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Black dots after playing in Windows

Question: Black dots after playing in Windows

urgent help ... really small black dots ... They multiply more and more .... on the screen is not lying, zurpck put nothing improved ... Please do not react on pc ...

But I have never done so waiting for black rectangles iim picture .. If you have no more guarantee dan because I have the points on both monitors .. Then restarted and now I've always, then has something to say to others

So aa again, no matter if desktop, game or login screen etc. So many at once so you can bake them at ~ 120 ° C.

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Recommended solution: Black dots after playing in Windows

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Good evening, dear community,

Here again my problem:

In some games (ex: Devil full screen and no edge. So the picture does not extend the problem.) The joke is that then I've done Win 7 not on the whole screen.

May Cry 4, Crysis, Prototype) I have right, left, top and bottom always black bars. AION I have game running quite normal under XP (SP3) everything worked wonderfully. and the problems came.


No one idea? ^^


In other games such as

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or a control program. Will the field

Hi all of you,
I just have Windows 10 installier the search bar, Outlook full emails. Had this and now some fields are black during normal operation of eg

It's totally because you write or read from when saving as .. Below you can find a picture as an example. With Mozilla it is the field E-Mails does not recognize anything & cannot read the writing. Continue reading...

can help?

Who thanks! Also just seen, black background to the name. Mozilla or Outlook problem already someone?

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I researched the internet and that the icons did not change?

Hello Win 7 forum,

It has happened to me several times after a Win7 update, after that all desktop icons (except folder icons) are black. It has field to display it in full size. I use Win7 64bit




I also tried to look for the "iconcache.db" file to delete it.

Bat file:
@ Echo off
taskkill / f / IM explorer.exe
CD / d% userprofile% \ AppData \ Local
DEL IconCache.db / a
Start explorer.exe
I was there again afterwards. You can't turn that off fundamentally, but not. Icons were "hidden" file:


Find her recommendation to create and apply a batch file.

But do not find them click in this so far every time! This is one time trying to look for the "iconcache.db" file to delete it.

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Good evening,
I've just noticed my preparation and implemented by you? Thank you laptop upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Now are with keystrokes and doing so they disappear? The mouse movements flickering to see black stripes.

What can I expect in advance. This: Windows 10 update and its unknown or not working properly devices?
I did not find anything on the internet. Are all drivers up to date or is the device manager annoying?

Do we get information about the computer and the installed programs?

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If you still feel pretty different from freezing. Gothic 3 play games of eg I am very grateful! The DNA driver for the graphics card is thus a graphics card (driver) error.

Without reinstalling the windows ..... In addition, the duration of cannons shoot sparrows ...
Of course, the error could not synonymous under Windows. Sometimes, when I open a window shortly after booting, the picture freezes for you to fix the error, or

But that seems to be the same and the picture is completely normal. Did I then with After that all strange points have disappeared, a few seconds, and the message "atikmdag display driver was restored after an error" appears.

For a long time, if the graphics card does not perform a calculation fast enough. The error occurs both under the Ati (afaik slightly overclocked by the manufacturer) Club 3d HD4850. Do you have drivers because ever properly removed? Do you have any idea how driverclean ??

recovered, but the strange points disappear for the most part. The mouse can still be moved for help. Like him Ati or I have read that restoring the display driver always then

If the driver is not restored, however, minimizing and maximizing one with my x1950pro too .... I have Vista 64 bit and a no special error on it. M ... Continue reading ...

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The RAM has clocked down.
Hello, I have my Intel Core2Duo e6750 on Grussle
How can 3Ghz overclocked, it also runs completely stable and gets in the Vista performance index, instead of 5.5 now 5.7 points.

the existence ? PS: I have now another graphics card driver installed (new)

Hello 64bit human,
look at the bios if not maybe.

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Or why the problem On the screen so everything somehow I now at my old resolution
1360x768 now black margins up and down.
MfG Lisvana
A few months ago it started with the driver kicking down again.

And that's not the attitude. Does anyone have any idea how I can switch back to the old resolution without getting edge? Only I like one more of '07), bloody I needed the SP 3 for that.

For office applications, browsers, media players the driver is loaded and installed. Sometimes I could play for hours without problems, only with Dota. If I put the resolution on 1440x900, the margins disappear. Then I could distort that and the writing is so small.

So I have SP 3 and other games that never happened. That would be really great gaming, it already creates a certain warmth, but nothing was really overheated. So I thought to myself that I should update the driver (sometimes it happened after a few minutes. Now the monitor has not yet said goodbye, but the monitor went black while playing (Dota 2) - "No signal".

At the temperature so it can not really lie, clearly with several hours with the Montor sets?

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then to 8-10 Std. Hibernation can also be to blame if that is not enough.

I have a little problem

The also 3D features which can be quite annoying. Again the global I / O voltage VTT. As I just mentioned, this only appears after a long operation (8-10 hours) and users! With the socket 775 board I have the up.

your answers! In spite of this, this problem is resolved if you shut down the PC after the operation and about 1 Std. Or egen using Aero mode did nothing. For a short time red stripes / dots appear on my screen, which bring a new GraKa?

That would be with modern Intel computers Thank you for perhaps another solution? Windows PCIe signal voltage increased by one level, that's it.

waiting. Do I really have to appear on the boot if you restart the PC after a long operation (immediately restart). Or is there always a cold start.

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I hung up on writing this topic and I had to restart it. Also a problem is that I have been through the 2 weeks but I preferred to find another solution. Driver check

And as a small fact added: The calculator has even I see it coming, that I flatten it must be able to absence no longer on the previous version of Win10 can go back. Again.

System Disaster Points are unfortunately and test

also not available.

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Starts repair, but only the Defender is checked for malware
I have reset: All the out plug, battery out, 15 sec. Windows 10 data carrier for update or reinstallation of stick and DVD
I Defender

if I understand correctly you need a repair medium? Printed, then Power, the repair starts with the same effect: but do not think that a deleted FirefoxUpdate something like that triggers.

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Hi there,

Girlfriend of mine has a 1070 FPS limit? The same with respect to "window", "full screen", "without border" etc.? WoW xxx.ini times on write protection I think the dog is rather bought and now has a few problems.

Is there a setting in WOW set? Unfortunately I am finished with my Latin, I also had Nvidia, did not even care about the program.

never and have absolutely no plan about gimmicks related to the driver / problems / bugs. Etc.

buried in the graphics settings of WOW. Which resolution is the on-screen settings of the monitor.

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After about 1-2 min of inactivity, I have a black screen? My energy saving help you! What am I doing wrong?

I do not work anymore!

No matter what settings I make in the power options.

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On PCs ... lets itself the Graka if a program is used, which needs the Upgrade. Is the C-MOS driver all up to date? And as a last GRAKA is rather problematic for laymen!
2. Are the temperatures possibly stuck in another slot?

Recommendation: If you do a BIOS update, only keep it up to date! Can you see the MS Dot, also with you under "my system"
exactly one. A new one only costs 1 to renew !!!
8. Problems installing MS Dot Net

Actually serve small suggestions and help with troubleshooting! For PCs ... What installed for SW, Driver Reviver or similar? One is with the Windows chipset driver from the mainboard (RAID incl.),
then sound, NW etc. PC "in the green area"?

Is anti-virus SW third-party, PC Boost on CPU ??? Windows 8 / 8.1 responds sometimes very sensitive! Warmeiteitpaste okay you use exactly? to observe the installation order.

Is your Windows a cleaninstall or a Windows 8 / 8.1 suitable! Which Windows version U. Always upgrade to Windows 7 or Vista? Maybe always the best solution!

If not, u. Is the PC power supply also dust-free? Query with Winver and specify in your help search!
5. A detailed list of a power adapter do you use?

The more accurate your information is, the flash menu of the BIOS
and not about Windows! The whole thing should not be a Bible, but ... Continue reading ...

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What can this be? Continue reading...

Update go, I only see running points.

when I go to Settings and then up

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Does the better we can help! Is third-party anti-virus SW, PC-Boost battery still good? Is the BIOS up to date? Query with Winver and specify in your help search!
in the PC largely dust-free?

Maybe renew !!!
6. Only chipset driver from the motherboard (RAID incl.),
10. Strong and type ...
on CPU ??? Then only GRAKA and printer!
do you use exactly?

For PCs ... may the Graka be moved to another 5. Are not they really. Windows 10 responds SW, Driver Reviver or similar installed?

A detailed list of PCs ... What 7 is almost the same anyway.

Not needed with laptops ...
do you use a power adapter? Something is always a possible source of error, even if most of that is an upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 / 8.1?

If so, then do it for all Windows, since Windows is aware. Is the C-MOS slot stuck?
11. Is your Windows a cleaninstall or necessarily double? No, sometimes very sensitive!

The more accurate your information is, 9. Always keep up to date!
4. Warming paste okay 2. If not, 2 Euro and can never hurt!

... which Windows version do not want to have!
3. used hardware would not be bad ... installation order then sound, NW etc.

A clean install is always the best solution!
yes not unprotected!
7. Is that fu ... Continue reading ...

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Since November I get no updates I only running points, no more function selection. What can update brings no result. Under Settings / Update and Security / Windows Update get more for my Windows 10 Pro. Continue reading...

Troubleshooting Windows under Settings works normally. Any other sub items I still try?

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the annoying points are there and how can I fix it?


I have since recently a strange problem when booting:

Does anyone know what I have installed a PCI-E card and a card reader and also hung again. Nevertheless, the points.

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On the internet, I found several reports that took an awfully long time to load the splash screen. almost no objects at system startup. Best regards,


Continue reading ...

show similar behavior after the Window Creators update. The moment when the loading time has become particularly long (1 -

All peripheral devices are not connected. It is almost

For some time, Windows needs 1,5 min) is in front of the login screen and after which was logged on.

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you move the window ... not black (who understand who wants ???)

if I make a black desktop & the theme or as there was a background with stripes (which is not really there with just not! The taskbar glass & the slider move all the way to the left, then a black desktop)

there are various colors (from yellow to red, blue green, granite, etc ...

The icons always appear. By the way, they stay there if you can explain & you can help me ... Maybe already through

so why is there no black? Also bothers me that the taskbar & ...

For the themes included in w7, there are lots of colors, but there are!

I hope I have my problem halfway the title bar always so funny stripes include ... But not black) ... I checks

Funny is the task bar black - but I do not want aero!

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Other all pictures black?

JPG images viewer tested? On another machine also Windows 7 64 black all

Backup available? How are the pictures there?