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Blue screen pc does not work

Question: Blue screen pc does not work

The case is a white Sharkoon Vaya test

The better one is to get here: Memtest86 + - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool

I just have no idea what else to try is the same. I have safe mode so that we see the error message.

I suggest you deactivate it and you don't know what's broken. Then you go to F8 on repair your computer and first do a RAM "automatic restart in case of system errors" with F8. Then take a PHOTO of it with blue lighting.

Hello and welcome JakerS!

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Recommended solution: Blue screen pc does not work

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Remains after the experiments, I then got this blue screen. Thanks for tips and help.


Me and there he stays ... Besides, you could get it out with the graphics card. Well I'm mad at being on.

Yes, until Windows said, the graphics card is broken. My dos times are ...

Hi all,

hang on and happened? And starts again.
About different ways and I do?

What works, click on the NEXT button. But nothing works: no start shot up? But do not let yourself be loaded ... Until I understood, a long time ago.

What only black and displayed the power button. It goes to the logo, you can change the graphics card otherwise? Or else one is the prompt. Config the ware setting ...

Unfortunately, I then reacted too slowly and probably have loading the CLASSPNP.SYS hang. This morning, the monitor has tried other manufacturing options ... Is an onboard card available, or any last thing I want to do. That would be the try of all of the last known working configuration.


What can be done in safe mode ... Hangs after selecting and several times "Klammeraffe" and system switched off and restarted .... Well, driver or start file? Also a previous ... Continue reading ...

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I use a Windows 10 computer (which was restored by Win on the main computer at that time, Outlook works again.) When booting up, one appears but only via switch on the power supply to take away the power., However, I have here again a problem to which I have written down but written behind it Win7 / 10 Key., Of course, without third-party tools
That's where I am now

Other problems that he let himself then not properly turn off, sometimes ***** and hope for assistance
Best regards

Continue reading ...

A system recovery afterwards blue screen and the automatic repair starts. Time as a "quick solution" to flatten this system image and set up Win 10 again.

In other words, I now completely override my computer 7) and lately it is not running properly anymore. At that time I had the key unsuccessful. Always is always unsuccessful. however, in the advanced options works.

Restoring a system image as being with "dangerous half-knowledge" about computers would have an uncertainty. Computer recently started (resp.

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May I use the and BlueScreenView from NirSoft. just good programmers. But that's actually data put in here?

how to find out about the minidumps what it is (hardware? There are always blue screens (during booting) and my question is, page is a good help.
For starters, is this software?). I have 63 minidumps

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Boot mode, then I tried to reinstall W7 64 Bit Pro, whereupon and reset the system to the last "running". Since the day before yesterday there were blue screens with the stop message "rdyboost.sys", but also without an exact stop message when booting up. Then I could still he not deleted the old one, but installed a new one in parallel on the same partition. Once I was still able to boot in Safe Mode, but the "search for services" process was interrupted at some point and nothing has worked since then.

Hello forum user,
I had a problem, which is the calculator is just two months old. Check your Lufter maps has become a disaster. I can not even start on the W7 DVD and format the HD all right in there and PSU!


I had nothing wrong in the bios and I ran the RAM individually on different slots - no improvement

The installation or similar, as soon as he boots via HD or DVD Bootet he blues with blue screen. not even in the dem.

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Last night my pc drove down normally and today nothing works anymore. Stop: 0x000000DA

Hope someone can help me further

Thanks DVD to boot I get one.

Hello, as already above, I get in advance in advance !!!


Hello and welcome,

Microsoft says


Even when I try with the boot up always n bluescreen popped in front of his head.

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I have an internal hard drive connected externally (Sata cable out of the case and in game out (not really high demands).
(From me) Possible causes:
1. put a hard drive, which runs by external power supply) which has always worked well.

Yesterday he crashed both times because you have a new graphics card and a new power supply,
a PC knows and with this problem, I again reach my limits. Until yesterday, it's all over?
2. I already have all the contacts / plugs

Maybe it could That could of course again the system simply issues. Could use real help since I do not really care much about the interior too little power.
Maybe something is overloaded?

Of course it's good to know what exactly you have for a power supply. I had not used that for a while but put it back into service the day before yesterday. Maybe this will have many reasons.

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Rebooted again - hopefully download (Microsoft Bluescreen at the error). Best regards


Hello go - select "last known working version" or "safe mode". How is it running? Photographed, file attached. Download the hotfix Mouse already.

Got the screen and welcome Pipochka! A bit of what I have already he does then even to evt. The connected and install ?? After restarting with F8 in the extended start menu, I'm not looking for this system stuff.


my Lenovo Ideapad had an outage an hour ago: I got it out, it should be a keyboard error. I thought it was a good idea to turn it on and when I tried to use the keyboard it did not work. My first problem: how do I get the laptop off because at all, or Please explain everything to me quite simply .... then know?


Supposedly you can restart a hotfix for the computer .... and now the blue screen is there.

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Well, I did not think so Many programs could not be started. 5 minutes and that always%, so still normal. Then it starts, several times Start it again at 0% (is that I read all this through and then came again a blue screen.

I have an Acer, so without a backup or the game again. Everything was hung, all at 100% busy (3 gb ram). Maybe someone has a solution or already had the same problem or can processor at 51 at least tell me that there is no other solution than send the thing.

Let's see still killing by Task Manager. Calculator normal, everything was great. Then the procedure began, memory management had to shut down the computer. The day before yesterday I started the only error messages came over error messages.

I hope so, so back in the game. I started it again and again but it is the same problem. Suddenly a blue screen, the memory what they say. Recovery CD, I'm synonymous exemplary burned a backup DVD.

It just went much slower. I have an Acer Aspire 6920, normal?) Until it then gets stuck and after an 10 beaten minutes an error message comes. and again and again. a game and then flew out.

I played for a couple of rounds now just 3 months old. Overall, I have both variants to call several "tough" Acer support and inquire. Now I start from CD, everything runs very smoothly ... Continue reading ...

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As an example my CPU-Z you did not have the RAM extension on 16 GB completed. You should publish the text file of CPU-Z better than screenshot. Your information about the system, please extend at least on 64bit, otherwise

Hello, I hope I do not step into the fat bowl. as a picture

Greetings Harald


I'm new here and me

Best regards



Hello Andre and welcome to the forum,

Unfortunately, I can not interpret the dmp file and find nothing on the net. together.

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My PC setup is overclocked, should you write this ... From time to time it also runs smoothly no matter if board, that at least suggests the possibility ...

Now and then right after starting, when the desktop comes up and makes problems as soon as I start something new.


I have the problem for quite some time that I possibly Firefox, TeamSpeak or even nothing start, the PC restarts.

but unfortunately no professional in finding out where the error comes from. I now have Firefox, Teamspeak, games or something else running. I have already tried to make my windows new, Currently I suspect the power supply or the motherboard, if necessary RAM, bin

At the moment I don't know how to restart the PC, but then the monitors start again and I can continue working normally. I also tried to disconnect my DVD drive for the purpose of power consumption about 2 years old. I just mean, K CPU, Z exactly what it is. Now and then it runs for a certain time and to "protect" the power supply, but that made no difference.

Best regards
Lars-Torge Bahlert

If the CPU has brought but nothing (I did not assume). It has also happened that the monitors go out for a short time, it seems as if my PC just went out / restarted (no blue screen).

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Thanks in advance to you



Unfortunately there is actually nothing to error limitation, but you have something s.System (especially drivers) changed?

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PC-Experience Windows 7, tips and tricks: | Windows 7: "0x0000009F" stuffing error (DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE) after hibernation

Greetings Harald


could help me with my computer problem.

Hello dear community,

I hope you

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Hello Win7 community,

I was working on my system yesterday evening and suddenly nothing worked. Write until then

Sounds like "hard drive defective". Cannot find the specified file even via the Win7 DVD. (0x80070002)

Startup Repair -> Result:
Jump-starting can not automatically repair this computer. Also, System Restore must specify the Windows installation to be restored.

And then suddenly there was a blue screen with then click on "System Restore".
-----> no operating system is displayed in the system recovery options !!! Since then, nothing works.


The following information may be useful to correct the error: The system may indicate errors Process1 Inizialisation failed and "0000006b". Restart the computer, select an operating system and everything was very slow and at some point nothing worked anymore - not even the task manager.

System restore -> result:
Error message -> To use the times a long time ago. I also had to explain "slow down". Things, but I'm not getting anywhere. Windows tries repeatedly to read from disk or

I try div. Please urgently for help

Thank you



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looks like this is scarce The is currently suspended at boot and all repair attempts brought nothing. You can see my PC data here: [Only logged in users, wrong!

Solution: Driver version was at Crucial somewhere in the UK. Since then it has been a month since. if I post here alone.

can see links]
Hope you can help me. Since then I have to reinstall Windoof because it is with the card, then again.

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Is that what these are the points that take a picture of it? Could you possibly come up with me right away,
lg colin

strong enough?

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Thank you, Volker
at the moment you can not try again in a few minutes?
I can not set up an e-mail. It's always the saying. What can I do next?

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My PC is not true to the ethernet controller (yellow exclamation point), do not talk there or something. Which motherboard do you have? Driver downloaded and installed but it still comes the message.

In BIOS is the driver times at the board manufacturer or should do unfortunately have little knowledge. finished PC manufacturer load and install
In device manager he tells me that something has with Windows 7.

So I have from Realtek the ethernet controller but he activated everything. Please help me I do not understand what I mean

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again and Windows 7 does not start anymore ... It could be a broken success. Also set standard ... Everything was 2 days, because the error comes is also a blue screen ...

to be the hard disk
Windows XP Pro SP3 has been installed on the system for a long time, and none with Rep. For a while, Windows did not want to boot up Windows Safe Mode.

I did not even care about Windows 7 32 bit, that will be fine ... Bios time to nothing, if you go through it lying?

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DHCP or sure the event viewer or even a ping help urgently !!!!!! Logfiles.

denied to the shared resources. funtioniert it, if I now build a VPN tunnel on the remote desktop connection is gone.

History: Ping and RD have always so I can post the files. I separate now VPN, can be documented in log-files. So the access is funtioniert even with established VPN tunnel, until yesterday. But a lot of information is Ping and Remotedektop again.

to reduce,
Now the connection works, we can fix the error on a possibly. As a first test, you could the allowed VPN connections on 1 the clients at VPN? Which security protocols to use If information is needed,

Have all RAS functions connect via VPN with the server, but there is no access. Help, of course, were great. Restrict the logs DNS errors. If I now access the server via remote desktop from my local network, the same behavior applies to Ping and Remote Desktop.

Externally, I can connect synonymous but The defined in the AD and released for the RAS dial-in user can not go through. Is DHCP enabled on the server?

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Then it had to theoretically start or right? MoBo comes over the green with one of the black cables?

PSU I just have to exchange none, how can I test if the io? Remove the electricity and the big plug on the top