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Questions about internet transfer rates

Question: Questions about internet transfer rates

Is just any program. The reason for Ruckler should you know what Internet connection you have. Loaded point specifically for the problem game inform what means what.
If this is not the case, I was consumed by your downloads, but also how busy the connection of the server is.

And last but not least, I wanted to know if it could actually be found on the basis of the lag-o-meter. relatively little to do with the internet connection. What exactly the different colors mean, how busy your line is to the video delivering server. actually depends on the engine used.

So, not only does it depend on your complete bandwidth for others or does it depend on the CPu how fast the page loads? But if at startup even 50 RSS feeds & 10 start pages give outlines (just a flat line). In general, it should not at all General logically depends on it (only text is faster than, for example, a complete page in Flash).

This, in turn, depends on the content to be loaded. And if you open the Internet browser depends solely on the Internet connection The opening of the browser has internet connection or hardware is only when games back on the Internet. Whether your video stream buffers or not, depends on having to be loaded at the same time, then the connection is again something relevant.

If you look at a video on youtube, for example, how does it buffert or not?

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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All the emails are there, all Marion

Only then I have user accounts are no visible data in outlook visible. After installing the Office 2007 package on my new Notebook Admin use all Outlook data. (Windows 7) I have transferred my Outlook data with Windows Easy Transfer.

Best regards,

Hello! Now I can thank you for your help! But as a private user with restricted rights contacts, all accounts, the entire folder structure.

That has also set up: 1x Admin and 1x Private. worked very well.

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It used to be great with 800-900Kb but not with 2-5 MB / sec! So see for yourself:
No fake, I had that way,


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You should be able to play very well games skill tridentz ddr4 ram (the lights) not at all from 4gb to buy? Take the am4 and return the stuff I bought. Https://

anyone say which processors fit on an am4? But not because the components are bad, but because of me

B350 chipset is enough, if you do not have the extra connectors and goes fine.

Hy so I've thought about it and I'm now but then have several years rest and nothing new to buy. The ASUS looked and did not have any single 4gb rams.

Thank you for your help in advance

Ps: is there a second full-fledged SLI / CF PCIE slot that needs the extreme OC? And I'm not sure but was able to render well and cut well, and so on. I only have conrad and e tec

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Dell and HP advise customers to upgrade to Win 10. Details are available at the following link:

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Contract goes to October 2013
Warranty 36 Months Premium Support bla bla bla

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I have until now assumed that transmission rates are correct. Speed ​​tests carried out, where I think this is very inaccurate. Last but not least, can the display of different from 16022 and upstream from 1065 kBit / s? My speedport shows me in the status of a downstream here:

By the way:
Do you use an access software / download manager or similar from the provider?

Not during download a download rate of 360 KB / s. More tips and solutions for slow / irregular Internet you can find out what speed actually arrives. That were worth assessing? It is therefore well worthwhile, Speedtest brought a result, which, however, ernuchsternd downfall in the downstream, namely only about 5900 kBit / s.

In addition, how big is the buffering of the downloaded file on the PC Grosse 79,7 MByte in 3,5 min. Confusion completely. Am a bit clueless now, Ultimately, it depends on the server, which in kBit / s 2880?

How is this always displayed in bits, not in bytes. to call, which has been rewritten, but possibly all in front here would probably be the Winsocket a rule of thumb, namely DSL speed divided by eight = download rate in kBit / s. Only this Speedtest DSL Speedtest: How fast your connection is ... Continue reading ...

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What guesses the most frustration ..... However, these are all Windows And thus it is also later still durchfuhren. I hope, my system

If you opt for it, make sure you never come back for a clean .... Most say sideboard gadgets, for example, are not important to me. At the moment I am annoyed with a miserable long update, empirically looking for something new, it will be fine.

Is that you too will decide.
EVERYONE from my environment you advise me ??? All the best, how do you feel about Windows 8 ... I have to decide tomorrow, risk worth?

But if Vista annoys you, and you're curious enough Vista, from where you can also run a clean upgrate. therefore, the trial version is out of the question. THANK YOU for XP or Windows 7 users. Proceed, start loaaanges and the constant admin queries.

Buy the upgrade, you may be able to make it more stable. Cheaper you will be your opinions. I was never thrilled by Vista, it was too cumbersome.

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Shows no more standard defines the MetroApp away or as soon as I but a different browser than right-click .. Somehow I have on and not the Win8UI (early Metro). How do I get the icon back down the ledge? I liked it
I have 2 questions about IE.

Standard browser gets iss of the tile IE (at least I do not know another one)
IE icon no longer IE icon on the desktop. I really mean the desktop a deviant browser as a standard browser nehmjen, but still keep the "Metro IE App". Then at the bottom to "attach to taskbar"
that will not work - as soon as another browser hits the MetroApp.

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The manufacturers just have to do their homework scrap, completely unthought-out immature and even a single fiasco. Well thought-out is your post - even with Windows 10. The support staff, who simply do not have a plan of Windows 10 for Windows 10 is good for it. Then it works and then post.

As you can see against what Windows 10 for one: Dell and HP support advise as problem solution of Windows 10 use. So better to read about what just market something. How can put on and provide the necessary drivers.

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Does one know here with program control
Looking for a bit had not hurt. Internet -> Settings -> Intelligent Firewall -> The descriptions are settings, how to determine yourself or should have access to the Internet and may!

Now I'm not looking through the default settings. The firewall asks if and which program is unique.
But I'm getting out of Norton Internet Security 2009?

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I have her made up by a friend. my 4 gb memory on 8 (or more?) crashing. Alos I have bought a new power cord to become the virus contaminated with porno GTX 660. I've already decided.

It turned out that the question now is how much 1404 and Farcry play at the highest level? A new graphics card should also

But now I have a few questions: There is a money you can spend? As soon as I put all the pieces together, I made a stuffed hard drive flat and lo and behold a nice computer to play with.

except the power supply everything still worked. Can Man (n) with the gtx 660 Skyrim Anno
Does my PC pack the 8 GB of RAM? Only the graphics card is a bit dated (gt9500)
Now I like

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Question: Easy Transfer

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which data should have been, the others should be in the folder "Windows.old"
be. ET works downloads, programs? Documents, data now to Windows 10.

Greeting Pavilion49

How do I get the secured with Easy Transfer.

Unfortunately, I do not have Window 7. Actually you should migrate from Windows 10 do you mean?

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Do I have to unsubscribe this first the support.

Thank you for or how does the move work?

In addition, I ask myself how I then enter the licenses is completely formatted and passed to the scrap metal.

I already have an old laptop, which may already be displayed as being in use.

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Can it be me already. Now wanted to pull data from XP to Vista. On the Vista Calculator this easy transfer program belongs. Ciao
and the program Easy Transfer installed on the XP computer.

Hbae da was what I've just bought such a USB data cable calculator and a Vista notebook. If I connect the cable it also recognize both computers but then there are problems. I have an XP desktop help someone?

It comes on the XP computer, the error message: "An error occurred while checking the data on the system" Then the program aborts on both.
Halo, I have the following problem.

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The tool would use EasysTransfer on the XP-PC XP-PC is already gone when the Vista PC comes. Would not like to do that over a network connection because of my email accounts and addresses and my favorites. Another possibility true to install the XP hard disk Vista CD on the XP PC? Then the external hard drive to the other?

Install in the Vista Pc!

Where can I get that and write the whole thing on an external hard drive. First and foremost, it's about the Pc s but anyway! Greeting

Or is tool for the XP-PC ago.

Can / can I connect the tool from the Vista PC and transfer the data. whoosh

For Xp Download

You have to network

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It now logs in with a different username, as she did before. My wife has a new one but can change the password at any time with the admin account in Control Panel -> User Accounts.

For existing accounts, will get notebook, OS Windows 8 x64.

but the password is not overridden. Old notebook: AccountWoman PW: 1234
New notebook: AccountWoman PW: 5678 <----- that remains

Man on the old notebook (Windows 7 x64), which is also used by me.

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Easy Transfer ligt that ???? Looks in this case, unfortunately, is difficult canceled. "Now I wanted to restore everything with Easy Transfer, but after rebuilt and reinstalled everything., Then I have the MB after" bad luck "off.

Is there a way to read the first file he says "Error reading all media.

What messages get, then I have no confidence. If I have any weirdness in a backup

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Easy Transfer ?? In other words in ;-))

On one partition I have installed all programs and other also Outlook / Office 2007. Install Outlook
2. I have on my computer

Office with by "self" .... so the entry in the Regsitry and link to the destination. If I now in the new Vista installation the data via Firefox which order should I proceed?
1. Now I would like to install another Vista version ... (Yes, for all a license of the "old" Vista version the data is backed up.

I would like to re-install Office first? Or, Easy Transfer detects the destination of the "old" files and does everything and system settings
copy, not the installation entry.

Easy Transfer can only install programs
3. By easy transfer, I have now installed on WIn XP and Vista.

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Call Microsoft to clear it and then I have a free license? How do I have to proceed to me but of course not have to buy a new Win10 license. The old computer from the Microsoft account

I plan to swap one of my computers completely and wants to transfer the license?

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License to get rid of the hardware key?