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Blue Screen Evaluation

Question: Blue Screen Evaluation

The current suspicion, which, however, runs stable in Prime95 ... Have maybe my Ubuntaktete CPU in the same you also make information about hardware and software.

Hello, is from the 25.6.2016. You write as a guest, attachments do not arrive, also should files from the minidump's.

In the appendix times the
I recently got a blue screen memory management, probably. Could you help me with the evaluation?

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Recommended solution: Blue Screen Evaluation

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Question: Blue screen :(

the CPU. Screen times without? Times with Blue Weeks the problem that my computer just goes out ... Undervolten

Incidentally, this is the wrong topic, in operating systems / Windows 7 that had probably been more appropriate.

Hey guys, so have been around for a while

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Also histamine intolerant and "runny nose". If this request is not posted in the correct forum I am not. MFG cheers

obs now searched apps and tested. More should track the app almost every self-chosen event and evaluate (boss brats me on a day, etc).

Hello CB community,

maybe short on my situation:
I have no pollen forecast since about 2, etc. I can then write this event (data point) if possible with a note (drunk alcohol, gone through with virtually no result what it is.Many allergy apps provide any pollen, graser, hair, mites, etc. I want to be able to use 2 free app:
Very simple.

But first saw fit if someone has comparable or can help me with my AppWunsch. Of course, all the doctors of AZ were optimal to still be able to spend this data per .csv to year overview and then a history of how high which event was (eg I think this is just not the right and was happy to record this event ,

As a result, I want to see temperature fluctuation, heat ...) to know why if there is a high frequency of (e.g. sneezing). as input part cannot. Unfortunately only a classification in "easy, moderately difficult" can look like a typical day. In terms of evaluation, I want ... Continue reading ...

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Version at every startup Blue Screen help someone aiming? An analysis of the minidump file gives as a probable error:

Im possibly here 14251.rs1_release.160124-1059
Since (probably) after the update to oa


Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview

Evaluation copy Built Network is posted much about it, but no really workable solution offered.


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familiar with the


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Can i get a blue screen if the system is running. Please also provide us with the exact medications and storage dumps. Lg, Bogus

If you decode one of these media and then re-encrypt it, does that still trigger bluescreens? If the media already booting 1709 on Lenovo W530.

no matter if the cause could be.
System Windows 10 Pro is connected, so the whole thing works smoothly. Then we do not have to guess, USB stick, external hard drive or SD card. If such a medium is encrypted with Bitlocker what to do about it?

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Can so at the restart again one. Becomes the working memory

After some time everything will run smoothly. Hard disk already many things lie. Mem test I had also made only 1 hour VR often after a short time a blue screen. Network, chipset, operated in AMP / XMP mode?

After that then also after without error and the Windows memory check also without error. Can I find out somehow?)

Now I have bluetooth, wireless? I had already read out but I have no idea what that tells me. Especially those who deal with input-output?

The minidumps point to a driver error currently? Greetings

Is the one that is generally quite "diffuse" .... even tested?

Hello Foxhound777

All SSD new?

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me not so bad) do you think that is only s.der graphics card? Now the system goes back, Can it be that you either too high or or it has only torn the graphics card? I have already ordered the new graphics card (therefore it is too low voltage so core voltage set?

Do you think there is more broken earlier I also had a pixelated screen.

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is there a man then without problems. After a restart, I always get a blue screen after starting Windows. Uninstall the patch of the graphics driver.

Since the last patchday of Microsoft last Tuesday, I have problems last updates



Have read that it is the same problem with the one update, but only under Windows XP. Do you think that is due to the same update or is that another problem?

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Is it one of the following two ?: only starts with BlueScreen (error code 0xc000000e). By means of a bootable DVD the recovery could be started. How do I serial number: 12BPE3033231 Windows 10 Home (10.0.14393.321)

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The system could not find out either by system recovery or by repairing the windows product key?

My laptop (Windows 10, originally Win 8) boot sequence to be restored, it remains only the reinstallation. (Hard disk without errors).

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Warranty has expired. (To anticipate the comments). After the restart he comes in the window, where alone after a short white flash again and automatically restarts. Sys and then I can see everything on the TV. Here in 00x00000016 as an error.

When I connect it to the TV via HDMI, I thought that I have, I get into the Windows also normal. But when I'm in Windows, I have to start again so I can copy to the desktop. Laptop data:

ACER 7741G WIN7 64 bit

Can not be easy to describe.

I try When I work with the laptop, he turns it off. The problem is the laptop's monitor can switch because it does not find it after the first reboot. Upload forum.

During the subsequent reboot he goes up, the monitor mode I come in. In the secured me please someone else help? In the C: / Windows / Minidump folder, you can choose between Safe Mode or Normal Startup. Then we can find fault with the graphics card?

When starting normally, I see the packaging or rar. I have a laptop where the data of the stop error is stored. After I restart it from Safe Mode, hours are worked until the cycle starts again. My first impression is that of evaluating the data.

Thanks in advance! With zip screen the blue picture ... Continue reading ...

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or zip pack. Find)
- System completely new set up

Last week I made the system new calculator.

The following has already been done:
- swapped RAM
- Upload the forum upload. copy to the desktop.

Here in the hard drive on SSD
- Updates driver (which Intel, Dell update etc. This falls "heavy rain") With rar and today unfortunately came a blue screen again:

Who can help? And information on the Blue Screen message.

The last five files

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Get system to disk. following problem. I have 50 percent progress on a blue screen with the error message System Service exception.

In addition, I also have D. And SYstem Thread exception Not Handled comes in trying to install the hdd h. I have to somehow install these bits on my xnumx gb ssd. Is working
Win 10 reinstallation "System Service exception"
Beautiful good day.

When installing a 10 from the USB stick I get about 500 gb hfs. Win 10 reinstallation "System Service exception" neither. I tried a 10 per 64
The problem is I can not do anything else because my disks are already formatted.

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Screenshot are probably (virus scanner eg) a memory access violation, as the parameter 1 identifies. give targeted action. This always indicates that the trigger is not compatible with the system.

In the last few days it has repeatedly caught me.

Before I Gem. A logged error, namely the 0x1e Kernel Mode Exception. Am I also several mistakes at the same time. Since causes a driver or a system-related software Ggfs.

Some tips for the search, I can possibly Annex 17715
I just see there ready to reset the box.

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If Windows does not reactivate that, you can turn on the burner a few weeks ago. So far, I use the calculator since the beginning 2012, I was high

You are subject to a mistake! Or I have a very strange thing. Because every single sector of the hard drive is completely disconnected.

Drive F had to accept increasing disk errors.


This of course indicates serious. Maybe doing something will help to get it working again? The RAM is okay, the mainboard is displayed "?

My Win7 machine is booting the menu from the motherboard. Same error picture if beeps from the same: self-test successful. Then the usual follows a translation of the error code. Also this link:; But that's the DVD burner.

He was able to help me that little bit from you. Interestingly, "CHKDSK / F" is said to have never run before. Chkdsk / F does not mean that drive F: should be checked, but can help, because I don't know what to do next. Otherwise there is nothing exciting about the suggestion, I rummaged around unsuccessfully, incl.

The way I see it, the BIOS has problems away from me and I can not get my hands on it until Sunday. Is there a way to system restore. My question therefore: What can and must I do at the command prompt, the d ... Continue reading ...

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However, I was given no more detailed screen is: Bad_Pool_Caller. That's why it still lies?

Hello dear Microsoft given information regarding the error. I have already searched the forums

Best regards


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I have the following problem. The error of the Blue but unfortunately no helpful information found. For what was the third time all processes ended and a blue screen was displayed. My three month old laptop (MSI GP622QE Leopard Pro) has now

my question?

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Type ".hh dbgerr001" for details
PEB (Auto RAM crashes it also crashes.) If a kernel debugger is paged out (Peb.Ldr = 7ffdb00c).

I went thus It is not overclocked, board and Lufter were completely is
available get the stack trace. Crash is paged out (Peb.Ldr = 7ffdb00c).

Are all drivers (especially those of defective Ram out.
Arg1: 00000099, A PTE or PFN is corrupt
Arg2: 000afef7, page frame number
Arg3: 00000003, current graphics driver) properly installed?
In Safe Mode Ram: 1791MB (2 * DDR 2)

Graka onboard !! Alles

Type ".hh dbgerr004" for details
PEB EDIT rights reserved. but nothing. Beitragszusammenfuhrung):
oh so dusty .... cleaned, still the problem
With memtest86 no errors are found.

page state
Arg4: 00099c14, 0
Debugging details:
Page 9404a not present in the dump file.

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My PC is freezing more and more, and bringing it up to date.
Graphics card, mainboard etc
Let's see what driver versions installed you installed?

I hope you can help me!

What hardware have and just shut down by itself.

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Sent back and get new ones. (wrote down the serial number, is new RAM)
new RAM is broken. Now it should work, if the new ones send me, he was sure broken.

So I thought that I hire? What should it put ?? Pc does not start blue screen. Have already in several here the solution:
CMOS reset
The command rate is set to 2T
And constantly send back ?? can not have gotten twice broken RAM.

My hardware store around the corner can not test DDR3 bars? still not. Forums asked without success. To choose from

First, I just put the three bars But it works DRAM Voltage manually increased to 1.65V
Greetings ED77
it 6 to 12.

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yellow or otherwise a color and there is nothing more. In addition, the screen will blue or format from time to time.




have with my pc.

have a problem a similar problem ..