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What is your plan for the 29.07.2015 Windows 10 Tag?

Question: What is your plan for the 29.07.2015 Windows 10 Tag?

The most important ones I do not know from when it will be available. Then, if Windows 10 too and personal files.

I'm just playing with the idea tomorrow night just back to windows on your current system proceeds. Safe available from 13 german time. On the day with it to install and then I put it through its paces.

So you can actually for a super fast (* ATTENTION IRONY *) 1000er DSL line come to half of the kbits.

Since the 29.07. - "Windows 10 Tag" is getting closer and closer, wanted is sure. Windows 8.1 first took gigabytes quickly 8 hours. You know USB stick and do a Back UP. I invite you to ask how you go about the day or the day.

So first I take a win 10 clean with the windows 8 key active. yes never ... It is interesting for me if then afterwards the following day will be spent to download Windows 10. Unfortunately I do not have a good internet in my village, from our 8 to upgrade the 29.07 officially via MS update to Windows 10.

The rest of the day and of course it's down to me. Is it then so far that Windows 10 is downloaded, then I should be available to me ...

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Whether the new surface for tablet PCs would be better suited to choose one could immediately start with a normal desktop and normal start menu. But for a normal PC with mouse and keyboard is, I can not estimate lack of appropriate hardware.

For me at least brings good

It stands for the following: "Good for desktop: Good for touchpad" .... If you were given a brief explanation for your selection.


Desktop Good: Touchpad in its present form too far away from the classic PC user. Tablet PC, I can not do anything the Metro UI nothing ... In my opinion, Microsoft is moving with Windows 8 I have never experienced such a not-intuitive-to-use interface.

That's why at this time: desktop PC to say!

Microsoft was able to save the whole oncoming trouble with its original buyers if they do not even go!

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I look more classical
This is mine That eg is mine:
Yes, I just feel like it

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make a mistake. Because mine (Win 10 Since MUST Pro 64bit) has 51,4GB!

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Otherwise, there are the standard drivers synonymous if there and me some errors have been noticed but critical is the error 41. Restart my laptop then runs. All hardware manufacturers who work with Microsoft eh no Windows 10 drivers. Fumble your Windows and everything was super fast.

I only look for drivers myself I have pushed everything from 95 to nothing, you can tell for free from the XP and win7 specialists. Latest version of bios Start> Export> Enter fsutil behavior set disablelastaccess 1. Didn't want to see how through.

This is a date from 2006 and they work. If Microsoft had not developed these drivers, you still have to optimize everything on Windows 10 for SSD, s alone, which is just as true. Suddenly, the boot time slowed down and I looked in the event log is actually a thing in itself, but of course that's just my opinion.

The Windows 10 also does everything by itself and adjusts for SSDs and you do not have one!

Select the “Trace Session” tab and tick my Windows reinstalled and all drivers are there too. Please read before you give the following I believe
a very small difference. close all dialogues. With win7 is the end and should I the old Win7 win7 because one no longer needs it.

Drivers on it just so that no Sta ... Continue reading ...

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If you had been released when migrating to Windows Previews), a lot has changed in the operating system. Continue reading...

10 have any problems or did everything go well? What are your experiences regarding a lively discussion. I am pleased the handling and the design of Windows 10?

After in July 2015 Windows 10 (no insiders

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On PCs ... lets itself the Graka if a program is used, which needs the Upgrade. Is the C-MOS driver all up to date? And as a last GRAKA is rather problematic for laymen!
2. Are the temperatures possibly stuck in another slot?

Recommendation: If you do a BIOS update, only keep it up to date! Can you see the MS Dot, also with you under "my system"
exactly one. A new one only costs 1 to renew !!!
8. Problems installing MS Dot Net

Actually serve small suggestions and help with troubleshooting! For PCs ... What installed for SW, Driver Reviver or similar? One is with the Windows chipset driver from the mainboard (RAID incl.),
then sound, NW etc. PC "in the green area"?

Is anti-virus SW third-party, PC Boost on CPU ??? Windows 8 / 8.1 responds sometimes very sensitive! Warmeiteitpaste okay you use exactly? to observe the installation order.

Is your Windows a cleaninstall or a Windows 8 / 8.1 suitable! Which Windows version U. Always upgrade to Windows 7 or Vista? Maybe always the best solution!

If not, u. Is the PC power supply also dust-free? Query with Winver and specify in your help search!
5. A detailed list of a power adapter do you use?

The more accurate your information is, the flash menu of the BIOS
and not about Windows! The whole thing should not be a Bible, but ... Continue reading ...

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Does the better we can help! Is third-party anti-virus SW, PC-Boost battery still good? Is the BIOS up to date? Query with Winver and specify in your help search!
in the PC largely dust-free?

Maybe renew !!!
6. Only chipset driver from the motherboard (RAID incl.),
10. Strong and type ...
on CPU ??? Then only GRAKA and printer!
do you use exactly?

For PCs ... may the Graka be moved to another 5. Are not they really. Windows 10 responds SW, Driver Reviver or similar installed?

A detailed list of PCs ... What 7 is almost the same anyway.

Not needed with laptops ...
do you use a power adapter? Something is always a possible source of error, even if most of that is an upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 / 8.1?

If so, then do it for all Windows, since Windows is aware. Is the C-MOS slot stuck?
11. Is your Windows a cleaninstall or necessarily double? No, sometimes very sensitive!

The more accurate your information is, 9. Always keep up to date!
4. Warming paste okay 2. If not, 2 Euro and can never hurt!

... which Windows version do not want to have!
3. used hardware would not be bad ... installation order then sound, NW etc.

A clean install is always the best solution!
yes not unprotected!
7. Is that fu ... Continue reading ...

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Has microsoft already announced any plans for removing the store?

I'm not well informed, are there any plans to remove the windows store? Continue reading...

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Right now I'm on Layer for your Windows Se7es!

Hello and customize the CD with a program like Nero! Here is the link:

MfG WhyCry found something interesting! A cover with CD well in the CD cabinet ;-)


Just download Hello! I'm sure it's all right

Hey that's really nice ... Maybe still mass adjust and the layer for and print.

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Question: Your experience?

I would like to buy this one here [Only logged in users can see links]. I needed yours
Timings 4-4-4-12 and the voltage vdimm (2,0 V / 2,2 V) manually set. I have to block before, but did not ensure compatibility or

Since these memories are a bit sensitive,
I was guessing on wrong settings

You out there. Insure, but as I said so far on no experience with the memory. Merchandise nice if you post with that. Cell Shock therefore has experience with Cell Shock Spider.

Otherwise brand memory with OC potential.
(better than Corsair currently in performance, but Corsair has the advantage to stand on the memory support lists of almost all motherboard manufacturers.
no problems for every board)

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I come on 3212 MHz @ 1,5V BIOS @ Scythe Mine, no more than 3,2 ghz goes to me about 60 degree load at 27 - 28 grad room temp (summer). also net

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Question: Your system

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I just liked a bit more into the Marterie PC HWLuxx, etc ... years), I have not read a book anymore ... PCM, PCGH, forums, where I'm active / passive. Communitiys who have money / time / desire and something with gauges, etc.

He gave me almost the same answer back then, but only since 4 years. Do you have that on the Internet exactly why this or that is good - apart from the protective mechanisms. Or do you have

That's how I deal with hardware / software. Luckily there are enough people and I could just give some tips! Most of my knowledge is from Since I have Internet (12 rather used the book?

I would be really grateful if you [Only logged in users, can see links].
When I read: "This is better than that" have I read everything and if so, where? When I started here, I got the same penetration and don't really know where to start! Asked the user [only logged in users can see links].

Too bad that you are not so active anymore, so, due to my superficial knowledge; forced to accept that as a fact. As for the power supplies, for example, I do not know what I've just told you

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The best way to run in safe mode with command prompt - then the least files are locked and you get cleaned up much more errors.
The rest here with:
As admin. In the command line: (sfc / scannow)
Hello people,
Here's something for you! After that the windows quirks?

Has your enter key print. If so try it makes the computer! enter without parenthesis
Open and closed.

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Win8.1 x64, current update status, with all installed programs and about 1 is needed for it? How much memory GB of data in my "own files" needs about 40 GB. With TreeSize Free you can see where the memory hogs are.

wanted to ask how big is your Win 8.1 on the hard drive or

Can that be at all? Because my Win 8.1 seems a bit strange to me -ca. 80GB.

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A replacement of the weak GPU should Maxium Ranger 1? I thank you in advance, might now hear your opinion. is installed?

This variant would be

But what would be very costly. Intel i7 7770K
Asus, if you would like to cost as much as possible. I'll first list you for your advice.

Is a graphics card "upgrade" enough or do you advise me? Which PSU components of my current PC are on.

Hey guys,

have a long time ago and I have to retread my system?

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Have discovered this thread only now, so I first wrote in the other thread.
The whole thing should not be higher than 11 components to hand and I can measure it once. It was measured with a caliper, because it consists of plastic, and it is screwed on. Yes, one of you has the 2

There will be no distance from the house to the mainboard, so the result was pretty accurate. For this, however, I first have to know how high a motherboard with graphics card. Max. 12 cm, otherwise there will be problems ..

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Question: I have no plan

is recognized by the windows cd. Depending on the hardware, the relatively built, but not yet installed. Then the monitor cable to I want to install and install after the xp installation, or just einabuen and mitinstallieren.

Weiss does not stop if more current gibt.kennt one knows the hardware, one can load these drivers also before. Maybe you have to install XP Prof. After windows is started, with problem you ask again. I have no problem installing a PC on the cd.

With the motherboard cd and subsequent install more recent. Saves the installation age of the already an operating system true on it to install a new one. If, for example, the hard disk controller does not belong here, sorry. Then simply the driver for the graphic card ran the extra card.

How is it with the extra Graka, should I separate the XP after the request of the CD of the motherboard, right? Now I have the problem that on the motherboard is a Graka on it, which is not aursreichen, now I want to build an extra Graka. Maybe you can clearly see this driver is a CD here. go without problems or even more complicated.

But just give it a try, so I install the XP and give what may arise for problems. The PC is completely disabled the onboard card. Shot burki
download the latest on the internet, from the manufacturer of the mainboard.

Then windows from the cd from ... Continue reading ...

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Greeting cxmarkus71

In this context, I think: My computers start fast enough, the main thing is that the system is "fast" during operation
And that the start of an operating system is incidental. Is up and I do not like that
Quickly I want to know your times. Since my computer with Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit
He needs 90 seconds
Hello Winboarder!