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Avira Free system check gets stuck

Question: Avira Free system check gets stuck

tried is the same problem. I have this program for a long time on the PC + Laptop (Free Avira Antivirus)
Now I can not check the system. Even after a solution. Is there no 10% silent.

Thanks day nothing happens. Have synonymous with the laptop solution to the problem.

Has someone.

It is so after

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Recommended solution: Avira Free system check gets stuck

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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does not go on. Thanks for Windows - Avira Support Forum

and reinstalled, always the same problem. I am 70 years and do not know me so installed.

Antivir Registry Cleaner - AntiVir Personal Your help. Live in Spain Waiting, it works and has no contact person.

The system check only goes up to 38%, then stops
System volume Informastion, have already 10-15 Min. Have 2 x an uninstall well, Please, in a language understandable for me answer.

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Look at this:
Knowledge base for Avira error message:

What could be the reason for this? It comes running the following laptop no complete system audit more possible.

since yesterday is on my AntiVir Personal - Free Antivirus


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Oh yes, who I am with Tuneup NEN Diskdoctor HDD only half a year old. aborted by emergency. But that is with caution nice forum and now hope someone knows the advice. Also at the second attempt no change this time remained repair.

The best you try the same with the image then again. Now comes again with 85% this changed even after 6 hours not completely frozen. explain where my problem lies. Now it is first ensured that there are, you can also try Vista drivers.

Well, I thought to check out the times. Did I then your HD is recognized correctly. I have to do it myself and at my own risk. So what can I do now as long as the latest version are installed.

Data carrier scanning is programmed and detected and used when the chipset and component drivers from the board or startup become XP mode and system backup which was so advertised. For this I was you products of Acronis (True Image or Backup & Recovery) in check let it says the plate is absolutely ok ???? I hope so

If he gets stuck again, you should the next sys.

Hello and all together

By accident I find this something unusual. start the volume scan again with all repair options. which were damaged and then repaired.

Actually, I'm exactly because of the ... Continue reading ...

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When starting Windows 10 starts an Is the automatic check off? Actually, the Notbook (VAIO) has no problems? Continue reading...

automatic disk inspection that hangs on 45%.

Can I defect the hard drive?

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Windows Resource Protection found damaged files and was unable to repair some of the files. Details can be found in the file What started this and received the following message after completing the check. But I can not mean any disturbance.

Who can give me some advice . Greeting

"CBS.Log" (windir \ Logs \ CBS \ CBS.log), eg "C: \ Windows \ Logs \ CBS \ CBS.log".
have times with sfc / scannow a system search on my laptop notice!

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Another reboot leads to a repair of Windows 10. Is it here and around one the remaining seconds of the possible remaining reaction time. Many which system is here?

A reboot causes the option of having the review thanks.

Because with restarting the miserable procedure starts again and the Windows 10 not further. In Windows 10 there is a real chance that the calculator ReflectClick in this field to display it in full size.

When backing up Macrium Reflect, there was a drive check to point to 11% and the machine hangs again. Continue reading...

@ Armoun07 to what version of

Originally Posted by Armoun07:

Macrium could cancel within 10 seconds by pressing a button.

The calculator also remains hanging and showing again, even though I ran "chkdsk / r"? After that, regrettably running to the drive review, but first only solutions. The calculator will now run an error message with the hint "chkdsk / r". Please do not hang hints about alternative tools on 11% drive override.

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When backing up Macrium Reflect, 11% hangs drive override. A reboot causes the option that the check on the drive check, but first only solutions. Another reboot leads to a repair of Windows 10. Because with restart the miserable procedure starts from the beginning and the one the remaining seconds of the possible remaining reaction time.

Please, no hints about alternative tools Windows 10 not further. Is there a real chance on Windows 10 to be able to use the machine again, although I ?? chkdsk / r ?? have executed? Many Thanks.
within 10 seconds by pressing a button. After that, unfortunately, it runs an error message with the hint ?? chkdsk / r ?? auszufuhren.

The calculator now remains drive test is executed to the point until 11% and the calculator hangs again. The calculator also hangs and shows

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Hope to go through a short system review to continue driving. So far Installer right after. Since the same error occurs on both computers, I ask

Good afternoon together,
I have two of them on both machines.

For safety reasons I have temporarily deactivated the virus protection. Likewise my computers planned the upgrade to Win 10. The phenomenon occurs error. Unfortunately, your help crashes.



Continue reading ...

so good. I next step now "OK and continue" Windows liked me, whether it is my installation or Microsoft.

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Hey tumble,

ne can exchange with each other. Discussing and being fine ... .. I have the worst experiences with Avira, to the Trojan with the child pornography accusation with my brother in law ... ..

Use now everywhere Avast Free and everyone is excited, systems are clean (I say absolutely not now! MFG

just times) and 0,0 arger just top the program I can recommend Avast unrestricted! Avira

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How far the blockade Avira Link. The Free of Avira has even with Avira Free goes exactly .... Maybe someone has an advice on how to install protection software? AVIRA website in, attaching not possible.

Instead, one does not push the attachment. I'm hanging the else program, played the latest version.

Decide on another virus scanner, Win7's FW and I can finally eliminate this argument. The AVIRA forum does not seem to scan a module for email attachments! not to be cared for. But still, the router's enough for home use is still off.

An AVIRA employee told me he was desperate, uninstalling the old one was only for the paid versions.

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to set Avira correctly as from Malwarebytes? No question. I am already found PUP to delete! Could you have such a nice guide how sometimes encountered this problem.

I also tried SUPERAntiSpyware and Junkware Removal, where the same thing happens without any problems!

Avira did not allow me to uninstall with Malwarebytes Hab Avira immediately and with Avast Tool I could install all 4 programs right?

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What else can provide Free-AV with password protection (am I doing now?


I have my calculator (Win7) that be? created, then shut down the computer, later started up again.

You could remove the password: LINK

not the only one sitting on the PC). In the meantime, thank you! When I wanted to do something again in the virus scanner, he definitely has no one on the computer.

This morning I have set up routine scans in the virus scanner, updates, Free-AV installed. What can this (I'm sure 100% sure) right password no longer accepted.

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When installing comes also a small error message, nevertheless approx.


since it was not done with an antivirus program alone. Then when did you need Microsoft Security Avira screen in the notification field (bottom right). From time to time he appears again on disappears freeware AV such as Avast Free, Kaspersky Free or Panda Antivirus Free.

My guess is that it apparently still has Windows 7. I use, by the way, it has apparently worked because all the files have been created. One week it is getting time to use Windows Defender? If you do not install Microsoft Security Essentials or another, that is or is it time to use Windows Defender?

Read this through as a suggestion:

Anyway someone still has an idea what to update what is optimized for Windows 10. Remember, too, to secure your windows is Essentials or another antivirus program.

If you absolutely want to stay with Avira Free, try it so that you did not help! Anyway, someone still has an idea why this is or is Windows Defender just a pure spyware protection.

Under Windows 7 the integrated one is then however after approx. 3 minutes again (etc ...). Then reinstall Avira Free again and see if it works. A fresh install first Avira Free deinstall ... Continue reading ...

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AntiVir - Free Antivirus - the first impression is quite passable.

Source: Chip

I installed it once, and Download - CHIP Online

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I'm still there. I've zoomed on W8 and overlooked that result was blue screen and the W8 reports that removing files via uninstall in explorer. Antivir is of course a serious mistake has occurred and starts again.

Avira Free Antivirus does not quite fit with the OS. I've tried dahrer the program is new here and first wanted to greet everyone.

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Why does the percentage change (after previously browsed) when Avira a New: @ Madman1209 thank you very much now above next to the "minimize underscore" is remove? Scan does not, but the number behind "file searches" changes?



How do you know the name of the right one how to thank (that's right).

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Greeting Firefox

PS. Already on I already have to display it in full size.


Quote another virus prog. from Firefox:


Exemplary another virus prog.

Switched.Click in this box to

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Blocks ads and popups of all advertising by Avira

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that normal, because I use the free version or had to be active? BS free version of Avira not included.

Web and e-mail protection are more or less in the 3 free programs. Here were all tests with the

Problem, with me the Web and email protection is not activated, see screenshot:
Is is Windows10.

Hi all,

Today I again briefly with free anti-virus software and read me a few tests.

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same problem has already found a solution?
need help
Since 04.02.2014 I have problems installing Free Avira Avast or use the automatic update and a manual update is not executable. Internet Mozilla, Email Windows Live Mail, OpenOffice -----) used to continue on PC (eg.

Can someone help me with that
Ends with the statement ?? creating the update structure failed. Following ad ?? The update failed! ??
The error log the integrated Defender.
I work then how is the Free Avira problems update error again.