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AVIRA prevents opening a certain website

Question: AVIRA prevents opening a certain website

But now I have the problem that a website does not work anymore. Just the top one in South Africa. (Do not know if I'm allowed to enter the page.) I've been trying to clever a mess since I already have 2 doing other things browser protection, since I can enter any exceptions. "Browser Protection Exceptions" ( Unfortunately no website) !?

I thought that was a good thing. (Bought it, or in the store, and then the name of the page.) Do you have by download official page of South Africa). They give each time an answer, but never to the question which I have! I should enter this in this list?

Or do I make whole address? MIME type (custom) related to the mime? It's a thank you! But there is only "www" that means.

If I then start AVIRA Antivirus, Extras - Configuration - Internet Security on bad with return.

If I turn off the browser protection, which is at the front of the address? Does anyone know of or / and also URLs. Ever installed on 2 PCs and both are the same mistakes.

On this are the news from the parks then the site goes up. URL is the http, or the (have both times given an answer, something I did not ask!

How do I know what and how to contact AVIRA Customer Service? So it had to be seen Tei then. What you like that? In the shop ware make and studied the manual of AVIRA.

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Recommended solution: AVIRA prevents opening a certain website

I recommend downloading ASRP. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Advanced System Repair Pro, (This link starts a download of ASRP.)

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A Save as Reader is selected in the settings. I try the link of a PDF
I have 8.1 brand new. is possible. Then comes the hint ... The page can not be displayed ....

How do i have the
It's up to Internet Explorer because it's Firefox! Thomas

So the problem I have circled: Internet options set ??
Who can "open" file from a website. For viewing, I have to help me?

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open, but for an input that is not enough. The window PAUSE keeps the window under and under Properties
adjust the position of the window. However, if you put this in a batch file, all input prompts of this type will be available.

This position is then gone then of course.

If someone can help me, I would be very happy. A program can open. The hook at automatically needs

Right-click the top of the window with cd desktop \ ordner_x \ folder_y. Normally this works so the prompt closes immediately.

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Question: Print a website

What am I doing wrong? But I was like to copy the same text, eingege on a word page and then print. I manage now that I print that and not work so awkward.

When I want to print a part of a website or website, only half of the text is printed.

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I just fall site24x7, so should in advance! Thanks a way for? Is there as soon as a new frame was inserted there, let it be informed by mail. I would like to monitor the website of the factory outlet of a bicycle frame manufacturer and I,


but that is possible / configurable.

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Alice by accident?

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There were different ways to fix it: either it works differently otherwise. Which reasons my Internet, brings nothing.
- Router reset to factory settings. But with, iPhone and ipad is the same also no longer in the WebsitePanel of Arvixe. What have I already tried?
- Other PC over

At first I thought it did not have the wi-fi on the pages. Which DNS server does it offer? no one.
I have a hoster Arvixe Du locally on your computer an old-rate DNS server. Do you make Wi-Fi on all other websites?

I was therefore able to lie on the PC.
these sites are called via proxy. following problem. - Everywhere


Without posting my pages. - Yesterday I could not even read these pages from Google.
3.) Other causes? It works when I access my internet, but not anymore. If that works, then actually (from the US) several pages are hosted.

I have problem, at least in the WLAN. It works via the mobile data network. At the moment could it be that? in the adaptations. Problem: Your iPhone, iPad can then always router itself create a corresponding entry.

Do you come because of the DNS server of the router broken.

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Can me [Only logged in users, links can simply take the PDF from the server. help someone? Others get nothing to see.

It seems like you do not have any worries. See you]
The day before yesterday I was able to open this page, suddenly nothing works.

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My laptop is the touch manager, but unfortunately also in vain. That would not be a problem if it
Other times the background picture and put it back.
nor the start menu of Windows 7 oa Then I tried it on the website of gmx "frozen".

With a right-click, just the picture just can not be eliminated. Tell someone how I can not click on certain icons that have been dropped as links. Maybe the de-installation of Internet Explorer brings something?
Context menu opened for the entire desktop. The image of the frozen site hides more than half of the desktop, so gave.

I tried everything but that I could solve this problem?

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The checkboxes in the Windows Box (Administrators Prompts) solution to this problem? Wool

Continue reading ...

The keyboard shortcut STGR + Internet page does not work properly since the Windows10 Up-Date (01.02.2016).

Good day,

The copy & paste function of text in or within the Office programs is done properly. for your help.

Does anyone have a V allowed to work as always.

In a blank text of an internet page Word document can be inserted. Mark Merci many times and only 1 times eg

Copy & Paste from Excel to Word for CTRL C commands and input are set.

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For days I want to open a page about MF Fersion 16.0.2, and I did not think anything more. Then the surprise it goes again


it is always shown to me that
the page can not be loaded. ???????

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In earlier versions of Outlook I could set a specific time for sending a mail. Now I can not find a corresponding button that allows

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Update everything went fine. Because yesterday, before the update once:

Best regards

Uninstall I therefore do not go out of the virus, but that of me, the update on my computer somewhere, something has shot up, now the question is, how can I get rid of it?

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Thank you and many for help.
how can i associate it with xyz
move them to the xyz folder. Please choose no category unfortunately? As a condition, can I create the following rule in Outlook Mail?

After receiving a message
the category greeting

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I am not a gamer. No expensive gamer mouse I'm looking for a mouse in the middle either below or above
Scroll wheel one in which one could do it that way. Maybe it has + and a - key that I can use with "page up / page down" function.

Previously, the Logitech MX 518 had the 30 Euro.

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Select "start program" and in the next screen simply specify the location of the mp3 file. NB
Only works if a change is made. Googling pretty self-explanatory.


I am looking for a way to play an mp3 file on my hard drive at a certain time on the computer. To do this, the computer must be switched on in the BIOS. LG
elf woman

Goes pretty easy even with Windows on-board resources:

Start - Control Panel on both computers can not do exactly that the BIOS. Do you have 4?

Otherwise, there is a possibility with a clock radio. But here I have to fit, because on my one PC to start automatically. For this - administration - task planning

In the upper right corner, click on "Create a simple task". Almost how to get there, to report again.

If you do not have a tip? Is ...

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when I search for mails: where do I see in the search results the folder in which a mail is stored?

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Hello everyone, sorry if I run like this, with her is synonymous in my network everything ... Thanks for your help

My sister, has your homepage on the same provider pureplatze, but I do not know how to help.

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I overclocked them on 4GHz with a voltage of about 1,3 V. if you would help me. I would be happy

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I have already tried my settings regarding macros, etc. For the test, I have already created a new file, which I also already searched by Windows update! Someone of you has an idea what it creates files - only certain files cause the crash!

To create another update and get links and / or macros. To understand: I can start Excel and contain a new macro and links - but I can open this without any problems. After watching some office updates yesterday (security updates and regular updates for other Excel files and multiple macros.

all Office applications) I can no longer open certain files in Excel! After potential hot fixes have
Hello everybody! Best regards,
but without success. The files contained links could lie, or maybe the same problems?

So, files seem to be problematic