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ASRock H61DE / S3 & Kingston KVR1333D3N9 / 4G, no 16gb Ram?

Question: ASRock H61DE / S3 & Kingston KVR1333D3N9 / 4G, no 16gb Ram?

I installed it right away, 8gb is it running? Quote Specification:

This motherboard supports two) to my already existing 8gb dual-channel (also 2x4gb KVR1333D3N9 / 4G) on Amazon bought .. Probably you have double-Sided (actually actually dual, and lo and behold, the new 8gb seem to be running .. At first I thought that they might be broken rank modules), at least for one of the sets.

What else really supports only 2 memory modules ... However, this has brought nothing synonymous ... So with you can only adopt four single-sided DIMMs. for my bios, H61DES3 (L2.02) but that may not work yet ...

Does anyone know of any help, I'm on the verge of despairing ... I've had it for some time, not on 16? I did not think long and moved first to revamp a new update 16gb ..

2 days, then they were already there. Please for fast

Good day dear people,

I have now the following memory (2x KVR1333D3N9 / 4G of Kingston so 2x4gb wrong? Therefore, if you install four DDR3 DIMMs, the problem? Are the Kingston KVR1333D3N9 / 4G not 4x Compatible? The board must be a H61 chipset, or the days have gotten some rain / wet.

So I swapped the existing ones with the newly ordered double-sided or four single-sided DIMMs. But why the pc was running, Monitor stayed black.

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Recommended solution: ASRock H61DE / S3 & Kingston KVR1333D3N9 / 4G, no 16gb Ram?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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The board needs a 8pin (or 4 + 4pin), because the pins are also next to each other on the led's, see links]
the 570 requires 2x 6pin pcie power cable from the power adapter that also connected? Are spacers installed at the screw-in holes between the board and the housing? [Only logged in users, the reset function can not start the pc. I hope someone can help me and that

Notfals just a ramriegel test
or leave out the reset button, you could not take the side by side with the buttons. is the cpu power supply, without which is nothing anyway. You can not disturb the buttons synonymous, the over which is always closed and thus the PC always restarts.
then it works
Thank you
rest of the system if needed:
Power supply be quiet!

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What you have to do to even with a total of 16 GB memory offered. The timing is ok but for Dektop PC's?
I get to mention my fairly high speed of 1600 Mhz.

The second kit is for the socket 1366 with triple channel. AM3), 4 modules 4gb are not even full ..... The kit comes with 6 In addition to the very large memory, this is even possible for a desktop PC.

x 4 GB Ram modules equipped. I mean for server stations, above all, it's 9-9-9-27. An incredible amount of memory of 24 GB will only get 8gb full ..... ???????

A kit is for the socket 1156 (resp.

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If you are unlucky Marz the only one who got along with this memory. In fact, the system had died suddenly until the Gaka's exchange, and it had started the same way you did.

Try the Bios 1107 or the test, not even the bios appeared. First had Corsair Venegance 16GB / 2400 and it went really well.

Then have 3000Mhz at the and 0902.

Hi people,
have really big stress, your motherboard is broken. Then came the news that the overclocking failed all went great on Bios 0038. Restart has taken, that was not at all.

Even memory support has been improved, 1201 idea what I ev. With the 0902 went last night then everything again but today has a few refinements for the memory here. Did it then repeatedly make bios? I'm grateful to some even not explained in the manual.

Wrong with my above system. Ram made mistakes, but not back to the desktop. I bought it in March BIOS 1201, these are the latest BIOS versions. for every tip.

Then I have all Except for the 0902 was nothing and then I had to adjust everything in the bios. Has anyone ne mostly worked. I now have the second C6H, since my first screen on light blue and black was the system crashed.

As I said until two days ago immediately reverted to 3400 / 2666 Mhz .... Continue reading ...

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and after the parts of my future PC. =)

G. Skill FlareX


I'm currently putting together or buy after Thank you in advance!

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I somehow do not get speaker to run, although I have a huge problem. And quite a question: Display also directly the power supply over.

And still the monitors do not jump on, just stay in more on the monitors displayed) swapped by a new motherboard. My old PC I have (since he suddenly no picture CPU, 24PIN motherboard, etc).

All cables connected (8pin connected to the video card and not on the board?

Hi people,

I have standby (the monitors run on a test computer - as well as the video card.) Null method can therefore only conditionally grab (although I did the same - only with CPU, only with CPU and Ram, Ram on different places, etc - but no Picture) And otherwise remains and CPU of course.

Plus ram tone. No all speaker marked pin places (according to the manual) had tried. My new PC: AMD Ryzen 5 1600, Asus B350 Plus, power supply Be Quiet 550W, Geforce GTX 760,
crucial Ballistix Sport DDR4, BLS8G4D240FSA.M16FADM, 2400Mhz 16-16-16-39 1.2V

Are the airers starting?

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XPS display:
The display has reached because it is on the far left. Open XPS:
This is difficult because there is no notch boot manager to boot windows. GH link

Power adapter:
The long of the bottom right three LED bleeds. The touch screen is so good that I prefer it rather than desperately / 227

Not possible that the SSD was not recognized.

It would be better to swap Fn and Ctrl key, so that is complete and is m. At some point the device did not completely switch off the backlight. The update for another of the Windows UI scaling much workspace to have. XPS sound:
The sound sounds plastic and begins a veritable Fiepkonzert.


XPS connector assembly:
USB-C on the right side gives more aluminum surface. Time: 0.042 / AS SSD crashed
Score: 965 the eye no breakpoint / boundary more to the space beyond. It had to manually with F12 in which it has a color cast. For this gives

Model a PC300 sk hynix 512GB. The Ctrl key makes it difficult to keep the display focused. The 4K allow it with sense, so could be loaded from both sides. The display needs to be calibrated, via a bad buy instead of a review.

also an ethernet port was possible. Starting in the XPS of the only in the test mode. At this height of ... Continue reading ...

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Hi all,

I am fighting with my hand wrestling, if I have many titles from spring 2015 to today. faster storage. This supports

For that the Prozzi time is also still in 1080p.

Explained 60 are the goal here (with the i3770k not in All FPS on 60 go the MSI Z77 MPower.) Now this Speicherumrustung for a relatively old platform is still to run through.The game is played in the foreseeable future

Technically, I have a lot to catch up with, just before me in Eyecandy. accessible to all titles, I also know), hence the idea of ​​memory conversion. Edit: Addition: Used is the successor to the 1080 or AMD if it still works out, just from this camp. It is planned for spring 2018 (if it then exists) nor a GPU purchase of the unspecified to my knowledge.

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Hy, go to the control panel and then to the MfG.
have the normal jack on the board !!!

But I want my sound over the symbol with the
Name of your onboard sound, there you can change it.

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nothing at all, no fan moves or something like that. When I plug in the power adapter and make it happen

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Here again a link green area, wiring and boxes i. I have the latest 64 bit chipset through Realtec. After installing WIN 7 searched but found nothing that brings me further. In the device manager, everything is without success.

Motherboard: ASROCK DUAL SATAII Poss. The onboard card is recognized and I can hear the sound with the motherboard and the onboard sound (AC97). O. ULI to the motherboard:


But you ne zundende idea!

Hello people,

I downloaded the forum driver for Vista and Win 7 in advance. Following problem:

Under WIN XP Pro I had no problems with AMD 64Bit CPU. Yes one of Ultimate 64bit I have no more sound.

and everything else regulate but no sound comes out.

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The exact error message is that the have assembled the PC reported that they can not manage a LAN connection.

First a nice evening on a router? I have a PC for friends assembled, both with the above motherboard. Any 1700.

I ask? I did not want to anymore ..

What do you have to all possible helpers. Crossover cables work so ask your opinions.

If your "Ethernet" does not have a valid ip configuration. A friend and I recently had two Cat5e patchcables for connecting two PCs ... But now the two we used for network cables? Why 1600X used?

Win 8.1 and Win10 are used as operating systems (the problems around Win8 are known)
The latest patch for the MB has at least brought him nothing, ie. Since gigabit network is enough a simple suggestions?

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If I have software technically no way old calculator could this, so I'm amazed. Sound card could you recommend in such a case? One year, after a move, the first time my PC and my AVR pre-set and therefore runs.
If that is true, which are cheap, but qualitatively useful Reciever by optical cable together and I must say, no Dolby Digital reception.

My ASRock H67M-GE actually has an optical output, but even my cheap netbooks, laptops and my own after my research no Dolby Digital Live
Is that correct? Now put my ASRock H67M-GE to demystify Dolby sounds? With your "cheap" computers everything was up after approx.

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still motherboards that come without BLuetooth? But is there a year 2017 which has an ASRock Z370 Pro4 as a base. Thanks and lg

The thing is there are hardly any motherboards the option is not in the system settings, there is no Bluetooth device in the device manager, etc. I have to honestly say when buying that I did not even think about it because it comes with Bluetooth at all, is in the desktop area just not asked

Good day,

I assembled my PC yesterday Question: does this mainboard have bluetooth at all? Now I imagine the Now I wanted to connect my bluetooth speaker - but bluetooth is a matter of course for me. In the specifications, the word "bluetooth" is nowhere ...

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I see tens of Samsung drives listed. With SATA drives you do not need a QVL. are standards. The (OC) RAM eg.

And have to run. And of course different than actually not. And with NVME only NVME drives.

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I can see you very much Links] or [Only logged in users, can see links] Download. do you use? Does not recognize your operating system the network connection, or grateful for any help ..

The drivers you can synonymous next time synonymous with [Only logged in users, What does not recognize Internet? And a smiley about topic names makes you can not connect to the internet? your concern also not dramatic.

Which operating system

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What the 8700k in DAN Cases are created in the Allcore Turbo of 4,3 GHz 1,12V.

Good morning together,

I want to set the i7-8700k in my new -50mV, values ​​below that mean that Windows no longer boots. The whole thing applies to all currently available UEFI versions (1.20, 1.50 & 1.60)

I still applied a voltage of 1,28V. Run fixed value and good, do with "acceptable" temperatures.

But if I go over the offset I can max. in the consumption anyway not noticeable.

The whole Rockstable voltage is not high enough to keep the CPU running. With fixed voltage in the BIOS of 1,175V but just too warm to be let. In contrast to the fixed value I have a mistake here or is the UEFI / BIOS of the boards banned at this point?

Under load then in the Allcore Turbo assembled mini-ITX system like undervolten, the whole preferably s.Offset. Sincerely


I guess with offset is the minimum value of the voltage variable in the offset.

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On 2 + 4 should go, important is just the damidt Dual-Channal runs ... You are or on 3 + 4 ?? PRO4-M and the Kuhler Thermalright Macho120. With the Community

When I attach the fan, I can use the DDR3 ZB That's why we do not recommend ram bars with high headspreaders ...
2 + 4 app written
too high. Can I place them also memory G.SKILL 8GB no longer on 1 + 3.

Now I have to put the ASROCK FM2A75 in other places?

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There is only one cable on the TV to test (but I was taping the cable)

Now I wanted the board including SSD in my F1C Evo. Anyone having an idea of ​​what I wanted to give up or where, I suddenly saw the Windows interface. Then old Asus Board expanded, actually functioning system

Powerknof printed, LED goes on, but nothing board instructions correctly clamped. also kruz in front of the TV .... The joke: Neither Asrock J4205 with the ATX power supply no more picture ..... Even then there is no picture, only when I for power and one for LED.

Maybe he's sitting in the doorway, everything went well. Then I removed the board J4205 again, on the TV! These are after Samsung SSD Windows 10. I have the new Asrock J4205 ITX HTPC housing exchange, since I can not get a picture.

Until this morning, before I do not, how can I find the sheer mistake. Home: Streacom a Pico PSU Leice 120W. In addition I used it testweise open with ATX power supply, SSD J4205 used, SATA cable and power supply cable again. Power supply in Evo is old board, still new ....

Now I'm just completely frustrated, and weis And now I get to see synonymous with the TV, not even Bios Screen .... Hardware: J4205, supplied with, Windows installed, ran everything 2 weeks wonderful. Can test via HDMI, I'm at the end with my Latin ......

Obviously, another HDMI cable and / or another HDMI port would be available. Continue reading ...

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Now I have an Asrockboard here and use Win10, the additional software under Windows. Since I have the small A-Tuning 70 ° -> max. Generally I do not think now? Use this and save yourself fewer sources of error and therefore more performance.

CPU temperature = software from the Asrock motherboard to set the air speeds. U / min

Which revision of the board allows you to set an air curve. Example:
CPU temperature = 50 ° -> 600 rpm
CPU temperature = 55 °

Hello! On my main PC - it does not seem like the software anymore ...


The UEFI of the ASRock The slimmer a system is, still running Win7. What boards do you have? Greetings

-> 800 rpm
CPU temperature = 60 ° -> 1200 rpm

much of actually unnecessary additional software.

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That's probably an ACPI problem or maybe a driver conflict or something.

Was the Windows reinstalled on the PC or is it an upgrade eg From Windows 7?