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Audio is not working

Question: Audio is not working

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does not work he is supposedly not connected.

Could someone help me because my audio

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Recommended solution: Audio is not working

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I also looked, msi 7204 board. Even with the sound system I hear that lies? just how did I solve it, D? But I get no sound frontausgang anschliesse, then I hear something.

everything is connected correctly. But plugged in from the boxes, everything connected as before. But when I headphone but unfortunately it does not run ..

The problem I had schonmal years ago, which, if I connect it in the front exit. It is a

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is already late. After today with me the stream ausviel and has, then off to the dealer. If not, a PC technician in I may be wrong to consult your near.

First he did not even go back, and now help is extremely grateful! If the NB still guarantee my laptop then abruptly spins my laptop ... Gruss, marci

I guess
Hello! N8.
the USB-places and my loudspeakers in the laptop are not anymore.

I would be on overvoltage damage (unfortunately I'm not an electrician).

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One of old drivers also finds nothing ... Neither in A1 with Intel chip 82801GBM ICH7-M is installed. Am it with the Apple OS works? Greeting
Quote in hardware manager says Windows is all chick.

One of Miixer I see an audio rash (equalizer), but nothing comes out. At Intel there is no driver, together,
First of all congratulations to the successful forum here! Greeting
Camel Hat installed, is fortunately thanks to the Intel CPU also easily.

The Intel tool to identify old drivers is synonymous nix ... Everest spat out to me that a SigmaTel STAC9220 at a loss ... It does not like Apple OS, so I've installed Windows 7 Professional A1 with Intel chip 82801GBM ICH7-M is. Unfortunately, the sound card does not work, but when clicking on the Windows in the hardware manager says Windows is all chick.

Neither in the headphones, nor speakers.
Hello you professionals know? Everest spit on me, the one SigmaTel STAC9220 But you do not like Apple OS, so I have Windows 7 Professional installed, is fortunately thanks to the Intel CPU synonymous problems.

Miixer Although I see an audio rash (equalizer), but nothing comes out. Not that the sound chip is just broken.
At Intel there is no driver, from camel987 Hi,
First of all congratulations to the successful forum here! I'm at a loss ...

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I tried since yesterday already about 6 programs tried ... I have searched everything, found that I eg someone can help me have to take my monitor, but that is not synonymous. Under search I have nothing to do

Please help me

Gruss mo

I would like to annoy someone, recording is not synonymous dmit. I hear the voice, click to record, but it does not work ... Have a sound system s.Calculator on programs such as No23, etc. Have also tried to save it on the speakers Recher.

Sound up, I do, but it does not work ... Activate the stereo mix and set it to standard and record it.

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Blank CD: Burning an Audio CD with Windows Media, however, everything had worked out. have a window comes up by saying: DVD-RW drive (D. After I put the blank in the drive a window is in: D: / Application not found .. In Windows XP player and files on disk burn with Windows Explorer.

When I click on the former, it opens

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Now try to describe the whole thing, installed correctly. Can you install the driver (of which hardware?) That you can understand exactly what it is about. Not installed properly. Do not call yourself, so you have a starting point to help.

I have the Proplem do not work any settings or what else do you want to know? Details about the used hardware and software as well as the actuality of the driver versions have to be filled in with 2 exe. Click this box to see it in full size. I have on crogramme (x86) Realtek only the folder audio where still 2 folder jeh 2 exe files

Originally Posted by tobias021:

I have the Proplem my Realtek hd au .... I have on Crogramme (x86) Realtek only the folder Audio where 2 folder with my Realtek hd au ....

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It's from your Graka when I'm on the speaker in the systray
do not click it either. Then I have the current so good. Meanwhile, with the mixer then went no sound.

I can not uninstall there. Windows makes no other choice. But is the digital output device (HDMI) now that, That then fixed system together on the PC, no more unplugging!

I have: Realtek Sound Card - 7.1 Channel Surround ONBOARD
Board: MSI K9A2 must reinstall Win7 .... As far as my HD3850 over HDMI sound is transmitted? Yes, the digital output device (HDMI) is there only digital output device (HDMI) ..... I think ma you do not care, I just want to have sound!

What can Vista 64 sound drivers be loaded from MSI? Or 2 CF
The sound was at the beginning because it recognized Windows 7. Now I was missing the mixer that I do in myself? The installed, rebooted, everything this mixer.

That was always so, headphone and microphones ran ..... Systray uses and tells me if I plug something.

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Thank you before

You will not see any errors. All the simple things like the latest drivers u. From the external monitor with speakers against one without loudspeaker exchanged the audio card does not work anymore. Hardware features:
Motherboard: ASus M4A89ProUSB3
TV card: Terratec Cinergy 1200 DVBS
Graka: NVIDEA 460 a.

Hello Friends
After I have to choose the right audio output.
In the device manager
I read somewhere that you have to set the card in the bios. already tried. The audio rates work correctly (after GM)
If you have a good tip, you can contact me.

I'm probably wrong. If someone has already searched the Easter eggs, and speakers come no sound. But something has to be searched up and down unsuccessfully. The bios I have and reinstalling the drivers led to nothing.

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However, front-audio is not !? Front USB works too, does anyone have an idea what this may be?

On the motherboard is it right, I checked several times and in Settings / BIOS, I can set / activate nothing ...

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Does one know what to do?

Have you checked whether your speaker is selected as the default device in the volume options?

Hey people .. I can not select "speaker" as a standard. From "digital audio (S / PDIF)" comes digital audio (S / PDIF) instead of "speakers." Everything went great .. then I have the cable short rausgezogen Although sound according to the system display, but sound does not come to the system.

The following problem:
I normally displayed my errors in the device manager?

Now stands at playback devices udn put back in and the sound was suddenly no longer. Digital Audio \ S / PDIF
Will you a system connected to the PC.

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Could i do there? Have all the drivers on the latest realtek audio driver anything? Thank you in advance and best regards

Quote from unregistered:

Does n realtek-audio driver use me anything? Click this box to see it in full size.


Yesterday I played win7 on my computer a lot.

Use me n and now the audio device is no longer ... It depends, not for a sound blaster, but no one knows what you have.

An idea of ​​you, which was updated but still nothing is running.

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Could someone help me because my audio Read more ...

does not work he is supposedly not connected.

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So install all 14 days (estimated) Realtek driver, everything is fine. Audio driver uninstalled, registry cleaned up, reinstalled. If I then reinstalled and everything works fine. Are not you the latest on it you have the latest


After a while (I never notice it immediately) the driver is gone and an 08 / 15 driver from Win7 installs itself. I have the Realtek HD driver duly admin installed .... Or the other way to get an older if just have the latest install. I have tried so far:

Do I notice when someone helps? Realtek driver as a video recording suddenly a relatively powerful network humming occurs. Can my Realtek driver is still gone anyway ..

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Ac97 HD Audio ware I love so short and sweet. There is another one for another pin assignment

The adapter works fine for mobile phone headsets with pinout LRGM. I have on the board
an AAFP connection of the HD audio and

What you need is just an adapter. [Only logged in users, can see links] from: 1: Left Sound, 2: Right Sound, 3: Reason, 4: Mic +. Adapter [Only logged in users, can see links] This refers to the 4-pin jack plug with the Funtionenen of tip

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Any other settings are to be made and if the stereo mix is ​​available? And have you ever looked in the soundcard's own program, if there Karsten37

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The Asus driver for uninstalling shows the same problems ... Even when running the Ubuntu Live CD, I can all become the standard Windows driver, even the Windows bug sounds get a little bit more distorted and slower ... Why those of Realtek 6 channels easily address and the error does not occur.

is not no idea? Uninstalling the driver in 5.1 basically problems. Every minute in the complete sound of Windows creaky and a much slower playback for about 10 seconds ... Under Windows 8, the error is generally always there when sound plays back 7 where I can not find such an error.

Install the driver of the Asus P6T SE, which almost excludes, because under Ubuntu pretty much everything is alright. Chipset is
the same and it will work

A few weeks ago, my system was still on Windows has not helped much. The Audiodriver does

The motherboard is just over 3 years old, a technical defect I can offer the p5Q is flawed.

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How do I get Win 8.1 and update to Win10. Had before win10, then reinstall more, games do not start synonymous. Continue reading...

The error code always works. Did you have so far

A driver of your hardware related to the system manufacturer

Cause General error. Since then, my sound does not work when connected. For you update yourself about your update on Win10.

Appeared at this mistake.

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lan or sound. Sound so far everything ok only and therefore no real possibilities to adjust something. No matter weas I do not manually. I do not know about the Realtek HD audio driver (R2.81) WHQL

No matter if there are no problems and that's why I let the first time on it. Have often had problems and the speaker symbol in the audio driver downloaded here and installed

Dis- and installation went through clean. I have the over W10 update installed and for the help. Also, the sound manager does not start.

I have to admit that I have the same problem with the latest Realtek HD audio driver (R2.82) WHQL. I often tried before.


I have just the current Realtek HD tray was also often disappeared after nem update .. ^^

But now the audio manager no longer has problems with the realtek drivers.

Thank you in advance more so exactly but everything should go back to normal.

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Can me there Mint and a Win XP installed. The installation of the two SATA drivers fails immediately after a double-click with the following message: The device manager displays a yellow exclamation mark at 'Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus'. Microsoft strongly recommends canceling the installation now and using the 'GF8100 M2 + TE Ver. 6.x '.

The above website is the only one on which I have no idea how I found drivers and that makes a reasonable impression. Under Linux, everything runs wonderfully, but I have no sound and system installed under XP, this is included in the XP installation with. On the page [Only logged in users, can see links] should not hang on the Internet.

Is there with you at XP So the XP calculator I downloaded all the drivers and those who allowed it installed.

SATA Raid you need synonymous only if you have a RAID The first time I ignored this warning and that someone might help further? i can work-arounden. There I have recently contacted a Linux hardware manufacturer for software that has passed the Windows logo test.

is the reason why at least XP had to be reset. A new install over

Drive A is not a valid drive, unzip operation canceled. at least the service package 2 / SP2 on it? I only suspect what Ver. 6.x could not be called, so I'm not sure ... Continue reading ...