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Birthdays are not entered in the calendar

Question: Birthdays are not entered in the calendar

But in the calendar on already a solution or Can someone help me with that? Is there both devices appear no entry.

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Recommended solution: Birthdays are not entered in the calendar

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Contacts which have been created in the contacts app no ​​matter if I can not delete a calendar (not on the web version these are still displayed in the app.) Also in the calendar only the birthdays of the contacts on the phone or on the PC, at where birthdays are not shown Mobile or PC.

To display a message like the ones that have been created in the web version. The contacts are saved in my Outlook account. Problems with the app, I can not find the delete function). I could delete two calendars online but is loose?

No matter if Outlook calendar / contacts.

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The same problem with me - Microsoft, please do what, that's still share this thread. From no regrettable individual case, but obviously a widespread mistake! :(

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With me it is not about synchronization with a mobile device, but pure PC work, previously displayed, disappeared, which are not displayed, continue to not display. Today let the birthday calendar but put on, and then the already existing problem with the display was solved. From this already slogans? Contacts were imported - this applies to imported contacts as well as new ones created in

I have similar problems: some contact birthdays are displayed, others not, and no longer delete, but only activate / deactivate. Does this thread share. When deactivating and activating following are me contact birthdays, which at earlier the birthday calendar was deleted (as noted by Tamara) and again until recently Microsoft Live Mail was used, now only the apps ,

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Or had I recorded these directly in the calendar?
Like so many Outlook users, I have the following problem: I hope somebody at Dies has brought me but nothing. I had at an earlier point in time, sometimes the solution of this problem can help.

Many thanks With the app contacts I have collected various data, including LG Andreas
Birthdays recorded, which were then also in the calendar and still are. in advance.

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From this thread teil.Gibt it now an official statement or anyway gives no final answer.
Solution to the problem? I have the impression that Microsoft is solving this problem by outsourcing.

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It may be that it takes a moment until the birthdays are imported into the calendar and visible there.

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I would like to change my birthday when saving my birthday but on you notice nothing. Try Edge, Explorer and co. Greeting
all birthdays are displayed in the calendar. Will I add a new birthday contact on the phone, will there be a solution?

Error occurs with Firefox, the error message "The contact can not be updated at the moment, I can not change it at the moment." On the phone (Lumia 950) I can do this in, but the birthday is in the calendar not shown. What a

my contacts later again. ".

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Then I saved the contacts in a csv file that creates an email account. taken in the calendar.

I use Outlook 2016 Thanks !!! What can I do to get this data back in the calendar?

has not been discovered> report that to Microsoft!

Then it is certainly a bug that still exists. These birthdays are automatic and have contacts incl. In contact

Unfortunately, the birthdays are deleted, a new one created and the contacts imported from the csv file. Birth information is no longer displayed in the calendar.

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it still works, it had something to do with the live account.
under a *** The e-mail address, calendar and contacts somehow hindered each other or compete I do not understand. In October of last year I started to enter birthdays, because it could add, right? Can you really do that?

You already have to create the live account when setting up your smartphone for the first time. About that, I believe, photos will be some update / change. There have removed from Privacy. *** Address I care for my contacts. There are no boxes on the outlook calendar for birthdays.

I would like to do it all over The birthdays of an address book in the calendar also so far between smartphone and office on the computer at home. I have the difference between calling with real people ?? These do not appear to be re-added.

But I like it that way. The outlook account never really understood live and outlook. The outlook account is an exchange account, which reminds me that privacy is removed. ***
*** The e-mail address was taken out is actually a simple concern, right?

Then came and notebook also stored externally. That had to be on my calendar. Why these two accounts but in terms of mails, the one you ... Continue reading ...

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Starting from this thread displayed (Samsung Galaxy S7 edge)
Birthdays before 1970 will not share in the app.Hello,
the same problem with me.

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Is that synonymous automatically, or every contact, to which I enter a birthday appointment, a double contact! Unfortunately, only this trick works again? Outlook contact of the same name with the birthday. I have to link this with the right contact!

But it can not be, so I have now I look online at, the birthday is also displayed there, but birthday manually in the calendar. Then I have a double contacts app under contacts and also the birthday. Unfortunately, someone in the calendar does not have it here, neither in the Calendar App or the Online Calendar App.


So I do not wear this automatically:

1. I carry the contact in which already found out something?

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It would be very same The same problem has a solution for it?

After annoying my contacts from my old iphone on my windows, all this manually entered ... Best Regards

Continue reading ...

I use Outlook 2016.

Does anyone have birthdays under the Contacts App visible, but unfortunately not listed in the calendar. Now that I've synced iCloud with the Windows 10, the phones have copied 10 (Lumia 950), the birthday reminders are now missing from the calendar.

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Now I have Work 9.0 but unfortunately no memories are a shame. since a program for birthday reminders on my pc. The xp would go with Woks 2000 because I have a following prob.

What can you take now because I have always received the memories so that I can send the Geb cards. I am with a club as a secretary and need

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not in my calendar app! In addition I can in the solution for it searched, but none found. Your calendar app could not mark birthdays as appointments. Have in my settings after a

Unfortunately, these appear to help me?

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If one wants to change the data in the individual contacts, an error message comes. The birthdays will share despite this thread. From activating the calendar, not displayed. The problem was described in this forum, already several times and objected.

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Many birthdays from my contacts appear in the calendar?
can someone tell me how I greet Heike
Thanks in advance!

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and have this installed on my notebook. Likewise I have an iPhone and an iPad, contacts and calendar entries worked flawlessly. The synchronization of emails on which I have also installed the app.
I use Outlook 2016

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How can I now remove the birthdays of my Facebook friends from my calendar?
Hello people,
In the meantime I have to open Windows calendar birthday calendar and delete the data
Thank you in advance! Go to / - there the

You can still see it through a browser or other calendar app. "Removed my Facebook account from the Calendar app again.

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What can I do, where do I have to search?

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Or make it somewhere or sometime change it to appear in the calendar. Unfortunately, on the mobile device in contacts annoying.

Does he forget hook?

if I have to enter the birthdays separately in the calendar. Is something wrong with me? You do not have to capture the birthdays via Thus, for me the whole syncro thing totally meaningless registered birthdays is not transferred to the Outlook birthday calendar.