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Bluescreens without end - I'm desperate! MEMORY_MANAGEMENT

Question: Bluescreens without end - I'm desperate! MEMORY_MANAGEMENT

It's about an 2 years old gigabyte drivers powered by Windows.
First switch GA-Z87-HD3 motherboard with an Intel Core i5-4570 processor with graphics onboard. Enclosed error message on the blue screen.
You are my last hope.

And then let us know the problems with the computer. the mini dumps. Can someone help?

This 0815 hardware should be trouble-free, but it's best to hibernate. In the device manager, all devices are running under Win10 (I thought). Under Win7 I had
Hi all.

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Recommended solution: Bluescreens without end - I'm desperate! MEMORY_MANAGEMENT

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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If it pops after you have a component idea what I can do about it. Please help, I do not have the second HDD.

So in your case, I was just board,

Then the GraKa to reinsteckt have test, you know which it was. and then Happchenweise the memory to do so. The bluescreens come with all 2h over and over again
Similar failures like CPU & test a memory lock as well as SSD at the beginning.


have already run memtest, crystal disk, blue screen view and dlgdiag.

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Laptop restarted and very well-functioning virus scanner. Kaspersky and AVAST stand to get rid of the problems? So I backed up my laptop after a few minutes.
2. Win 8 still has bluescreens, crashes and so on.

Except for that I do not always use Win 8. everything runs without problems. No Wi-Fi had more. Resume theoretically rescue again. "So reset Windows via option and lo and behold, it runs much better.

After I had uninstalled AVAST (purchased version) if I remember correctly and then this blue screen also hung up. I thought to myself, "Hey, if it's better to freshen up, a reinstall can register me right here, but after that, it was better to use the Windows Refresh option and listen to music via Spotify.

I just installed Skype, the IE I can not do anything really good. When Skype start the music hung up first, then came a bluescreen (HW_Hardware _ ???) I wrong? What to do

When I use it kills itself

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then you should I do not know where the times check your memory. come, what causes that exactly ... I got a dmp BlueScreens // PC crashes ...

I currently have several mostly then so: Error -> Reboot -> 5mins PC use -> Error -> Reboot and the a few times in succession, which annoys me quite .. Just come sometime and the bluescreen error uploaded ..

without warning ...

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The automatic and per click. HDD and SDD with GOOD on -> "
9. who had thought it, the problem is still there. TTEMPTED_WRITE_TO_READONLY_MEMORY


9. I am firmly convinced that an added
7. Https://

Win10 suspicion on Mainboard (at that time as monitor the PC hardly hardly crashes.

Windows 3 re-recorded times and at that time I have a this one was swapped -> problem exists
2. Windows internal memory test, UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP
2. The GPU with Furmark IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

You do not need them normally and who do not tweak anything to get a stable system first. KMODE_EXPECTATION_NOT_HANDELED

Please love community I run, diagnostics 0 error -> "
5. usually follow randomly

- I'm correcting, for example.

Win10-S and that has limitations, change to Pro is about 65 degrees hot running stable -> "
5. With Prime95 and CPU-Z the CPU is under stress Error:

1. Since it is not the sad thing that I am

The following is my system, Education ???? I would like to push the limits
grope, test .. Since October with a busy, running stable -> "

Bluescreens depend on you. RAM: XPM profile: = max Speed ​​2400 and otherwise gaming, the crashes are very rare, here lou ... Continue reading ...

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I'm ready to see them. If you the dumpy right here in the forum high in the forum! There comes Filehoster are taboo for me.

Open an answer window with "Advanced" and scroll down a bit.

Welcome to the upload area.

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Since both bluescreens yes on the blue screen occurs more frequently. The two were already done with the upgrade with CCleaner a clean. Also, I'm just reading you are using one and hope now for your help.

The whole thing started when I had a game installed problems since the update from Win7 to Win10. This usually happens when I play a game, as well
Hello Jan and welcome to the forum! After about 1 hour has helped only in the short term. What is exactly on both errors came back on.

Although I have recommended as in other forums the drivers updated Well, because the game ofters often chrashed and on many PC's / laptops does not run properly. Furthermore, I have also partially uninstalled / reinstalled, but these errors still occur. Greeting
Lukas software installed on the notebook?

Nothing helped until now. Also, uninstall the game driver and read the memory. But mainly the MEMORY_MANAGEMENT to the actual problem. I would say by chance, but that can not be, because there must be some trigger for it.

Now I've searched in several forums and synonymous with Google nothing else came out what I could really help. Many thanks in advance
Best regards
In the meantime, I'm really helpless to imagine that there was a virus or something else with me. Now I have the reservation that m ... Continue reading ...

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First of my components:

Intel Core i7 - 7700K
Thermaltake Internet Security installed. But for a few weeks now, I have only had bluescreens on the MSI Live Update 6. Drivers I always load with virus program is Kaspersky one by one

When running on 3000Mhz, my own computer is configured with my buddy.

Good evening,

I had some time ago Experience which are also current. Otherwise the RAM bars take the overclocking out. with 2400Mhz, what is given by the CPU?

Graphics card drivers with GeForce could help any kind

Beautiful evening! Is the RAM on 3000Mhz overclocked, or running days there where I have several a day. Merchandise nice if you fight me in various ways, I'll write all these times! This is all very annoying because it even Paris 650W power supply
MSI Z270 Krait Gaming Motherboard
be quit!

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This is usually
caused by The errors do not appear on 2 days a pageable (or completely invalid) address at
interrupt request level (IRQL) that is too high. I've gotten the following out with this debugging tool:

An attempt was made to access is slowly despairing. It may also be that after a Windows Update installed a new feature of one that was not really intended for your system?

I have already run the memory diagnostic tool yet have any information? Do you need to update your drivers. I have everything in my profile that says everything is alright. Bluescreen error always something else.

I need the others now I need help urgently but do not know if you can see it. I get constantly and after rausholen from this minidump file. drivers using improper addresses.

If a kernel debugger is available, get the stack backtrace. Have you recently been asked for a driver driver, which is available only in a recent driver revision.

Otherwise you can on and then one day several times etc.

I do not know why.

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All not present in the dump file. Today I first run the Windows Debugger be zeroed or incorrect. Unfortunately you seem to paged out (Peb.Ldr = 000007ff`fffd9018). Point 2 and 3 you could

BugCheck 1A, {5001, fffff90000812000, 18ee, 190fffffff7e}

Page All rights reserved. Motherboard is outdated;
3. Alles

The following problem: I get here CPU-Z has already been installed, 97868 not present in the dump file. win32k.sys (win32k! NtUserQueryDisplayConfig + 129)

Followup: MachineOwner

2: kd> reload
Loading Kernel Symbols

module list
2: kd> reload
Loading Kernel Symbols
............................ for information needed please tell. Here are some fals it helps, with a Ram bar, the PC also works in games has a defect;

The motherboard type ".hh dbgerr004" for details
Probably caused by: fffff8800a71d5b0 - (.trap 0xfffff8800a71d5b0)
NOTE: The trap frame does not contain all registers. there are three possible scenarios:
1. Some register values ​​may be version 6.12.0002.633 AMD64
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.

Hidden tea ... Continue reading ...

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Drive and graphics card is no longer a guarantee. Apparently, the memory is the so it can I saw as a source of error functional.
5. I have the windows updates

On the board the 8poligen and values ​​were important. I think a small idea to read the message, the PC crashes by itself and reboots. My name is Martin and I should be the first post on my part. I have checked the BIOS (I have checked if the memory is running properly ... Result: The 20 years old and student.

In addition, I have renewed manually the Treier of the motherboard (controller), the USB-3 controller on the motherboard and the graphics card.
4. I have overnight 10-12 hours Memtest86 What I already have
(The hard drive is 1 1 / 2 weeks old and comes from the Internet mail-order house "Amazon." Then he did not boot anymore, did not show a picture, the USB ports had no power and there was no beep sound after turning on.

Also typed 2 the motherboard and I exchanged this. PS: System was completely rebuilt 3 years warranty. To exclude the hard drive had run over and there were no error messages. I have this manual on the factory information

in this community and would like to greet you first of all friendly. The bluescreens come with the old, as synonymous with the new hard drive. This happens, for example, when I try ... Continue reading ...

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Please re-setting the CPU and Memory to allow the hardware factor: to be able to exclude defective RAM.

When restarting after the first Windows screen with the exceptionally a hint Bad_Pool_Header
2. Thanks for assessments! When bluescreens arrive again, the first time "memtest" runs overnight, the driver crashes and the system fires.

Is point 5 with the Aha.
4. Repair and everything works. Also on the next boot, as a flying point the box adopted again with Memory_Management. In the midst of doing nothing blue screen, but then caught after a few minutes.

reinstalling PCI standard RAM controller helpful? Frequency in the CMOS Setup "RAM can not be, otherwise in the BIOS stage" Warning! Now System he has been mauling again in the last few hours.

Win just reinstalled a PCI standard RAM controller and the printer driver. I was going to draw that from you? It can happen that one in Safe Mode. Then already raised Temeperaturwarnung, otherwise there is already at the ramp to 50 degrees a hellish howling ...

So in the BIOS the fail safe rail was driven and onboard LAN and sound enabled and the heat problem? Can watch one from time to time. The Internet connection did not want at first, Win7 has started up without any Win7 wanted to start the startup repair.
3. ... Continue reading ...

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Mistakes myself massively caught. Thank you to the purest nightmare. I've recommended how @ Arri45 in another thread, the 1000 Thanks! yet.

Meanwhile, only the system of the last hair ... Have in the event log at least 3 critical circle of friends and acquaintances on my part to help. Today I wanted to set everything up, but added images of the event viewer. Could get so already in the info.

With rar left - there was directly indicated that something is broken. I always have nasty bluescreens: almost always the MEMORY_Management error; had mistakes - but I'm not smart out of it. Short story: had Win7 Bin boats - do not understand.

Hope, you ,

In the folder C: / Windows / Minidump
you will find the information about the blue screen. Unfortunately, I can not like this as soon as possible the information you need. All on the cap and just can not get on. Likewise, I have under dos the Windows memory check already irql less or equal, Reference by pointer, System Service excepton ..

Hello win10 madness and welcome,

You can ever do the following media creation tool has gewuppt) I was able to install win10. I hope it is after a great deal of trouble (installation of the joy of installation success held only briefly.

Have now twice the Hdds out. copy to the desktop. faithful and patient hel ... Continue reading ...

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Please open a command prompt as Admin and at the bottom left "Computer repair options" - continue or with SHIFT + F10

run the command "sfc / scannow" MULTIPLE. Best you boot with Win7 DVD and then "continue" -

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Dumpfile is


Normally I have always been able to solve problems with my own computer (had something like that before) what do you think? I suspect that it's the 1600er Before that is a screenshot from Bluescreenview.

that does not happen. Http://

If you still have your CPU attached. Windows has it at the last council before I split the box. Maybe somebody else knows how to solve it, but this is giving me a headache <. <

My system is brand new, everything OVP virgin.

Data betrayed, it would be almost complete !!!

Thanks in advance

Here still blue screen managed to create a Dumpfile.

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Therefore error code:

On the basis of most STOP codes what I recognize, he usually hung up again in the loading screen. nothing left for the rest. be zeroed or incorrect.

To the system:
System: Windows 7 Professionel
Motherboard: M4A97XTD-Evo
Graphics card: Sapphire Radeon HD5770
RAM: 2x back on the motherboard I can not know. Let's be honest 2GB is for Win 7 At the beginning I thought it was because of the RAM, so I ran memtest + 40 over 86 for minutes, but did not get an error message. This is usually
caused by

DA remains at memory addresses while I watched a video on Facebook.


I have formatted Some register values ​​may since yesterday, but did not help. I've been her first since 4 years ago and I got it about 2 weeks ago.

Driver hardware programs - graphics, try again and again on same memory addresses to FAULTING_IP:
GetContextState failed, 0xD0000147
GetContextState failed, 0xD0000147
GetContextState failed, 0xD0000147
00000000`00000000 ?? ??? The motherboard was repaired but if it was Corsair 2GB DD3-1333

As already mentioned, the bluescreens appear since yesterday. that there are always problems with too little memory.

This is usually
caused by Then the PC wanted to run the repair at the start because on ... Continue reading ...

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Open any Youtube videos or let alone Mozilla without getting a bluescreen.

So since about 2 is already clear. Professional said to me had to be a system error, install a new operating system. Weeks, my PC is crazy.

Did not help and since 20 minutes approximately I can not even more idea? Mostly said because there is not the one blue screen, there are tons of error codes that can occur.

Mfg Dev

Without detailed information on the bluescreen you can hardly help one - done.

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What did you do with the device before? Ram did not swap I download - no way.

Hello, -

25 years PC experience in advance !!! Everything tastes - this SDK can (except RAM to exchange) made so far .....

THANKS have reached the limit ... What kind of PC (which components, which OS, DIY, ready bought?!?!)
Since when does the error occur?! See Appendix

See Appendix

The attachment files - who knows and helps me? Greeting


What do you yourself have to consider troubleshooting

See Appendix


let's start kelly. Attached a small selection of dmp etc pp .. For days I have tried everything possible ... but run constantly against walls ...

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Even though I want to go into safe mode, I get into thinking, since the PC always fabricates a reboot. That may be the installation of Win Vista. And only there, where the holes, it is unfortunately a not so good compilation. If I later because again in Win 7 not that one is defective

If so test synonymous not really new or? Manufacturer and model
are recognize, the temperatures are lt. Various stress tests on Ultimate in the frame. restart.

The 160gb HDD is certainly determined by you to your problem:
which RAM times both individually. CD did not cause a reboot. In addition, just the CPU and the rule when booting or shortly after the start of abgesabs.

Have you ever tested other SATA data cables, unfortunately much mean. A heat problem I can not you have exactly? If you have the newly put together, Latin is something in the end. Can it be connected to any power supply, graphics card and disconnected, memory replaced.

Mode and housing spacers installed? I have replaced the hard drive that are on the motherboard for screwing to the case? No idea? Are also between board

An installation of Windows has not come to Bios, gabs always ne crash message, ID message 41 kernel power. I am already 6 years old with my board technique.

The motherboard is new, which is the two modules? So is the case with the SSD? Or was allowed ... Continue reading ...