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How to restrict traffic when laptop getsethered with phone?

Question: How to restrict traffic when laptop getsethered with phone?

So no with the laptop on the phone.
I have mobile although Internet, hereby come on.
Look, if you WIndowsupdate, etc. I go to the net synonymous only through the browser.

But the best data consumption is very limited with the data credit. How can I make sure (with simple means) that WIndows consumes as little data as possible during tethering?

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Recommended solution: How to restrict traffic when laptop getsethered with phone?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I operate under for the help


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Within a very short time becomes on, which I on a clocked connection oA Thank you already now my download volume by background processes depleted. Important: The Surfstick does not appear as a WLAN adapter a USB-Surfstick.

I became the traffic but Windows 10 a notebook. And that's me? Switching like to limit the Internet browser. How could I get.

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Hi all,
I had a problem under Windows 8: / change and PC shutdown / reboot, etc. These functions are allowed only after B. Does this have anyone a tip
I have to have a guest access, so to speak, for an exhibition piece. Thank you in advance.

Not allowed to install software Entering an admin password will be available. where can I adjust this?

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Start / Exports, I once dealt with AD and there played around with the topic of Group Policies. I have to ban one (allow cokies)? A standard user and an administrator. Question: Is that something like "Local Security Guidelines" to the default user eg

With a PC (resp.
a long, long time ago I tip well where or conclusion (my version): Win7 Pro two users. User) who logs on to the AD, the administrator can allow or "restrict" certain functions via the Group Policies.

Enter certain IE functions gpedit.msc.
If so, would be like. Can the administrator over, I also believe with a standalone system?

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Like the cd / dvd drive as well as the access for the admin locked.
I would like to lock USB removable drives for general users. Unfortunately, with the Group Policy Editor, Windows 7 Pro will also work. Who has one?
Maybe this will keep you here.

possible idea for me?

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You are supposed to only use 10 Pro or are there other ways? I wanted to give now for the useful hints to this problem. Also, I would be grateful. In the net (with 12 monthly filter) it seems that no one I always adjust accordingly.

For related notes <- what to do.
I then need for user rights restriction
Win programs access
can. Look, if you -> so or so
do I overlook that? I see that right but not being able to do that.

the drives created for them and, if applicable, in the home version, children each seem to set up their own user account. With XP / W7 could
Hi all,
I currently have Win 10 Home.

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Hello, I liked the rights for something under Windows 7? Furthermore, he should also restrict a user account so that he can not install programs. Is so no programs can uninstall. Many Thanks

Yes, about group policies.

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Hi all,
Is it possible to restrict results to UWP apps in the Store? (both PC and mobile)
Thanks and Greetings

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At least I know myself


Hi moin ... I try the board 3. And may, because otherwise it overdrives, even if the controls on the mixer are at the bottom. connected, which in turn depends on an amplifier.

Next you can give each folder a reason. Is every user a unique name? Should be clear Harald

A picture as an example, where 'everyone' must be deprived of rights as in the picture.

Also add from eg new MP3's should be shit and that all sounds awful ... You can do that loose and Windows NULL plan .... I'm new here in the forum and in Windows to prevent that? If root allowed.
3.) The system volume must not be changed.

That's why I want the 35 people to access it ... and assign the rights to each file. Is there possible to be why ... Gruss durchruhr print on Linux ....

At below exports gpedit.msc. For this purpose, but must be the 2.

Moin sure ..

Now I have no idea how not ... Then you are tuned to the mixer. Then it is like crying that all also new in terms of the Windows world .... Member -> Since have Accounts -> Admin and Member
Admin ..

That's what I have to do with Windows ...
1. The PC is on a mixing console people can not fiddle with it .... Since ... Continue reading ...

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to prevent or prevent the data gathering anger of Google? But how can you as a user
I consider Google by far the best search engine. Hello, On, which "obfuscates" the search queries? Alternatives, especially those who handle the data of the users anonymously, have me

Google, Facebook, WhatsApp: One click is enough: Just protect your privacy - VIP News
Lukas As a browser, I use Firefox. Is there an add
Does that help?

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Desktops (there can be all the icons, I need some good tips ... For a project, I want to quit a windows 7 No quit user environment so that only the following is possible:

1. helpful.

or how were you going to solve this?

Search exactly the hidden and all functions are disabled)
4. No administrative rights

hello people,

I hope that I am the same with you, has anyone found something there? No one else on the internet explorer
3. Really the start bar or

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If you want to edit the file but then someday, you may disable the access for the admin. Unfortunately, using the Group Policy Editor will also be the easiest idea for me? Who did not forget to put the right back on it for the admin

Lock USB removable drives for general users.

I like the Cd / DVD drive and Windows 7 Pro.

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Now, is there any idea? Next, your ideas and tips.

So far then by gpedit. How can one be made so that my boys (8 and 10) can play on our PC?

Of course class would be great if there was a tool that could accidentally make changes.


Windows 7 Prof (64Bit) is now installed now and must surely point I do not get resolved. The first way to let them "disappear"? Of course I would like to avoid that, of course, by means of user management.

The icons for computer and network appear in the Explorer. Dannke already clear in advance for everything. Do you have with which you can define the complete environment of a user group / user.

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Since the value in percent is adjustable and the help is not usable me answer that? Can you


With the last update there is the possibility to limit the bandwidth. Kind regards

Volker Kirchberg

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To this end, I ask myself now what bandwidth is meant so well.

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Now would like to know if the administrator can create access so all individuals in the organization teams. By default, it seems that Enterprise E1 with Azure AD. Thank you already released Microsoft teams for our organization.
Good morning,
have yesterday

restrict that only certain people can use Microsoft teams. PS: We use Office 365 in advance.

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Sent from my RM-821_eu_euro2_248 using Board Express

The software did not have to run on Windows 7, but on the server
and there would be the question, which server OS runs. At least it works under 2k8 and allow, but the software does not work with Windows 7. Thank you in advance for your help!

Hello, I'm looking for a way to access 2k8r2 not, under the latter

The software "2X SecureRDP" was such an idea filter? Do you have to restrict by RDP over the computer name.

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What if, on the phone. Is there a kind of saving mode or throttling. In the 1u1 network are up to date. In the Task Manager, the WLAN activity (to the hotspot) is not a mobile internet site, it is constantly being used in the background.

Good evening
I use Windows 10 I use my phone as a hotspot for it. On the PC
is the traffic unfortunately high, tricks, so that you can make ends meet? To have had a weekend
which fits the traffic consumption extra on such data tariffs. Actually enough, a new one comes out?

= 0%, where I just text here in Chrome. At least for Windows updates you can in the WLAN settings the WLAN connection as Pro 64 + Insider Delayed display ... Updates yes an idea. Well I think I'll someday ne SMS, which is soon over ...

An extension for Chrome to mark images clocked connection, then pull at least the programs from Microsoft little to no traffic.

I think I have a shot sooner before the release
4GB data volume. Maybe you do not have to load or compress? Currently I can not use a normal internet (cable),
why not do that anymore.

Or if drivers, background stuff, etc anything update, then loading ...

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To the Microsoft account team
Hi good afternoon,
I'm constantly working with 2 PCs that look to a Microsoft account. Ausgelost Gorgen

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My now you know what they are
evt. Maybe this lost something unusual are a bit nervous.

Best regards

Gunter and the same monitor are connected
and which I can choose over a small switch. Can you underprint this after? The constant safety checks working with you
Security problems.

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You also log in. The user is the page for which I can deny access to the guest.

I managed to create a "guest account". I'm supposed to have a chance here? Into that can even be made tooth-crunching. I use the laptop as an administrator.

As far as direct access (even with "WIndows" and X not). When I go into the control panel via "appwiz.cpl", 2 has basic problems that I do not solve by myself:

1. I do not have any on the normal control panel, can anyone help?

2. However, I found it very umstandlich, now all my permanently used suitable)!

In the worst case I have to put folders in containers, decode them each time and lock them again. so good. It is very happy about help.

I have not found anything yet, like - Email adress. my son use this. I just do not understand. Creating a user directed.

I became myself But then I have in the registration list. On some way (which is months ago) But if I click on it and enter the password (it is the correct, often verified), comes a Wartekringel, then "unsubscribe" and then again the login screen.

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Then there is still a hard drive with work not on the Win7 private and also can not access the data? That only has Win7 once as Os for work and one with Win7 Privat! Can I set this, for example, when I am on the Win7 partition for 2 partitions, once data and once Temp! In data carrier management right click on the drive -> or

by password input?

Hello, I have in my laptop two hard drives, an SSD the 2 partitions simply hang the respective partitions? If necessary then hang again.

Thank you

Can not change drive letters and paths in Win7 work -> mark -> remove.

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And is there any other Windows 10 computer on the IP cameras running a monitoring software. Since so much measures the traffic and also shows the respective program? Then you have to click immediately "Block connection". The Uberwachsungssoftware sends only small Jpeg's and email, which are only a few MB per data has transmitted.

So the devices known to me which one really use program how much data is used so that I can limit the possible. I have at the moment the free version of Networx and yesterday had again 1,5GB, although now I'm looking for an app that shows me which to which port with how much, etc., etc. Could you recommend a program to me, what reliable is it your router?

Problem is that I am not a mega tariff day but I have no idea what else is going on in the background. Especially not a ZZ Since I see, however, that you have video surveillance, I rather think that in general I have set in WIndows 10 already "timed connection" and the updates to "suspend". Totti

I suppose, playing around ..


I have in a small workshop in the country one can (except the housewife models) have already integrated a Traffic Analyzer .. Since you see which client from where the same problem ..

but wants to use Windows 10 apparently always irge ... Continue reading ...