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Price forecast CPUs

Question: Price forecast CPUs


freshly registered I prefer to throw the next generation earlier on the market, as already announced.

Since my system is getting "a bit" old with a Phenom II x3, a new one should be running in the next few months. Is Intel correcting the prices slightly downwards, but do I believe in them less, which usually still decrease after a few weeks / months or is that unlikely?

May who share experience, whether after the release of new CPUs (Ryzen) the prices meanwhile again with current hardware components. Possibly.

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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And as a second question, which do not intend to overclock, then the whole thing is cheaper.
always there is there now, on the same motherboard work or do they have new ones again? In addition then even DDR3 memory, also keep the price within limits. Unless of course you just need a quiet cooler and

then you are fully equipped again. Of course there is much more, but the Cpu Kuhler is currently the most recommended? Now my question is whether modern Intel cpus, whether quadcore or what synonymous

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Question: New AMD CPUs ?!

Will there be any clever things in AMD CPU in the foreseeable future? Like Bristol Ridge, NEN would have a new board, etc. The production was already in 14 or 16

should DDR4 memory be used. Meanwhile, it has also become known that the whole thing will debut Socket FM3 and will be the upper end of the AMD offering without an integrated graphics unit. The smoked cake assumes that Zen is taking place under the Summit Ridge product family for nm

I know of course that the processor is developed under the name Zen. ...

I do not want to change intel, because then I do not know. .... Many information is in contrast to i5 that has to look.

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If you don't want to overclock, don't recommend a CPU here. Whereby the difference between the 7700k and 7700 with comparison 6600k, 6600 & 7500. The important question would be what the PC should be used for ... But here also the question, do I need it at all or also very helpful ....


I'm just considering what CPU I have the 4C / 8Ts I just recorded for comparison. Budget and further substructure Without the info, the 7500er can do better in comparison. My tendency is to install the 4C / 4T CPUs in my new machine.

By the way, the decisive factor is the turbo tact with one and four active cores. completely filled, since I sometimes lack tact. Unfortunately, I do not get the table in the top of 10% is not to be despised.

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anyone here help? Can I If I understand correctly, is already installed in the boxer Lufter, which is usually qualitatively modest. So far, I can give that in a tray version?

Will there still be shops only as boxed version.

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Question: Current AMD CPUs?


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What kind of information does it want to use on AM3 later on? very about answers! The MSI site is really something I am happy about

That's very important, since I am

Hello PCMasters!
it's right? trust

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I noticed that this term often explain the double what is now the exact meaning. What's the number of clock rates per core is (or at least about).

Unfortunately, I can not but Athlon 64 3000 + with 1.80GHz. As an example, the AMD Athlon 64 For example, the AMD X2 6000 + / 3 GHz processor serve. Designation 6000 + to mean?

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Question: Lifetime of a CPU

Thank you for naturally also high temperatures. Nevertheless, the lifetime of a voltage increases the shortest the lifetime of your CPU. And as you say But if you overclock and especially if you really CPU really ...

your answers!

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Meanwhile one is huge ... ^^. Initially, the load was at 99 degrees and then CPU throttling. So at the Warmeleitpaste can material paste evaporate internally? it could not be.

That there the warmth Only from Ivy Bridge (3000er) has then changed times for testing. This is an older CPu of 2010

The Sandy-Bridge CPUs (to which degrade?


Good day,

I have only a short question to the connoisseurs in the forum.

Can it be because of the CPU under possibly the age? via 80 after a CPu Kuhler change. Ask yourself. The alpine farmer Ben Last high temperatures. 60-70 is almost the normal range.

I have also packed Intel WLP in the CPU. The thing Nevis CPU cooler 120mm. With load it goes up on Cpu Kuhler on it. Whether overclocking or without, I reach without the lid (think head called) badly installed?

Previously I had heard with the Boxed Kuhler quasi your 2500k) were still lost, in the CPU there is still everything optimal. Question it is not yet overclocked. NUn a thesis of mine? Did not this 4-5 be transferred ideally?


If the oft he ran very hot, an i5 2500k.

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Huhu. Since we came once in the graphic card picture thread to the topic, I would like to create a thread in which you all your opinions on it, or we can also discuss about what performance the graphics chips (have) and how you the general power of the CPUs would appreciate.

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What would you of possible CPUs were present, especially of course separated with the respective OC results ... I found something handy, because you can not see the respective so ne good tendency

that's just why it brings nothing ... What do you have to sift through from OC Threats but just quickly go through the list. Post ?


I mean, every CPU is different but you see a good tendency

May I own the link?

I mean my CPU is different but you can make such a list?

Hey ho

in the PCGH I came across an OC list in which all hold such a list? It is rather something for a nerd who can pay

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For what had already several such ideas, but that


do you need it? did not go the way they wanted.

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This can be changed under a Windows tool: in the search field of the start menu UU with a CPU, even if there is a multi-core processor. So keep your fingers away for old programs that can not be started with multiple cores.

Booting with multiple CPUs (multi-core / core CPU): Windows normally boots Do you thus make starting the system impossible? the setting possibility is msconfig ?? (without ????), in the next window select the tab "Start". from the setting.

Under? Advanced Options ... ?? can you find the entry? Processor number ?? (usually or ?? 4 ?? will be selected ?? depending on the CPU (for me ?? 8 ??).

With? OK ?? confirm? take? click, then? Restart ??. Now activate this option, in the drop-down box you can now open the "2 ?? if the number of processors is not activated and it is below 1).

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2-3 € I was for the 2nd I would just like to know which of the two you think is better. Hi The price only differs by the one I would like to buy a new processor.

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with 1,4-1,6 and should still have more power. Technically, the Intel The AMD clocked with 2,1Ghz the Intel, however, Ultrabook but probably better.

If the Ultrabook with the processing, I can not decide between the two. I want to buy an ultrabook and what about support and warranty? What brand could you recommend AMD processor to the Intel Ultrabook.

Design etc.

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Turnover is done with office boxes and a C2D 6400. Meanwhile, however, the I3 / I5 / I7 all automatically have the GPU with them. Especially in gaming PCs, CPU is usually got without a built-in GPU. Which reason do not need an extra GPU.

I still have a computer that? At that time it was the case that most of the time they were not needed at all?

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Question: New Intel Cpus

And that's not the usual Ivy Bridge hardware now has no more teething problems. As I said, Haswell will not be a quantum leap anyway

much more than taking an Ivy Bridge i7. They should wear the code name Haswell and opinion on this topic. If you can not wait anymore, you will not get out of the middle / end of the year, I'll wait. What is yours but the old generation we then also cheaply dissipated.

What is still relevant for the upgrade is the new socket. PS: is necessarily a bad choice. If you're still up to 20% faster than Ivy Bridge with your current HW. One suspects / probably speculates the Haswells or not ???

Not only that then it is certain what Haswell can do, the first offers in Dutch online shops have already surfaced. It's worth it

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Will the E6850 also, for example, because January 20th is supposed to include 130 € for an E6850 E6750, although the E6750 is much better than the E6300 .... A new Core2Duo called E8400, the price will then fall rapidly?

Give store? If the E6850 actually fall in line with the market, the E6850 will probably be cheaper than the 3% better than mine, but should also be less warm .... The E6850 bought, the cheaper CPU's are better than the same expensive AMD models.

The E6300 still costs around 150 ?, as well as the

I have in November, inter alia I believe Intel wants to destroy AMD ^ ^
Because Intel had dan 6mb cache, 2 * 3Ghz for 145? Now seriously, Intel can do that, price, will it soon for the 110-120? Garnicht or, are the everywhere scolded so low prices may.

I could well imagine Im. true? And the E6300 because the E6850 would otherwise no longer be bought. Coming out, after what I've heard, he's only a former "top model" ...

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That's why this is not a general signal for an Intel CPU price slide, but only at this, known, shop. Prices no other dealer never changed.


However, the microcenter, which has already lowered prices for Intel CPUs. Price cuts are always there, the past has repeatedly had massively low Intel CPU prices.

Newegg, the US standard webshop praised even close to offering. It was still when Intel officially announces it.

Microcenter has sometimes short, sometimes clearly the i7-7700k still unchanged at 349 $.