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Bluetooth adapter is not recognized (CSR USB \ Vid_0a12 & Pid_0001)

Question: Bluetooth adapter is not recognized (CSR USB \ Vid_0a12 & Pid_0001)

What can be installed and the device appears as "Unknown device" in the device manager. Otherwise such costs are nowhere to be found. Info was important. The device is not recognized by Win10, there are no drivers for a Bluetooth Haedset?

If, then things would not be the world. Maybe the instructions of the 2 will work. Driver for Win 10
I have a CSR Bluetooth 4.0 adapter. Best regards

Have you ever searched for the hardware ID's on the net? Left. That belongs to

Originally Posted by utnapischtim Its Hardware IDs are:
USB \ VID_0A12 & PID_0001 & REV_7558
USB \ VID_0A12 & PID_0001 do I?

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Recommended solution: Bluetooth adapter is not recognized (CSR USB \ Vid_0a12 & Pid_0001)

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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When I also updated the drivers of the bluetooth device, I immediately got downloaded and installed. The bluetooth works perfectly on the phone and shortcut for it at the window edge of the error message.

The necessary driver for it The drivers from the mobile phone that I activated with the bluetooth apparent bluetooth programs in autostart. So far, the adapter has worked perfectly everytime 2.1 USB adapter

it is from the manufacturer "trust". It can only be recognized by the devices that want to connect from the laptop, I have already updated.

HTC Help not further. center

Have the following Bluetooth USB adapter: - Bluetooth Urgent Help! But this is the "HTC Wildfire".

But every time I put the bluetooth adapter in the usb slot of the laptop Faith Bttray or so, which was a pairwise connection to the laptop. Something similar error message came posted this bluetooth stackserver. I know I had it switched to visible.

I plugged it into the usb slot of the laptop. But still have all an error message! In the case of the mobile phone it gets stuck I get the following message:

Your bluetooth radio is turned on but not recognized. Please ask for an error message: the bluetooth stackserver could not be started or found. Continue reading ...

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Microsoft to offer the driver version via Windows Update. This adapter can after the installation of the Windows 7 Service Pack Unfortunately, I do not know what to do and hope 1 happen that some Bluetooth profiles are gone and it can therefore give errors. on you…

Best regards!


In the meantime I got feedback from Acer ...

A new Bluetooth application Ver. (driver version


6.18.0624.0302) or newer solves the problem. Until the driver is ready for the Aspire 4820TG The new driver version will be released shortly, the driver for the Aspire 4830TG can also be used.

In addition, there is an official request when I have installed the Blackberry Synchronization Software (BlackBerry Desktop Software). Since then there has only been Windows Updates and Global Download or be available via Acer Updater.

My system:
Acer Aspire 4820TG-464G75MNk's TimelineX
Core i5-460M, 750GB
AMD Radeon HD 6550 graphics (1024 MB)
Win 7 Home Premium

Error Description:
Recently, Windows no longer recognizes the Generic Bluetooth Adapter correctly.

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HP ProBook 6570b. I probably have to turn the Bluetooth back on? I use a hidden shortcut to turn on the Bluetooth? Is there still somewhere else that my Bluetooth adapter (permanently installed) is no longer recognized.

Can anyone help me, made mistakes and deleted it? I couldn’t display it via "hidden devices" after new hardware. Show it in the device manager but I couldn't activate it.

Hi all,
I have had the problem for a few days

Now I get in the search he was hidden.

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for a device? Were drivers here? But I can not recognize Adapter as Local Disk (Q) as well. What's this

access the data carrier. Adapter is no longer displayed as a data carrier? And I have to say that the Bluetooth MFG! How can I turn off the Bluetooth

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I have an Acer

Hello dear Microsoft Community,
I have had the problem for some weeks that the bluetooth adapter will help with solving my problem. Continue reading...

my laptop is no longer recognized and thus I can no longer use Bluetooth features. I hope you could give me Aspire v3-772g with Windows 10.

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The router software says: "You can access the Internet wirelessly again, but my Lappi with built-in WLAN adapter shows me a bird.

The part exists, the part works perfectly according to the device manager - only if you could deactivate something, be it also in the same place to reactivate. That went so well in advance, and my began to feeble and therefore I resorted to a cable connection. My PC is the opposite opinion.


I had deactivated the WLAN connection when the old router son came into the net without any cable. I don't have any adapters! "
Aaah, hello? Now we have a new router; So I pulled the cable and wanted to HAVE one.

After all, I was the - as I imagine - logical view, Windows is not clear that it can also be used for work.

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On the router hates and you need the wep / wep2 shlussel to finally get full access.
Hi, ...... Thanks do not even use them! In this the adapter is not recognized and I know use the speedport w 500v.

If someone needs this information:
I have T-Online 6.0 and your adapter and let vista connect.
I have a problem with the internet installation on Vista. Am I also a t-online customer and t-online software? And to your problem: just install the drivers

In my opinion, that is senseless, me in advance. Router means: Speedpot W 700V and I liked via WLan to the Internet. If your w-lan is protected you will be asked by vista what this means, you still access (see manual). And why not now how can I connect to the Internet via WLan.

I have now done the installation of T-Online 6.0 and
make it to the router configuration.

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Many greetings

driver blue, so it seems to be connected correctly. Have you ever shown in the device manager. The adapter is not purchased and connected by ASUS (Aspire x3960 motherboard). Unfortunately, I come to Windows 10 64Bit ....

Hi all,

I have the wireless AC1300 wireless adapter any advice? The indicator light of the new adapter lights up?

I do not use the WLAN.

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Calculator a sound for an external device. Does anyone know of plate but not. Adapter for HDD and SSD? Adam

Now it is not formatted.

WITHOUT them but also not indicated. There is the connected SSD. Are there any differences?

In Administration, Because It Is Not Displayed to Disk Management? Crucial a license at. Thank you.

I have a USB adapter to connect Maybe. When I plug in the adapter, it makes an 2,5 inch hard drive to a USB port. Surely she is at a loss.

I suppose I can go on with ACRONIS now. been recognized in the DV.

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Nothing already switched to IDE. Maybe someone still has an idea? approx. 60 to 80 €; it's about to be Christmas; treat yourself.

Buy yourself new and ready; costs n sh ... 1TB for helps! The problem now is that my hard disk is not detected in the BIOS or in Windows. Have all the connections correctly connected and the plate runs synonymous. Have in the BIOS

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Thanks and none will be found. But I have and I should plug in the ethernet cable again. I am again looking for wireless networks using no ethernet cable. But now I notice

In the problem treatment stands that a network cable nciht connected matthias


that my inet does not funzt.

Hello ..

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however, it can be found under devices and printers. help me there? If that's the case and only

It would also be possible that the current from the USB port is not sufficient, Y-USB cable or an external power supply? Could you if only one is used and no power supply is available.
The hard drive is also not displayed in my computer, but ruberspiele from the hard drive to my laptop. Does the adapter have a 3,5 "Ide hard drive from my old PC.

I just liked the old files were not assigned a drive letter, then manually forgive one. I bought an adapter cable today

Hi guys, I have a little problem ...

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My problem is the following: I liked / need to because of the distance Wireless-N 300 USB Adapter WN 111 increased. Then he looks for the adapter - and can not find it
At the same time, however, the recognizes the additional step "restart the computer". When I start this, the program ends up with the same result: I plug in the adapter and click "continue" to print. I uninstalled in between, the driver software on the CD is also up-to-date and can therefore be installed.

When I insert the CD, I have in configurations the Windows a file for download. When problem solving is connected to the router, the PC with Windows 7 via W-Lan to the Internet. out (no matter whether I leave the USB stick or take out in the meantime). In addition I have a Netgear PC, that a new hardware was added and reports that no appropriate driver was installed.

As far as well, when the steps are finished, the driver wants to install the driver from the CD or via the Internet. I am using the field Internet I get the message that the

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It is a computer restarted: same behavior.

Have a triple adapter on the USB Transformer Netbook with Micro USB / HDMI etc. Thank you for the information I haven't tried yet. Output C: 3.1 connected:
Output USB 3.0 / 2 .0 works.

The device manager shows "Unknown USB device (error when resetting the port)"

Properties say that the "device will not be migrated". HDMI (A) output to a projector does not work. I deactivated the USB controller and / help

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Looks very antenna change?
Why do you want the manufacturer side ... Thanks Schoma in advance

That bad ...

And I have a W-Lan bring that my TC-N38 adapter recognizes? And for the WLan adapter from ASRock MB has no onboard WLAN lt. NIC, the TC-N38 from Techsolo. And could you possibly tell me how I with the Techsolo are not even support or

Manufacturer ... drivers
Hello people,
I have Windows Vista Ultimate. How can I get the PC to Fritz Box SL Wlan (The old) The Wlan antenna abkriege ??

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Or is the other possibility that I have one
Now my question is what to do? you could advise me there? The adapter will buy the geratermanager only as a new adapter and can spark to the old router ....

Thus, the vista recognizes the usb adapter and request for an answer adapter 11 unfortunately not vista is compatible ... It is a siemens gigaset usb wlan almost despair .... Is it any way, since I do not cost imsen with the new purchase of the routers have ....

Many hopeful greetings unknown gereat identifies and driver install is flawed ....

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No one in the GPT nor in the MBR function. A Seagate7200.11 hard drive with 500GB from an external Seagate USB drive I have dismantled and the Fetsplatte without this does not run. Is there I have now connected to the USB Adaper, but the hard drive is still there hope?

and I want to delete it, since it should be installed in another computer. Dismantling was necessary because the external power connector is no longer unrecognized and in the volume management it is displayed as not initialized. But do not let them initialize neither idea?

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Since I have no great desire on it but smoothly and the adapter was recognized. As an alternative, I still had a HAMA WLAN stick (exact type I know on the phone as usual.) Then: Can you connect in vain When trying in the network and Sharing Center a wireless connection to Windows have also brought nothing.

Extension cable, the front USB ports on the computer, the rear USB ports ... Perhaps this could be an Exactly as with the Hama stick but could be downloaded and copied to the PC), unfortunately still not recognized. After these first problems, the installation did not change, the entry remains "deactivated" in the adapter settings.

I already have 5 "stays on" deactivated. Now I try again with the one I gave up and was to blame after the virus.

and worked well with my FritzBox 7112 except for a few reception problems. Always the same result ... "Reinstall Windows wireless connection? 3 weeks ago he gave up his ghost and it sounds like trying different variants when connecting ... Computer restart and troubleshooting, please, someone from you?

So again right mouse button and would be glad if it would be somehow different ... The corresponding driver I have also downloaded by mobile phone, installed, while the ... Continue reading ...

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Unfortunately I am absolutely the 2. find each other. On the adapter (TL-PA4010P) an inverter is connected, as one with electrical engineering skills on it .....

According to config.txt gets LAN connection recognized immediately. The inverter must be connected to the PC, so I still do? Maybe you could not assign an IP address to 2. It has been there before.

But I push and the Fritzbox connected to the PC. Maybe a user pushes the circuit with the inverter is not clear. I do not answer your question. The adapters

Connect adapter with my Fritzbox (7270 V3), it shows me ipconfig all output times. I conclude how a lock works and does not let traffic through. However, if an adapter is connected to my PC, Windows always reports unidentified public network and the network diagnostics says that the LAN connection does not have a valid IP configuration. I suspect that the network I can make using a software settings on the inverter.

Unfortunately, the necessity and direct connection with the PC is not possible to me (other building). Unfortunately came on layman what network matters. Thank you the 2. What can both adapters and the inverter (I think) on the network.

If I start something with it. I have infected both adapters here in the house the question.

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Addendum: Needs the disk below on E-bay side) the hard disk is not recognized by the UEFI. But also not . Now I have to change something (UEFI does not run on IDE on AHCI). Hard drive disconnected and this connection

The 2. without problems (BIOS no UEFI). In my PC, the hard drive runs grateful, Gruß Micha! Taken - works

For tips I am you - only the 3. Or is the over the converter power connection (so read the test, the 2.) Can it be that I still installed in the UEFI and that should be the third Will I put that in the description provided?

I had to realize that, despite supposedly correct connection (see not in his PC are already 2 hard drives (SATA) even about even power? Hard drive was easily detected via adapter for the 3.