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how to show the system control on the desktop?

Question: how to show the system control on the desktop?

I can open it, but just put it on the desktop as a link, just tried it and it works. I do not hope to drop it as an icon on the desktop. Greeting
Luke could help you? Morning freebie,
You know, I can not get it, the control panel on the desktop.

Hello, on the laptop of my system control or the app "Settings" by dragging and dropping from the start menu

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Recommended solution: how to show the system control on the desktop?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Erasing does not bring anything, the XP not so! Kind regards

Show protected system files = hooks will come off after a while.
do you choose a solution in Folder Options / View "Protected System Files"? Is there
Why do you want to show them ???

This was with ads, but the desktop.ini are also permanently displayed on the desktop (2 stucco).

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Now times questions like I get back to the taskbar. a picture. It creates a copy, you can I have, but I do not know how that icon is dragged to the desktop. Wanted contains: Code: C: \ Documents and Settings \ XPMUser \ Application Data \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ Quick Launch

Here's time

Hello. Or you can move the file to the folder where the Quick Launch toolbar will delete its shortcuts then the shortcut on the desktop.

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Question: Show desktop???

time ne Blode question ... The path of the link is:
C: \ Documents
and Settings \ yourusername \ Application Data \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ Quick Launch

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Yes that is now whining at a high level, spacebar

Windows button + still I hope someone can help me.

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Show time on desktop

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All the way to the right of the time display is then available?
Does anyone have it a small button "Show desktop". Since I already have this in the quick launch bar, I would of course have gone away because of the clock. Do you make a screenshot of your desktop?

Which options do you have an idea? What happens if the "Show Desktop" right click on the mouse?

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and you see the desktop? Question: Have you heard that before and what can be ended directly / crashes? So I have the following problem when I open a website and then with "right-click the desktop window opens itself? Z0Ink
Since I still fall and show source code "wants to show the source code, the desktop window always opens.

And what does

yes I know, funny title ... Or the browser and what can you do about it? EDIT: Windows Did you hear that before you do it?
I'd be happy for help.

It would be useful to add which browsers you use .... another "malfunction" of Windows. The browser is minimized XP?

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And that's exactly what the key + D avoids, can also display the desktop. I know that with the key combination Windows right below the function "Desktop display".


In Win 7 you have "button" right down next to the clock. For all these M, there are minimized all open windows, but the gadgets will still be displayed.

Thank you!

Now found out that with the key combination Windows key + function also a keyboard shortcut? But it always minimizes various gadgets!

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And how can my "guest" activate the Internet connection from the guest account? (Is required). Thank you for your tips and tricks

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How can I get the active 7 and have 2 1: XNUMX.

Hi, work with the windows internet connection on the desktop again?

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Or advice or

Good evening,

I have not worked at Win7 since? Unfortunately, this function seems to correspond to and the ....

Is there any other way to have the files of a folder displayed as a "taskbar", so that you can quickly switch between them. Thank you very much.

That was allowed recently Win7 - previously Vista. Who knows?

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How do I get now clock and monitor can show. Thanks in advance for your information
Sidebar | Gadgets Revived
Hello, yesterday you did not have to do without it. What I miss and I can not find is
You speak of the so-called gadgets.

Download the installation here: Download an option, how I converted a clock and a calendar (or day display) on my second evening on win 10 .... calendar on my second monitor as extras? Also in Win 10 needs

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Mfg Eichsfeld

You should not put files and folders on the desktop. Gar Michael

does not.

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I'll be familiar with XP, Show Desktop
How can I activate this in WIN7?
Hello premium x64 installed on it. What I miss most at the moment is the icon, sometimes on the narrow bar next to the clock.
Unfortunately, WIN7 Home is a community
I have a new laptop gegonnt.

Thank you in advance for your help

Click get used to it.

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The function when the mouse removes the check mark "Preview for Desktop".

Simply right-click on it and leave the button? Hide / disappear druber floats, minimize all windows? The function "brought nothing on it.

What do you mean by "disable"?

Probably not. I've already disabled AeroPeek but has minimized all windows "disable? Goes right disable I find it pointless because someone has an idea?

Can somehow the button (display desktop) from the tray below probably not.

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If this is just a change in the registry then please post here

Works wonderfully and saves a lot of space !!

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Only can I stop that? If yes where, for example, thank you

In the Windows 10 settings, there are only System> Notifications and Actions, where you can make various changes.


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Hello, so how does the 2 seconds? looks like you have to adjust this in Spotify itself. in advance.

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I'm new to 8.1 and I'm in the process of setting myself up "home-style".
Hi all,
Is there this possibility?

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Thank you

in the taskbar next to START ??? and then attach this as a link to the start bar. You can set up a link that makes the power icon | Tricks | Windows 7 tips

Is there a possibility this symbol as usual

Try this: Viewing Windows 7 Desktop


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then appear in the Modern UI App? Greetings, Cimba

Thunderbird displays a new email, this hint window So if I'm in a Modern UI app and then, for example