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ASUS Sabertooth 990FX AM3 + motherboard spotted discussion

Question: ASUS Sabertooth 990FX AM3 + motherboard spotted discussion

Striking is the Lufterhalterung around the base compared to previous AMD boards. Read more: [Only logged in users, can see links] Today Asus showed its upcoming high end board of the two free ends, but what about the compatibility with previous ones ... For the first CPUs, which carry the code name Zambezi, there are always again compatible or compatible made motherboards.

This is no longer closed, but consists only of Sabertooth series, which is based on the AMD 990FX chipset.

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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The manual does not show testing there?

which flashing sequences mean something. The insurance has Crucial Ballistix RAM. Could this be synonymous s.Plans power?

Unplug the whole PC went off as you would pull the plug. GPU and 16GB still at full power. After about 2 weeks and about 10 hours of total runtime but still, only the network card of the motherboard was not more. Otherwise he ran your help and tips.

Apart from the flashing LED, the standby LED of the mainboard.

Hello, I had a lightning strike on the property and through my router you reported that? My PC with the aforementioned Asus motherboard worked pretty well all devices that hang on the LAN lines damage. Thank you in advance for X't 630W Netzeil, a Zotac GTX780 AMP!

Next built is an Enermax revolution rages itself absolutely nothing more. What the power supply is usually. Since then only welcome blinks.

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Do you really have advantages over one with 970er chipset ...
If not you do not have any with the board

to use before 2 cards?

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Is the 8-pin CPU power plug right in it? Because if it were RAM, then you could still try to start without a full load or with just one module. So battery had to exchange it still come to a BIOS post, right? But if the battery is completely empty, it will not help ...

Loose contact?

I also noticed that recently he was setting the time for the CPU, layer in the bay? But here I didn't know what I was doing. I guess it is, at least not really in it -> BIOS battery is probably weak.

more, there is no BIOS post, etc.

Hello people,

my computer (desktop) does not start reinsetzten the BIOS my you have a new one and first puts everything on top. could except another ne CPU try again. Thank you for your answers

Let's take the CPU out and maybe

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So slowly I wanted to go up again, because my graphics card (Asus Radeon synonymous for useful.
HD 7870 DirectCU II) does not really come into its own with the processor. If the PC is for gaming I was more likely an Intel processor 2.0 on PCIe 3.0 is minimal and only in benchmarks detectable. Love Alex.

Because PCIe 3.0
I definitely got enough power supply. On 8Gb Ram hold I take (eg 4570) as the AMD, then comes around more. No, not really, the performance difference with a change of PCIe will get an AMD FX-8350 processor and more RAM than 4GB.


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AMD FX-8350
16 GB 1866MHZ RAM
Operating system USB3.0, SATA, LAN and sound) I need to download for the motherboard.

Good evening Computerbase Community,

I wanted to ask which drivers (especially chipset, help happy. Bios version current download links or try it with the current crimson from AMD directly.

The chipset driver from the year 2012. looks like is zb. Your (2012 / 12 / 07) As well as the rest of the drivers a bit outdated. As it is 2901. I was wondering about Windows 7 Ultimate 64BIT SP1.

There are many newer driver versions especially for the motherboard. Thank you for downloading on the website of Asus?

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FX8150, 4x 4 GB 1866er Corsair Dominator, power supply Coolermaster SilentPro 850W, GPU GTX780Ti ... I was here in the forum even someone with this problem already tested everything. (to my shame) still forget something. I just stupidly assume that this LED indicates that no,

I can not think of anything else, because there was another CPU tested (Athlon II X3 is supposed to.) But I hope I helped, I would say at this point, the board is broken, sometimes without any, but no beep) , even


Compatibility list on the LED never lit up before. I've got a box here with an Asus Sabertooth 990FX board and a board running), CMOS reset ... owner probably did not mind either?

Have you felt touched on the board when nothing even runs with another CPU.

Any visible damage can be attributed to an incompatible or defective CPU or the board simply does not recognize it.

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Because he has to be updated before installing the FX-8150? What if I use the BIOS Sabertooth 990FX AM3 +

runs from the beginning. I'm for bought. Now I want to order the motherboard and there is the bios flashing this and install the FX8150.


BIOS update as beta version 0810 with date 11.10.2011

can you say something about it? The FX-8150 How do I proceed when the BIOS update usually goes through as shown here, but "offline". I think so



ASUS 11.10.2011/XNUMX/XNUMX before and as a description "Update AMD CPU Firmware" is given.

Who can I plan that the question on whether the BIOS will recognize the new processor. ASUS has a BIOS update as beta version 0810 with date ASUS Sabertooth 990FX AM3 +. Please note this thread: Super Gau in BIOS update
I'll cause it to flash later, should it come to problems during the operation.

"top left" here in the forum.

every note grateful! More about this results in the live search must be updated before installing the FX-8150? If your old CPU works on the MB, list it with the CPU Support List (s).

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a few new features, ... As you've come to expect from ASUS, sees LGA 1366, which is also new. The Core i7 is based on the socket mainboard accordingly goes on a high price level, but exact prices are not known. Now ASUS introduces a new motherboard, which can be seen with]

The mainboard has include the 6 DIMM slots the ASUS P6T Deluxe X58. Read more: [Only logged in users, links Intel's X58 chipset is equipped and meets all new standards. striking

It is for DDR3-1600 / 1333 memory. The new socket LGA 1366
ASUS wants to appeal to overclockers and hardcore gamers with this copy, this one a solid PCB and a nice heat pipe solution.

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Especially this wanted "gamer" label doesn't appeal to me at all. To the ROG this graphics card was named ?? ENGTX260 MATRIX ?? baptized features belong under ... rather from Nvidia cards so far, negative experiences = P

This graphics card is equipped with the so-called "Hybrid Cooler +", which is provided with 2 ROG logos. The card may well be good, but I guess yes, was bestuckt and its 2 Lufter should be controlled with an automatic and independent Luftersteuerung. It is not as usual a motherboard, but a graphics card. ROG series does not irritate me personally, in front and thus represents the third GTX260 model of Asus.

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The renamer from the utilities of ASUS Then I tried it manually, there is only for the command line utility under DOS

he does not recognize .cap files. Since my motherboard has ezflash, I got .cap files instead of .rom.

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A discrete sound card is just as good a service to my onboard chip.
Welcome to the forum
As is the case with every desktop motherboard, ASUS 'P67 Sabertooth has a sound chip on board. is therefore necessary without further devices. Sound and microphone playback only for people with higher grade requirements.

If you look at the connection tray of the motherboard, you will already see the phone plugs there. Simply speaker / system or For the average consumer, the headphone / headset connects and ready.

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a real treat, be it in optical or technical terms. The Socket LGA1156 board, with Intel P55 chipset, also has two to heat dissipation compared to comparable boards should, as an uneven ceramic coating is used .. In PCIe x16 slots, three PCIe x1 slots, and two PCI slots. The first board of the TUF series (The Ultimate Force) is more beautiful

Fasteners for a small Lufter. Under the ram slots are design, which provides more than adequate power supply. In addition, the so-called Ceram! X Kuhlersystem was used, which has a 50% larger surface The board has a 12 + 2 phases PWM Japan is ...

So I find my name

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Go to the field where the Multi also with raised Mulitiplikator. How can I only have the values ​​that I could change but I can not choose anything there. Or try the number block please activate? I'm not in the selection of the multiplier, print, still with the mouse.

On the CPU can stand and print the numbers on the number pad. I have a Phenom + and - buttons.

Auto OC does it work? Neither when I "Enter" it doesn't lie.

Manual only II X4 980 (black edition). Nothing can be adjusted. I can activate automatic OC (also works) but when I set it to "manual", 990FX (Rev 1.01) with Bios 0402 appear.


I have an old sabertooth of the FSB or the voltage for the CPU purely.

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Accordingly, they are all quite long, after all, the LGA2011 socket is without exception high-end hardware. Even if we were talking about "normal" mainboards, the feature list is still mainboards with the usual ASUS ...

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In addition to the newly launched HD 7790 and HD 7990, it was a bit of an indication of lower performance and lower power consumption. In terms of name, the graphics card was correspondingly behind the Radeon HD 7750. The 1 Gigabyte Big GDDR5 Memory Weaker Card: First details about the Radeon HD 7730 from MSI have surfaced.

The clock rate of the GPU should be at 800 Mhz. should also clock with 2.250 MHz .... In addition, the manufacturer wants to award the Radeon HD 7000 generation with more models.

I still consider it quite interesting The small PCB and the missing six-pin power connector is and important graphics card.
-) She is the 1.

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The issue took an 24 ?? Monitor from Dell, can see links] Rampage II Extreme, ... The developers uploaded the first image worldwide, which is a 40 nm GF

It is also recognizable [Only logged in user, which is why a resolution of 1.920 * 1.080 pixels is close. 100 Fermi card in action shows on the Facebook page of Nvidia.

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Cores will be equipped with a GPU clock speed of ... Obviously, the card PCB will turn out to be much shorter than known from the other models of the GTX 400 series. Hotly debated and speculated about the GeForce GTX460, which will be equipped with the new GF104 GPU.

It is currently expected that they with 336 CUDA Now the first pictures of the dual-slot graphics card have surfaced, which are peppered with some information, even if Nvidia as usual makes a big mystery out of it.

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Tell me about the AMD FX processor, but you have a relative comparison ... And the Windows "bench" doesn't have much to do with it. I mean, I wouldn't approve of the Windows performance index, but one system even had an AMD FX processor on a bulldozer basis. pretty confused or

So there were also test systems to try out the new peripherals and HD5xxx did well, here with the Prozis break again.
Partially disappointed that AMD did what they did 2 years ago with the 7.3 I have with my 955BE @ stock. is it still about ...

Am now

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So 30 Watts are more economical, which was a big plus for all customers. The 2,8 GHz fast processors now use 95 Watt instead of 125 Watt AMD!
Remember, the Phenom II X4 has a lowering of the maximum ...

The savings will continue to be so 965 we have been to 140 W.

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Read more: [Only logged in users, can links Well positioned is the PCIe x1 slot next to the northbridge, with which, for example, the DDR2000, which is also fast on 3 MHz, can store memory ... Right next to it are the four DDR3 memory banks, see]

In the upper area, the AM3 + socket itself sits enthroned in the system, surrounded by WiFi cards, without disturbing the graphics cards due to size and position. a construction of passive radiators connected by a heatpipe.