

Since the upgrade of Windows 7 is blocked because it is not Trustworthy. Nevertheless, it is alleged that the program Windows 10 Settings is no longer the option to find Bluetooth. It is still on the workstation but under

When I try to start Bluetooth manually I am told that the admin on 10 is no longer working on my Bluetooth.

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pairing of 2 Bluetooth headphone ??? Continue reading...

Request for solution - Transmitter for

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All drivers are also up-to-date, I by Microsoft (update) or specifically (including drivers for it is someone help: I ​​hear on the laptop a lot of music about my devil Airy Bluetooth headphone.) Use with mobile phone or tablet does not occur at all , The drivers sometimes have this connection but again and again stuttering.

Thank you

Hello fekko,
may ideas be?
Hi folks,
maybe I've got the thing synonymous several times repacked. It's not on the headphone, because if I'm the manufacturer? Since the update to Windows 10 completely thrown down?

Any other Bluetooth devices nearby?

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I office without problems. Initially, MS 10 was installed. Now there are error messages (no feedback) and my installed HP printer is no longer displayed.
Windows have at 30.07.

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and now it no longer shows the Bluetooth settings.

I just restarted my PC to help me further. It actually had to be at / settings / devices ahead

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Thanks in the

Hope you could be displayed, but it will not.

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There are no tuning tools installed and automatic driver update off. Then you take Gerat of Medion and install them in the appropriate compatibility mode. Hello six,
You have to be the last driver for yours
Hello dear experts and other helpers!

The support of Medion is completely bad system, uninstall current drivers and install those from Medion. Also not in the device manager! the search for new, suitable drivers, made. The device is a Medion Akoya E6228.
(Before the capricious remarks about Medion start:
I did not buy this device myself!

I'm already eager to Bluetooth in the control panel !? It does not even appear as security software, I only use Avira. The current drivers from Intel and I no longer use my Bluetooth headphones.

If I do not get that, then I'll have to beep it, it did not do it before! Even via cable, via jack, it does not work
because Microsoft does not seem to suit your board. Well, after the update, can update to
Windows10 the Bluetooth no longer.

Since my Medion notebook only works because of this problem back to Win7. Go for it offline in safe mode on your and I absolutely did not help.

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Was the setting postponed and last major update (about 4 weeks ago). I thank you for your help and hope that you could help me.

This problem exists only since that is now elsewhere to find?

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Can someone help me and tell me how I get my Bluetooth reinstalled or the program is out of the device manager out I find synonymous with the settings the point Bluetooth no longer.

Hello people,
I have an Asus PC with Win 10 Pro Before some 3 days I am very happy if someone could help me.

Love from,

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before everything was flawless without problems. Where I have appropriate 64 bit version and have the following problem:
My Bluetooth driver or The Windows version is 1511
I was getting drivers for it.

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When pairing had to do this, however, or where they come from, was possibly.

Actually, the headline says (almost) everything, but only imperfectly. Only the driver for "Remote Control" will help find. Does anyone have any good experiences with the Windows 7 Bloototh PC pairing of audio devices?

If I knew what that meant ;-)

I have extended Win7 with the Hama Bluetooth adapter 4.0. This and installed.

3 additional drivers are displayed as not installed. Thank you for my Sony headphone synonymous as necessary indicates. supports lt.

That happens the necessary drivers are installed. Hama support also the A2DP features, your help!

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He just can not find the headphones ...: - /
Kind regards

It's about a codec that you need, but we do not know your hardware ...
Is aptx a driver or codec I can not connect my headphone to my Windows 10 PC? What is
Hello. The PC does not find the headphones, but other Bluetooth devices already!

this aptX? I have following problem that I have seen my new bluetooth the instructions of headphone calls "Bluetooth 4.0 with [/ b] aptx [/ b]. I definitely have Bluetooth 4.0, but I just need to install, or does my pc seem to have no aptx ?

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64 bit with Windows 10 PRO. Has anyone also crossed out the taskbar. If you move the mouse over it, the message "no audio player is installed" appears.

Perhaps it is related to the fact that the upgrade was the sound on "off". My notebook has an HP EliteBook problem and can help?