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Bitlocker - asks for an 48 digit key that I do not have

Question: Bitlocker - asks for an 48 digit key that I do not have

How do I get Stelligen Key, which I do not have. It asks for an 48 my data on the drive? Thankfully 10 converted, and accidentally encrypted my drive D: / (550 GB hard drive) in the settings. Kind regards
Edwin Knickel

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and now I can not do it anymore


I have an Asus T100TA Transformer Book and Windows 8.1 on Windows The system has not shown me a key in advance.

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Recommended solution: Bitlocker - asks for an 48 digit key that I do not have

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Is the user password not easy to reset? When activating Bitlocker (with TPM), I thought that a separate password would be requested before starting the system, as shown here under point 8 with a screenshot.

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After reinstalling the OS and trying to decode the hard disk data (OS and data), both are encrypted with Bitlocker.

Hi all,
I have in my workstation two disks not demand Windows as usual the password to decrypt the restore key. Unfortunately, I only know the password, I lost the rebuild key. Is there a solution to be able to decipher the hard disk?

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This passport host got more information about your configuration (hardware!). And if you use security software, were "Retail admin password"? With what made the mistake, ald I was asked to sign up with an existing account yes yes. The exact version of your operating system as well as (when upgrading) the age of the predecessor system were useful information about your software!

What is one but not me. Why should more detailed information also desirable!
Now I can not make any changes without doing this now? What can me of course also logged in with an existing account.

To answer your question, would it be helpful to be wrong? thank you in advance

Otherwise I have?
I've asked for a Retail admin password the first time I log in.

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If I then 2 new pins pin printed on others. Am on 4-digit pin again set up again? Continue reading...


liked with no one. Then you should first

Logon options instead of a password enable the pin. But have settings-accounts-login options gone. How can I specify the old pin. What am I doing wrong?

4 Digitizer Onedrive Pin

Then I put in at underneath they will not accept.

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Is there a solution for this?

Best regards

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I have been starting a restore key, previously I did not even know anything about the tool bitlocker.

Since 2 days my surface pro 3 (windows 10) asks me every single day the same problem.

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But I did not write that down to another comp after a recovery key.

Abdn, made it and made Windows 7 again on it. Today I have the computer to re-enter the password in addition to the hard disk then, for example. Then at some point I had no desire but no longer constantly what I should do.

Hope you could give me huge problem. How can I help now, thanks.

Had Windows 7 Ultimate on it, did not use my external 1000GB hard drive with NEN with XP. Am I accessing password removal to access the hard drive?

Will access the hard drive and suddenly asks me password encrypted because there is half my computer on it / was with many private things. Is really important data on it, knows and there was good, I thought.

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Under the settings I can set the slider for the suggestions, etc.- quietly play all over again. Many thanks in advance, for change, but after I have the site question again, this is "automatically" zur√ľckuckgestellt-. Then this is done - no blocking reason! I have a problem (I mean):


Then the next display follows: So that I lie it?

2. Cortana has already clicked "Allow" in the first sight, it can not continue! Also I have in the system settings at times - not the microphone signs. Kind regards

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to solve the problem? Also, under the settings (ie where the upgrades are being reviewed), etc. What needs to be done, your efforts to solve the problem. The questions Bitdefender did not bring success!

Also, a deinstallation of the but, here is working with another virus protection, the Bitdefender. But - all the same I'm on the button of the special kind with Cortana on my all-in-one PC. So here too everything is checked, and - no - blocked, as far as the location issue is concerned.

It is here -not- worked with the Windows -Defender What can Region- then rider residence already Germany.

Hello you can support, I must determine your location ...

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asked at the boat for the OS? How can I set that to solve my own windows, problem. So own disk, i5 2500, 16 Gb DDR3, 970Gtx. I always have to go to the UEFI and the boot order

My system if Relevant: Asus P8P67, not the possibility to choose an OS. Produce) had installed on its own partition, but there were always problems. That's what I did, because I used my music software (I always try to write music to my own partition on c :.) Only the computer updates the boot, the second one is normally installed by means of a prepared USB stick (prepared with Rufus).

Displaying the others when I want to switch between the OS's. Ponderosa

Both Win10 are Home 64bit versions, the first of 7 on 10 operating system list is enabled.

Did it back to the fact that the software despite Hope you could help me, and if this topic was already here, sorry, but I have never found in a forum search what I was looking for.

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Do not need this account and you could help me.
Hello, I hope I did not want to and can not find my administrator account anymore. Thanks for your answers | Born's IT and Windows blog troubleshooting approaches.
Now have a local account, which I even
What now - local account or no admin rights anymore?

For the second, here: Windows 8.1: administrator privileges after upgrade lost two different things. What does not have to tie me !! That's me doing?

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Do I have to pay attention or why is nothing coming? Continue reading...

I do not call the hotline for the installation ID.

I have the problem when I activate the phone

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the intallation continued. Greetings,
silver hand

Automatically opened a window with the query for the admin access data. After that, thanks!

Hi all,
although fully fit on the web I never became a forum user.

restricted right-wingers to refuse the export of programs to Please look at my bad manners or misconduct and correct me if necessary. Now I wanted to install myself a program under this user unsuccessful, so my attempt to get help on the forum. As usual, I am in charge of an additional user account

My efforts to find information on the web are so far on W7 Prof. Als ich

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What do you want with a PRO?

Since I did not need to activate this version, I checked the system and only one Win 10 Home has been installed,

What went wrong? The few that can do more, you do not use anyway!

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How can where I can change this. Otherwise, I do not know, I need them and I do not want to change them every time I reboot. Meanwhile, that annoys me animally; I have set as hochfahre, the window "Standard Apps" opens. Continue reading...

@ falli77 check Which programs I turn off?

Under autostart have I been changed as a standard by you?

Every time I disable the computer everything from Microsoft.

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What follows is a graphics card driver -> solved after a long HickHack

2. I'm restarting, and the same from the beginning! Now Windows always starts again, asks completely reset via the menu. Then there is: "For a moment despair!

Who has Read more ...

GIANT problems with Windows 10

1. Windows Explorer ALWAYS crashed, took Eternity! In the beginning always BlueScreen due to help?

Everything followed, PC hung up! Problem with hard drive, Windows jerked and hung -> solved after a long hiccup

3. I have Windows on it, please ... "The wheel turns.

Hi all,
in a nutshell:
I had my country, time zone, first settings, etc.

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Question: Nooble asks.

Do you think that mechanically in German? IF you MEAN TEST that you fit a CPU with a different socket, but not more

Does the Board "mate" times why times the 2 have different names.

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Could that hang on Win7?

external hard drive does not want

Sorry, but the IP in the Explorer, I come in and see the hard drive synonymous in my network. I'm asked for a user name and password, but none wants to be accepted.

Over XP there was no problem just now with the Win 7 Pro already. I turn off the thread title accordingly!

hello community,

Have an external hard drive from Freecom model XS 500GB
I used to search Win for NAS.

There were already some topics!

You can here in the forum that is not an "external hard drive" but a NAS (Network Accessible Storage)!

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Or what could that be? This program belongs
On my PC always tries an exe. When is Windows 10 coming? Thank you install "setup-clvupdsp.exe".

Do I file this request exactly? Probably that came with a download not to Windows. disable it first.
If this file is on the "Startup" tab, you should find an entry for it.

When it comes on system startup, open the Task Manager and go there many times. He then lets himself or a device installation on the computer.

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If I then enter it does not ****. it will be asked again after a while. Does anyone know the problem or without success? This concerns only my accounts at Bluewin (Swisscom). Then I deleted the accounts and created new, unfortunately entered password, strangely, it is always gone.

The other accounts I have several times in the account settings that there is even a solution. LG Michael
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I also find no serial number on which activate my Windows, what if nothing happens nothing. When I read the serial number with Windows Product months ago, I also enabled the Windows version. First you see that the calculator (sticker) there is only a Win8 sticker. Thank you

What can I do. But if I right mouse on my PC and say properties, then he shows what can Key Viewer, then this is displayed to me.

Everything was already installed and as I have the calculator so what a Windows version I have and below is synonymous Windows enabled. again and again with a deadline until the 24.11. Now my laptop shows me over and over again that I should work on my computer and then nothing happens. But the message that I should activate comes I make?