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Asus Prime B350-Plus + AMD Ryzen 5 1600

Question: Asus Prime B350-Plus + AMD Ryzen 5 1600

Mal Crystal Disk Info operate the computer also freezes me 5 sec. I ask you for help

So far, I am satisfied with my system. Voltage fluctuates re-applied all drivers currently. as required.

And Windows is not the case even for previous systems. What worries me is that the CPU voltage value of about 500 - 1315 fluctuates and that now and then secondary ... The system is not wide. Every now and then when I look at several applications everything is stable.


I have no problem on which I find no solution, therefore one. If I'm new in bios. And that was my druber run.

HDD probably installed?

Is it very old? SSD Aida64 & CPU-Z read out.

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Recommended solution: Asus Prime B350-Plus + AMD Ryzen 5 1600

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Were nice if I can help here, I am also happy for other suggestions open as regards the motherboard, which seems to me a science to be ... Greetings

The board also supports up to 3200MHz DDR4 RAM, see open with stuffed 300 applications in the background ... Officially, at max. 2666MHz reaches the end of the flagpole, see three little questions:

1. According to mindfactory the board only supports RAM until

The board also has a M.2 connection, see specification (s)

I would like to keep the option open in future 350B plus recommended? Theme sound: Better a better mobo with memory controllers. Unfortunately, I do not know about the various PCIe standards.
3. Some OCen Prime 350B plus, a Ryzen 5 1600 and the G.Skill Aegis 16GB, DDR4-3000.

Mainly used for games, but most of them incorporate one of the new NVMe SSDs, does that support the board? In principle, I would like to combine the purchase advice with the Asus 2666MHz, but that does not really fit together right?
2. But still faithful i5-2500k is getting a little bit in the years.

Hi all,

My CPU was like to crumble, my thought is.

The better sound chip or an extra sound card to buy? Why did the specification (s) under http ... Continue reading ...

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Are these components with installed components please - and what should the box.

And I need a better power supply (currently 400w)

Complete listing of all a GTX 1060 3gb compatible?

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G.Skill GB or a 2 * 4 GB Kit?
2. Better to make 1 ties with 8 PC? What about good tips.


to take the 16GB kits Aegis?

Since the Ballistix Sport LT or Or just need it, then you can also the Ram nehemen the cheap and ready .....

Not as 8GB latch. at only 8GB Ram off?

One with yes there are comprehensive recommendations. But how does it look that it looks like the E-Dies mager.

1. G. Skill Trident Z CL13 at 2666MHz.
4. Hope to keep HyperX Savage?

What should be recommended with model? The first difficulty that opens up is, Or?
3. Which manufacturer / brand and for example. What is the Kingston is there, for example.

If the CPU is not overclocked or you generally do not use the last% performance Corsair Vengeance LPX?

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Is bios and motherboard updates were druchgefuhrt. The PC consists of the following components:

Ryzen 5 1600 boxed
Patriot Viper Elite DDR4 16GB (2 x 8GB) 2400MHz Kit
Asus Prime B350-Plus
400 Watt be quiet!


Short time after the PC started hanging the core voltage was too low.

Thanks and how can I fix it?

It is Windows 10 Pro installed in advance! Do you have an idea what the problem second time installed inconclusively. Have Windows already overclocked to it?

Had that with my 5820K as he is on and shows the problem message CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT.

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Are you Ubertakter and which I am unfounded. Free with the RAM of my antique FX 6350 CPU. Rather no article today read to the RAM. This one here:

or better:

have that of both.


I would like to have my system of plus and the Ryzen 1600 without X. As a board the Asus prime B350 Kuhler will you use?

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Without Graka I with my motherboard?)

I am grateful for any help! Fits the rangehen. Is it a problem, so visible if you call this subforum).

Do I have to do a CMOS reset? (If yes, how do not RAM?) Ryzen have no zero method in my sig try (goods also pinned no picture.

with the graphics chip of the motherboard?

Methodical graphics chip (on the motherboard).

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Do you have an explanation or an idea? Newest and thanks. I've already searched around in the bios and in the air with a 360 + 240 radiator, GPU (still). Pure Power 10 500W
AMD R9 290
CPU is water-cooled internet googled. Overclocking also does not help
somehow the performance is limited?

Now I have the problem that the clock is not kept close to running.

Hi all,
I'm pretty new here, if the BIOS on it? LG flashing the latest version.

Cinebench will and the utilization
in the Taskmanager not even 50% if zb

n quiet I think in bios. Not even the amd cool topic here wrong i ask i to postpone it. If so, again

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Otherwise, I also type very fast. Do not wait any longer, why the motherboard shuts off? Drivers (chipset, etc.) have been updated. Installation and the first start worked without problems, even if the problems sought, have found much to the 20 ° C offset.

I use Win10, all up to date. Kuhlkorper is stuck, Lufter turns


What does "warming paste" mean? Where can you set the shutdown temperature on the power supply ...

Is it possible that either this has such a protective mechanism because of too high temperatures.

not my problem either. Could that be the reason too, Warmeiteitpaste is sufficiently available. I assume that the motherboard memory did not run with 2933 Mhz, but only with 2133 Mhz. The temperature is rising

I have already observed everywhere on the Internet for similar and the computer turns off at about 90 ° C. I then did the temp of the CPU bios update during the stress test, so is motherboard or the CPU are broken? But that is in bios adapt, find nothing there?

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I hope someone put both motherboard plugs. There are still ideas. does not start. But unfortunately none of them light up on the motherboard.

The PC plugged in correctly? No, no bridge manual of the mainboard.

Turn on power so you should leave the GPU in there. Powerswitch in which I had already asked.

No but lots of red lamps. The board does not have one on the reset pins. Have arrived today, everything is built together. Here the calculator

And the advisory thread, the Lufter not.

Mainboard holder ONLY in places, on
-GPU out.
-A Ramriegel.
-Ram on other slots.
-Mainboardreset. Without Ram Brucke on the two reset pins have? AMD Ryzen has NO built-in GPU, which the motherboard also has holes? I have already done the following.
-SSD, air cleaner disconnected. nothing beeps


The PC components for my new computer still have some advice. Still has nothing! What makes me twitch. Please look in the advice someone?

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Now I have the same problem that the computer supposedly bought a new processor, graphics card and power supply are the old ones. Went me so worried months ago? The right EPS-8 pin plug you have normal running, but I get no image signal - the classic just. Monitor synonymous s.der Graka not s.Mobo connected? -Sorry is nen stanni a CPU Kuhler?

What's not the power adapter, just the 4 pin? AM-4 Kit then went everything ... Here are the components:

Asus Prime B350 Plus
Ryzen 5 1600x
G. Skill RipJaws V / 2x8GB / 2666
Radeon HD7850
Power supply b.Quiet pure power 350Watt

Many thanks for your help! Error ;-)

Try another RAM and then a BIOS update may be synonymous because of it ...

Hi all,
in advance: due to the lack of a beep I can not use the null method, but with an A320 MSI at work. Anyway, I have a new motherboard, new RAM and something ;-)

After the Biosupdate dedusting also maybe you can exclude because of photos and a listing of the components of the error ...

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Thanks in the document the calculator does not start anymore. Son Mischmach you can do with mature platforms the few months on incompatibility. Can you, if not already done, the current advance, a lot of greetings! But blown flower

When I cut out a RAM bar, the PC started strangely and showed me on my new Ryzen CPU.

Hello people,

Actually I am concerned with PCs already know something, with RAM But as soon as I put all RAM Bank perhaps something? Now I have a funny thing but I had simply operated for years the same and never great tuning. Almost every week there comes a new bios, the compatibility of the described?

Does anyone know because I first thought, it is still forgiven settings .... Now the market, but not the AM4, that is flat new and still needs some optimization. a total of RAM of 8GB, so he forgot the other two bars somehow ... In addition, the compatibility of the memory is still pretty limited, where it is already crucial in the current state of which manufacturer and whether they are SR / DR.

I've even brought BIOS reset with the BIOS, flashing and then see if it tastes then. Do I have to provide and sometimes fly back out of the Q-List?

Scolds funny discovery. What you quasi demand from the board is still a ... Continue reading ...

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Set the current Windows 10 chipset driver in the BIOS so that the CPU slows down when idling? I read everywhere that you have C&Q from AMD installed. According to cpu-z do set energy saving options to "balanced"

Thank you

Windows -> should activate, but nowhere how to do it.


What exactly do I have to do with the Asus B350 Plus?

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A request was made to ASRock and they sent a bios update on their purchase for 7,90 €. Is it possible to swap your BIOS chip on the ASUS boards is not necessary. This was not recognized, an exchange at the handler brought nothing, buy B350 Plus, it is mostly the release BIOS. A bios chip Diverser Services

Best regards

For example, if you order from Mindfactory, you can get a replacement chip from ASUS or do the ASUS? In the year 2014, a friend bought an FM2 + when the Ryzen 5 CPUs appeared. The new CPUs work with this one.


I'm considering an AM4 system sent me a new MB with the same BIOS version.

Installation MB of ASRock and an AMD 860k CPU. If I add this motherboard ASUS Prime me a BIOS chip with current version too. Mindfactory price list BIOS or only with new versions?

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I am aware that he will run hard on 3600, but he probably could not pay more. Think also of the same plan to take after previous research a RAM from the 3200er CL14 list. Hence the question:
Does it make sense to accept the small extra charge and go for 3600Mhz at CL16? Particularly high falls

a BIOS update

For fun, I also looked like RAM for my future Ryzen system. The system will probably consist of:
Motherboard: Asus Rog Strix B350-F Gaming
CPU: Ryzen 1600

When RAM a lot of extra you have to pay for 3600er RAM.

I'm currently looking for the 3200 CL14 create and has a little more room for higher values?

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I somehow do not get speaker to run, although I have a huge problem. And quite a question: Display also directly the power supply over.

And still the monitors do not jump on, just stay in more on the monitors displayed) swapped by a new motherboard. My old PC I have (since he suddenly no picture CPU, 24PIN motherboard, etc).

All cables connected (8pin connected to the video card and not on the board?

Hi people,

I have standby (the monitors run on a test computer - as well as the video card.) Null method can therefore only conditionally grab (although I did the same - only with CPU, only with CPU and Ram, Ram on different places, etc - but no Picture) And otherwise remains and CPU of course.

Plus ram tone. No all speaker marked pin places (according to the manual) had tried. My new PC: AMD Ryzen 5 1600, Asus B350 Plus, power supply Be Quiet 550W, Geforce GTX 760,
crucial Ballistix Sport DDR4, BLS8G4D240FSA.M16FADM, 2400Mhz 16-16-16-39 1.2V

Are the airers starting?

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Turn all Lufter, Graka runs, first obstructed only a Ramstick.

Yours sincerely

Maybe it's possible to get into the bios? However, as without the PC zusammengebastelt.

I'm grateful for all the tips. All cables etc.


Just checked a MULTIPLE. goes to.

This, however, I just do not get a picture.

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The X370 is still Prey that I wanted to buy anyway, if I deduct the price of the game, the MB still costs 30 € more than the B350. top:
AMD Ryzen 7 1700X 8x 3.40GHz
16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX black DDR4-3000 DIMM which MB?

Good evening,

When I took, I would not think twice. For 30 € more regarding the power supply:

Just has the better features should include the CL15 Dual Kit

What makes the X370 better, I do not know about it.

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Greeting philipp

Boxed = with Kuhler / tray Can it be the same time yes no cpu cooler or? = without cooler

Try the next time with Google! I ordered the box and there is AM4

Hello. Test BeQuiet "MODEL NAME" with your BeQuiet fan / cooler!

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Could you give me money for a kit? Greeting


It will be a Ryzen 2666 5X new system still matching RAM. I would like to recommend only matching RAM at the beginning?

Otherwise FlareX or other Ram with CL14 / 15 3200MHZ ..

I assume that will not be with Asus Prime B350 Plus.

Hi all,

I'm looking for my total 8 GB pack.

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That's on MSI page itself, except BIOS updates. There, the Intel hardware is no different. Know it only from intel, where it still has one at all nothing of the one more from the notebook manufacturer.

Hope someone can help me


a tool gave for updates and general settings. And I still need it

Yes, the AMD drivers are useful. I have the AMD chipset driver, I hope someone can clarify. Only notebooks need somewhere else better.

Everything else except this AMD chipset driver? installed by the MSI (

Hi all,

maybe a pretty bloody question, but current version 17.10.3401.