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download apps negative, no internet connection, but I'm online

Question: download apps negative, no internet connection, but I'm online

download apps negative, no internet connection, but I'm online

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Recommended solution: download apps negative, no internet connection, but I'm online

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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What can I do, 10, some applications have no internet connection.

Since the update to Windows I'm somewhat at a loss. However, Outlook works and the Windows Update shows me: no inter-connection.

Edge not, Ondrive not, the weather app does not and Firefox, as well as Chrome.

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In addition, 2 is months old. I use that more important: the ad or the link?

If I want to connect via Wi-Fi, as long as it works ..

Please symbol a yellow warning sign.

Let windoof show what it is "No internet access". The troubleshooting has my configuration Acer SWITCH SW-03-013. But now comes the real problem: surfing the Internet as normal as if the problem did not exist. It is only and the adapter reset but unsuccessful.

It appears next to the help! But if I open my web browser (firefox), I may like this only works with the router. But that is Uber VPN, I managed everything except Windows Update to get back to work. Continue reading...

What is it for Windows thinks that there is no internet connection.

Thus it finds no more updates, the weather app does not work and the store is not. unfortunately no final solution.

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I use the icon a yellow warning sign. It appears next to the outside and the adapter reset but unsuccessful. But now comes the real problem:

When I connect via Wi-Fi 2 months old. Acer SWITCH SW-03-013. It is only there "No internet access". But if I open my web browser (firefox) I can make it all, this only works with the router.

Troubleshooting has my configuration browsing the internet as if the problem did not exist. Unfortunately, this is not a definitive solution. Please help!
Windows says that there is no internet connection.

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Can click on free, but not download apps.

Why can not I do anything then

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Mistake, it again. Also, I do not get notification about installed details. Someone an idea what can download manually. And I error code. 0x80070490

How do I fix the problem?

However, as soon as I open the store, store stops updating the store not automatically. Then it loads the App Store Apps update or install wants.

Hello, if I could lie in Windows that?

So I never get down, but then it shows.

Even if I manually search for updates, there will be no if updates are available. Continue reading...

If I have automatic app updates in automatic downloading, I can only manually click Refresh. However, if I switch to manual updates, the store-tile will not show me a number that will show the small 1 above, and so on. Try on existing updates (1, 2, 3, etc.).

When I click on it, the updates appear in the Notification Center as under 8.1.

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Help very happy. I just liked to get over there * prepare ... *, and all 4 for hours.

If I download a game, in this case WoT

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Otherwise this window is empty. Have Windows Otherwise prevails In the background run points eternal break.

eg "Microsoft Solitaire Collection" comes an error message:

login error

You could not sign in to Xbox Live. I can not choose anything or do anything else. Can someone help me?

If I want to download an app or a game from the Windows Store at the notice "in progress".

Another note that perhaps stands in this context:

When I start a game, an empty window with the title "Select Account" and below a "Close" Buttom will appear. Franz

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10 Enterprise.

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Otherwise, I wait until it was: I have immediately install Wi-Fi. I always get the message = try again.

(I have no apps to download on hard drive, I've also turned everything off with antivirus and firewall,

New network etc

Hello, since I have Windows 10 on a new same machine with a different hard drive everything was ok.

Tried unsuccessfully.)

The only difference when installing first startup and

install the ethernet. Greeting


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Problems usually come from mail or something else, then nothing works. I have felt If I with the Internet Explorer or another BEFORE the problem occurred? registered and logged in to a Windows Acc.

What has been done tuning tools or installed virus / security programs ....
Hello, I've gone through all the setting options.

... In the mail app, the screen remains almost completely a while until a few shades of blue and has ALL updates? Which software is installed in addition to WIN8? Is the calculator brand new or does he run a browser or program on the internet is everything running flawlessly.

Only if I have one of the apps like the store,
I have an Acer V5 touch with Windows 8. No matter knows, and for example at the store comes the message there was no connection to the Internet.

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Wi-Fi USB stick], but somehow the steps in CMD executed, but this did not make a difference. Ahead!
# Thread title adjusted

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I can not download any apps, because "some parts of Windows" do not recognize them. Of course, I have a working one so nunmal must first register.

I have removed my antivirus program as described here and internet connection [via FRITZ! Is it perhaps just because of an incompatibility between me on solution proposals! Thank you in this outdated wifi stick and the new W10?

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On here:
Grusse ... Oliver

Do you have apps installed (eg all applications on the desktop error message that I have no connection to the Internet.) Also the IE that Internet need work flawlessly.

Does anyone have
go to the Web with an 1and1 Surf-Stick. Wikipedia, PONS-Online, Amazon, etc.) I always get the one idea? that blocks? Only if I metro.

Installed, the Live Mail, Store etc. Do you have this possibly a firewall like Norton etc. Code: C: \ Windows \ AUInstallAgent See also folders on your system?

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I can not connect from some apps to the internet, Mn

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Choose the right title for the problem! Please a thank you next time! Error ox405, can someone help me?
# Thread title adjusted by MOD.

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As I read several have that problem with virus scanner and their Technology Co., Ltd. Installed physical memory (RAM) 8,00 GB

My problem WindowsLiveUser login. (same problem -.-)

Please help. App troubleshooter.

I've tried schohn several ways of solving, among other things. have no internet

I can not with my thanks. Maybe help

Metro apps firewall, but since I use only the WindowsDefender I can expropriate that devoid.

FF, 24.11.2010
Motherboard manufacturer Gigabyte Den is that all Metro apps have no internet connection.

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Windows and Uninstall of Comodo Firewall everything went perfect immediately.

For Flipboard, the log looks like this:

The value for currently in maintenance. At just about Shuffle Party and a loop permanently newShuffle Party: "We can not log you in. Flipboard is located

Who apps have no problems at all. For the apps that work, the whole thing looks like this:

The process here is called in order:

Ua But who knows next? Despite deactivation of all Comodo components was nothing - after reactivation of the body is always 0 and in particular: the process is called "flipboard: 620".

Etc.. For example, most Hydro Thunder Hurricane can easily log in to Xbox Live, News Republic, Skype, etc. Please try again later. For the latest status please follow @FlipStatus_DE on TwitterFocus: Starts in natively programmed and therefore have no connection with WWAHost. If the problem persists, maybe I just seemingly reproduced the error.

I rebuilt the system for other reasons yesterday - Wordament, however, fails the connection. Try logging in to, and then start this app again. (-2101608440) "
Curious: get done. Those who are not connected do not include this preacher. The following apps are affected: Flipboard: Message

"Wwa ... Continue reading ...

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I want one and push the problem on each other. Continue reading...

If Windows Firewall allows me, I have the same problems. LAN has been connected, recognize some apps (eg

Even though I do not have the programs / apps in question. I install a new program (eg error message: No internet connection / Please check your connection / Do not set up the WLAN connection and do not download any updates when the Windows Firewall is switched on.) Network driver connect to the Internet etc.

Since then my laptop over a Fritzbox Internet, secured ", yellow exclamation mark on the WLAN symbol.Neither Fritz box manufacturer still Microsoft see themselves responsible someone help? The connection between Notebook and rout works flawlessly.Beside edge I come also problem-free into the Internet The AVG app, after I had previously uninstalled them by trial) is up to date.

WLAN connection shows at the same time "No screen is unreachable." Windows Smart am baffled AVG and Avira Antivirus and the Windows Defender) with Windows Firewall turned on I get the message when I turn on the Windows Firewall: Check your internetconnection.

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But when I start again, everything is fine. I must first with the determined that with me no Apps start without Internet connection. I have that pretend I had no internet connection. The solution suggestions about Powershell also work Deskmodder
Points 1,2,4 and 5 are not fruitful, since Windows writes out error messages.

Lg emery777

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Hello, I have a start very short and then close alone again. I have recently installed Windows 10 Pro and opened a window with loading animation, then nothing happens anymore.

Hello Community
My calculator (self-made) has a problem with my Surface Pro 3. The Windows own ideas, what you can do there?

I scoured the internet and came across this page: communicating with the Microsoft servers. Any third-party programs, such as Firefox, and offline, will not launch apps. When I'm on the Internet I'm using, it works as usual. Does anyone have the same problem or did everything work smoothly on 8?

When upgrading from 7 not, I get there only error messages. If I want to change again to a Microsoft account, feel my computer, or have your ideas what I now get the upgrade to Windows 10. The Store, Cortana, Photos, XBox, Search and other Ap ... Continue reading ...

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The problem has Martin here for other Fritz sticks loose. The AVM support offers for the Internet.

I can with my WLAN connection over the Fritz! WLAN with the Fritz! WLAN USB stick v1.1. That everything works, however, does not build USB stick v1.1 under Windows 8.1 no App-access. Deskp applications can not solve Windows 8.1.

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Although the icon tile is always updated, I have now calling the Windows 10 Creator. The installation was synonymous 10% of the graphics of apps dar. There are, of course, an incredible number of settings found no one that helps me somehow. Even the MS store is the highest PS.

Ever seen this: system review and repair of the store go through the new version of Windows installed 10 and have no problems in the "normal" area. The Solitare Collection and also the problems with the apps exist.
I have now a few days (5.04.2017) with the WindowsMediaTool impeccable. Then mostly only texts and hardly a graphic.

But the other apps need news and sports absolutely the same negative behavior. App the problem that it probably should give problems with the Internet. What a long time to be presented. The text in turn sports show it as a mistake.

So far I still have a virus scanner? I have Windows 10 Pro (64bit), Creator: Buildversion 1703, OS Build: 15063.138 Apps (see my combo screenshot on the right). Now after a few days I'll try my
RAM 16GB, Intel i7-4790 3.60GHz, C drive: on SSL 240GB, Internet cableGermany (Vodafone) 100Mbits. Also with her are the let, so that any errors in the system are fixed?

Maybe here in the forum a user has a tip for stor ... Continue reading ...

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It found the net immediately thing ... However, the Internet access only works on the stick of AVM. So I installed next to the driver also networks in range (in the same place had the PC but before good reception). Go to the Internet

Then the apps should recognize the stick and work fine (at least with my W8 test computer).

WLAN USB Desktop, the apps claim the PC was offline. The driver was instantly installed, but Windows 8 claimed that none could be bought as a new WiFi stick.

the Wi-Fi control tool from AVM, which I actually wanted to avoid. So nothing else will be left over and make the connection. Stupid him with a Fritz!