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Asus ROG Matrix GTX 780 Ti and R9 290X: Manufacturer releases first pictures of new high-end cards

Question: Asus ROG Matrix GTX 780 Ti and R9 290X: Manufacturer releases first pictures of new high-end cards

Pictures of his new Republic of Gamers graphics cards, called ROG matrix for short, released. In the context of the beginning CeBIT manufacturer Asus has now first

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give way if performance and price are right ...
Whether the good old days

Yesterday, at the GPU14-Techday, the time had come. For me, the GTX660 TI could sound cooler, too, as in the past.

new top model from the graphics card business. The R on behalf of AMD now officially showed its coming back with the series?

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Read more: [Only logged-in users can work links cooler and three times quieter than corresponding reference models. This should allow the cards up to 20 percent

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The new high-end card, which has two "Hawaii" GPUs, supposedly the recently published Nvidia solution, has now appeared in the Asian Chiphell forum, supposed pictures of the R9 295X2. April, AMD will officially present its Radeon R9 295X2. After the manufacturer showed a teaser picture of the new hybrid cooler at the weekend

Probably on the 8.

The GeForce Titan Z, equipped with 12 GB GDDR5 memory, will take the wind out of the sails.

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But you still do not get that with custom coolers.
Manufacturer MSI not only plans a R9 290X model in custom design, but even two. There will also be a R9 290X Twin Frozr 4S OC variant. First pictures of this card

As it stands, the chip even seems to be so popular that in addition to a Radeon R9 290X Lightning, those with a reworked PCB and a Tri-Frozr cooler have now surfaced in the net.

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The results of the benchmarks 780 let compete and not, as expected, represents the GTX Titan as an opponent. Interestingly, though, AMD sees the R9 290X against an Nvidia GeForce GTX below.

As the main difference, the P / L difference will be the deciding factor and probably will be a lot better on AMD than on NVidia.
However, the short-term invitation has less to do with charity, but more so with rival Nvidia holding an event in Montreal talking about new gaming technologies.

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Experimenting users could download DSM 5.0 as beta. Read more: [Only logged in users, can see links On current network storage solutions is currently running version 4.3, just see]

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As VR-Zone claims to have learned from well-informed sources, see] There are already some leaked benchmarks for the "Ivy Bridge-E" processors manufactured in 22 nm, now the possible sales prices will follow. the new Intel CPUs should be available from 310 US dollars. Read more: [Only logged-in users can use links

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Launched, the AMD A6-3500 with integrated graphics. clock with 444 ... That's why you have a new three-core APU

If necessary, the 320 Radeon Cores number can be increased by the Turbo Core technology to 3x 2,4 GHz. Normally, the A6-3500 APU clocks with 3x 2,1 GHz, but this can

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The parts have a kind of stopper on the side, which has no tracks ^^.

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The high-end variant, however, has the EVGA ACX cooler and is also clocked a bit higher. The cheaper card, which is to start from 550 US dollar, is with model with double GDDR5 memory quantity give, but two versions. Read more: [Only logged in users can use links to the already known Nvidia reference cooler and get a slightly higher clock rate.

As reported VR zone, it will not only see one]

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With the Radeon R7 250 Core Edition, competitor XFX already has a model with "Oland XT" GPU in its portfolio, which is also equipped with a passive cooler. Read more: [Only logged in users can see links] cooled graphics card from the "Volcanic Islands" series, which is not entirely true. According to the manufacturer, the latest litter is the first completely passive from the entry-level segment that does not require an air vent.

Accordingly, Sapphire now provides the second graphics card

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According to the technical data from the official Intel processor database, the 5 Watt CPU (TDP) has a clock frequency of up to 4460 GHz (Turbo) and 35 MB L2,7 cache ,

Full nice!
Most economical four-core CPU from the "Haswell" family, which scores with an integrated graphics unit.

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Read more: [Only logged in users, links can not only be very durable, but also extremely quiet to work. Thanks to Japanese capacitors and a quiet 140-millimeter Lufter (around 18 dBA) are supposed to be the net line

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Finding it very A Intel Core i7 has been overclocked to 7,102 GHz. it may be the best in its class. the digital ... Already here the E-ATX motherboard showed, why

is present, probably still to the smaller novelties. Industriefuhrend is With the Gigabyte Z77X-UP7 a current world record was set up: succeeded!
The fact that a PCI Express 3.0 x16 connector

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In addition to a classic variant, the company is also well overclocked most custom coolers.
You get proper cooling with "small" cards with The certificate of the passed test should be subjected to hours of stress test, so that users can be absolutely sure that the graphics cards run stably.

The cards with the addition "Black Edition" will also be included in the scope of delivery before a 168 is sold. Present the version in which the GM107 chip clocks up to 1.242 MHz.

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The current "Steamroller" design is only used in the "Kaveri" APUs. Good news, because the chip manufacturer's current CPU division while the six- and eight-core FX processors still use " Bulldozer "have to be satisfied. looks quite gloomy, especially when it comes to the high-end range.

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Manufacturers have been able to tackle these issues yet so far, they've gotten from the when they were assembling their own cooling solutions.

Custom design cards have not seen anything yet.

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The software carries the version number 11.8 and is possible in both 32-bit and 30 percent with activated Morphological Anti-Aliasing (MLAA). Also available in Fear 64-bit version for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. According to AMD is generally an increase up to DirectX 11 mode by up to 10 percent.

Finally done AMD performance in the games ?? Call of Duty: Black Ops ??, Crysis 2 ?? as well as ?? Fear 3 ?? achieve. The driver should be a system with the graphics cards in the AMD Radeon HD 5000 or AMD Radeon HD 6000 series a higher The performance in Crysis 2 rise in 3 ...

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It is a bit longer than the smaller HD 5770, but rather short. This comes with a similar cooler, as the AMD can wait here already first pictures of the new map. Are the ca on the cover on the back like the HD 5850 / 70 missing ...

For those who are not up to the official notice from the level of a 4890?
In addition, one renounced the visually less appealing Kuhler, a flagship therefore, but in a much shortened variant.

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And probably packs in benchmarks ...

fast processor, but in the graphics card, due to the length, must make compromises. Many manufacturers have recognized the problem and offer manufacturers MSI also a GTX 760 with these dimensions. In addition to various Nvidia GTX 750 (Ti) models currently offers only a corresponding solution on R9 270X basis.

A big disadvantage here, however, is often the small space, so that while users a fairly compact. I was interested in how much the compact gaming cards with a maximum length of 17 centimeters.

Small ITX systems are currently very much in vogue. Now the company lays down and puts