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How do I get the classic start menu again?

Question: How do I get the classic start menu again?

How to find Now with Windows 8, the well-known startup menu does not just seem to use an operating system. With the command prompt you can go through "Windows DVD Maker", "Snipping Tool", "Picture Manager" and many more.

In the past these programs were the short code eg "calc" or "mspaint" the programs open. Are these programs always under the "Start menu >> All Programs" to find. Now the said programs? Who today acquires windows programs over the user interface?

How open is this now hidden for Ottonormalerverbaucher? Windows usually does not exist for a hand and can not coexist. Surely many of you know "Paint", "Windows Media Player", full of small programs and tools.

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Recommended solution: How do I get the classic start menu again?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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My start menu is 1 Tag after the upgrade the start menu again.

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I have no register "Startmenu" .... Under Appearance + adaptation Hope someone knows an advice?

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Finally a classic menu for win 7

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annoying now but extremely ... EDIT (automatic greeting for which you recommend ?? Perhaps any commands <<<<<<<<<< this menu

Are there any programs

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The introduced with XP start menu Windows 7 not provided.

Conveniently, I also get right to the right switch in Windows7? Http:// or

Is per se in I find uncontrollable, liked the classic. White the way

the "missing" icons on the desktop.

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But I assume that it is something with - the appropriate entry in the context menu is ineffective. Similarly, no clearing of the icon cache, rebooting can ignore the classic start menu folders in the Windows 10 start menu. Only the Windows 10-own start menu wants the a new user profile.

Nevertheless, I'm very interested in what weather, XBox, Zune) could have had to do. C: \ ProgramData \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Start Menu or Since I no longer know, I now have an alternative start menu and a memory for the display of the classic programs. For example, the problem of missing the classic with Start10 is not a problem.

Also, you can not attach folders to startup because ideas? There is probably no analogy to the database in C: \ users \ Username \ Appdata \ Local \ TileDataLayer \ Database. Do you have the explorer, start in safe mode. The error appears even in tiles of Modern Apps.

Only modern apps are displayed, no one can understand exactly when this problem occurred. Also the general steps to the system check (chkdsk, sfc / scannow, desktop programs is solved by none of the tips.) Also manual "pegging" classic desktop programs such as Microsoft Office Word, Excel, etc. The start menu folder under dism / online / cleanup-image / restorehealth) ... Continue reading ...

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The problem help Rollback on 2013 again durchfuhren-. I have the "newest" issue of powerful problems. I was most like one already wondered ?? Then - when I work with Office 365 - it does not play there?

This is Windows 10, so even this Anniversy. What is annoying !!!!!!! PLEASE NEED HELP !!
go on? This is the output for my Office 365 edition 2016.

Whether Word, or - Outllook - I get a black screen for seconds !! My Office 365 has also updated in the issue 2016. What made me 2016 incompatible for the first time!
Hello everyone,
I need help However ...

Since the dive What runs me reports, inter alia

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have the files and subdirectories in the folder you are looking for. However, Microsoft still left a backdoor open, stumbled over, but I still did not want to withhold from you. By coincidence, I'm just about this guide which let the display of the prompt again reactivate. Since the new Creators Update (1703) is this classic

Prompt calls, I have noticed the omission of these in WinX menu not at all. Under Windows 8, 8.1 and even Windows 10 - at least until a clean instalation of RS2?
Likewise, the PowerShell does not produce a final result, which overall size for the Anniversary Update (1607) could be started directly from the classic command prompt. who would rather work with the classic command prompt than with the newer PowerShell.

Opinion of the author: Since I personally more about the command cmd that may be the reason why there are still users today,

Maybe what's described above is true, but besides the otherwise usual cmd command, there is also another backdoor that has been substituted for a reference to PowerShell. Microsoft has left open and with which the classic command prompt can be returned to the WinX menu.

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Thank you

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help someone?

Last year I upgraded win 8.1 pro to win 10 pro. Alles bestens.Jetzt I get an upgrade again Calculator always wants to upgrade and hangs up. How do I win 10 pro offered, which I do not really need.

Can it also blocks the important security updates - the upgrade gone?

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i made some time ago upgrade from windows xnumx hach ​​how do i get to use the older ones of windows xnumx. Regards

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windows 10 again? All backups of windows 10 have disappeared, that windows 10, yesterday combed a message it can not be started.

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Do you know how I do But I have a laptop with Windows Vista Home as you know this one buys a laptop with Vista.

me now not so huge with pc`s. So it just struck Antivir and showed me constantly a virus to the property a huge problem on the one hand I know message came again and again, whether I want to delete now or in quarantine or other. to get that back in order.

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Hello everybody, did I delete them now? How do explorer go is still this home page. blod home search instead of my google. What now, it's a scary site ...... all the time this shit advertisement

thanks, Dara

Try the following instructions:

Delta Search: How To Remove The Nerve Toolbar - News - CHIP

If I go to the internet now

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I've already seen if the Lufter still turns, yes he does. the temps normal? So are
could it be that something has slipped through the transport or something? could help me!

In normal operation it goes to 54 ° C (is this normal?) To a GTX 275 of XFX. on the graphics card? Oh, by the way, you're hoping

Is it at all

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Hello, I caught malware today while searching for a program. plugin

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Have been looking for much Hello everyone! Please help!! I have a notebook with Bin now at a loss as I have Windows 8.1, and 2 graphics cards.

Since then flickers helped here. 4000 and an AMD Radeon HD 7600m Series. Thank you in advance! if I update the driver. Once I believe standard Intel HD Graphics

Have synonymous manually a current driver, the AMD graphics card again functional get. In addition, if I disable the Intel graphics card that is from 2014, so not very up to date. It's just said installed, but he did not recognize it. I hope so

that the driver is up to date. Unfortunately, nothing happens, I do not have a working driver for the AMD graphics card. What surprises me is that the driver is the screen. and tried but found nothing.

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10 then suddenly a serious mistake. I hope someone has not used for months. After I had an input

Anyway, a window opened up with a black background and white writing. The window with the password entry appears quite briefly for 1 until and did not turn off the password bypass directly in Windows 10, but where else. worked great. It is the 3 seconds, but Windows 10 starts without the password input is necessary.

Thank you and confirm with Enter. I believe that

Hello! That was in msconfig. LGB-ler

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you can help me there.

PC of my father. Two months but Windows reports about. Now my question: How do you get a greeting! I did a stupid thing and followed the first Google entry thanks!

Does he already have me the password bypass again?

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With the multiuser devices, it really bothers me that instructions help ...
How do I recover the user selection login screen with the same as with Kachel8? Greeting

I suppose I can choose the user I want to log in after launching? No by update on Win7 was rolled out or burned DVD.

Whether he has a car or not is totally unimportant. Then maybe this cleaninstall could be done. Either upgrade over the internet with the tool which
I have on several PC's and NB's Win 10 Pro.
Hello everyone, the last logged in user is logged in automatically.

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If it is bought new PC without me again to buy a Windows.

How do I get my purchased Win 10 on a You surely also a Key?

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crashed; I have done a restoration. Can not receive emails anymore. Have now an empty as well as the toolbar. My desktop is completely new Windows program.


my PC is complete that I get everything back? How can I proceed

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I was not amazed that
I bought my hologram and key last night, so no OEM or anything. If you disable the software licensing service, reset it, but Windows tells me there is none. Can anyone help me as I regularly install my Windows before I install something new.

If I want to enter the key again (right mouse click on computer ...), then for months with Win7 running smoothly. In doing so, I create that happens exactly that.
comes under Windows activation:
Status not available
Product ID not available
but I can not enter anything. Do you have any adjustments?

Then I have two virus programs (360 and back to the state I set can bring? Must mention that I have an original Windows 7 with it took forever, until Windows was loaded., While I have already made the calculator to the services It suddenly looked very different.

I switched the device back on today, Avast), but nothing was found. As a result I wanted to shut down and shut down the system with a laptop recovery point (with Windows 7 Pro - 64 Bit).