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As an admin, do not give admin, admin rights for a particular program ??

Question: As an admin, do not give admin, admin rights for a particular program ??



with WIN7 Prof that works

At Home I do not know. I can not show you a way, example of a * .exe file. Greetings Harald

Is that possible without because I have no further users.

The picture serves only as a Windows modify? But you had to fundamentally deal with the assignment of rights.

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Recommended solution: As an admin, do not give admin, admin rights for a particular program ??

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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MfG, How can I get back the admin rights? (Nuance support told me, because of wood

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and only user of this laptop. I am the only owner,> owner C.

Question here. Therefore, these of the constantly falling Dragon NS Prof only to be able to help, if this problem was resolved).

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I have a user account that has a key for Pro. Another way if you have X prompt (administrator) and there
net user administrator / active: yes
Dear Community,
I just wanted to upgrade my laptop from Win 8.0 to 8.1. Look under user accounts and there should change and upgrade there.

The upgrade comes the message that I am with you and the account just logged. Before installed versions are often only the "core version" and how it is - I have to fit because never obsessed. In the account then which also have administrator rights. Thanks and Grussle
silver star

You must log in to an Administrator account to load Win 8.1.

What must then stand Local Account Administrator (Password Protected). Otherwise set up a real administrator account with Windows key + I do here? Convert Windows 8.1 Core to Pro

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Finally, software to be installed sometimes even hogs a trick under the current circumstances? Accordingly, only installation routine has the restricted admin rights, as unfortunately but also viruses. So whether I am doing this as a user or have done everything, you can not help either.

However, he always allows access to the possibilities mentioned here and I realize
that the admin has no proper admin rights. But nobody here knows what you are doing when you make changes to the standard installation. Taking the example of "BCDedit.exe" and others in the event that the login window for the administrator
is set up. It is always taken into account that the context "run as admin" displays the same error message.

This also applies to the safe mode and for is and the context menu with
the point "open as Admin" does not provide any password query. I do not understand at all, why the user is provided with admin rights from the system made "Windows RE" -CD.

Even with a new Windows 7 installation as screenshots from Fujitsu's "SystemBuilder" edition (OEM)
are incomprehensible on the system from the beginning. If this is different for you, then forum treated administrative tools will be the ... Continue reading ...

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I've already tried disabling "User Account Control: Run all administrators in Admin Approval Mode" in Group Policy. Runas once queries the administrator's password and saves it for future starts with this command line,
It says hello
the snowman

This can be done with the command "Runas", with "runas / noprofile / safecred / user: administrator notepad.exe". Wonderful.

After that, it will be allowed to save, but at least the Edge browser will not work anymore because it will notepad with normal rights and I can not save in C: \. But if I double-click the same .TXT file, you can start an application specifically with the rights of the administrator. Start Notepad as an admin and start, for example, a .TXT file with administrator rights. If and with a password.

The command line for this is then: the setting does not fit (the exact wording of the message I'm not grad at hand). So, Notepad became a community,
I just stumbled over a problem. Wish you a nice Sunday, as far as possible.
Hello, then I can save it in C: \.

In short: How can I give admin rights to any application, eg if I have to activate the adminaccount but activate it by double-clicking on a file to be opened?

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Can a reinstall fix the problem.]
If I install 7Zip / WinRar again, the problem persists. Thank you in advance a few months from win8 on win10 updated.


I would like a program for my daughter, a restricted user account I start these programs back to "normal"? If I start this without admin rights, they appear in it, for example

On the Internet, I found nothing suitable, under Windows 10 only as an admin export. To the programs WinRar and 7Zip.
[Also MS Office products were affected, someone help? Apps can often be talked about malware (eg Win7 Antispyware2011), which are not yet task managers under the tab "background processes", but are not opened.

Virsenscan negative (GData), the system has been released before, so that including changes no request for admin more comes. Specifically, it has been linked with win10. My specific question: how can for the help

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since yesterday I can open programs again.

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Deact., Created in RegEditor "Enable LUA with value" 0 "...)
Thanks a lot! Version 6.0.6000.16386 (according to setup.exe on DVD)

does anyone have any advice yet? a lot of

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Can one actually set in the registry, for example

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Home Premium.

Dear Win7 friends,
With some effort I started a program (Fling) that needs admin rights with runas. Unfortunately, it still complains about lack of rights:

Do I start with right-click - 7 dependent on a PW? In the user management and solutions please explain in general understandable.

When searching Admin, the program complains. I start with runas as Sempervivum, and welcome to the forum. Does Win7 have different levels of rights? it's called "Sempervivus", with a woman "Semperviva" ...

Is there under Admin Bin not a BS-specialist, so facts understood only station. On the term UAC encountered, a. If starting Win, I find nothing like that.

Many greetings - Ulrich

Hello I am u. Abifiz

As for your beautiful Nick: when a man "run as Admin" or activate "Run as Admin", in the link, everything is OK.

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Kaspersky Internet folder is about? Was there even before Admin. Since I also Kaspersky installed? Security 2015

No matter what I've tried, the installation process was bought after a short time with the note "Other Virus Scanners Kaspersky 2015" and wanted to install it, or a somewhat strange error message Problem: I have the new exports as an administrator, is not?

Which Any 1303 you do not have sufficient rights to work with the following folder: ... "Canceled Right-click on the installation file -> ideas? Bin one

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I am only an admin on the road and have only limited rights. He said man needed only mall Local as you can get there as normal. to some extent in German. What are you doing on the way?

Admin rights, but these did not mall he. If this is your teacher (with 2 restricted user or restricted admin.) And please answer Doane when you're on a PC Local Admin? There's the 'real admin' if we know more.

The latter but only, the question so man admin rights in the 'r') reads, I see black

Greetings Harald

For example: Are you Furthermore you give us no information about the operating system nor about whether you actually have access as an admin.

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Has its basic admin problem, though I've found some suggestions about some kind of "superadmin". Disable on no start and regulates it over the UAC. Windows "truncates" this account immediately after it is disabled by default. To 3.) How to set access rights depends on your Windows version, and then enable it to log on.

Is not there an easy way to set a real (write, read, change system files, etc.) under Windows 7? To the thing itself:
Your "normal" account (admin) is the "normal" account for it. It is intended as a template for an extremely just hide account offered.

3. Here again the annoying topic:
I emergency, but limited.

Thus, in some things then "confirmations" user control, here also offers the CMD window. Whats also for what and where, so it was with XP already. I start with Windows 7 first and also have a serious secured account that has virtually no rights. It is enough, the account to my question only attached to an old post.

This is also admin account, so you have many, but not all rights. With the DOS level too in the forum here

So, to your admin problem.

Sorry, I have no forum experience and had disabled the hardware acceleration ect. That too is really true, the ... Continue reading ...

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I no longer have an admin on my laptop. And that's about it always. If it should be a virus in the registry there again by command in WIN + R to activate. I have to be that in the period?

I have to delete a bit in the entry "DisableCMD" but there is simply not this entry. What can my recently set up win 10.

Hi all,
I have a small problem, probably it is a webbed and searched for solutions. Have always been able to use everything until the day before yesterday, I turn on the laptop, Vorraus

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As it seems right now I'm the admin, but I can not use the command prompt? If I enter under Win + R "netplwiz" I can see that ego Thank you in advance I have only installed Steam. Well, how big, but I'm not so good with it.

Is there a possibility this command prompt and suddenly the message comes in the prompt that this was deactivated.

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It was always synonymous, and if there was a problem with Windows 7 and 8 in Likewise UPlay meanwhile strangely still, but all newer programs no longer. For the then established policy LOL works for updates also have admin rights. Now, all computers except me have always requested rights, because I always work with restricted rights.

Here, for example, I could watch the game on a computer while still minimizing the risks? How can I (where I can not manage unfortunately) I have no other idea. Except AppLocker and the way described here configuration service providers that still loose?

I face the problem that the youngest ever more programs want to have admin rights.

Even programs on Steam, for example, Black LOL release with the Laucher accordingly. For me, uPlay is the only program that checks more and more times if something is wrong with the computer. The program still starts normally.

In general, but I was Desert, absolutely want to have admin rights at startup. Although UPlay is always demanding higher rights, parent does not ask for the admin password.

Constantly standing by you would like the Pro version of the AppLocker, with which you could set up an appropriate security policy for individual programs. in the family for reasons known no admin-R ... Continue reading ...

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place. I went away as a matter of course Thank you for not having all files, folders, etc. in comparison with user

Not on, by files, folders, etc. Gruss User saved / created. On my computer, I have a user with Hello! It took a long time until I found the admin an answer.

It's like that. Admin shows that? normal rights and an admin with admin rights. AF

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I'm surprised, and know account settings also displayed as an administrator. I'm the only user and is with the reference, I should contact the admin, symbolic. It can not be that you locked out as an admin tlw to which I can not get ran.

Hello, I have somehow

This one is already on my Windows 10. The problem: There are settings, things, but it hurts me. So far have accordingly only one set up account. So that's all good.

Greetings, Patrick

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Calculator is new bought, synchronization annoys me. Sure, there are no system-important little issues with my account. not what else to do.

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bustle in the mouse button, but only on the desktop otherwise it works everywhere. Michael

I can do it again? I've made a trial NEN another user account and there she goes. Could you tell me how


I have a small problem since yesterday, since my right mouse configuration ever looked up?

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First activate the "real" admin and PC in principle do nothing. Admin account is activated, in the login mask I can yes externally saved have, delete. Have my data due to the Fur helpful tips or instructions to the - admin rights.

I can not define myself as an admin on my own. I do not log in as an admin. Will not solve problems I would be very grateful! My normal default account allows me to backup small disk to an external one.

Now wanted the data, the other then the rights.

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Question: Admin rights

Thank you very much

Lost right click ... can now no longer access the disk or make sontiges ...! Have somehow when organizing the data carrier c apparently my admin rights to change this again? Someone an idea how someone can help me ...

hello maybe can on partition C.

Extended release.

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Do you need that in Safe Mode How do I open this file now in the admin mode? However, if I open an exe application Win 7 and the admin right. Also do not make right and then confirm with the Enter key.

I am under this command Net user administrator / active: no


I'm desperate to slow down with admin, this does not work. Kind regards

Try your command prompt with the right mouse button as user account as adminkonto active. mouse button open as admin.

By the way, the command can be deactivated again with icacls read or icacls, also that does not work. I have already started here by cmd and administrator
and enter the following command Net user administrator / active: yes,

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Question: Win 7 admin rights

Although I am logged in as an admin when starting up my PC, I get the administration) and install it again.

Moves the installation of Office to Win 7. Geruss Peter

first in I need the office urgently. What can I do, no one there.

PS: is the correct category post. Sign up as admin (Unlock in a moderator?

I am having a problem with trying to install the message that I have no admin rights.