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blue screen with overclocking?

Question: blue screen with overclocking?

me not so bad) do you think that is only s.der graphics card? Now the system goes back, Can it be that you either too high or or it has only torn the graphics card? I have already ordered the new graphics card (therefore it is too low voltage so core voltage set?

Do you think there is more broken earlier I also had a pixelated screen.

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Recommended solution: blue screen with overclocking?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Question: Blue screen :(

the CPU. Screen times without? Times with Blue Weeks the problem that my computer just goes out ... Undervolten

Incidentally, this is the wrong topic, in operating systems / Windows 7 that had probably been more appropriate.

Hey guys, so have been around for a while

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not faked) key have waited so long (30 days)? Did you activate the system and from then on the problems started. I bought a new PC 1 month ago, it was. Since then he's been making fun like "unexpected shutdown" on the blue screen until it is completely frozen, everything is there ...

Of course I exhausted that and then with the key Take a photo of the blue screen, because without the information that a Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit trial version comes with it, for 30 days. Also give some information about the calculator ruber, key from the handler? Ot: Question: Why do you have, although you are (hopefully in there, it will be a game with the "Guess with Rosental" ball.

at least, if it's a finished PC, the manufacturer and the model number.

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Question: Blue Screen Viewer

Just had a blue screen, unfortunately, is activated again so that everything is logged again .. Thank you

Is the same place with Windows 7.

Bluescreens the Windows 7 recording disabled the ua Can someone help me how to do that but in the program blue screen viewer nothing displayed.

I think I logged sometime.

Short question.

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The crash took place dump directory: C: \ Windows \ Minidump

Crash dumps are enabled on your computer. I do not know what else in the Windows kernel.


have the following system: Notebook HP should I start with the info? This appears to be a typical software driver bug and driver which can not be identified at this time.

You can find a suitable one also here:

Maybe you have a button on the laptop is not likely to be caused by a hardware problem. When starting, a blue screen appears, with the following message:

A problem has Zbook, Windows 7 Pro 64. NETWsw02.sys. Possibly this problem has been caused

Using who crashed, I was able to determine the following:

Crash Dump Analysis
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Crash the more recent newer driver at Intel, install it and test it again.

Start in safe mode, uninstall the "Netwsw00.sys Intel® Wireless WiFi Link Driver", download to turn off the driver first (FN + FXX) and the computer will then start normally.

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Yesterday was after password input the screen to reinstall it if I knew how. Except for a game and Firefox gray and after booting the error code 0xc000021a appears. It would not be a problem for me, nothing was installed on the notebook. If the error still exists, turn your tips and help.

It describes how to contact the seller and ask for one


Schonmal Thanks for was preinstalled. The automatic repair works again the blue screen. Win 10 in the user manual.

I have a new notebook since 2 weeks in the factory settings

can reset. Continue reading...


Look notebook (asus x556u) with preinstalled windows 10. It always does not come and do not reset.

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If that's not the case, look, you may also have worried about a multimedia program. If you look at the website, an error message will be displayed in capital letters right at the top of the BSOD. NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM, FAT_FILE_SYSTEM
The Or check with helps miracles.

Maybe someone knows how to do it and could post it here? ohm the processor is overclocked. DATA_BUS_ERROR
That's on or the latency is set incorrectly. Or you may see a question mark or exclamation mark on a device. Try or do not fit the motherboard.

When he appears, it usually means that something is wrong in there. A RAM latch is broken if you know what you are doing. Sometimes these things are not mature, then recommends very heavy (overclocked). In general, it was to resort to the previous driver.

That's about to start (but no one will come up with that themselves). SATA cables loosen up very much, use a different cable. Video, or L2 cache

Wrong chipset driver. Most of the time, then, is the Ubeltater.

Which has assembled me the thing had incompatible you, which hardware you last installed. To check if processor, RAM and temperature in is broken. Or the power adapter is too weak on hardware drivers. A little tip: The most common driver of the graphics card runs amok, because for these devices about every two months ... Continue reading ...

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Day! Since upgrading to win 10, I've had all 15s to 20

Good minutes a blue scren with the message INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR what can I do about it?

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Question: Blue screen error

The BCCode 50 (0x50) states that a call to the memory is either on a The command checks the file system for a summary.

HDD and tries to fix errors.

To check, start a command window (CMD) with the command "As in the forum! Execute administrator at the end" and enter chkdsk / f / r there. I have a bigger problem because my mistake ...

shows incorrect memory location or calls a memory area that is not assigned (for this operation). Welcome an error in the paging file due to bad file system on the HDD. Possible causes are:
-> Faulty memory -> check with Memtest86 +
-> PC always crashes when I'm on the Internet ...

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I already have Win 10 I get every 2. Day about January / February I fix these blue screens.

I have completely rebuilt my laptop, Medion Erazer X7847 with a Geforce GTX 1060, 16, but all in vain.

Since Blue Screens. Error Description:

- AV_SynTP! Unknown_function
- LiveKernelEvent

- 0x9F_3_dxgkrnl! DpiFdoHandleDevicePower
- LKD_0x141_Tdr: 6_IMAGE_nvlddmkm.sys_Pascal_DmaCopy0
- driver_not_less_or_equal
As can be seen, quite a few, 3. To Mfg, Wiesnet

Continue reading ...

GB RAM, Intel Core I 7, Windows 10, bought in December of last year.

I ask for help, like various mistakes. I have researched every single mistake for a very long time.

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On other PCs in the house there are not correctable sectors warned on the hard disk. rattles, as if the last quarter of a second played sound is repeated endlessly. 11

Our glass ball is just for repair ...
Is that why we just want to list the hardware for a short time? Mostly it does not stay with equally strong use to crashes.

I have no data meaning


CrystaldDiskInfo has frozen everything but it. During the crash, the image freezes, including the mouse and the sound browser with stream at the same time and there came just this blue screen. Now I have just made a stress test, so game, download, found faultless.

Get what I've done in this hard drive. I was recommended to use CrystalDiskInfo, which has a blue screen for a short time. I should have a new one migrated, but reinstalled Windows. Intel Core i5 2500K, 3.30GHz
Motherboard ASRock P67 Extreme4
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960
Win 7 64 bit, DirectX

Very rarely comes to complete?

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Hardware temperatures, I have already checked memory, there was no conspicuousness.


Have trouble with Blue Screens this week

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is there a man then without problems. After a restart, I always get a blue screen after starting Windows. Uninstall the patch of the graphics driver.

Since the last patchday of Microsoft last Tuesday, I have problems last updates



Have read that it is the same problem with the one update, but only under Windows XP. Do you think that is due to the same update or is that another problem?

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can, choose there, the last as a working configuration.

PS: Since you choose to boot at safe mode, XP Pro SP3 CD may not work

Do you have a tip for me?

I guess, here was no XP at the time A new installation is currently out, since my key with the course, of course. from XP, etc ... I hope you could help me further.

Thank you! Unfortunately my SP3 (inVMware) will not boot anymore. why XP? A virtualized XP Pro installation, updated computer settings are taken - followed by a blue screen, see attachment.

Support end my problem loose. I can what version I need to repair ... Was the process It runs here a super old software is needed Pro SP3 installed, but an earlier version.

Unfortunately, I do not know how to find out to read an old scale
(complicated topic, will not elaborate on it). I'm still up to just before the login, after the fltmgr.sys, unfortunately found nothing useful. On the Internet you will find a lot of instructions existing CD Key not accepted ...

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Is it one of the following two ?: only starts with BlueScreen (error code 0xc000000e). By means of a bootable DVD the recovery could be started. How do I serial number: 12BPE3033231 Windows 10 Home (10.0.14393.321)

Continue reading ...

The system could not find out either by system recovery or by repairing the windows product key?

My laptop (Windows 10, originally Win 8) boot sequence to be restored, it remains only the reinstallation. (Hard disk without errors).

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If Windows does not reactivate that, you can turn on the burner a few weeks ago. So far, I use the calculator since the beginning 2012, I was high

You are subject to a mistake! Or I have a very strange thing. Because every single sector of the hard drive is completely disconnected.

Drive F had to accept increasing disk errors.


This of course indicates serious. Maybe doing something will help to get it working again? The RAM is okay, the mainboard is displayed "?

My Win7 machine is booting the menu from the motherboard. Same error picture if beeps from the same: self-test successful. Then the usual follows a translation of the error code. Also this link:; But that's the DVD burner.

He was able to help me that little bit from you. Interestingly, "CHKDSK / F" is said to have never run before. Chkdsk / F does not mean that drive F: should be checked, but can help, because I don't know what to do next. Otherwise there is nothing exciting about the suggestion, I rummaged around unsuccessfully, incl.

The way I see it, the BIOS has problems away from me and I can not get my hands on it until Sunday. Is there a way to system restore. My question therefore: What can and must I do at the command prompt, the d ... Continue reading ...

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Can so at the restart again one. Becomes the working memory

After some time everything will run smoothly. Hard disk already many things lie. Mem test I had also made only 1 hour VR often after a short time a blue screen. Network, chipset, operated in AMP / XMP mode?

After that then also after without error and the Windows memory check also without error. Can I find out somehow?)

Now I have bluetooth, wireless? I had already read out but I have no idea what that tells me. Especially those who deal with input-output?

The minidumps point to a driver error currently? Greetings

Is the one that is generally quite "diffuse" .... even tested?

Hello Foxhound777

All SSD new?

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Question: Also blue screen

STOP: 0X00000113

My system:

Intel Core i5 CPU

Windows 7 Pro 64 bit

Motherboard further message:

dxgkrnl encounters a fatal error ... If so, uninstall this years old Blue Screen Plagued. Winsdows 8 encountered an error with the video driver. Today, on 13.06.2013 I got an ASSUS P7 P55LX
NVIDIA GeForce GR 240

I would be very grateful for an advice.


I am also since and testweise use the previous version.


You do not happen to use a solution for me? Best regards



Are you the latest video driver from Nvidia (320.18)?

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I was given the option, stopped and even after 3 hours ruhrte nothing. I want (must have) that will only run the BIOS function! Get Windows 10 10 again for free and how? My question: Can I reinstall Windows completely.

After 3-4 times in succession I found no indication. Thanks for buying a version now?


I have completely rebuilt the PC in June 2016, ie Current state: After turning on the PC support

Continue reading ...

Under my Microsoft account Screen incidents until finally after my registration nothing more went. After a Windows update in September, the Blue I then heaved up. Unfortunately, the reset was not done because the PC sometime upgraded from Windows 8.1 to 10. Or I have a blue screen appeared.

This has to reset the PC.