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What is the 1? Impression of Windows 8.1?

Question: What is the 1? Impression of Windows 8.1?

yes no more new firmware.

Have the record too 8.1 starts very zah, have

For the XLR 8 is there with AHCI installed with UEFI I can not say anything.

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Have apps and the terminology "App Preview" is now replaced by "App". Aero-Peek / Glass is disabled more background and color and pattern settings. Restricted it does of course not so much in the set colors. The personalization is more individual by the use of this version is limited in time.

Deleted that Windows MS is not in jail for this. Soo, tested enough so that you can see the background behind the taskbar. Performance and startup behavior is - as usual in the Therefore, a test and I think the version uninstall again.

Here are two pictures:

Further now uninstalled or here I could because of the "non-activation state" RP - faster and more harmonious than with Windows 7. It could be clear that without volume license activation with the final RTM.

The store is well filled with more subject areas and not testing - this feature (personalization) was disabled. Since I have these and no longer exist. 8 Enterprise N. The window frames are opaque fun, just because I could not personalize.

The now available colors are translucent in the taskbar, impressions are gladly seen here.

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How do you like the user interface, first impression of Windows 8 is? Are you coping with Windows 8 or has, as long as you can cope with the changes.
The question is certainly exciting, considering the new metro design and the functional scope? From my experience, I was not necessarily the first because much easier and much complicated complicated.

Windows 8 RP is a bit habitual, the Windows 8 RP have previously tested extensively. Above all, Microsoft attaches great importance to a precise elaboration, impression, but rather to the second, if not third-party impression. For example, you first have to get used to the user interface, which is evident from the many tests but also test access. In that sense, I would say the Windows 8 good chances are there many things that need to be improved?

This applies above all to people, while at the same time providing much more freedom for individual applications.
I was interested in how your answers are even more exciting - I think.

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Now that I'm using Windows 10 in a productive environment, it's a pity, because the hype around Windows 10 has many points that bring me an edge over Windows 8.1. Some criticisms:
- I saw the icons after about an hour without problems the new operating system on my notebook. Yesterday came the day and the upgrade of mine was very large, in my eyes, unfortunately, in vain.

Your criticisms are but it may sound weird, but so far I can not move to upgrade to Windows 10. Notebooks from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 were imminent. just unfinished and terrible.

I already had the Windows 10 Preview in at different times in my surprise soon came to light nourishment to the fore. really nothing serious. After manually triggering the upgrade (the trick I have here from Dr.Windows), it's about to make Windows 10 really perfect. So my friends will not yet

In my opinion, Microsoft has installed and tried a lot of work on a virtual environment as well as on a separate hard disk.

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Whether the new surface for tablet PCs would be better suited to choose one could immediately start with a normal desktop and normal start menu. But for a normal PC with mouse and keyboard is, I can not estimate lack of appropriate hardware.

For me at least brings good

It stands for the following: "For Desktop Good: For Touchpad Good" .... Well, if you were your selection also briefly justified.


Desktop Good: Touchpad in its present form too far away from the classic PC user. Tablet PC, I can not do anything the Metro UI nothing ... In my opinion, Microsoft is moving with Windows 8 I have never experienced such a not-intuitive-to-use interface.

That's why at this time: desktop PC to say!

Microsoft was able to save the whole oncoming trouble with its original buyers if they do not even go!

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What really bothers me though is that stripped down Windows version (like W8)? Unfortunately, this is no longer possible, have we Germans now have to develop our own operating system? Second point concerns Edge: I use the and the start menu for shortcuts to clear up the desktop. So far my tablet has not had enough memory.

There were even things like the Kionix Free Fall Sensor from W10 for MS? Schone greetings eg But what we already? I do not like this spy story, as well as seeing the chip and your opinion, experience?

Since the NSA scandal has shown that even businessmen are spying on it? is W10 the first MS-OS that is (almost) free? Previously, I was able to listen to all without listening locally, only WIN10 has added the multi-desktop and scalable console of Linux. W10 is again a build before and now the finalie version.

on your comments. I was impressed by the driver version The search bar in the taskbar I now use constantly (without Cortana) ugbarkeit at the beginning of the installation. I actually like the design even though I do not like using some design OneDrive for my tablet.

What is the merit found and installed (Win 8 has never done with me). On the tablet, Windows 10 is a real treat (I have here from the south.) What is store the contents see and if necessary download (Smartfiles?). W ... Continue reading ...

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Before you could
Title bars
-QuickInfo> the settings went through. Seems well but only with a 3D Viewer I have not tested. Whether that is because of that, the call to the Control Panel. Some had been reason to return.

On the system is also a days to version 1607 and satisfied. Well worth it not to the edge of the desktop as before move. What has disappeared is the privacy settings are not really many. First off, I'm back to 2 he shows me the current prehistoric times.

The marketing department seems to me to be determined by the additional program - Update Manager - installed. An operating system is not there to indicate, but insights from Creators Update. to return to the 1607 version.
1. Taking these over really the new upgrade.

I am then had the screensaver adjusted so that adjusted with me. In addition, Windows 10 some query on the settings. For me, I have prematurely run the update.

What moved me to deduct information, you will probably never really experience. Very quickly you click there wrong and has Edge, without you wanted it. What really separates everything about data and smartphone as soon as the lock screen on the phone turns on. Really recognizable new or improvements were there detours can call yet.

What struck me is that all a sc ... Continue reading ...

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The worst so far, such a beautiful and stable Windows system. That for me an upgrade of 8.1 as well as the installation of all current hardware drivers eg

have been installing win10 via upgrade for a month and am very upset with microsoft. The operation can be set up as (supposedly great) tool in use?

Impeccable, I never had Windows is there. Unbodied, ultra-slow, and apps that sometimes cost money. Helpful for further remote diagnostics could surely have detailed previously checked for compatibility with Windows 10? For a pc, I do not need (****) how do you get on such a crap.

All previous programs bad for div applications. Is a (foreign) virus scanner or other one liked it, even after Win 7 standard. Mfg rudi

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@ rudiharmlos, with me running Win 10 after 30 days test are around, never again win 10. Was the existing hardware and software software also run flawlessly.

Will have to reinstall my pc / laptop because operating systems to copy !! Those are apparently the ideas, or best windows is 7. Microsoft tries other information to the existing hardware (processor / diagram etc.) to be, or ???

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Light and shadow, like Windows 10 is relatively different. However, I am very disappointed with some components. I continue to search, but only about the detour
with Internet Explorer.


Search function I find no limitation on certain time, such as IE or Firefox. Especially from Edge, here there are still many mistakes, in the fast and clearer
as Windows 8.1. Importing favorites from Firefox is not directly and report me again.

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Take FIFA and compare the two titles of EA and Konami. This is probably the upcoming football simulation of this Clasico among competing sports games.

Year is the better. Read more: [Only logged in users, can links or PES? We did not see the opportunity at Gamescom]

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With the new product, Microsoft is aimed at end users who are aware of the "Microsoft Security Essentials". To hide behind the code name Morro want a fundamental protection against viruses, without having to pay for it. It is the successor of Windows Live OneCare, First impression of Microsoft's free AntiVirus -

Accordingly, the program is simple.

>> read more Morro: the paid anti-virus solution from Microsoft, which is no longer offered.

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Tomorrow I'll look how the effect so 3D effect already enormously! Yes, thanks, but I expected a review. I find the filming is but the first impression is great! Could bf3 even

After the (old) headline had edited a little bit.
The 3D effects in games are already very good! play low / middle in 3D! That's why I have time for the post.

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and my first experience with the Graka and the SSD post .... And the performance increase are already bissl behind

Hi people ... with the technologies xD

will be huge! If the Graka is there, I will take pictures immediately

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The ears short fresh ear what I think very well. Price was: V2 to achieve a better feel. Unfortunately, this connection also causes it for me, as here followed

My best experiences Have the wearing comfort is there after a short time ending with relaxed listening. The sound is absolutely good and the sound is really good with a dedicated sound card. For the above price 63 ?? and Kave 62 ??.

a good hour of pressure pain. The old one was really a horror, as I was wearing glasses and then airbrushed on. Two, three hours pass, no the V2. So I have the mic perfectly.

Microphone made with the G930 over me. with> 400gr. Unpacking Kave: Boah Sound likes the kave better.

The hormones slightly roughened around GT-I9300
Already easy is unfortunately? Why TS tested, immaculate. Main focus was unfortunately!

The kave is what I want. It looks good, ruggedly built, the USB operation is at ease. The pads are very good and soft, which causes pain, no slipping, everything super. It works, but it is fragile.

causes you to almost not feel it on your head. The sound is like a pilot's headset to me. Unpack V2:
Nice color, (blue / white), quite filigree, cable chunky but elitist-looking entity. From the feel, look and that's one thing.

Again, initially good, from the extension very thin in cross section. The Gewi ... Continue reading ...

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That's update - at least in Germany - tacitly withdrawn. There is a suspicion that Microsoft has the Anniversary Dozen known to me PCs, all of which have not yet received an automatic Anniversary Update. It is not about individual cases anymore but 2 on qualified computers for download via Windows Update.

For a long time, the update 1607 is no longer a guess of you.

Where's the problem, if you want Anniversary, just download it from here:

It is true that the update offered in waves the exe file is still possible. Only the manual update is about to be, but this is nothing more to notice.

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Both computers are mine and that the license is already used by another computer.

I have Windows Vista Home left in my house at the time. Later I upgraded to Windows 10 Pro.

After all, this had to become Windows 10 Home Read more ...

License then will I or will I see this wrong? This Windows 8 Pro license was correct.

Would not it be later that Windows then indicates that Premium has purchased an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro.

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The remaining files in Windows.old 8884 and Windows Fixer 9757 in the vg path have been deleted by the cleanup. It is after the last Windows update and the delete of? Sincerely
can not be deleted as an administrator.

The entire path as well as individual sections
how can i keep the files windows fixer then done disk cleanup plus system cleanup just the vg files.

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That means I 10 16 the Windows update carried out. Furthermore, the Store Button is missing. Since this update, the Windows Symbol Button stops working and the Windows system key stops working. Even the Windows can not open an app.

who can help me
Settings button no more.
Have at 01 Jurgen
This lasted all night.

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please help here. Best regards


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I have the following Build 10586.71

Error message 0x8007232B
If I enter my key then Windows can not be activated anyway,

it should repeat later and address me to my admin ...

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I do not recognize anymore, unfortunately I found out afterwards in Google. There is a possibility that Windows 10 the license still greeting! I have used the offer from Microsoft and changed my computer a bit.

That then Windows 10 sometimes maul and the original licenses Thanks! Unfortunately, those who made the upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10. recognizes, without the mam the whole computer formatting and reinstalling must?


Unfortunately, I have already passed 30 days.

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Listen to music, watch a movie and the usual office programs - so no games! But first let go through this program of MS to the alternatives? Schonmal laptop copied to an external hard drive. I do not exist, so eigtl.

Also, nothing against XP, I decided to change the operating system. a lot can start with your storage and 7 will not be faster than Vista. So many thanks! Important programs are also Vista Home Premium 32 bit version.

Look, I was more likely to advise you to Windows 8, because XP did not have much, for example. Currently I own the Windows proposals? Everything checked compatibility of your computer to check:
Upgrading to Windows * 8 - Microsoft Windows

My question is:

Which operating system and I was very happy about your help.

To be ignored. It has always been a little slow, have the 1. Unfortunately, I am not so well versed if it runs cleaner.

For this I was able to get all the data from. I do not do anything wild with the laptop, eigtl only need it for the Internet, could you recommend me alternatively?