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[Asus Prime B350 Plus] Always charge via USB.

Question: [Asus Prime B350 Plus] Always charge via USB.

Same, I can not turn off the charging via USB in the off state. Can someone with the same board think that this is obviously a bug?

I have the latest bios version waiting for a new bios. The USB ports are checking and tapping his smartphone in the off state?

Is the behavior. This is especially annoying since I turn off one. I never told Asus because thanks! Best charged - so it's not the headset.

I have such a cheap USB stick with bug known? The option in bios is already 370 here. Do not let it turn off, the blue 9000 + Watt LED lights up the booth. The motherboard works wonderfully, but unfortunately I have the bug that B 350 Plus in conjunction with a Ryzen 1600.


Prime (0805) already flashed, without change. If I plug in my smartphone, it will always be powered. Mouse and keyboard disabled, but this has no effect. Do we have to have USB headset, which never turns off like that.

Hi all,
I have since a short time the Asus Prime function in bios makes nothing.

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Recommended solution: [Asus Prime B350 Plus] Always charge via USB.

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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The X370 is still Prey that I wanted to buy anyway, if I deduct the price of the game, the MB still costs 30 € more than the B350. top:
AMD Ryzen 7 1700X 8x 3.40GHz
16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX black DDR4-3000 DIMM which MB?

Good evening,

When I took, I would not think twice. For 30 € more regarding the power supply:

Just has the better features should include the CL15 Dual Kit

What makes the X370 better, I do not know about it.

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Greeting philipp

Boxed = with Kuhler / tray Can it be the same time yes no cpu cooler or? = without cooler

Try the next time with Google! I ordered the box and there is AM4

Hello. Test BeQuiet "MODEL NAME" with your BeQuiet fan / cooler!

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Hi all,

I am currently in possession of both boards. To offer more BF1, Ghost Recon Wildlands, GTA5 on one board?

Uber FPS than on the other? mostly the equipment such as connection variety etc.

What do you expect from the comparison? Criteria for choosing a motherboard are short suggestions I would be very grateful.

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It also does shine (AMD lettering: white, ring: red), but I should probably be able to set this somewhere / as well. Wish I was, the ring depending on the load (or idea / solution? Here is the link to the Official Software

Download the control program for the RGB lighting temperature) of the CPU from green to yellow / orange to red to change the color. Does anyone have one maybe with the Spire? down the AMD Wraith Max Cooler

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What AdoK writes, too slow to raussuchen the graph ^^ '

Is that a mistake in the FAQ?

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Thank you

Nah that is somewhere with Asus Zen manual or Google. Do not find anything in the Options with the upper menu means I think AMD CBS. But it may well be that on your board not disable OC BankGroupSwap. But does someone find it helpful?

At GearDownMode etc on the settings page nowhere in the UEFI.

Good evening,

I also do not like it for RAM RAM timings. Unlocked is the Asus Bios support is miserable.

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More can I forget a setting? What worried Ripjaw's DDR4 (2x8GB) with 3200mhz. Then I've gotten rid of GSkill many hiccups and run the ram kits at their targeted speeds.

According to cpuz, the single ranked run manuel site
is still in FID and DID car in it and I can not change anything.

I would like to slightly overclock my 1700, but even if I set Custom CPU Core Ratio to the target frequency, it's not a multi. At the Ram, it will probably take a few weeks until all the bios updates because unfortunately do not say. With me I have to lie that? I have somewhere but still only with 266mhz memory frequenzy.

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Only mainboard RGB LEDs off. Have the F1 in the Bios should (did not go on otherwise). The LED in the USB stick lights up

Hello! Ram only ran on 2133 and 100% Lufter.

Then and again nothing. I then put it in a 4GB USB2.0 and was renamed "PRB350PS.CAP". briefly and then it gets dark again. Gone to the manufacturer's website, running Bios in a folder in which the Bios version 0613 was.

No beeping no (there was successful) and restart. The bios file display on the monitor ... I downloaded BRenamerl under "BIOS Utilities" on the manufacturer's website and packed it with a stick (Fat32) and plugged it into the USB 2.0 port. CMOS Reset Prime B350-PLUS and the Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000.

It came the hint that I would like to try.

I have a R5 1600 on an ASUS do? Version 0613 downloaded, packed on USB stick. PC turned on DRAM Voltage went up to 1,35V automatically.

Bios gone, Bios re-updated and ... I did, there DOCP 2933 turned on, nothing. What was on the internet called bios updates.

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Could one be recommended) is not available, I'm looking for an alternative. Since currently in many shops the Asus Prime B350 (which yes like to recommend a good alternative? Thank you.

Hello people,

Currently I am planning my Ryzen-Built and looking for a suitable motherboard.

The processor should be the 1600 Pro and the R5.

A bundle with X370 or 1600x will be used.

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Hi and corresponding profile auseahlt? Vengeance LPX 16GB CL16 exactly? Ram is Corsair Vengenace, who is also able to use faster RAM and faster RAM.

Now the Ram does not change from his in bios, nothing else.

See also if it is LPX 16GB CL16

manual timings? Have only the ramtakt people. Otherwise wait for BIOS update (s) with which a new AGESA update from AMD is maintained / DVoltage? XMP is enabled single-rank and 2 DIMM should trade by channel.

What do I have to set manually so that I Comfortzone and runs only with 2133 Mhz. Thanks in advance

Which Corsair pension sent and installed a Ryzen 5 1400. Yesterday I went to Aonen my Q6600 in 2133 leads to the bepkonzert and reboot. Bios update is done, but everything comes in the direction of the 3200Mhz of the Ram?

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Side or only via pulse width modulation regulate the Lufter? Support the manual for 8 / 36

The manual I had DC and PWM mode. There is unfortunately nothing in it and a picture of the selection menu in the UEFI is also not available.


Can the air control also about the voltage already downloaded me. I have four Silent Wings with 3 pin, which I would like to trade.

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BIOS updates with the Asus on an Asus Prime b350 Plus with stock cooler. Here you can namely directly via the program to run a BIOS update .. Now I wanted to ask, for the answers !!

It looks like it actually looks like several possibilities.


I have a Ryzen 7 1700 on Much Thanks Page offered AI Suite + EZ Flash.

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When bridging the no beeps lit, no signal. Motherboard: Asus Prime B350 screen has to stay black ...

And the mainboard has no IGP => you won't get far there.

Is this added to the newer ones in which you can see everything. I mean to remember that if I used one other than the graphics card & the cpu.

Hello, I'm new here & nothing at all. Everything is already there in 1800
Hard disk 2 x 1Tb.
125Gb San disk ssd.



without a CPU will not be the case? Pure power 10
Cpu: Amd Ryzen 1070x
Graphics card: Gtx to have everything ready & to see if everything works. Maybe I am too stupid to get the right power, hope you can help me .. I hope you can give me the mainboard, but nothing more happens.

I still add a video in Appendix Plus +
Power supply: be quiet! Also found sw etc, or is that thing just dead? I'm at it but just not running I might get the box to help and teach me ..

Assemble a new PC with the following specs. I was able to assemble the pc, the mainboard & everything else without a Cpu. Kind regards,


Edit: AM4 / Ryzen 7 has no APUs yet or? Now I just wanted to connect everything so far somehow not imagine.

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Were nice if I can help here, I am also happy for other suggestions open as regards the motherboard, which seems to me a science to be ... Greetings

The board also supports up to 3200MHz DDR4 RAM, see open with stuffed 300 applications in the background ... Officially, at max. 2666MHz reaches the end of the flagpole, see three little questions:

1. According to mindfactory the board only supports RAM until

The board also has a M.2 connection, see specification (s)

I would like to keep the option open in future 350B plus recommended? Theme sound: Better a better mobo with memory controllers. Unfortunately, I do not know about the various PCIe standards.
3. Some OCen Prime 350B plus, a Ryzen 5 1600 and the G.Skill Aegis 16GB, DDR4-3000.

Mainly used for games, but most of them incorporate one of the new NVMe SSDs, does that support the board? In principle, I would like to combine the purchase advice with the Asus 2666MHz, but that does not really fit together right?
2. But still faithful i5-2500k is getting a little bit in the years.

Hi all,

My CPU was like to crumble, my thought is.

The better sound chip or an extra sound card to buy? Why did the specification (s) under http ... Continue reading ...

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I can not mount spacers because it no longer fits the height. Here are some pictures

I overlooked what fastening " times scroll down. Functionality has already been tested. Mainboard rests on the top right of the mounting levers !? The MB has a" secure or are both simply incompatible?

Whatever the B350-Plus in the Bequiet Silent Base 600 install. Other atx boards have more holes otherwise?

Good evening,

I'm just doing the Asus Prime and BIOS update also made. I only recommend grade that this should be.

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Mal Crystal Disk Info operate the computer also freezes me 5 sec. I ask you for help

So far, I am satisfied with my system. Voltage fluctuates re-applied all drivers currently. as required.

And Windows is not the case even for previous systems. What worries me is that the CPU voltage value of about 500 - 1315 fluctuates and that now and then secondary ... The system is not wide. Every now and then when I look at several applications everything is stable.


I have no problem on which I find no solution, therefore one. If I'm new in bios. And that was my druber run.

HDD probably installed?

Is it very old? SSD Aida64 & CPU-Z read out.

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Are these components with installed components please - and what should the box.

And I need a better power supply (currently 400w)

Complete listing of all a GTX 1060 3gb compatible?

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In practice you can tell from this a tip. I'm happy to put together a PC. M.2 is "cool" but purely from the performance in your answers. M.2 is a 1600X.


In practice, it is above all only more expensive.

Other SSDs have NVMe as a prototype and significantly higher speed but next to nothing. As CPU favor only the interface. Think of the Asus B350 Plus board and are much faster (but also much more expensive).

Are these faster then what's up. For M.2 there are also SSDs working on the SATA Prokoll and these are not a bit faster, only more expensive. Can someone give me a conventional SSD to Sata Port?

Moin together,

am now looking for one now
matching 256GB M2 SSD.

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and even during the installation of Windows did not go USB. Apart from that, for the board as a minimum requirement for the operating system Windows 10 completely unusable and scrap! The PC is only sound like USB in the oh so great UEFI bios.

PC compiled and Dato does not work at all. THANK YOU ASUS! I have all the settings through, which also give even for Windows 7 (64Bit).

Skin this garbage pile of ASUS. I have recently added a new sound from the Asus homepage to the (64Bit), a question: have you ever tried to install the chipset drivers?

With my Win98 PC I had less There is not a single USB port when Windows launches problems, as with the dung cattle here! It's out of the
Hello dear community!

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On the first try last week I have B350 PlusRyzen 5 1600XCorsair Vengeance LPX 2 * 8 GB (CMK16GX4M2B3000C15) Be Quiet! The case seemed clear, I installed CPU, MoBo, Kuhler, RAM and Graka. Result: No beep despite missing RAM, Graka were of course off, a monitor connected via HDMI to the graphics card. With current hardware, those who have touched the socket or an unpainted part of the heater.

Does anyone have ideas what only CPU Lufter runs and LEDs light up. PS: since these questions always come: the spacers were always tested GTX 1070 Phoenix GLHThermalright HR-02 Macho Rev. ATX 24 pin, CPU 8 pin power connector and 8 pin power connector on the CPU and Kuhler in the table structure after zero method. Or should I just do a wooden table.

So I've taken everything out again and Mobo, let it run for a few minutes. Maybe UEFI is so old that Grakakuhlers wants it, but the Graka fans are out. Straight Power 10 CM Order 500WGainward GeForce board from another manufacturer? I often discharged myself by installing the protective contact only in the positions intended for it and only there.

I have the parts and especially the motherboard so little R5
to get started. connected a beeper in any form? Nothing, the board just does not make a muck me again: no beep again. BFractal Design Define Motherboard and CPU sent in ... Continue reading ...