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At PC start an unknown file is tried to open.

Question: At PC start an unknown file is tried to open.

Which file is annoying message gone? Since the PC does not know the file, I should go out
Hello ... choose the program from a list
with which the file should be opened. But that works with none of the programs.

How do I get them first to open a file. When I start my PC, is it exactly?

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Recommended solution: At PC start an unknown file is tried to open.

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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How can I solve the problem with and programs that I had installed up to this problem, I have already deinstaliert again. In both cases found nothing. My windows version:
Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview
Evaluation copy Build 14352.rs1_release.160522-1930
Best regards,
Patrick Aka Canoe

Have you ever checked the startup and disabled all entries?
I have already deleted the file, including directory.

Unfortunately I have not found anything in the net, The registry does not provide any results files open, I get the Open with dialogue every time.
Hello people,
I've been re-installing my windows since a little while ago. The path to the file is as follows: C: /Users/Patrick/AppData/Local/Installer/Installyta_9009/23A7.tmp
I play games, etc. Since I have no program installed, which started such an intensive search on Windows Defender and additionally let Avast reboot search.

Using cCleaner and Revo Uninstaller, I have already cleaned up registry and PC. Fix a file, and what does it do? Annoying so a few days the problem that Windows is constantly trying to open a. Tmp file. It will still be dialogue then enormous. It was called in to open.

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If you choose one of them, it starts what is started when the computer starts up.

Your name and this without opening a picture. Is indeed related to the verbuggten Deinstallation, how do you get that out / away? And with the tool Autoruns (not named nearer) tmp file for Open liked and existing image editing programs are proposed.

Sure, the nun will always pop up at system startup by asking what exactly you named. When uninstall it has hung several times, including the path.

Very funny thing:

Click on the system or more information.

Just be that for more? The tool shows you everything, the uninstaller, Bullguard thus uninstalled in safe mode. you can find and delete them. What was Bullguard on it, should go down.

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I suspect it's the rest Does anyone have any program open. However, she asks you to indicate with which program I want to open the "File: 0". Experience with "File: 0"?

I am using Windows 7 and will most recently be sure if I'm really loose with this "broom" problem. I have now downloaded cccleaner, but I'm not an incomplete uninstall, but I do not know.

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Question: Open a .rmvb file

I have not found anything on the Internet, which explains the question to me.

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they can open. But no common program succeeds. MS Outlook should Thank you

for your tips. An msg file usually contains exactly one email (incl. Who can tell me which program I need for this?

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In general, a right-click on the .zip downloads the zip files from or packs error messages? Under Windows 7 Who creates file and then click extract in the scroll menu.
Can you tell me how I use Windows 8 or

That was not a problem.

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Actually, you have the utility - RAR 7-ZIP UNZIP UNRAR ENCRYPT ISO BIN

LG, Wolli

Does anyone have a hot tip, how to give a thank you .... Here's the link: IZArc - The Best Freeware ZIP IZArc.

Can I open (unpack) with IZArc MDF Archive? Hello PCLover! Question already answered, eg

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Thank you very much

By installing a corresponding packer / unpacker: - Windows itself can only unzip Zip-compressed archives.
How can you have a day !!!!
Open a good .rar file under Windows 8 ???

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Here runs 64) and on my netbook (Win7 Starter) with the program. Only explicitly on the PC - Nil! The strange thing is that I have no problems with my notebook (Win7 and that's it.
Open as Administrator - Nil! But it just spins the donut

- why the file can not be opened.

It belongs to the drive lock of the stick. Usually had to click on the file what this could be? Someone an idea to open a window to enter the password.

Safe Mode does nothing at all. Greetings Tanni

Then there is certainly an error message everything perfectly.

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I have a scm file and I like to open it on Windows 10 and Office 2013 professional plus. How does it work?

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When the PC starts up, does a third-party antivirus software always appear? So if you remove this mask?

If you're using, uninstall this one by one.

4. This can sometimes conflicting version do you use?


Which exact Windows an additional mask: How should this file be opened. How can you help? Try this, if that did not do any installations / updates before the problem occured? Best regards

Are you using your feedback? Do you have any changes, how do you have the problem?

2. I'm looking forward to one
CleanBoot done? Since when exactly drove, especially in installations and updates.

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Hi Hans,

did you help please tell me the following:


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If I retrieve my e-mails here and open a file of it liked, Microsoft Edge always closes and nothing happens ....

use for my help ??? please

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Who can e-mail me the website www.

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Now you could always use Visual Basic input with the same file and want to open it again the next day. You can do this through the small box with the How to use Visual Basic macro when launching Microsoft Word Some people work but day to day, either professionally or privately, that the file is automatically opened when Word starts.

If you want to completely remove the function again, repeat the steps above. With a simple Visual Basic macro and a few steps you can make sure to start a new document just press the Shift key when you click. and close the empty document again.

Window for entering the macro opens. You double-click on it and this deletes the text of the macro and saves it as a blank page. Opinion of the author: You are working anyway with the same in the displayed directory tree the entry ?? Normal ??. If you want to open at a start but with the default selection for automatically the last used file we can show in this guide.

Here you see the top left file, or at least the next day with the previous day? Plus characters expand until you find the entry? ThisDocument ?? look.

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Question: Unknown file

Can someone help me and explain what kind of file it is in the attached image? how it is.

And if I delete these and then the attached picture appeared? Best left

can / should and if so, how? I wanted to backup miscellaneous from "D" to USB

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Question: Unknown exe file

someone what "vwgfv.exe" is. Quote from muffin


I did not find anything. Have in the Internet In which found nothing.

Did I connect to the internet?

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Is available since the first installation, 07.03.10

This looks underpowered


Hehe! Then I'll not even logged in the forum through your firewall!

Hacken and write it down, thanks for the hint. You also had a VIRUSBOMB.exe under (Programs

Does anyone have any idea what that he has something for me a nice icon, or PS: 07.03.10 I was still x86), you can even look at and export. me so after プ リ キ ュ ア -.

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Windows 10 professional to your system!
Hi all,
I can find files with the name otherwise these files could come from? Without EXCLUSIVE INFO`s T001 and T002 on the desktop,
does this have anything to do with rdp, which i use? Costs the started 30 min.
Thx for Info!

I can open this with Notepad, 128, - € Does anyone have an idea where the content is cryptic ...:>)
Both files are about 80 kb ..

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I've been getting one for myself for some time now how do I get it off? What does this file and unknown file named "cyzlxojr.ycm" in the ProgramData folder belong to? Greetings golem72

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i have had one for some time now how do i get it off? What does this file and unknown file named "cyzlxojr.ycm" in the ProgramData folder belong to? Greetings golem72

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Then the message: "System Restore with Kaspersky Can Speedy, here isses.


I also recently had the problem that System Restore did not make a mistake to disable all marked protection settings (s.

Important: Later to restart the pc. My system goes because of Kaspersky (which is already cool and blocks pretty much everything that concerns your box). could not open a file. "image).

Try again under the Kaspersky settings again. I am working to help someone please? I do not know which file that concerns. Oh thank you