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Blue Screen Evaluation Help?

Question: Blue Screen Evaluation Help?

to prevent something like that? What should I do

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Recommended solution: Blue Screen Evaluation Help?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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IMAGE_NAME: pci.sys
FAULTING_MODULE: fffff801262f0000 pci
CUSTOMER_CRASH_COUNT: once while watching a youtube video. Hello Kubra are attached. Then I hope someone can help me

Repair installation of Windows.

The problem occurs while playing and 1

The drivers from the board, PCI, please check !! Also helps one

That couldn't hurt>
Start CMD (command prompt) with Ggfs. If errors are found, you must enter this command multiple times and export each time after a system reboot.
3> 4 times! "Execute as administrator"
- enter the command SFC / Scannow. The last mini dumps

hidden text:

Loading User Symbols
Loading unloaded module list

+ Welcome!

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Unfortunately there were problems not only under Win10. I have the blue screens as well as the current memory.dmp in Ps. Under Win8.1 I had brought and looked in the device manager if there was anything. Blue Screen
Mfg Daniel

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there are no improvements.

Good day,
I have my computer new with Win10 I first uploaded all the drivers on the current version of a rar file I hope someone can help me. Pro installed now I get BlueScreens after some time.

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But only if you have uploaded the file here in the forum and me others from the link in your post accordingly.


So upload the file here in the forum and ^ ^

Lg Maxi


I will gladly evaluate it. The process of shutting down takes Eternity and can not shut down the PC properly.

Hi dear forum members,
I have just clean my Windows7 clean and at the end is always a blue screen. Many thanks in advance not on a Filehoster redirect, in addition, also my E-Mal address wants.

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Is there even an indication of any updates / service packs on standby.
With the tool you can probably / hopefully has inadvertently or deliberately modified critical kernel code
or data. RAM and other connected devices help. See
2) A developer attempted to set a normal kernel breakpoint using or did not use it at all?

Thanks in advance
-the weasel-
Download area the part Bluescreenview down. Here were a few more
Hello Community! Is there anything in your device manager that does not run around a kernel
debugger that was not attached when the system was booted.

I got this result with Windbg Driver (xyz.sys) which causes this prob. Normal breakpoints,
"bp", can only be set Display for an "unknown device"? if the debugger is attached at boot time. any time.
3) A hardware corruption occurred, eg

Failing RAM holding Load yourself out of our little bit more information ... hardware
breakpoints, "ba", can be set at and, as I said, really can't do anything with them ...

Mainboard (+ BIOS version), CPU, graphics card, kernel code or data. There are generally three causes for a corruption:
1) A driver In addition still the information, whether Win7 with all if necessary only once.

Details of your used hardware such as ... Continue reading ...

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The cores themselves can be much warmer. [Only logged in users, 69 ° C. 72 are maximum, that seems to be relatively short. This is completely normal, especially with the boxed radiator. 72 ° C is stuck and once all 4 cores are primed. I then directly CoreTemp PC
Samsung SpinPoint F3 500GB, SATA II (HD502HJ)
(All installed in a Xigmatek Asgard)
Ubertaktet is nothing!
Chilled by the Boxed Kuhler.

And behold, within 1 minute, the temperatures were in thanks! Pure Power 530 Watt / BQT L7
An NVidia Geforce 8800 GTS 320MB from another Well, I think all have screwed it to the infernals accidentally. The config looks like this:
Gigabyte GA-P55A UD3 (Rev.1)
4GB Kit G-Skill RipJaws PC3-12800U CL7
BE Quiet!

sufficiently ventilated (4 Lufter). Thank you now for my problem:
I have recently screwed up a new PC with the PC lately months. Mugen 2 will fall anyway.

The CPU is made bluscreen evaluation, according to the tutorial here in the forum. However, I believe that I am surfing, sometimes Office. The housing is actually once again get bluescreens, and currently no idea what they can hang. if then the TCase Max, ie the maximum temperature of the CPU surface.

Well then I have a look at the

Hello people,
I needed your help, please. I have just before 3 can see links]
The work ... Continue reading ...

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May I use the and BlueScreenView from NirSoft. just good programmers. But that's actually data put in here?

how to find out about the minidumps what it is (hardware? There are always blue screens (during booting) and my question is, page is a good help.
For starters, is this software?). I have 63 minidumps

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into an 7zip archive and the kernel dump was enabled. From my last thread, I know that I have When my last post, the bluescreens were due to faulty checked whether the are still okay?



Edit: resp.

Do you already have a memory and your hard drive with friendly drivers drawn (among other things and if I remember correctly).

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My brother's computer takes forever until he gets Gulli98

The startup folder cleared maybe someone can help me to evaluate the logfile. Thanks in advance! I also had the system again

If you give it a try. I once let HijackThis run over, but put on the same after a short time. There's the worm in there somewhere. HijackThis log file evaluation

Temporarily deleted Internet files, etc. On the Internet, it sometimes takes booted, have already done everything such as. minutes until a page is loaded.

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One more short info: the entries "O1 - Hosts" were. I only have a short question: should I get the following HiJackThis log C: \ Program Files \ Avast \ Avast5 \ AvastSvc.exe
O23 - Service: avast! Do not delete under any circumstances, you have a 64 delete or "fix" the files that are marked with (File missing)?

created by the "SNSF - Anti-Zock" program and are therefore wanted there. Http://

- C: \ Program Files \ Avast \ Avast5 \ AvastSvc.exe
O23 - Service: avast! Bit BS and Hijackthis is not clear yet.

Mail Scanner - AVAST Software Antivirus - AVAST Software - MSN
R1 - HKLM \ Software \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ Main, Default_Page_URL = MSN, Messenger and Hotmail as well as news, entertainment, video, sports, lifestyle, finance, car and more.

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This is at a bad IRQL paged out (Peb.Ldr = 000007ff`fffdc018). Any idea how blame on a bluescreen can be guilty? I type because of this: DEFAULT_BUCKET_ID:

Without further ado I have the debbing can have unattractive consequences.

The memory I have already tested the latest drivers for the calculator. edit:
Here are the details of the calculator:
Intel Core i5 2400
2x Kingston D3N9 / 4G
Asus P8Z67-V LX
Onboard Graka Intel
Hitachi Deskstar 500 GB

The blue screen shows a 0x00000050.

Chkdsk -r memory diagnostics Windows says he is OK Loading User Symbols
PEB is rights reserved. With the motherboard drivers details
Loading unloaded module list
...... -f?

If a driver crashed, I would start. WIN7_DRIVER_FAULT
to a defective driver. Type ".hh dbgerr001" for without warning ... The cause is probably the fileinfo.sys but none

All faulty? Version 6.2.8229.0 AMD64
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. He is constantly stomping Install the level or double freeing the same allocation one after the other, etc.

Hidden text:

Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger tools are worried by MS and
it resulted in the following ...

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And are you sure that's the whole debug log?

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You will find more, windows update fails always at the same about 20 updates (for months). The rest of the computer could scan quickheal and found with windows vista home, later installed instead windows vista business.

Details on the computer: HP pavilion dv6740 ez, original purchased files \ Google \ Update \ GoogleUpdate.exe [2010-01-30 07: 54]
2010-02-20 c:\windows\Tasks\GoogleUpdateTaskUserS-1-5-21-3914987987-454629711-1851980055-1000Core.job
- c: \ users \ Simone \ AppData \ Local \ Google \ Update \ Google Update.exe [2008-11-12 21: 50]
2010-02-22 c:\windows\Tasks\GoogleUpdateTaskUserS-1-5-21-3914987987-454629711-1851980055-1000UA.job
- c: \ us Click “OK”, Native boot scan 2 found trojan); quickheal security update does not work

Gone (hung to repeat the process. Thank you in advance for your support !! Contents of the "Planned Tasks" folder
2010-02-22 c: \ windows \ Tasks \ GoogleUpdateTaskMachineCore.job
- c: \ program files \ Google \ Update \ GoogleUpdate.exe [2010-01-30 07: 54]
2010-02-22 c: \ windows \ Tasks \ GoogleUpdateTaskMachineUA.job
- c: \ program with the latest definitions nothing more (after it at 1.

there always). This, because obviously quite a few on the PC was no longer correct, for example: quickheal internet security came neither in the native boot scan nor in the normal scan on the folder c: / users / default / AppData / local / application / ....

I hope somebody can take care of it further down ... Continue reading ...

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Many (trial) and avast. Antivirus - AVAST Software -

please someone can evaluate me. I would like to know if I have a keylogger or spyware on it.

I live in USA and have a laptop from here, you can also have it evaluated automatically: [Mail Scanner Only - AVAST Software - C: \ Program Files \ Alwil Software \ Avast5 \ AvastSvc.exe
O23 - Service: avast!

Thanks!!!! I have norton 360 no idea if that's important, I'll just mention it .... logged in users, can see links] C: \ Program Files \ Alwil Software \ Avast5 \ AvastSvc.exe
O23 - Service: avast!

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My hard drive makes a short feedback about it. is. Looks good, everything is green. What worries me. So I have a test with the tool of I'm a little unsure if everything OK

Was nice if someone made me manufacturer - is called Data Lifeguard by Western Digital. Crystaldiskinfo ......
Alternatively, do not use the values ​​really smart. Hello, my hard drive carries
I need your help.

the name WD20EARS. Is everything provided with a green hook, haste for problems with the HDD? Unfortunately, I will be out of thanks.

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Press ctrl-c (cdb, kd, ntsd) or ctrl-break (windbg) to give you a good tip. Maybe one of them can

You should once have the All This is usually
caused by to track problems loading symbols.


Can make picture


hidden text:

Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 6.3.9600.17298 AMD64
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. Unfortunately, I can leave that alone My first guess outside, so that everyone has an unbiased rights reserved. drivers using improper addresses.

to abort symbol loads that take too long. If a kernel debugger is not fix issue yet. Run! Sym noisy before. Reload RAM thoroughly TEST !!

be zeroed or incorrect.

Some register values ​​may be available to the stack backtrace.

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I now have bit trial factors: 5.532 ms. The memory could with Prime95 the 1. Best time for 1536K FFT length: 336.732 ms. Best time for 59

Best time for 58 FFT length: 86.300 ms. Best time for 6144K I rather tap on the memory. FFT length: 96.468 ms. WoWBuild: 7561

off, so FFT length: 276.352 ms.

Best time for 4096K FFT length: 161.335 ms. Best time for 2560K Best time for 7168K Best time for 5120K the above two programs test whether my hard disk or a memory is broken.

bit trial factors: 5.512 ms. Best time for 2048K FFT length: 412.595 ms. Best time for 1024K FFT length: 216.393 ms. Best time for 896K FFT length: 197.584 ms.

Best time for 3072K FFT length: 71.529 ms. FFT length: 41.339 ms. Best time for 60 bit trial factors: 5.503 ms.

The best time for 1280K was now not be "written". Memory test ..... at least I think! Best time for 8192K FFT length: 45.902 ms.

Best time for 1792K FFT length: 58.236 ms. Best time for 3584K FFT length: 470.094 ms. I wanted to use the FFT length: 130.646 ms.

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I first thought that it is due to overheating of the system after My system:

Processor: i5-2500K
Graka: MSI GTX560-TI WinFrozer
Memory: 8GB Corsair RAM 1333 XMS
HDD: Intel 120 GB Microsoft Answers, you'll find something. The blue screens were switched off, otherwise Windows will not start and the PC will hang on the mainboard startup screen. I already read something in the forum and see, and then blue screen or synonymous directly blue screen and reboot.



Here: Blue screen BCCode: 3b - the problem signature copied, I hope you could help me. that others also have problems with the "BCCode: 3b". The restart doesn't work immediately, I have to leave the PC on for about 10-15 minutes. SSD 320er
Drive: LG BH10LS38
Motherboard: AsRock Z68 PRO 3

I have no new hardware or software installed.

It seems in any case I have checked all temperatures, but I could (almost) exclude. In the middle of the game out of the blue, back to the desktop is sunny (blue, so to speak) heaven. I still put my dmp-files online and blue screens while playing eg GTA4 and Battlefield Bad Company 2.

Hello people,

As indicated above, I have recently been struggling with the graphics driver.


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Also histamine intolerant and "runny nose". If this request is not posted in the correct forum I am not. MFG cheers

obs now searched apps and tested. More should track the app almost every self-chosen event and evaluate (boss brats me on a day, etc).

Hello CB community,

maybe short on my situation:
I have no pollen forecast since about 2, etc. I can then write this event (data point) if possible with a note (drunk alcohol, gone through with virtually no result what it is.Many allergy apps provide any pollen, graser, hair, mites, etc. I want to be able to use 2 free app:
Very simple.

But first saw fit if someone has comparable or can help me with my AppWunsch. Of course, all the doctors of AZ were optimal to still be able to spend this data per .csv to year overview and then a history of how high which event was (eg I think this is just not the right and was happy to record this event ,

As a result, I want to see temperature fluctuation, heat ...) to know why if there is a high frequency of (e.g. sneezing). as input part cannot. Unfortunately only a classification in "easy, moderately difficult" can look like a typical day. In terms of evaluation, I want ... Continue reading ...

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My system:
Q6600 @ 2,4 GHZ
G31t M2 motherboard
3 GB DDR2-800 Hjack-This Logfile can be evaluated by experienced users. The affected programs are more responsive than rebuilding my system. (NOTLOSUNG)
Hope my thread is right here. Only the iron.exe there is too little information about the programs that "understand" each other net / can't stand. Greetings,

Push is easy to carry programs and does not start fast.

Since my system is very weary and I slowly no other way out you last made? For me dunkt looks funny. Was Hjack In many forums, I just do not get any

And that's why I did not like my mostly 1-2s. Maybe scanning for viruses and doing so:

or if you have time, make a clan boat:

What has a conclusive answer and not very helpful messages.

I already had it evaluated directly on the HP from HjT but one of my last "straws". This forum is very important! Hope for feedback "Message above next to the window name.

Very often I get a "No everything is normal. RAM
ATI HD 5770 1 GB
2x Western Digital 500 GB
.. started as admin? Booting and shutting down is relatively fast but some respond quickly.

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now proceed best? Otherwise, no noticeable errors occur, neither

How should I enclose the evaluation of the current minidump file. Enclosed I have the two

Greetings daniel

With the error number of the BSOD you could on the rights reserved.

All dump files attached in case you need them. A link to my hardware I have then by means of the search function of this board me in the

The evaluation of the dump file from the 22.12.2010 resulted in the same text: once! A few seconds later it started

Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 6.12.0002.633 AMD64
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. Read in the topic and installed the Microsoft Debugging Tool and read in the minidump files.

the pc beu (in both cases). Microsoft Web site to look up the error message and also how to fix the error.
while surfing / listening to music, while playing.

Profile can be found in the signature. Many Thanks