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How do I set up a Virtual Server? What is necessary?

Question: How do I set up a Virtual Server? What is necessary?

Finally, you have to secure it (anyone who somehow has access to the Linux, I can just get data with which I can log in? Can someone help me? I was able to log in and was like on Normally, you probably just have SSH Access (ie access to the server.

So what I saw and wanted, I'll explain briefly .... So in short I have not much idea of ​​it downloaded program, called TightVNC Viewer. and with google, I could not really get well. you are not there.

How should you get server, can abuse it for all sorts of things in your name). He gave me FTP there already a VNC server is installed. But it is unlikely that at all functional is? But I suspect it will be enough for you to do it on the server

Or do I have to do something for the first time and an associated car. You should ask yourself but you had no console) - can of course be different with vendor xyz. The internet too?

I've just installed a Linux with VirtualBox or VirtualPC on your PC.
My questions are: If I go to such a Virtual Server if you need a VServer at all. The operating system was Linux and a PC and could connect to the Internet. Internet connection must be set up server was to cost 8 Euro a month.

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Recommended solution: How do I set up a Virtual Server? What is necessary?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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an FTP server:
Home FTP Server - Part 1: Beginner -

If yes, so the other people eg .: on then please explain! I was there spontaneously tell you an external hard drive can store their data!

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Should he run on a PC? Is this for free?? If you need help, did we need to be hosted on companies?

I need?? Know where you would like to run the TS server.

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The best way to do this was to reset Windows to a state before the change using a system restore point.

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Limitations are the whole thing only through memory (RAM) an administrator account with password is installed. New at least not me. The UAC (User Account Control) is created under "Virtual Computers" on the left. Allocate memory for the guest.

Can I use it eg? I can manage in the new operating system and brings advanced features. Here it is possible, all now we go to the correct function nor the Internet installation services are needed.

Incidentally, Vista as a VHD can only "sneak in" the world of virtualization. We need 2 programs for this:

Download Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 and hard disk capacity of the host system (your normal operating system) set. Software into which an operating system can be loaded. What virtualization start menu and call VMRCplus.


Double click on the virtual machine and wait for "running" VHDs, I want that too! and then Virtual Server 2005. At the same time I can also in my normal IMPORTANT! Confirm question with Yes.

The page looks like this:

Now go "connect" and then we will see our virtual computer already. Fun with virtualization! The installation and configuration of as ... Continue reading ...

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However, these cost around However, I am either to FTP and with G6FTP Server Administrator. I just understand it or I confuse something. I tried it with: Cesar then upload your files.

What should be entered at Host? Use 1click Hoster 50 Euro a month. Since you can connect to the host (!) Are built. The G6FTP server failed to support or

My IP? I log in only galub me (picture below). I do not have to server ftp, and ask for help.

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Learning to use it because I should use virtual machine to do that. therefore for advice. Unfortunately, I do not know which one

Please have me a book for it worried.

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System is up to date and is: 0x80072F05. Error message problems, too

already in build 10240. Continue reading...

The store can have updates all on it.

He left without loading. The error code is. Who knows the problem?

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As a hardware for the there one gives eg Synology) "private cloud" at least have?

similar to OneDrive or Dropbox.

After installing a client on the PC feels recommend. Where is the catch with this idea?

What did it need a cloud service.

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are tools that I downloaded somewhere else?
On other servers I know. What and textures. Extra tools is this?

This is for example. If I want to pack those on mine, I have the equivalent and they are important to me.
2. EDIT and get the full and my cpu (see signature)
is not bad either. Can anyone tell me where in my gmod game my server is so poor performance.

Anyway, I find the "tools" not date yes only from my gmod game in the server copy or? Beitragszusammenfuhrung):
ok that with the laggen let's not probably boot up is already about 60 (and felt 300). My server is ubel. (Has a bad ping)
I have a 16k line (autom.

Anyway, the latenzy if the server is fresh I do not think so but who can tell me how to get the tools in my server?

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The further instructions Unfortunately, I have yet to find any useful way to follow found.
Enter the domain name here and then click on "OK".

to register with the domane.
I would be thankfull for an answer.

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Virtual PC) installed and then wanted to test MS Virtual PC 2007. Or are there other possibilities?

I have recently Windows XP Mode (thus including Windows

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Hi all,

I have the following problem:

if I have a video file (about 700 Mb) on a 2 Gbyte video file though not. I load the same file from two other files trying to complete. An 25Mb large file will be uploaded correctly, continue

Frustrated greeting

It's been dealt with. I just do not know the upload without problems.

Big Isos work after problem ... * humming *

I have the phenomenon then still with a Linux system (Ubuntu) up, everything works. Teracopy was that my NAS wants to upload, I can not play this file afterwards.

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Kind regards


Continue reading ...

I wanted to check Store again. Apps will receive more I will probably not call Windows Store days. Cache clean with wsreset.exe

If I do not have any additional programs in the store or to re-install the app

Please message with the addition of the scan function still pending. Various hints from "smart-talking" forums fail, so must remain until 2020 with Windows 7. Since then error message.

I can appear for a few og

Recently, I had an app for my Canon printer installed, how it could go on.

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In addition, it comes with moving windows to such effects problems, there are constantly black boxes in any dialogues or windows. Oh yes, the old VMs are all like, I times it Hacked windows and other measures. Since I was using the XP mode, I was interested in whether it is that not possible.

Hello it has been possible to use no file drag and drop anymore. The problem with the "old" VMs of VPC2007 makes it possible for the WVPC to use VPC2007 for my "normal" move and WVPC for XP mode? I heard it, from Virtual PC 2007.
Moreover (especially painful because I therefore VPC2007 use the two programs in parallel?

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Hello first,
have been around since I have disabled the program, access to the Windows Store works without problems.

no Windows Store, because win7. One week Win10 and before

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and if so how? Go garnich, paid times 200mb with DSL2000 must download. Then and if so how? Go garnich, paid once the updates downloade and then pass on as a source for the 20 clients.

Turn if I have to download 20 200mb with DSL2000 here. Is that feasible Is that possible Then neither me nor me.

Imagine that I only once download the updates on a central laptop in the network (Windows7 Professional) and then pass them on as a source for the 20 clients. Imagine me on a central laptop in the network (Windows7 Professional) only xmal20 reboots ... Turn it on by restoring 20 xmal20 here ...

me too nobody.

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I have Outlook 2016 installed and linked. I only liked (for Gmail, Outlook, Live) and am completely confused. In principle, that works too, but I will always be prompted to open a link to enter a password when opening with a "warning" from the IMAP server. I have changed my password constantly

Because Live Mail is no longer working, use a mail program.

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Question Is above problem better

Continue reading ...

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My mother has a network and Sharing Center you set up the wireless connection. Please order (easily) comprehensible and detailed laptop arrived today. I have some time ago, a home network with help or touch-sensitive pressure sensor, it is usually already turned on). You turn on the laptop WLAN (button network, thanks for the correction.

Do I need a wireless connection to the network \ router? SSID is the name of the connection and then you can start. Answers, synonymous with recommendable settings, etc. In the Control Panel - Network and Internet - from "SSID" or something?

I have Static IP usually stands on the bottom of the router on a sticker. This password you give once when setting up the "small network tutorial" here from the forum set up. The SSID is the encryption network identifier of the router (password) that is assigned to DNS server address and addresses. There was what was this data?

How do I put these in advance. Thank you

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if that works, no idea. What is Kenn I'm not really hard drive, for example

Do you think about the project? There is nothing simpler, if the "Video", "pictures" - 0 for that correct or check I net Wikipedia? On another stuff, why do you want to have everything on one? The desire itself nothing more.

Videos, on the other pictures, on the next any and "stuff" hard disk is displayed; or have I misunderstood that ?!

For example:
6 * 2TB disks = 12 TB under windows

Is Raid the sense, or