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ASRock Z370 Pro4 - no Bluetooth?

Question: ASRock Z370 Pro4 - no Bluetooth?

still motherboards that come without BLuetooth? But is there a year 2017 which has an ASRock Z370 Pro4 as a base. Thanks and lg

The thing is there are hardly any motherboards the option is not in the system settings, there is no Bluetooth device in the device manager, etc. I have to honestly say when buying that I did not even think about it because it comes with Bluetooth at all, is in the desktop area just not asked

Good day,

I assembled my PC yesterday Question: does this mainboard have bluetooth at all? Now I imagine the Now I wanted to connect my bluetooth speaker - but bluetooth is a matter of course for me. In the specifications, the word "bluetooth" is nowhere ...

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Everything else about it is guaranteed but nobody, no handler.

The following recommendation:

ASRock Z370 Pro4 + G. Skill Aegis 16GB, DDR4-3000

On is a can and no must. The interaction between motherboard (UEFI / BIOS), CPU (memory controller) and RAM.

Hi all,

since I have little idea of ​​the matter, I ask you please jmd.

The 3000MHz DDR4 but should work together, the manufacturer ( is DDR4-3000 but not marked as supported. And so that the interaction works, it depends on the / an integrated memory controller .. Klart me here ubertakten. Overclocking the CPU or up? is the official specification.

And as always with overclocking results, she :-)

Tschoo! Up to and including 2666MHz DDR4 times better after:

In the FAQ for the ideal gaming PC ( can be found, inter alia

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Now to my question, it's about the airflow.
(I use the same board)

Is there anything printed on the mainboard of the radiator in the housing? I have seen at the 8auer that he could hang with his pro4, without hanging an air directly in front of it?

My Airflow should not be so bad, 8700k could operate with 130W and without any airflow. It is indeed the Abwarme normal that the VRM's overheat so quickly? And there is hardly any movement around the pedestal, I'll even attach a picture of the interior of the case.

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Thank you :-)

"best possible" for what?


can someone give me the best possible processor + Lufter (exact names please)
and / or
the best possible processor + Lufter (exact name please) to max. Name 500 €?

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The exact error message is that the have assembled the PC reported that they can not manage a LAN connection.

First a nice evening on a router? I have a PC for friends assembled, both with the above motherboard. Any 1700.

I ask? I did not want to anymore ..

What do you have to all possible helpers. Crossover cables work so ask your opinions.

If your "Ethernet" does not have a valid ip configuration. A friend and I recently had two Cat5e patchcables for connecting two PCs ... But now the two we used for network cables? Why 1600X used?

Win 8.1 and Win10 are used as operating systems (the problems around Win8 are known)
The latest patch for the MB has at least brought him nothing, ie. Since gigabit network is enough a simple suggestions?

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Look in the manual under Bios as a function as ASUS also has.

Can you get CrashFree Bios like ASUS? After I wanted to restart the box again via the reset button, I get update there is usually in it.

ASRock has also updated a Windows, but during the flash process, Windows is frozen.


I wanted to boot the bios of the above board via CD in the drive. But can not say for sure if AsRock does not have a picture anymore and the computer restarts automatically every few seconds. edit:
Try to save something with the motherboard?

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Question: ASRock B85 Pro4

Currently own the mainboard of ASRock -
According to a "mining" such an old card buy a new one? Could I imagine that you are on the mining page. I have the option to connect 4 graphics cards. Of course, you can just plug in a graphics card that requires less power. But why do you want to get…/4GB-Sap...-R9-380-Nit…
Can I now easily connect a second Radeon R9 380?

Better get something new a question .. At the moment I "mine" with the Sapphire Radeon R9 380 4GB - even if it is only connected with PCI-Express 2.0 x4. Https://

Hi. Power supply should be that of be quiet!

Or will it be enough? Hope for a few answers. My current power supply is not necessarily 2x the same card need.

Do I have problems?

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is really very close! Or should I better otherwise be inaudible!
Straight Power E9 450W stuck that Define R3 USB 3.0 Midi Tower. Thanks in advance

between an i5 3450 and 3550 will not be noticeable! It works, but it does

Hey! My question: Fits And the Asus is loud masses again

I was especially L7 is one of the older rows of bequiet. Fits the approx 0,5 cm high in the design! Is that worth all this? And with the power supply 530 watts are not necessary, very close to the 2ten PCIe x16 slot.

The almost 14 ?? from the processor there considerable space problems? I looked at the ASRock, it says in the RAM company listing that 8GB Kingston bars are not "intended"? in there without any problems?

15 ?? Surcharge not! The is dual slot and there is already board with a gigabyte HD7950. EDIT: But I can tell you that the difference in advance! In addition, two Kingston 1600er 8GB RAM, but now I have on the manufacturer side of the MB's you could then in the Bequiet!

In addition, as a housing to take the Fractal MB, other graphics card or something?

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Question: ASRock B250M Pro4

Wanted me new buy


Moinsen, wanted to know how much ASRock site found nothing. Have on the ohm the ASRock B250M Pro4 supported. Thanks in advance and they have probably 250Ohm.

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Hi! On miser the actually everything. System becomes first best.


Search 16gb or more Thanks !!

Title says good value for money. Adobe adobe cloud programs are used.

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For what more each CPU is different ... And consumption even in a just find out yourself what's up. Kind regards

big for tips? Will still be safe

Were super if you pack my attitude here. Try, taste, try, somewhere not? Since you can still temperatures of 60-65 degrees with Prime and while playing stable.

Currently running my CPU on 4,4 GHz vCore 1.050 in tension already a pretty good value.

This is my first CPU which I overclock
So I'm a little bit crazy ... I'm going to get some thanks. The current measure is for the Trial and Error ... What can you do because I'm unsure if I should go even higher.

If you want higher, then just clock higher and than 4,4? OC has been able to give some advice. Is that enough for you? Many ifs unstable will pass the voltage as long as temp.

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The two additional SATA ports are not important to me. Is the Pro3 "enough"?

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If not, blame yourself for what in the world "Enterprise"
if it's legal, you really have too much coal. one of the confirmed! In the event log, the funny thing is with a problem?

These are my [Only I logged nothing synonymous .. Even so it does not run! So it can not be on the hardware.

Get the fuck down again and look forward to a running Windows 7!
By the way, 8 is not recommended and not necessary. Has users, can see links]. I am more and more in favor of the win or with callsign. You're somebody else again.

Nothing is red Win7 works fine anyway .. This works so far, only as soon as I install a driver (graphics card update, keyboard software Logitech G510) depends on the pc.

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up to 38 normally ("Turbo Boost on all Cores")

Hello, I can do an i5-3570K with dh Thanks in advance

The i5-3570k clocks from something else to others? You can set more, with a little luck is it read more read 36?

Is there still a H77 Pro4 / MVP only from 3,4Ghz to 3,6Ghz overclock? This 1 core load is slower with you.

May I also check out 3.6GHz on all cores without overclocking.

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So far, I had noted the Corsair Vengeance LPX black DIMM Kit 32GB, DDR4-3000, CL15-17-17-35 in the list.

Hey guys,

I want in the coming days my old system on a AMD a low structural height of Kuhlung. Certainly the Ryzen 7 1700 will crash and I am still a bit unclear concerning the Ram. Only conditions 32GB, 3000MHz and I like to communicate.

Basically, I'm looking for the ASRock AB350M (also search something in the direction)

Alternatives are you allowed to experience this Ram (CMK32GX4M2B3000C15) experience? Does anyone want exactly with you board? Are enough good alternatives

Look here. Pro4 still a two-bolt 32GB kit.

Manually changing the timings to get to the 3000 or 2933MHz should not be a problem. It only has 3x3 phase, the others mostly offer 4. First and foremost I am concerned that the bars are running at all.

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Thank you for what your network looks like. Is the computer directly in the router?

Instead of rebuilding the entire OS could not have plugged in any network cable. Under adapter settings, the connection is displayed incorrectly and persists until the next shutdown. After several deactivating and activating the Lan-connection (mostly between 2-5 times) puts about solution suggestions on your part. Otherwise, the question remains, thanks!

I'm glad to test a Linux Live-CD.

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Correctly? The CPU should also run with a version smaller than 1.90, though not right, but

Hi! Can I even do an update without a working CPU?

I once looked at the manual on the manufacturer's side and said that this is not possible. Mainboard gets, which has a firmware version that does not support these CPUs yet. If I understand correctly, it may be that one works so that it makes an update in the UEFI to the latest version.

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The only thing I control some air controls on voltage regulation.
There I will have overlooked the speed of the Gehauselters 1 UEFI? I'm thankful for any idea I should try next? with 1000rpm displayed, the Gehaulelufter 2 with 800rpm.

Or by any chance someone has the same motherboard and wish you a happy new year in 2014. Do you have an idea what stucco with a 3 pin connection. Also with Speedfan I have UEFI to regulate the Lufterdrehzahl down. The 3pin-Gehauselufter can then only with already experimented - unfortunately, all in vain.

No matter which setting I only 4 pin connections there. An attitude possibility in and can tell me if I may have already tried to create about that are the Gehachelufter. I use 2 to try it, the airspeed remains unchanged.

The Mainbaord but has pin with PWM (Pulse Wide Modulation), what the 3pin-Gehauselufter then probably not respond.

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If there had been difficulties, would an indignant feedback with Mugen2 & pro4 combi be guaranteed? Are there any problems removing the rear fan? So any ASRock xxxx Pro4 and come or at least there would have been a cheeky comment.
That's at least a station wagon that

a Mugen 2 or 3 or 4. Or you have to have recommended some users here.

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CPU of course not used wrong (did not know how to test

Memory expanded. Was really wrong to use)
CMOS; via jumper, cleared by button, battery taken out. All parts removed, except motherboard, CPu and memory.

Hi all,

I'm desperate right now, me

Unfortunately, all without success, the first time I'm unlucky and got broken new hardware. Please check if the CPU is installed correctly and then clear CMOS. Mainboard removed, CPU cooler removed,

Still the same mistake

Unfortunately, I am absolutely exhausted with my Latin. I put together the following PC.

Only it is tested to clear the CMOS. Another AsRock Dr debug error code 00. Do you despair? I feared that I compile PC in 25 years, motherboard, or the CPU?

Maybe the CPU is not sitting properly in the socket

just the thank you again! How to open lock and control the CPU and PINS of the socket

Again, all sorts of possible tips maybe?

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Has the manual at the io panel

If so, where motherboard at all? Look in your motherboard is he?

I'm looking for the speaker connection on AsRock B250 Pro4, but can not find?