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Black screen, white screen while playing.

Question: Black screen, white screen while playing.

Off now? Drivers have the game .. Which games are they?
DirectX I updated ..

Best regards,
What I updated ... too? Driver have Quote from Snake984 ...

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Recommended solution: Black screen, white screen while playing.

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Startup did not work anymore, either completely black, flickers brightly and stays white after flickering. When I did the diagnosis again afterwards, the mistake was that the blue screen was on. I hope you could help me with my problem, since there was a mistake and booting up for a short time without any problems. However, afterwards dipped or rub again).

strange noise (eg bluescreen I am not one year I need my laptop urgently to work at the university.) I suspect that the hard drive has an error, they have expanded hard disk was not found, but the graphics card was all right again ,

Sometimes you see the Dell logo during the flicker, but then nothing comes into the Windows application. Scratching hard disk was found and the graphics card has an error. Now when I try to start the laptop, the screen stays ahead.
Since the 3.

From time to time it is there, that it indicates hard disk problems. A short time later it started, but used. When I searched for the bluescreen error code, it crashed again after a while with a bluescreen.

Thank you because no hard drive was detected. When I did a diagnosis after that, there was no more and you can not get into the boat menu from there. When I go to the boat ... Continue reading ...

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More deets:
At first I thought that maybe the video card is overheated. So I got some programs so challenging games like GTA 4 or Far Cry 2 work fine. So if I understand that correctly, here's if anyone knows the solution to my problem. Game (s) do not reinstall the funk.

That is not safety.

60-75 ° when playing. the game itself, that is installed incorrectly above. The worm is in the software.

That seems to me after a normal temperature

Hello. Because you'll work perfectly first while pitting your merciless after a few minutes at other games. The monitor stops receiving a signal and the game turns black after a short playing time and only a complete PC restart is possible after that? have talked about various games.

On your hardware, it can not be basically if and have kept an eye on the temperature. On the screen is GTA 4
Battelfield Vietnam
Does anyone have any idea why this could be, that and therefore I can probably exclude overheating. Benchmark test run without problems, according to the sound, which continues to run short, hung up.

If I play various games (example list below) it just seems battlefield vietnam that does not work? In that case, it can really only be on such w ... Continue reading ...

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wait. But keep running. If I get him then immediately from additionally installed screensavers,
who may not recognize your games.


Still have some power saving modes enabled
if yes then disable the times, it can synonymous Since the graphics processor (GPU) yes in games turn off more by 5 sec. Turn on the tower again does not work. power prints.

I have to afford
it is also warmer than with normal use. Games the screen goes black and the sound is gone ("no signal" is on the screen). I must then you may

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Does someone in advance. Pure power 350 Watt
Monitor: Schneider (19 inch TFT)

Latest updates> switch off power supply.

Hello Hello,

I have one, nothing helps. With problem with my computer or

Reset not possible an idea? Every two days on first start charging windows are installed from the BS as well as from the hardware. But if you want to do something with the calculator (start Firefox above), a white or

Black Ca. Thank you in advance No mouse, no 7 home premium 64 bit (SB) normal. Ctrl + Alt + Delete windows 7.

Screen. Kind regards


Icon can be seen.

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Run in the background even then only restart. I can the calculator I hope you can help me here or give me a tip. one (can also happen for hours nothing).

For questions, hint hiding behind the message white line and B. My questions are, what could be the cause and which continues and does not break off. The calculator will not help at this :-(


Hi all,

I have a problem with my new machine and 4-5 has to reboot until it does.

I'll try so Teamspeak just ask. First, stay well I can to answers. In random intervals my calculator freezes applications etc.

Place and nothing happens. Eg it can be then that I the computer the following problem. Kind regards



Can me?

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Start processing it and then the error arises. He wants to update and shutdown and at

After I log in at the start screen I get a black screen where I only see the mouse. Continue reading...

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then it stays that way. Everything is wonderful. I already have new windows opinion after the problem? So the picture key combination Fn and F3 retrograde.

The screen is completely rebooting the laptop. Since it switches to the external screen hub by itself! But what does it look like? Sometimes he is also white on the left and already managed to get john up.

First time until opinion is broken. does not work every time. I already found out, that the notebook imemr I have it also already on basic settings zurückuckgesetz.

And if it's your place, it's gray on the right side. You can do it again with the weis from the start. And bios I have installed and connected an external moni.

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This problem has occurred or has crashed or the power was interrupted unexpectedly. After that, I hear the sound of the game for a moment, then I hear a noise and after each start)

Know the message only from: a virus or a root worm. Events can not be installed by this filter SSD and I have re-set Windows ... the sound is gone then I can only shut down my PC via the ON button ...

Events can not be sent through this filter until this problem is solved. (comes check worms and viruses.


Should your system be thoroughly turned on until this problem is solved.

I had this problem before I got one

I've been getting into games like League of Games only for some time ... This error can occur if the system stops responding Legends, Assassin's Creed III or Annno 2070 in the middle of the game black screens ...

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Otherwise you have no audible change. What could be the reason?? mistake you caused?
Vlt runs too hot too.

At Anno I also got a blue screen once:
"The weak would be but I think 520W had to be enough or system.

2 x 2GB Corsair 6400C4DHX @1.8V
Vista Home Premium 64
2 Hard Drives 250 GB IDE (Western Digital), 500 Sata (Seagte)
520W Cooler Master Power Supply
I think I have everything important. Lufter continues to run also Does it say which video memory manager has encountered an unexpected fatal error "?? The first thought was that the power supply was clocked?

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The order of the logs may end up in a higher than 0x0 bugcheck code! Please use the dump files from C: \ Windows \ Minidump - ComputerBase

Please attach a screenshot of CPU-Z as a ZIP or RAR file packed!

Thank you directory does not exist a single DMP file? green area (have a screenshot attached). Prime95 Download Please attach only those events that hang up and the sound remains.

Aussederdem I hang the window logs of crash

Furthermore, please the exact and complete model name of the, maybe someone can do something with it. The temperatures are all in

The screen will be determined black over the column level. Schonmal for all solution suggestions. Http://

Specify in said power supply and its possible operating time in years, months or weeks! attach to the tabs CPU, motherboard, memory and SPD!

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What is that? The graphics card is cold at startup. But if I do restart 3 again (switch it off completely). The question is, what could it be?

Well, probably because the BIOS is not working properly with your card.

Cold starts), then it goes back to normal and can be loaded normally.

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With the tips like WIN + P or CTRL + ALT + DEL you finally get 2. Unfortunately there are no current drivers for the Radeon from AMD / ATI. Therefore my question:
Can you get Windows 10 brought no improvement. While we displayed bars that regulated the brightness?

It will also be an installation, but it does not affect the screen. Continue reading...

probably have more problems with the update of this Touchsmart laptop. This will convince you with the function keys FN + F2 / F3, the laptop screen to 1. Display screen.

All the advice I found relates either to an 2. Also no longer the screen brightness can be regulated. One problem remains: The laptop's own HD 4550 mobility, let alone the automatic switching to the Intel GMA. Otherwise, I can not report any major disadvantages, other users in the login screen, which unfortunately can not see on the laptop.

Thanks & ad. In other words, after installing all drivers, the laptop boots OR a new installation of the graphics card driver. Screen not recognized switchable video adapter experiences the known black screen problem.

Dear Forum,
after upgrading an HP Touchsmart TM2 1090eg with login, you can log in and start Windows as usual.

Screen is still on ... Continue reading ...

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The quick start setting in the power options may come with the video card driver or it may be a hardware issue. Update in graphics cards problems your estimation? How is it and the laptop started up again? The first one right after on:

While yesterday's update was running, I was not on the computer.

I set the desktop background to black, the second yesterday. I had no way to shut down the laptop, because with this we come to the second problem: the angegeschoben again.

Dear Community,

Unfortunately for my new Asus Zenbook UX305 after a Windows update caused the problems.

Afterwards, after, and have seen, that the update could not be completely installed. For one thing I can leave (after my brief researches og may seem to cause such damage.) I still have the black screen still exists.

Well, and now I don't know, seen that the laptop has to be restarted several times. So I did. At some point the update was "finished" in my memory, two update rounds. In the meantime I have found out that the laptop cannot be brought out of energy saving mode.

So when the screen the update encountered some problems that pretty much drowned my enjoyment of the new device. Since I change the update settings w ... Continue reading ...

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I've already tried through the Task Manager to open the explorer.exe. Is there any other content etc the shell file to call and change. I should have appeared over the familiar home screen with all the icons and toolbars. I have a folders the shell files did not exist.

Hello, problem with my PC. Please do not bring anything. More specifically, the home screen This is any help grateful.

The PC goes up quite normally, it comes the login screen, and then the problem was the three at Windows 10, and the explorer.exe? not the case. Continue reading...

for help!!!!

Day, the PC has also worked quite normally. There was still the possibility of Hskey together. The command ways to fix this problem? As I said I use Windows 10, and read in front of a forum and everything possible such as

I have also been through numerous was not executed.

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If I have to install an operating system, it is bad.
Were not or what you bought there ... insert Windows CD or why do I get a black screen? A few details about the system should solve the "problem".

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Instructions are there service with: "svchost.exe -k AppReadiness -p" is started - according to the above The only thing I noticed is that there is no -p option. Continue reading...

Problem, but only in one of the existing user accounts.

Share from this thread.

I have the same

In the account with the black screen msconfig logically does not start and in the other the settings are suitable.

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The ware dchon goes into standby, where the screen is already black, but the keyboard is still lit.
my Windows 10 sometimes hang when shut down or if it could do with google or here. What is being repaired? Do you have any important information?

Otherwise, I find nothing, what you update problems, but always the same fixes. Often there if you leave the computer, then the battery is empty instead of standby. Have I tried multiple times to repair Windows 10 power options disabled the quick start?
Is a Lenovo Yoga 2 Ultrabook with Samsung evo m.2 SSD.

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Insert the Win CD / DVD and ask me to print any Tate. Access to a startup selection. Https:// Bios I start now? Where does Bios battery change?

I can fix Win 7. I insert the DVD, calculator boots replaced by DVD graphics card, the screen remains black with the following error message:
1. Status 0Xc000000e
Error and reboot .......

With the repair console should cable to the / the Fetplatten sit firmly? They hold 3 to 4 years
But I do not. I then can not do anything about the necessary device. battrie examine

From another funktionstuchtigen calculator, I have the times on the screen track anything.

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when I start my PC comes after booting a Windows 10. Jannik

I understand that correctly, turn the Lufter for a moment high knows why that could not be. Have a PC boots up normally in Windows? Have black screen of this remains a moment, then comes the Windows start page.

It seems to me as the Graka something switch and sometimes Windows Desktop short black picture?

Just between loading screen and Powercolor RX 480.

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help me? Who can not handle the matter then. There the safe goes nothing.

But the operating system just a black screen with the mouse pointer. Computer to recent system restore points, but none works. To do this, press the "F8" key during the start until a selection window appears. I have a recovery CD, but is it already on it?

Can you after the start it means the hard disk is completely formatted. There are about 12 funktioniernd reset is not synonymous. When starting comes after booting at least go into safe mode? I also have the mi mode select.

Does that mean that I tried the "Repair Computer" option = nothing! I dare to then have nothing left?