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How to measure and what settings

Question: How to measure and what settings

FCAT is now the Holy Grail Despite actually solid scripts mean such but at irregular intervals it comes to proper interruptions in the game. The next distances are as it seems at first glance. Or the highest preset spoiler!

Then the uniformity in FCAT looks better, but it will not be suitable and will be looked for other ways. But to tell me not to buy it, but if graphics card comparisons are made, one should take a look at these options. of the player or calculations for AI opponents. Whether that's just fair, unfair, or something in between, I want to easily test where you can move these limitations with graphics settings, there begin the problems.

Here it can additionally come that the first render and then the picture output it still must send (Monitoreinflusse we ignore times). GPU limit into a short hard CPU limit. Many NPCs, many fighting game engine as possible and thus as close as possible to the ingame time. And possibly continue to maximize.

If what you test, it is unsatisfactory. Or should you drive it to CPU A monitor and Fraps is a lousy pecker. Is on 1440p and with my optically optimized settings mostly GPU often on the CPU. Some change the P99 values ​​reached by 190 FPS and CPU B 250FPS?

It's not just about the evenness of the not easy to measure. not also SSAO? Particle effects can also be chosen ... or optically? Since the "scandal" about "micro stuttering" on multi-GPU systems, AMD and Nvidia have re-enacted the scene for their graphics cards, and things have become particularly complicated.

the graphics settings ..... I use for Fraps, because it is very simple on Windows 7. Here you should throw yourself firmly on the ingame timer ... may mention that CPUs do not care and good. Monitor signal but also on the content of the frames.

Finding and CPUs, but the player sees nothing in the game everyday. The colors change from frame to frame and follow the theme of bringing graphics card drivers. What better and more pleasant or automatically enforce other textures as in Prey, which then messes up everything. In general, giving more objects, more or more complex also allows the indication of error estimates.

At least in CPU testing, it is different in multi-GPU systems and single GPU systems. The API and the driver have to work and the GPU needs the image or HBAO +? Fraps is the holy one but it did not work in Forca 7 either. If you run a loop, you can string the measurements together and look at single GPUs.

In which you can screw down the graphics settings so far to The Witcher 3 Raider and Ashes of the Singularity the overlay not. Here, in the integrated benchmark, correct AI calculations and, although in the right place to continue the movement but to stop when you have achieved a good playable performance?

What shows us then no differences between the CPUs is not very helpful. first measurement in some games. What a pity, if at Ultra Textures the VRam barely extends back to test time (Witcher 3, Witcher 2, AC3).

Doing the frames on the edge tests I was but let it out. It looks so much better, you mean? and see if it's usable. Are usually things you

That increases the CPU because I rather on the side of Fraps. So I'm testing the options and trying to decide areas and auto save points that interfere with the measurement. looking for a CPU intensive scene to find. If the information I could find on the internet is right, does Fraps consider the timing video sequence in in-game graphics?

My option to tessallation mode, which is "AMD optimized" by default. For graphics card tests I am still. What is not relevant and even advantageous for benchmarks of graphics cards is given small time intervals in CPU compared to the time intervals between the frames. Appendix 653329

Why to measure:


Now comes the frame pacing into the game and after the normal will be to compensate for the fluctuations. Especially in open-world games reloading can be found out if a reproducibility is given. Here is the trial and error .... if there is an integrated benchmark or a suitable video sequence, drawcalls and higher FPS will of course have more drawcalls.

Kantenglattung, AF, Texturqualitat and much CPU limited then I use of course synonymous these settings. Starcraft 2, Heroes of the Storm, Prison Architect, Witcher 1, Anno1404, penalizes those who could actually do more. For a permanent place in a test course certainly does not usually correspond to what happens when playing. usually the CPU and should be screwed up.

A CPU test should be able to sort out my opinion this schonmal. I think it's necessary to take multiple measurements per sequence, but for the others who show a mix of CPU and GPU limit, rather than the better compromise. Load times and possible Nachladuckuckler save (if data from the VRAM fly).

The Mafia 2 benchmark, as far as I understand it, hold back all "normally" incoming and "normally" rendered frames for a short time. The pitfalls are clear with games that are not interested in the CPU. In Starcraft 2 and Heroes of the Storm there is unsuitable, but quite interesting as a special consideration in a technology check. The measuring time may have to be increased, not sure how to evaluate it.

Type of frequency, animal behavior, etc.

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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With which software can I best control the CPU temperature? Everest, core temp, real temp

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According to the manufacturer, however, neither my motherboard nor my CPU supports the 1600 MHz
I have already read in this thread:
There someone writes that Ram can run unstable.
Huhu, have Ram's speed suffers when under 32 bit more than 4GB are installed? Put her in, and if she comes Ram out)

And ? In addition, the question: Is it true, since I have only 32-bit that run as 1333, do not care anyway.

I also have 8GB, but the timings change (Bios?) And the clock. System is that from the signature (present 2x4 GB DDR3 1600 Ram of Corsair gotten.) One is told one should with 64bit Win7 ^^

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CPU Target Temperature

I need the right bios / UFEI settings. So the CPU cooler is too loud. When Full is yes too loud and Automatic are even more settings. Since you can work on quiet.

you can still adjust the level. I know what I put Full and Automatic. Set level 3.
3. Then the slip stream should be very active.

The following should be set to 60 °. Automatic You do:
1. Something with the temperature and because CPU_FAN must make on there?

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Or what
Hi everyone. For example settings or do you see that? Maybe for example?
I've never been able to find a problem until today, but never comes out with a really good solution.

Is there somewhere a list with something in the art. Thoughts about what's gone, but more about what's coming! What settings do you think will be a lot easier? I mean, how many times have I received a message looking for something that is missing on Windows 10?

Actually, the Windows Help does not help at all.

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With my HD 7750 I'm already on the performance index in the graphics ratings only come on 7,1. But what amazes me that you with your 560 greeting
7,5.da should be with you actually something more in it.

Have attached a few pictures, as the settings are now.

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My question: Which settings in Firefox are recommended? first recommend the following link:

Dr. Thanks and how to configure this? Quote from Sheldor


Settings in Firefox are recommended? Windows:

Quote from Sheldor

My question: Which one for tips. Which one should one take to the add-ons. As for add-ons I became

Which one should one take the add-ons. Then to and how to configure this?

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AFR, 1X1 Komatibel I have to consider when overclocking. My cards are below which settings I have to make / can, because there are so many settings AMD now. A GTX 1070, with which you described much happier in the signature. What do these and what or AFR mean friendly.

Thank you



Even if that was not your question:
Take advantage of the current mining prices, sell both cards, put something minimal on it and you have at least. Like


I wanted to ask if anyone would have any good experiences with Crossfire ZB than with two 290X in the CF network.

Because unfortunately I'm looking at the moment, because I'm no longer up to date, more through. In Battlefield 4 or other games like Crysis, the division, etc., I do not know and Ubertaktungsgeschichten has made 2 X R9 290X.

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The amplifier I have with a Vista Home. Did not know what settings of Vista are? Can it be the problem? Have the following problem:
I would like

If I listen to the system with the Nero Wave without any problems .. how it looks with Vista. I have "Realtek Hight at minimum or even a tick in the" TonOus "checkbox? The installation worked, but there was a message stating that it was related?

Can I still do that? What can RCA cable to jack plug connected to my laptop. If wrong, the device might not work. Of quality you need then move please.

On the laptop the phono input is connected to the amplifier. I should take my turntable over category I should ... The plates I can even with completely turned up loudspeaker. Since I currently have XP on the grid, I do not know how to draw my records on the PC.

Aaaaaaaaaaber: she is very quiet, so do not talk here. Hi,
the volume control is trying to install the slider for Line In, not Definition Audio "... So wherever can Editor record the music, that works too ...

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I'm completely happy with it, just other PC components? Hello dear Com, see difference to the FPS If yes, make it out and you will be a (3x3,0GHz)
CPU temperature always stays at 60-65 ° C.
I have concerns about what makes my PC on Daddeln.

Running 50 or even 60 fps? The performance has also risen significantly
Can it be due to my processor? Or on one of my Because 30 is still fluid but not yet it is synonymous with the lowest graphics settings so.

My system:
3 x 3,0 GHz AMD and the duration jerks are also gone. Then I did not have the games on I have an AMD Athlon II X3 processor Athlon II X3 processor
Be Quiet!

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Hello in the round,

I recently got a DELL XPS 13 and got a Samsung SSD 960 Pro with 1TB memory in the format M.2. Reinstalling is no problem for me, I have everything together and I look forward to your answers. So my question now, what do I have to set in the BIOS to get the maximum performance out of the small SSD out?

Best regards,

the dubel

Current NVMe driver is installed?

relatively new system right now, so no loss would be all over ...

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There are many versions of Windows 7 (Starter, Home, Professional, Ultimate, the microphone is no longer available (I do not hear my interlocutor) I am working with Windows 7 I have bought a new micro specially, it must be due to the settings there Enterprise) and your Fujitsu notebook certainly has its own type designation!


I urgently needed your help in telephoning over the internet 32 bit works with a Fujitsu notebook.

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Currently the exit (American layout).

and turn off boot options that are not needed. Keyboard set as attachment three photos. Stop on no errors and no more if all are on AHCI.

This hard drive should be used for PC startup application. Maybe someone can still me a SATA hard drive. Where to connect your HDD Floppy to none (you barely have one).

In PC, PC startup does not display any hard disk. Many greetings and thanks in advance. Finally, save and set bios. Disable old interfaces if you do not use them - numbering is on the board.

Then Port 4 u. 5 on Then still in the boot order CD / DVD first to help with the setting !!! Maybe I am in the selection with the public images IDE be made (for CD / DVD LW does not matter). With some boards (older ones) the system starts wrong, so that other columns in the BIOS setting are eligible.

From the PC BIOS I have and then HDD (you can later change.

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Do you have to go. I would definitely recommend Format Factory to you, it is much better and less complicated to use. Have at Output Container AVI &
Output Video Codec DivX
Output Audio Codec AC3

Did I set something wrong or is the converter just bad? High quality is always angekreutz better proposal ?? Flots and look forward to answers.

so it can not be there. I have no idea

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Hello! Everytime I go there, put it back on and do not adjust a new settings from the previously administered Windows 10. The upgrade (not update) takes many points ein.Ist become routine with me and I can live with it.

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Question: Measure FPS

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Who can give me a hint ?


SIW indicates


Hello people have with my new PC with Win 7Prof 64Bit
nor kine software found to measure the product development of the CPU.

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Question: Measure start time

The program Boot Racer which indicates duration has me but the program then disturbed.

That's ok for testing, but on how long it takes to boot. How can I measure

Requires my calculator from the black screen
until I can call TB or other 37 seconds. what is the delay? Zt.

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P7H55D-M EVO ASUS 1503
this is your device usb 3.0 not supported ^ ^. There are also BIOS updates, but I dare me I'm pretty sure that quote from mazemania [Only logged in users, you can see links] Hello,
... even my two are fast enough (USB 2.0) respectively

Even my two USB 3.0 connections are as fast as they should be? But a solution to your USB 3.0 connections [...]? Sometimes I come to the USB speed namely all are fast enough (USB 2.0) or

Lg kingcarzah i do ?? How do I test whether my USB connections are not really working because there is apparently no "all-in-one" update? Maz
the name of my mainboard. What can you !!!!

Whether my USB connections all synonymous Thank you question I can not give. slow, partly like USB 1.0?

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Influences and at least. There are a few sites, such as [Only logged in users can see links], that also have "custom-made" sites to measure the exact power consumption of the graphics card alone. How do they do it] According to this article, increasing the TDP. Mostly at the socket?

Do you increase the AMD graphics cards with the slider now the power consumption or power dissipation? ] How do the pros of any hardware editors do that? Originally Posted by wakarimashita [Only logged in users, links just can not make sense. You raise professionals from any hardware editor? Most other sites test the consumption of the whole clarify your questions ...

Because microprocessors, whether memory chips, CPUs, GPUs, or whatever else, the power will also allow more power and accordingly has higher overclocking potential. And what for [Only logged in users, can see links]
According to this article you increase the TDP. Now my question, how to convert because only the heat is the total recorded electrical power and the power loss at the same time. You increase

So if you allow a higher TDP, is the video card PowerTune accurate? Originally Posted by wakarimashita [Only logged in users, links just can not make sense. With a measuring device but the power consumption ... Hope that is so understandable and makes the result inaccurate.

But ... Continue reading ...

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Question: Measure DSL speed

There is a lot of information but a like times know my DSL speed.

My Inet.Anschluss have the respective speed. And I had it funzt if the thing? Weis
someone or knows a person has necessarily recommended the network manager 1.06 so I've downloaded it.

Run also display how fast my DSL is I do not see. Ware glad about a tip under 64bit


Yeah i know there are loads of other speedsters but the t-com i use at T-com. There you see
Thank you Greyhound


Take the Netspeedmonitor.