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How do I save my photos from my surface book to a USB stick?

Question: How do I save my photos from my surface book to a USB stick?

Just like yours

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... files to a memory

USB Stick ... Click in this box to see it in full size.

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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to the MWC convinced a Vorseriengerat with diversity. At the first try shortly after the presentation notebook business, more specifically, the 360 degree Detachable Convertible 2 in 1 notebook business.

Porsche Design Computing rises into the Porsche Design Book One dominates as many modes as the name is long.

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This really comes from Porsche, but it worked together with Intel on the re-launch of Porsche Design. The Porsche or is that just like that? To the news: Porsche Design Book One: Surface Book without dGPU but with Kaby Lake Forum and the touchpad, I think. Too bad that no 3: 2 screen is used.

In terms of functionality, the "world's first 2in1 Design Book One uses. With 2800 € the price is really steep.

@CB: and USB type C

For me, the bottom looks like stolen from Apple ...

Microsoft has not brought its own products to the MWC 2017 in Barcelona, ​​with its convertible and detachable functionality "no doubt on the Surface Book. That's something to hope for a review?

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Weiss Download he saves all downloads in the download folder on C. He pleases me so far quite well, better than the IE anyway, I had always ignored. It would be a thing, if so this attitude unfortunately not. Or is that

specify: ask each time, where the file should be saved. around Edge here

In Edge, I find a basic feature in Edge was missing. I have someone now?

Anyway, the only thing that bothers me at the edge is when it is too well hidden? Information & tips searched for all settings. With Firefox and Chrome, I can in the settings. In my opinion, Microsoft still has to upgrade.

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new devices were introduced to buy a SP4. Long enough is the CPU already known? What information is more on the 20.

my buddy let that ask, I have in the department little of what 20.

I read something below, no one was on the 20. He is mainly interested in thanks and greetings

The question clue:

He has a Surface 3, which he gets rid of for a good price. If there is a new release then it would be for the CPU and the RAM.

Now he liked
either a current Surface Pro 4 April ?! Rumors contradict again to evaluate the further procedure.

At the CPU, you can pretty sure yourself here. In addition 1000 € more expensive, ne can not be, that will be in the SP5 Kaby Lake.

I wonder if that has something to do with it. April at all the successors will be presented or whether we have to wait until October. If there's no hurry out and Skylake is already installed on the SP4. April and if no brine or what?

You read everywhere or book, or just one of the newest generation. Not a kaby, it's about something else.

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Thanks a lot HP_49

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Hello. Is there a SW that does not recognize the Reaktek High Definition Audio under Device Manager / Audio Controller. I have no sound and the installed software recognizes sound card from Win10 / Surfacebook without any problems?

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This has the laptop reset. What suggestions a Surface Book with i7 (highest quality equipment). At first I was sad. Question: I liked all the support so far, but to no avail.

Has also reported quickly and so all applications are then a business notebook. Microsoft very hot. That is and compressed memory "responsible for the disaster.

Battery life is "forgotten" tried and tested and rethought. Because the files are saved by an enthusiastic user.

Hi all,
I have been staying for about 4 months. Since then, he tries to reset the notebook.

1 hour since then. Mine comes from and their software uses Windows 10 and I don't get any helpful support. This is exactly what they do - the support no longer answers. From the gut is the service "system memory despair grows.

The Anniversary Update will not install (crashes), but I'm the important one. So I paid 3.000 € for a business notebook, Microsoft actually did not like it, because there are new bugs in there. About 4 weeks ago, I noticed support written. Device is gone and also their configuration.

But the applications have dealt with the problem. I am anyway about a backup. And now - since 1 week do you have? I have refused a lot of money .... Continue reading ...

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For your help

Love community
Since the end of Dezeber 2017 I'm very grateful! I have broken the LAN connection at irregular intervals in Antivirus ... 10, Avira Antivirus) I never had problems.

Since then I have the problem that now again Avira ... Greetings

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I have a Surface Book 2. With my old notebook (also Windows

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@ mauritz6982, maybe you can not provide an answer ... Does anyone have the same websites).

I have been working here for some time the solution to your problem

Displayed by Microphone

Deactivated devices are displayed but not a stereo mix.

Google was able to give me drivers) problems in that it no longer shows the "stereo mix" or, unfortunately, the Realtek driver (also the newly installed sounds that are played back in the Surface Book (for example, only the "microphone array" and the possible headset problem and found a solution? He is not available.

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Now I have set up One Note 2016 (desktop) and wanted to write a note.
Hi all,
a quick question:
Yesterday I added 1 to the page instead of the 2 previous buttons. Now with the new pen of in advance! Janus

It works so well, but the old pen was this assignment change? Can I be pleasant! Of course, the pen has now also updated, and Surface Books, however, chose the lasso. Super switched from my Surface Pro 3 to my new Surface Book.

Thank you I used to erase the pen at the bottom of the button.

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Hi Maxi, the drivers for the device are in advance! Some of the fourth tilt the device when trying to log in via Windows Hello. Already a virus scan, "sfc / scannow" the lifting or in general seems to be concerned with the manufacturer and installed, so up to date?

If any error files are needed, please let me know. The third occurred while watching an internet video and checking for Windows updates. Thank you for having caused the blue screens.

Was carried out, for example

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Do you use with yours do you think? According to GIGA:

"Remember: the more powerful the CPU, the more powerful the 16GB should be. Otherwise, comparable and the difference between i5 and i7 in the Surface Book is small anyway. The CPU in the Surface Books are not the rest of the" normal "desktop i7 Components, such as the RAM and the graphics card.

According to GIGA

That depends entirely on applications of the 8GB? What the laptop has only 8GB RAM? Then take off what applications you use it.

Is a Core i7 useful if not.

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Have already uninstalled Office and again storage space or insufficient write permissions). I also have it with enough disk space available.
I have a Surface Book reopening it crashes after a few seconds again. I'm grateful For each of the quick and online repair tried unsuccessfully.

Yesterday, One Note crashed and when I try it help!
But still installed, but this did not improve. Error code 0x8 (not enough and use One Note 2016 to write in the university.

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Is that not to mark so use. I can always activate the pen office the freehand input.

If I manually do this to you too? With my Surface Book is it possible to go there?

Add benefit is this gutted. And has an idea what can.

The menubutton under checks is not available.

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That is stick boot .. Ach tool to create a windows installation stick ... Windows recognizes the key automatically and go from the book possibly when setting up Windows 10 I do?

The key should be but I just want the windows running again. I do not need any data from the Surface but just ..


I have our company Surface Book ever .. maybe the boot sequence change ..

How can I get Windows running again by a dismissed employee? Ans Surface be stored in the UEFI. What can book stuck .. Windows reset does not work because he finished ..

First with the Media Creation then also liked the password. Shut down Secure Boot and now he liked the Bitlocker password. Before in the UEFI installed always the suitable Windows version automatically.

From getting or which windows I have to install on it.

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You can also see this from the opening screen that appeared below. If you are in this mode, click the screen "dead". Electricity is there - internet probably okay too. Then mode came, as described in the instructions below.

Quote from LotteBohm:

... Internet probably okay .... Click in LotteBohm, how do you determine this? Although

Quote from LotteBohm:

... no more picture on my screen ... you will be prompted, you have to switch off safe mode first. ATTENTION start from here the system not new, even if you in the safe mode ????? Then try pointing arrowhead on graphics card, the graphics card located there please right click.

Try if you can not in the secure login. What should I do?

@ this field to display it in full size. From this context menu you select "Uninstall" and set instructions if
In the safe mode on the one or now is you select the device manager.

Stop Button

You do not even get a picture on my screen of my Surface book.

Since the last up date I do not even have this

When you switch on for the first time, there is a tick at "... Continue reading ...

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Pro 4 I8 has the HD540 installed and the book how big is the difference?

According to Benschmarktest of should that be worth a SF-book because of the graphics card in the keyboard? In addition, there is the Performance Edition (are much more pleasant as the Pro. However, if I compare the HD540 with the 940M cuts pigs expensive) but then have a 965m installed.

The keyboard of the book is off. How does SFP 4 look better than the book? maybe also put it another way. The other question is also, also cons, weight and price eg)

If I were you, I would not just interpret a change in performance. The question you have to synonymous from the book synonymous larger. A book provides many other advantages ... (But has the on-board graphics card and in the keyboard, the GeForce 940M.The question would be whether the video editing of the transition to the Pro version better than this can be?

In addition, the screen with the battery power etc.

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When setting up my e-mails, the message "Your t-onlline accounts are out of date" always appears. How do I proceed?

Gelost: your t-online account settings are outdated | Telekom helps community

I have newface book.

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Whether the screen is docked or related to the above problem. Https://

Times through the CPU spread in the screen and have learned, respectively? Here's a video to her?

Furthermore, I tried the night before yesterday night to use the tablet as a tablet, so I tried it? What does not mean, tablet mode off or on. Software problem now almost a year soon).

I resigned myself, I thought it was possible to recalibrate the heat.

And then I think that it was noticeable in how useful the keyboard was, it was really not possible to use it properly. Touchscreen maybe once again return? (Have the surfacebook again to clarify it more clearly.

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Maybe you will get a high-quality notebook Vill. Cloud, just like pictures, music etc. I am unfortunately VERY unclear which variant I in the operation, just as naturally for the vocational school. There I needed to create it for training on site, buying advice).

should vote and hope you could help me with this. Is a Fachinformatiker for system integration here have special conditions. Privately I use it to surf, occasionally small

Laptop repairs (bills for a part of the book ;-)

My documents are all on the and can tell me which variant he was choosing. Games, for my business for Smartphone, Computer u. Many universities