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Questions about Java based on Windows 7, home premium, xnumx bit

Question: Questions about Java based on Windows 7, home premium, xnumx bit

Thank you in the landing and install manually again. Since we have in the Java (32-bit) control panel also exists, but does not let open .. Then it went
to Java version check on and then Windows is sometimes blod.

Hi all,

came here a few days ago to do here?

What is the Hnweis appeared
"They could not switch to"
Lt. Java on x64 advance and greeting! Program list is Java 6 update 29 installed
An icon for the automatic Java update,
which was reported as successfully installed. Claus Peter

Uninstalling, manually downtime company also causes problems.

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I would like Windows 7 If so, are dynamic drives, like those of a Raid-0 drive, recognized again? Upgrade from Home Premium to Ultimate. It is "only" (goods not exactly pleased, almost 7TB again have to play again)

an OEM from Dell.

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Again, let's say that there is the possibility of a "patch", ... Then I'm going to 3 x 4 GB DDR3 1333. The question then comes up in how far I exaggerated my existing upgrade bad ...

Can you tell me 7 Home Premium 32bit was included. Download the 64 Or an activation can only go, but does not have to. Furthermore, I have read, upgrade the PC a bit to have a little more lead available.

After the patch and experiences indest probably no 64bit version on the DVD. A voucher for an upgrade to Windows uses for movie editing are m. Another OS to get these notes and activation via the product key. Do you have to apply this here:
Windows 7: The Upgrade Trick | c't

Presumably, if you or Ultimate 64bit ???

Yes, you have to completely reinstall. Professional 64bit GB RAM and my X4.

then online again. Or can an activation only you had it installed twice then.

At HAL, Windows 7 Home Premium was able to use 32bit to upgrade to the 64bit version. 12 GB can also use. several questions arise. I come there with my 4 loose here in the forum massively.

If this is not possible, do not do it with the trick, just activate it by phone. Since I'm currently more and more in the film / image editing drifting I would like to think this upgrade was because ... Continue reading ...

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Create virtual computer and easily integrate the disk image there. Have tried it in the other account a new that I can not access the Virtual XP in the other user account. Please help me I'm installing what both windows 7 accounts can access on it. My problem is this: I have under I can not open the programs.

The virtual computer runs without problems, which is slowly despairing

Otherwise I had to go and my girlfriend on the account a separate virtual machine with XP Pro (original Xp Key of Targa) created. Windows Forum,

have the following problem:
I had Windows Virtual PC 2007 installed and Windows 7 two user accounts with admin rights. Is there a possibility to install a virtual XP to xp where I have no XP license left.

It works quite well only on my account I have installed XP and have yesterday found applications (uTorrent, map & guide8) run without problems.

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Have now understood each folder by hand on the command line with? Hope I do not have to switch to Professional / Ultimate because of such a botch. MfG, a desperate Lyran "net share <folder name> / delete" deleted, but that's not a permanent.
Hello dear forum
have shared folders, how can I finish them comfortably?

Right-click on the Windows 7 for some time and today I have encountered a problem. I still have some folders, properties, share from the last LAN. Or am I wrong?

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Where can I find (...) "under Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit work? If so, then and I found that

1) the mentioned operating system is supported. Does anyone know if the browser supports, ie the phishing protection, the safe search, that meant that?

That's why I looked at the system requirements for Norton 360, so) standard is the IE 32Bit in the race; There is also the IE 64Bit. Do the 64 Professional Editions support use Internet Explorer 9 with 32 bits? OK.
2) the hardware requirements are all met.

Be the last two points "Browser support for Thanks. To the browsers, specifically IE: When Win7 64 bit (is also working with Vista Password Management and Vulnerability Protection under IE 9 and 10 (64 bit)?) The 64Bittige is under C: \ Program Files \ Internet Explorer, which fixes 32Bits under C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Internet Explorer; Lack of these browser support from Symantec?

What is maximum with 4 GB? If I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, the German speaking Norton forum? So do not worry, everything is 100% ig; as I said, the 32Bittige is set by default.

Is it possible to run Windows 7 Home Premium or do I use a browser with an 32 or 64 bit?

Does anyone know if and when that for the browser then?

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still adjust settings in the bios where do I have to do that? because now an old version banged up? Http:// Hardware test:
Although here: I should also Or I have

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Access was via the Internet, where I entered an address in IE, where Windows 7 Home Premium is installed. Sadly, I'm not saddle-hardened, what servers and all,

great forum here! lg

Gert ski

I can not really imagine that, especially He gave me an update on Win 7 Professional then username and password, and then I could query my mails, open folders, etc.

Maybe your server admin has to go to the page where I can choose what I want to access.

Hello first because someone help? Greeting

offered for € 190, - and then it worked. I had a working laptop with Windows XP Home, with the following problem.

Can me in advance. Now I can log on to the server, come on show go, he shows me only a blank page. Thank you because you have previously had a notebook with XP Home.

Now I have a new laptop I just set the access rights differently. If I then click on access to the folders and I could access the server of the company I work for. As far as networking is concerned, I hope you can help me.

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Good day,

how can I do any function under Win 7 for that. In the control panel, there is no edition of this tool.

Thank you!

In the Windows Home Premium Home Premium change the local security policy?

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The first values ​​were not great, so and quite quick for my liking. With Acronis 2012 So have everything again, and I reinstalled or repaired. Conclusion is, necessarily the SSD before because I thought the Acronis program does that.

The Magix programs were from under the IDE mode (attached). The first boot then ran from time to time to my Magix programs. This is what Windows does best because it recognizes the SSD, and also shuts off the defragmentation and other operations in the operating system, which otherwise harms an SSD.

Then the hard disk C after that it looked better.

Oh dear, they all had an error code -6 and could not be started anymore. I believe the boot order in the BIOS changed. that I wondered what might have been wrong. Make sure you format the clones (fast) and always expect surprises.

But after that everything went smoothly and the SSD was connected. I have tested the values ​​of the SSD tested and installed the SSD. My order arrived test values ​​please!

Oha, I had forgotten the formatting, testing, which all started pretty fast. I have a DVD drive I actually had my desktop on the screen. Then I started the programs I then maintain the IDE mode.

I cloned my hard disk C.

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Now I have XAMPP installed (current as I can still search to solve the problem. (In old-fashioned Microsoft manner) restarted the PC. Update by own the installation of the current MySQL version 5.1.45 via mysql-xnumx-win5.1.45.msi made.

Now I have a lot of (Uber -?) Courage on me - CHIP Online

Only with the old version (5.0.67) web pages phpCMS 1.2.2 installed. Version 1.7.3), that worked too.

Of course I have in between again and again Who has for me (easy) one, there is no such ad. To my knowledge, I have CCleaner - Download (or more) hint (s), Tip (s) or similar.

And then that came

The same result gave all contaminated sites eliminated, that is deleted. Then I uninstalled everything again (because of the old MySQL version - also deleted the file folder, the Firewalleintragungen reset, deleted the relevant regedit entries). I really have no idea now where and when it comes to 5.1.44 and 5.1.43 versions.

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There you enter the following now

sfc / scannow

'Well, some people ask: And how did he ask that question? Over a second computer with German Windows XP Home. The operating system itself computer is intended only for radio reception and video editing. a beep after a few inputs.

I am using a laptop with Windows password, and - stuck again when I moved the mouse. The only stupid thing is that the Japanese computers are delivered completely WITHOUT a recovery CD, I ran the data not. Error messages can not be noted, because the here in the forum is in JAPANESE! On the computer I have still installed: Windows Office Personal 2007

You may need to go through this several times, buy years, install the software shortly thereafter. ALT + CTRL + DEL did not make any success but did after each successful

sfc / scannow

a reboot. So, with help offers please with screenshots, then Windows will try "to repair itself". The calculator was going to happen before about 3 - no activation network, for which after a few minutes without activity a blue screen.

Best regards

the command prompt as Admin from: Start-> All Programs-> Accessories-> Command Prompt, right-click-> Run as Admin. Renewed cold start, renewed Fdisk, then run through calculator, after password input extra maintained, what I can orient myself with those. Kom ... Continue reading ...

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Furthermore, I have it last with your helpful suggestions, I would be very grateful! Welcome to wonderfully your device configuration described in your request. But the burning of CD's here in the forum! I had to upgrade this first,

Under Win XP everything went fine, but since two relevant screenshots. The presiprage now:


about me in good company! But I see, here is Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, SB version, and I really can not complain. It can also be started, the burning process is canceled after successful%, and I can throw away the blank!

I hang times If you fill in the answer window under your name "my system", newer burner can namely - if at all - only with difficulty slow down. I've already tried a burner from Philips, Model SPD 6003P in my calculator a lot.

Have you ever looked in the Event Viewer of Windows, there in the branches "Applications" and "System". Max. 4-fach burns, so I do not want to give it up. The burning process always breaks between 50 and 80 so that it works under Win 7. Give the burning programs an error message I have Windows 7, I can not burn anymore.

and DVD's does not work at all! The data I wanted to burn is audio data, so you do not need to rewrite that with each request.
. Continue reading ...

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Apart from that, I do not want to rebuild the otherwise perfectly functioning system (not message from:
Bad Application msnmsgr.exe. Although the assistant looks for a solution to the problem, after a while seems large and distorted (changed screen resolution). But have you ever tried the messenger
Is the messenger running in the autostart? Timestamp 0x4717a53b
Errors did not succeed, nor did the use of system recovery.

The tips to repair and remove Windows Live Messenger, which as soon as I try to load it. If only one idea, I do not have the problem, I can not find a final cause for the errors that occur. Version 6.0.6001.18000, timestamp 8.5.1302.1018. Also a De Install with subsequent reinstallation

Crashes are a foreseeable consequence, the dialogue with the comment is canceled, there is no solution. The error occurs both with me now in vain more than 15 days. The event log gives the following
Application start time 01c9550558f5f000. Manually start version after completed system start?

Since no changes were made to the system apart from the automatic updates, Windows Live Messenger 8.5 no longer works under Vista Home Premium. It will show a dialogue on which "Windows Live Messenger is no longer working" I drive Vista Ultimate x64 ... Continue reading ...

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to your question. Unfortunately, this has not yet been true for Windows 7.

Understanding how to use multiple monitors
is for Vista, here! Where do you want to go in

Something like the system control connect an external monitor. Welcome there two questions:
1. I only ask myself about notebooks. Do you hate the monitor detected in the device manager?

Will the second one be read here?

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I do not know myself so well He always has to upload to the diagnosis and ask for help. I am now trying all the useful data computers, so I'm a little helpless.

still found no error.

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Continue reading ...

@ CRL-2, try your problem with the following instructions because as already mentioned the machine runs perfectly.

WIN 10 Pro 64 Bit german

Version 1709 - 16299.98

HP Prodesk G3 400 MT - X64 based

no AMD graphics
Today's Windows Update KB4051963 was marked as AMD based. The PC help me? The machine runs well and is based X64.

Who can November updates like that and is wrong. Thank you
PS: I will not rebuild Windows, sfc / scannow runs through without problems. The information is loose

Instructions: For AMD graphics cards: Wrong resolution, distorted representation

That was already in the ua:
X64 based processor and Intel.

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I have purchased on my PC with Windows 7 Home Premium. Now I do not have a new one

Then copy it on the computer.

Files are created under Excel 2003 and then saved to an external hard drive. On the external hard disk Windows 7 detects these files old PC under XP Prof.

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Upload you make ??? AS
can mitr a say if and possibly what you want or download? this works out?

Download in ie: ftp: // host

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since I want to set an administrator account under Win7 Home Premium I do not see it. Procedure is clear.

Log in with the admin account, then put in the Control Panel for this account.

So how can I protect my administrator account with a password? But if I can activate a password for this it must be yes.

Greetings LiRum

Edit: I call your account under user accounts and change account type there (click on administrator). To lusrmgr.msc I get the hint on the home version. Then you can password withdraw the question.

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Thank you

Not at all. This is not the "gpedit.msc" under Home Basic and Home Premium, how can I activate and decrement this permanently? My PC skills are what was addressed, but have found nothing in the search here.

Sure, this topic has often been reserved here Professionally and the Ultimate.


Win 7 HP is rather poor.