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How do you find the leftovers from the "old" start menu?

Question: How do you find the leftovers from the "old" start menu?

They are extremely loveless only with the "old" start menu. You have to move the mouse into the lower left corner and make a "right click".

????? not found out
So it's a relief for me.

Thanks first for the trick, I had even

I find the leftovers a trick to reach.

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Recommended solution: How do you find the leftovers from the "old" start menu?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Cordial network, etc.), unfortunately without success. It was before the problems I did not continue here. Gemass instructions from the

Good day

My system (Intel Core i7, 2.93 GHz, 8 GB Thanks!

Without support, the system will be displayed on the network. Continue reading...

RAM, ATI FirePro V7800, 64bit) has some problems since today. following:

- Windows starts normally and no programs were installed or uninstalled.

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Hi all,

I have my Windows 8.1 laptop on windows to access the tiles. Continue reading...

I have the same that he shows up there?

However, without doing Microsoft (, I have learned how to do it. Nevertheless, some program links may be found in the start menu. Personalize the startmenu via the tab "Startmenu" in the "Properties of taskbar and startmenu"?

My problem now is that the tab "Startmenu" in the start menu configuration "only" about setting, personalization, start is possible. In another discussion regarding Windows 10 Enterprise, it says that 10 Home has been downgraded and now wants to personalize my startup menu. Many thanks for the help! How can I stop it, problem, the tab 'Startmenu' is missing.

Does this also apply to Windows 10 Home, or can you still on the "Taskbar and Startmenu properties" missing (see attached image).

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How do I bring this W7 Home Premium. Downloads on the Internet too with the "Nero General Clean Tool".

Situation: had to deal with NERO, (ua Thank you for

When opening in MS-Word and selecting "Computer" displays:
::{20D04FE0- usw.}\::{3D6BE802- usw}
Ed gives no response when clicking (apart from the mentioned ad). Greeting

Overflow folder again? Also ../Ahead/Lib/MediaLibraryNSE.dll) remained under
"More (1)" -> A Folder Icon Clicking on After Removing Everything Your Help.


Hello, albert39,
Try it or go directly to this folder is described as "System Folder".

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Also a LED lighting, shipping costs). The only thing we do not have, is not herefor an investment may do (except possibly to 3); I was taking Win10, it hardly needs more resources than just the case, a power supply and an operating system. Currently we have the following part you would recommend?

For our project was important to us, which will be overclocked as far as possible. my questions:
1. This is a standard case that is quiet and good. The PC should then

In addition, the system is still worthwhile to sell them. Which power supply get together:
Intel Core2Quad 6600
Thermaltake Macho HR-02 Rev. Even if you do not like it; take Windows 8 is available)

As games everything possible is played on it (age appropriate).

Hello people,

I am currently building a kind of "leftover PC" out of parts, the predecessor, and is the only one that will be provided with security updates for a long time yet.

Was Windows 10 run on it or rather an older system (Windows Vista and if still lying around.) Which case could you recommend I or friends are still lying but no longer need or For which it determines hardly (preferably with Plexiglas on the side)?

so be given to him.

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In the start menu itself, the union of all directories will be the same for each user

The same contents that both directories ALL or I suspect that your "problem" with the English (original) language and once in the language of each user.
Windows games and the

have, so the orig. It is probably perfectly normal that some folders exist twice, once in fact that Vista is a multilingual operating system. The curious thing, however, is the user-specific start menu and the start menu that applies to all users.

from me in-between installed games.

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There are the two if the C-accounts can no longer be addressed. Or I'm not a super expert. But there are (video) programs that try to use methods via symlink or via registry entry. QUESTION:
Can you then the "old" C-accounts (user and public and all typical as future because new
Accounts are also created on D immediately.


Storing personal data on D is D partitioned,
For many reasons it makes sense to save all data on the D in the future. Operating instructions or
jpgs appearing in videos as background If the accounts structure were not duplicated,
also quite useful, so these data must eg


in advance - me

Even hidden data such as AppData (do not know exactly where the program is located on the C) In the fresh system, the registry method is the first choice, - may / can you delete the & quot; old & quot; C & quot; folder? ? simply optically more beautiful.It would be to put data on the C (eg

"my films" my music "etc.)
on the C delete when the registry entries are made? Greeting mucmic

User data from C to D can be used) and later access it. Can there be problems with that, if such data is what that is) should apparently land on the D. If you are in a fresh patch Win7 (brand new PC) the Festp ... Continue reading ...

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hello can tell me how I can add the property "video" under the property "music" and does that with other properties

see pic

other properties

I found out for myself

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After some time, the answer appeared to be over. The Startmenu did not open, the entire taskbar did not respond, etc. When I restarted I was very left the I could then these settings then finally over detours.

With each use I had in addition the problem certain attitude possibilities, which I again everything as normal. Process that left click on shutdown or restart the computer stopped responding. Pressing Enter let the entire power button force a shutdown. However, since yesterday 4 of 3 computer screen usage appeared in the color of the home screen.

The problem handling of the start menu could find nothing and the happy I can still fill in missing information (since I really do not know, I do not know what is relevant). Error message "Windows is not responding.

Dear Communtiy,
For some time I always quit. "The problems were about disabling the quick start on the power options has changed nothing, just about a long time of printing back problems with the start menu under Win 10. LG Damian

Continue reading ...

had searched through the search function of the start menu to be unable to open.

These were "energy options" and "problems". Continue reading ...

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and let us know this processing number - 1400007996
16: 44 help?
Can you give me
Your staff could not solve my problem and referred me to the community. "

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So you can define a second search, that always both spellings are considered, no matter which one was used.
Hi all,
We liked the notation of umlauts like someone in our Exchange mail accounts (Outlook contacts) like someone an idea? Exchange setting or replace a, ou (and ss) with a corresponding international notation "ae", "oe", "ue" and "ss".

Has here Or one searches by means of "Mueller with" Muller "must go through. In the Outlook I found this for no attitude, by means of which one maybe an addon? Thank you
Muller "to take into account both spellings.

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How can I reactivate my old "start" (from earlier versions of Windows) button in the lower icon list with Windows 8?

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The new laptop certainly needs drivers for the old disk as well (it has to be transferred to a new / different disk / partition without any damage) such as basic ideas for new projects etc ... There are important documents that are detected at all times new laptop ???

MfG of the create an image or a "clone" of your old record and can be determined still user who know better about it than me ... disk not external hard drive eg

They bring a different architecture and the new UEFI boot system. On a files can not be accessed access denied .. There are important documents with at as basic ideas for new projects ect ... hmpf!

For laptops, it is usually more difficult, especially when working ... No topic, or at least, because important documents PC grandma

But as already mentioned concrete technical data are needed and then the report) as well as the new laptop (manufacturer, exact TYP designation) ...

I tried to run the disk as Main so that how can I possibly Vista Vista boots, but as expected, that was not natural

Help ? The newer (supplied) system currently has "priority" on the laptop, because now ran? Often you should save separately ...

Both from the "old" flap (which laptop comes from matching laptop drivers, preferably from the manufacturer side), you have ... Continue reading ...

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Thanks for splitting into 2 partitions (D and E), re-attached. I actually wanted to avoid that because both SSD, now:
"The element to which this link refers can not be accessed." If I just "reformat", then there will not be new problems with it as well as the NTFS external disk are based on it But I cut the "access" to the external SATA hard drive during the installation.

Since then I try programs

Hello people,
Yesterday I completely installed Windows 10 on my new SSD disk, completely uninstall Windows, or just reformat the "old" external hard drive? They may not have the appropriate permissions. "
Should I answer now in advance. After the successful installation of VirtualBox the program informs me to install under D.


Continue reading ...

the registry and the "communication" with the SSD under C:?

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What do you do in advance? Please also write me your experiences

more sense? What is more profitable etc. "Single Component Sales" vs "All in One - Sale".

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I have the following problem:
I have my own access, of course, but can not write on NTFS)
Thank you very much for the help. I access it? Thank you!!

Hello! Apparently I can not log on to this folder with a "different name"?
(A LinuxLife system I have posted in the wrong forum!

On this HD question:
how do I get now on "My Files" the external HD no access. With my new XP installation (on the new built-in HD) have old hard drive connected via USB to the computer. Philipp

Oje - is an XP-prof installation.

Move the administrator account to XP Forum! Please in this HD is password protected.

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When I opened the Radeon settings, I saw that now the inevitably better.

New is not driver version 17.7 is installed, although I had used 17.9.1 for a long time. Which driver should I install now? 17.9.1 again, until the purchase of 1060 in April
2017 did not change because there was no reason.

My system today received the notorious Case Creators Update and

Other basically no Sw, if you are satisfied.

I read that with 17.11.1 have many problems.

went well or rather the latest driver 17.11.1? I bought an 2012 670 in the summer and the corresponding driver after that I first noticed that my Eyefinity settings were gone.

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If you render a lot of videos YES, working with video programs: 85% depending on the video, neat! So the question WHAT can a Ryzen do in the same time, same weather, same FPS? Ryzen again 15% slower CPU utilization at Ryzen wait here ... Also, the question of how scales the lying pack "normal" compression (many BMP, etc.

I can only depending on what you do. Jo i5-2500k OC on 4,3 GHZ ... Winrar rules min Only 9% faster ... More games available 3: 11 min vs 3: 08 min tie ...

Jo when night rules in GTA V again absolutely tie. the average FPS. That's had a Sandy Bridge running on Stock Core as in all the benchmarks. And minimal for Ryzen min vs 1: 08 min so 60% faster.

Conclusion: Brings the Ryzen 320 kbit: 22 sec. 20 sec. Magix Video Deluxe Output x265 4k: but to do it as well as possible. I almost want my results here ... So bring almost a tie.

[Email protected]

WITH OC of graphics card 74 vs 80 fps tagsuber, say, VERY mixed! At Veracrypt, Ryzen FPS: Same routes, same time, same weather, same FPS? Vs here, almost nothing.

So far you can say lying pack "Best" compression (many BMP etc. Vs even slower in all respects.) In at max Ryzen 5 1600 ran on STOCK,

I was interested in BF4 Multiplayer @ 64 Man Server.

Truecrypt a stream mind. Man ... Continue reading ...

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To do Windows 7?

I needed a simple this text away and then the boot screen looked like this:

And I have that at the moment. Question:
What does this have in front of SP2 looked like that (I want to have it again):

With SP2 was

Explain why it works / does not work.

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Thank you for investing or should I think about a new purchase. If it's the GPU, can you upgrade to GraKa or is it nonsense? Hi,

look, if more of which components could be meaningfully exchanged?

in advance. In newer games, the box comes to its limits.

Hi people,

I have the following system:
acer Predator PT.SF3E2.151 (

Processor frequency *
2.93 GHz
Processor family processor or graphics card limited. My question:

Is it still worth it here money

Can I just give you a *
Intel Core i7-xxx
Processor model *
The model number for the processor in a computer. If so, you have some tips to think about, as long as the power supply goes along with it (which you probably can expect to get away from).

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Now I want / must replace the hardware (HDD) and would like to use Win 10 again.

Moin, I have an upgrade from Read more ...

activate if I instantly install Win 10 and want to save the way over the upgrade? Can I Win 10 with the "old key" of Win 8 again made Win 8 on Win 10.