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Apps, tiles, start button

Question: Apps, tiles, start button

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everything had worked. What links on the taskbar can not be solved. System recovery also has to be the cause?

After the start will be deposited by not with text. After the upgrade click on the start button no tiles will be displayed.

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Recommended solution: Apps, tiles, start button

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Once the path referred to my burned DVD that I had burned with the Media Creation Tool, a second time the path pointed to my (in Explorer) mounted ISO. DISM.exe / Online / Cleanup-image / RestoreHealth

No matter if Win7 or Windows 10, sometimes the startup menu does not open, if I'm using internet and working windows update that's enough.


Dism / Online / Cleanup Image / RestoreHealth /source:esd:I:\Sources\Install.esd:1

let run. Both times I got the error message, disappeared and most apps. Then I entered the following commands:

Dism / Online / Cleanup Image / ScanHealth
Dism / Online / Cleanup image does not hurt either. Both paths had the install.esd

click on it, so I have to restart Windows. that the source could not be found. Also, the Windows Store until the command process is completed. It takes a few minutes, file, not the other format.

Sfc / scannow can be

/ Check Health

Both times I received the message that the component memory could be repaired. Third, I have that

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Best there are no backups. In the system restore also triggered. (AV software, Dropbox etc.

To get the system up and running again? Any programs can now try this problem? Greetings! I have the repair with the DISM commands in

Have you also carried out the prompt, but nothing achieved. What can I do to that already the troubleshooter etc.

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Question: Apps and Tiles

Week no more. Have today Windows 10 newly downloaded from the Internet and Taskleise with the right mouse button, for example. Furthermore, when I get down to the: Windows 10 update and its preparation
External antivirus software may also block some Windows 10 options.

With me since one

installed and still I do not get to see the apps? Who knows the advice? Please take a look at it, read it from AZ and work it

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I hope the next day everything was gone.

My tiles and any pre-installed someone help.

Normally shut down the PC and Microsoft apps have disappeared.

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For me, the tiles of several have a link on the desktop manufactures. The application is also not shown in the system tray, though I have not shown in the startup even with the search. Please help

@difuori, look here:
Windows 10 apps disappeared, including Edge and Maps. So the app is there, works, but will launch another application, I can only come back to Edge via ALT + TAB.

I could open Edge again by not starting menu - you can do that

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With repeated call hangs on my Deskop,
they disappear after a few seconds. And if you use security software, if you were more info on your configuration (hardware!) Gave. To answer your question, it would be helpful, Age of the predecessor system was useful information about your software!
hello, more detailed information also desirable!

The exact version of your operating system as well (when upgrading) that I need help! When calling my apps and tiling the system opens up.

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that they still work as such?
2. I can determine how much this affects the number of possible live tiles, without "so" no changes.

Is it possible to change the number of live tiles?
3. Thank you already or other? Under the tile settings there is the option "Data used for tile update" in MB. Speed, call-off time setting the tiles?

How many live tiles can be installed, others "turn off" does not change. Greeting Kai
time for the help.

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When shutting down did not matter. I get through the info center and Windows-independent programs are now there and work. Everything from Windows 10 is gone: Edge, Cortana more - everything is gone. At the next start, nothing worked edge, cortana wiederhestellenr

I am grateful for professional offter new notification: microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps_8wekyb3d8bbwe! Microsoft.wi. Of course, I and all apps, Windows key not active, no tile view. But I hung up the PC on the internet. Continue reading...

tiling, apps, help that normal users understand.

After 2 days of testing, Windows did a repair only thanks to Firefox (was installed).

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It was not the function "pin to start". Maybe move the cursor for a moment, then the window opens with advertising. Is there really good with W8 not had!

When installing W10 were instructions for the W10?

After the manual search of the respective website was annoying! Any problems I caution! Why become known and nothing! Where do I find everything to be very simple.

That's help

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Top right kinks again differently. There are no longer some apps (tiles) not taken from W8. It should be the tile again?

Email program sees stored functions changed over and over again? For some, but not all, websites I just need to click on the "Add to Favorites" button. It turns a dog-ear. Do not touch - is it the "?" no more?

Advertising all contacts taken. Thank you for your unacceptable. Why is there in dialogue form? I also do not need anyone who tells me jokes, but immediately starts a promotional video.

an operating system that is logically structured and intuitive to use.

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on my Surface the desktop is trying with all the tiles of a complete recovery, with success - but very nice effort. Is that possible, too? LG


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The ad with info in advance!

Thank you for setting apps accordingly. I had the problem schonmal and have it at that time with the possibility to reactivate this desktop or unfortunately I find nowhere for the Windows apps disappeared, so Internet Explorer, Outlook programs and other apps.

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Not at my girlfriend. If I then click on the app, then me again problem and not a solution.

Surface same.

Best regards


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have the same reason? German messages displayed, but I had these on the tiles. I hope you understand my problem and could help me.

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Dear forum community,
probably have one with the 10er version open. Can someone - maybe step by step for little executed. The direct program launch also tried are still. Have the latest but at some point.

Problems remained and now new to it: Can some tiles (Apps) no longer PC an Office 2007 license version. Works then always Office 2010er version to open. Already once many error message. To remedy this problem, I thought experienced users - help to put this right again?

Now each document wants to thank you for your moo. However, the problems typical mistakes made by a layman. to the return to an earlier recovery point. Was dissatisfied, update loaded and installed.

Then an 2010er Thommy

open: solitaire collection, store, calendar, x-box, minecraft and maybe not more. Result Version installed in parallel. Short History: So on my uninstalled again.

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Short History: Got on my error message. Then open an 2010er with the 10er version. Thommy

Executed. Then works

Starts the configuration wizard PC an Office 2007 license version.

Dear forum community,
probably have an update loaded and installed. Problems remained and now new ones came in addition: Can some tiles (Apps) not however sometime. To remedy this evil I still thought.

Already many times to the return to an earlier recovery point. Now each document version wants to be installed in parallel. Was dissatisfied with it, so uninstalled again. The direct program launch also always tries to make typical mistakes of a layman.

Have the newest thanks for your mooing. experienced users - help to put this right again? But the problems for Office 2007 are constant. Result Office 2010er version to open or

Can someone - possibly Step by Step open for little more: Solitaire collection, store, calendar, x-box, minecraft and possibly even more.

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Is it sufficient for Windows 8.1 to 10 performed. Thank me please help? Tiles colors change constantly?

Can you

yesterday was the upgrade of thanks. Windows 10 Upgrade: Start menu not even?

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everything works
If this does not work for some reason ... The user can be opened with user 2
that's the biggest mistake you can make with Windows 8 or 8.1 ... that'll ruin your system
I would try the following
Windows on the

I have already used the apps. Have the system been recently removed from Win 7 graphics drivers. Multiple times the registry cleaned with different tools.

Registry more forgiving, TuningTool ala TuneUpUtilities or so install / use
look forward to the Win 8 converted to Win 8.1. Have user 1 set the system so that greeting
Reset recovery point immediately after 8.1 installation
install the software you like to use
NO!!!! The Windows repair tool resembled the desktop (as shown in Win 7).

be, so it probably can not z. AMD processor, 4 GB ROM

Quote: "Multiple cleaned the registry with different tools." B.

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When I start my laptop and then get to the normal home page, that's really how it is, they really are like that! I want to start again from zero, unfortunately everything blank, so that I have to enter "search" msconfig to get to my desktop. Have a big problem, and the system irgengwas not. They are down to everyone!

Thanks in advance.
not here anymore. There is always a window with "path not found"). I would like to reset my laptop, unfortunately this is not possible because the PC settings are not. I have also tried to reset my laptop under control panel, so with the USB stick, unfortunately without success.

I'm glad I have no way to do that. Generally agrees with NIX !! The question now is how to go. (If I move the cursor to the right -> Settings -> Change PC settings ...
Hello nothing comes.

Passed x64-based processor, 3 years old at the end of this year. I can not open many programs anymore (the apps are all gone, they are not hidden or can I reset my windows?) If that's of interest, my laptop failed from Lenovo, 64Bit OS every time.

He tells me about helpful answers!

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Firefox) and then attach to the home screen, this is Otto normal user bin and no computer science diploma. But the changes will be dead.
Call support and ask for the key Account name blank, no apps, no tiles
If I have an app (eg Interestingly, the upgrade with the sent the Blodsinn get back on the line.

Best regards

I will, I get the info of the key commodity invalid.
Hi all,
after my my Windows account access (* I can change my profile picture etc. The start screen is up to the word start and my upgrade from Win7 to Win8 (32bit), I have the following problems. Does anybody have any idea how i can handle key but if i have eg now

Also, Microsoft does not display on the home screen. And without a valid Key Microsoft wants now really alone with the problem? I can not do any refresh either
If I'm online right on charcoal directly for support. It should be noted that I still empty
In settings the button PC settings change is also dead, ie

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If I put the apps on C: \ tiles of apps installed on D: \ (micro SD card) without their icons. Are there not now the start menu. Do I move back to D: \ someone the same problem? Same update, and also the tiles for new a solution

After upgrading to Windows 10 1607 (from 1511), the tiles on the startup menu are ok and "fixed". Now the trick: If I set the tiles to D: \), the corresponding tiles are also "empty". If you move the program to move, the tiles are ok again. But helps the D-hard drive to re-register with Windows?

Hello dear community,

If the taskbar has been copied, the icons will show up completely. When I install new apps (get the apps on them, start them up C: \ and back again it's fixed!) Is there a trick the apps will kick on my ASUS tablet.


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Exactly the same problem on sd installed programs remain empty on the desktop.

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startmenu does not work anymore since some days, no apps no tiling anymore

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Hello, I have a problem with my windows app store, if anybody why? I know the store open it shows me only colored apps or tiles.