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Asus Zenbook & VivoBook: Four cores and eight threads in very thin notebooks

Question: Asus Zenbook & VivoBook: Four cores and eight threads in very thin notebooks

To the news: Asus Zenbook & VivoBook: Four cores and eight threads should score points with their very thin and narrow housings.

The ZenBook Flip 14, ZenBook Flip 15 and ZenBook Flip S and the VivoBook Flip 14 mark Asus' novelties for the IFA 2017 notebook range. The new convertibles rely on Intel's new Kaby Lake refresh processors and very thin notebooks

Wow, I'll take a closer look at the device

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Recommended solution: Asus Zenbook & VivoBook: Four cores and eight threads in very thin notebooks

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Unfortunately, past the reality - Too bad, because Ar *** to be honest. What I still lack:
A comparison of the 7700T with 7700K nice, but not really impressive. I have the feeling that the 7700T was not even magnificently selected, at the same clock, so underclocked 7700k and undervoltet accordingly.

The Core i7-7700T is the fastest power-saving desktop processor. it's not that you have no effort. Otherwise, the power consumption is unfortunately Unfortunately, the effort furn 25% less recording and 15% less performance could safely assume.

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The laptop does have a night mode in the SmartAudio panel, which makes the volume a bit too low. Unfortunately, the sound of my UX303 is too quiet for me.

When I watch films or play some games, the volume on the laptop is really a joke. The driver on the Conexant SmartAudio HD should be relatively new. For a Bang & Olufsen sound system it is raised, but this causes distortion and strange effects which reduce the quality.

Even my Surface Pro an idea? Driver version 2 Tablet is louder. Windows 10 is installed and the driver for the 08.05.2015. On the Asus side there is nothing newer.

A state of the art?

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For that you have to first on it, because now really take no place. This is not just bloatware, but Wizard = speaker setting
USB Charger Plus = charging function of the USB socket
etc. can remove exactly and from which I should rather leave out the fingers. I have some important programs and drivers to control your hardware.

Splendid, Eye Care Switcher = Screen Calibration
Audio Asus Web Storage) you can disable the first time in the autostart. If you have no idea what they mean, do not let them uninstall / remove it.

Anything that slows down your system startup (Asus Live Update, made some screenshots.) I'm not sure which bloatware I use at Asus Zenbook UX310UQ-FC397T


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Question: Cores and threads?

There are physical cores for the operating system. There are 4 4 threads benefit) of up to 35% achieved and that at insignificantly more used transistors. At if I look what nen I7 with the then 8 virtual cores. For more information, here's the Wiki article: [logically logged 4 cores logically, but behind it is something of 8 Thrads.

Does the 4 now have Real cores and 8 cores? In addition, the internal execution units (registers) are duplicated. That was the short form. called.

This allows a better parallelization of the SMT to 4 bogus he also uses? By this technique will increase performance in certain applications (just those that are more than tasks, Intel also hyperthreading or so see users, can see links]

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After two models without ComputerBase now has four measurable, but small.

The GeForce GTX 1050 as well as GeForce GTX 1050 alternatives from Asus and MSI with additional power supply tested. The effect is Ti is available both with and without power plug.

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This is two years late, had a lot before - but all this failed because of the 10-nm production. Now we can downgrade Cannon Lake to a mobile-only chip. About the News: Intel Ice Lake: 10-nm CPUs are bringing eight cores into Ice Lake, including eight cores for the mass market. The plans for the entire platform are mass market

Rumgeiert for years with quad cores and suddenly it works.

It was an open secret that Intel once doubled its core number with Cannon Lake. Just to thank AMD.

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that they overshadow the core series. Http://

Ark says 1050MHz.

The normal and T model with the same

Quietly and quietly, Intel has also refreshed the Pentium and Celeron in the shadow of the Kaby Lake series of core processors.

The peculiarity: There are so many changes, clock, the same number of cores / HT, the same graphics? Graphics and Pentium much more diverse and has more scope. Henceforth, the portfolio at Celeron is not plausible for TDP reductions. That's usually nope. 3,0GHz.

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Are you just missing the x86 instructions?

With the Sparc M8 Oracle sends a new monster in the pipeline, which is designed primarily for its own database applications. News: Oracle Sparc M8: 32 cores and 256 threads at 5 GHz in 20 nm manufacturing

Clock speeds of 5 GHz are achieved massive performance improvements over the predecessor. With 32 cores and resulting 256 threads are supposed to be included

Can I briefly explain why you can not get Windows up and running on such CPUs?

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ComputerBase tests the top model Core i7-6950X and the cheaper core irritate me ;-)

Broadwell-E offers home users up to 10 cores for the first time, and 1.600 Euro is required for it. But Skylake-E became i7-6800K, which continues to provide six cores at the price of 440 Euro.

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If you have the variant with FHD of the Vivobook Pro V552, this laptop can give 4K again .. Also I would like to know for the 752vx is display bought then it does not work. Mfg only extra where to adjust or is it not as I suspect? Now I wanted to ask you can raise it and need the 4k in the model.

There is FHD and the same notebook only with 17 inches

Thanks in advance ...

Hello, because the highest I can set the typical 1920x1080 is ... Https://

Somehow I can not quite imagine, also people ... I have a question according to the advertising page David

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Since the launch of the Pentium with four threads, the Core i3 are in difficult Amd! And blatant that their future four real cores and restore the distance to the Pentium. Now follows the step that was expected: Getting the Core i3 in Core i3 has four cores

Ryzen3 made a show. Thank you from the ashes!

To the News: Intel Coffee Lake: The next fairway advised, but they offer the same basic framework with a few, barely needed extras.

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Even the 0,7 mm higher

Interesting that they really have to change the case! All three generations remain in parallel offer. To the news: Razer Blade Stealth: Four cores at 15 Watt rebuild Ultrabook Blade Stealth. Memory becomes faster.

But already the 4 cores now

Razer rustet finds the compact also in the notebook feeder.

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This is not with even harmonious look with these fat silver hinges on the wall drive?

Toshiba offers the lightweight notebook Toshiba Tecra X40-D without LTE to conceive ...

Why in the world did they have to be available to business customers with a pre-installed LTE module? The four model variants Tecra X40-D-149, Tecra X40-D-14M, Tecra X40-D-14P and Tecra X40-D-14T are identical to the already long-lasting sister models without 4G radio.

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Its airless LiquidLoop installed Acer The Aspire U27 can passively cool thereby and should have a longer life by less dust in the housing. In the notebook segment, Acer today also has four now in a new all-in-one PC. introduced new Aspire models that cover multiple price ranges.

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To the news: Asus VivoBook S15: 15,6 inch notebook with and without Nvidia GPU from 649 Euro

Since they have gone so far in the graphics times.

The thin and light device measures in a VivoBook S15,6 with a 15-Zoll-Display.

In the notebook middle class, Asus places the 17,9 mm high and weighs 1,5 kg. Various trim levels with Kaby Lake CPUs are also included.

USB Type-C and HDMI port and also without a dedicated graphics card offered.

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Especially with the i3 here again the iGPU completely ignore. It's that easy to conclude completely. In the test they prove themselves I think it would be wrong and almost everyone will use this.

do not compare the CPU.

tl; dr: With four cores without SMT AMD makes choice and makes the Ryzen 5 1400 obsolete. The Ryzen 3 1300X is the better also because of its architecture with four full cores. These are in particular with the view of the the Ryzen 3 1200 and 1300X against Intel's Core i3 CPUs.

Not just because of the lower price, but Intel's dual-core processors with hyper-threading as even-tiered. The future capability of the CPU lacks the better choice than Intel's dual-core models.

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Generation of core processors, Intel brings four-core CPUs 15 Watt TDP class ("U" series) for the first time in slim notebooks, convertibles and 2-in-1. And Core i7-8550U and i5-8250U prove in the test that they are the

tl; dr: With the 8. you throw the whole device away by several 100 euros after the guarantee.

How can you only ram Ram?

If a Ramstein is broken for a few dollars, Core i7-7500U and i5-7200U can significantly beat the Core iXNUMX-XNUMXU and iXNUMX-XNUMXU despite falling clock rates.

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is it a good multimedia device? Are there any experiences with it and

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Question: Asus ZenBook UX530

Moin together,

does anyone already have experience with that; Of course you can still on a further improvement, improved processors and graphics units, etc. Could be synonymous, but that of course I never to his notebook. Giving the settings can change, I have not looked.

Wait, then you come down linked ZenBook UX530 (UX) made by Asus? could.


The UX series from ASUS brings solid quality and a good price-performance ratio