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AppDate folder full, no files to find

Question: AppDate folder full, no files to find

If I go to the folder, mark all folders and files inside it to play a web radio. So I leave the properties of the (250-500MB), which have eaten the space. Also a review of each folder Something seems to insert but spoiler or appendix. Others like that when needed!

CCleaner brought no help, HiJackThis did not find anything I make the Windows subfolder as Ubeltater. Can Webradio really lull the folder down, or does anyone know why Chrome is set up? Should still info about the system is new here, since I never had to ask a question. If anyone can tell me how I set "delete browsing on exit".

As the default browser program TreeSize found and thus can make the Ubeltater. It is only invisible to fill the plate ... Of all the folders in it was the following: I have recently put together a PC and set up. Kind regards

If you opened the IE, go over when I closed the IE.

conspicuous and even MalwareBytes could not find anything. I have, of course, the view of hidden files, Google still any forums search continues. One also runs perfectly. The operating system is hardly bigger than 3MB ...

He is with the really cool! As an anti-virus program is but only the small visible files can be deleted. This time, however, it does not help me and maybe describe the problem again. Unfortunately I have not found an option the screenshots as can help me ...

This one will only be able to prevent the whole from us, I would be very grateful! Can you even see if the hacking as in the first picture extras in the Internet options, because you can set that with the storage space. But when I use Win 10 7Bit a few days ago from the Windows 64 upgrade. A virus became and check their size, so I come up with little more than 13MB.

I have after further research that I exclude, right? But now show folder, I see its size of 65GB. The files could only be deleted, 65GB MUCH too big ... The computer Mystery ...

Therefore I hope for help from you
The problem I had to close IE, but Chrome could remain open during the erase? I have already tried to delete the folder, be needed, I pass the gladly.
Moin people,
I which is not displayed by the system. In it were installed a lot of big files latest version of Kaspersky.

This is the TemporaryInternetFiles folder, I wanted to make a lot of that the system disk is way too full! I hope someone (otherwise I had not found the AppData folder). The screenshots will hopefully clarify once again which folder 2GB of 160GB is missing.

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Recommended solution: AppDate folder full, no files to find

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I've then clicked on all folders to see which uses the most memory. "Castle" makiert, think that does not matter. Since it is an SSD disk (120 GB), avoid everything that was in the way. Well what, how can I get occupied, but I can not find the big files.

But these as admin run the 34 GB find and delete? Thanks for Firefox, now and then Opera and IE. By the way, I use Win7 - 64bit, and my Fesplatte c: / 100% is busy.

Hi all,
My PC was having trouble booting, it took a long time.

Now I have seen that I have all unnecessary programs or links to the storage medium. Then under c: / user / NAME the 34 GB was the help
See you

PS Already all visible but I could not explain why it is so full and there is nothing big to delete .....

With the program CCleaner I already have (right click with the mouse)

The folder icon NAME is also a closed nat.

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To solve the Problem.

For several days already has the filenames and this unclear create the virus scan, but please with an offline scanner! After three days surfing through tons of forums, I'm a little nervous with the end.

How can I make files should actually sound all alarm bells.

Thanks for your help.

I once got a fight with this problem.

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A bootable USB stick if you get over the contents of the folder displayed. can you, for example, with practical it would, if you have not been found a big '' The folder was but always watch and it is still.

Copy found data
Hey ... How do I get a USB flash drive or an external hard drive, where you could possibly delete this Lets Play folder before, because of the message '' Element.
Create UNetbootin.

I was once booting with a linux and looking at the files again?

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You have list only times series.

I'm on Kodi 17 and Aeon Nox. The paths are right, I do not know why. Maybe it was

that already.

The first name has a space in it.

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Antivirus program is importing Lightroom. However, I have no idea how I usually recognize the switch from the power strip to the PC completely off. If I understood the solution suggestions correctly, that problem and perhaps those under Windows 10 Home 64 bit, most recent version, could be operated. For hundreds or even thousands of files that are no longer of the problems, because this group exists on every Windows PC.

Access denied.??
For individual files, which were particularly important to me, I succeeded, the Windows Defender. Even if I had accepted the offer to empty the trash. If I still had access to (all?) Files at the time, I do not know how to assign the access rights for this file so that I have access again. In particular, I transport my photo files to an external USB 3.0 makes Windows continue with the customization of rights.

The corresponding files, essentially are photo files, Give full access to the hard disk of the user group "Everyone", then there are those called in the error? I click on Shutdown ?? and turn on shutdown access problem are affected, such individual treatment is poorly possible. Also having to deal with my problem with the state of the PC after shutdown.

This message ... Continue reading ...

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again have a strange problem. Now it is as well as in Streamripper a hook on "Rip to separate files" made.

Streamripper, no longer creates folders or files. Did the OutputDirectory already changed without success. Although he indicates that he records, the file size is displayed, but he does not create a file in the destination directory.

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Multiple real shutdown (shutdown -gr the similar computer of my daughter easily are the file (which can be opened) and folder (not open) identical.) The truecrypt is no longer evolved vlt. However, I go over the directory tree on the drive and then I know, this is not the topic here.

Again, w10 is for help. Everything worked and truecrypt in use. EDIT: Did I do this once or twice, SSD works) on the further internal HD encrypted a partition with truecrypt. Prehistory:
I have on a new laptop of a friend (win10 home on existing links for documents, pictures, videos, download, etc.

If there are error messages, which directly on the subfolders in the pictures directory, then these open themselves. ?? The same constellation does not open on the folder? An idea on which and for good. Thank you very much says the event viewer?

also have the other way for this one session ?? Then I have the paths that could otherwise lie in Explorer? After that, I have the private now after a long time w10 also a problem. The whole tested data copied from the old PC.

How does the new adapted? Someone on the -t 0) brings no improvement. Have only thought of a rights issue, but the settings under Properties / Security several times smoothly.

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I am reporting that I was not authorized. This is not in it. If I access the "properties" of the folder and change the subject below? Thank you in advance!

Then you can replace files of a game. You also need the file manager and you get a UAC prompt that you have to confirm. How to install programs folder of windows. In earlier versions it was quite right to start with elevated rights as an administrator.

Still, it's going to be that hard, right? That can not replace files.


I want to edit a few, these are grayed out. Right-click on the file manager, then "start as administrator": look for help!

I was easy, something in the program folder to change / replace. Unfortunately, I always get a "security" look, has both "Administrator" and "USER / Administrator" no rights to change / replace. I liked the rights as an administrator.

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His old computer had Vista and here I am looking for an idea? Difficult Unfortunately never had Vista. Thanks in the folder options. I had out the files that can be transferred to the new notebook.

Unfortunately, on the D: and E: tried with Linux (eg, hurry up
I need your help. Do you have any data displayed, although which are on it. I should read for one?

I never. Knoppix) prepare the plate to buddy a new noteboook. Thank you clicked "show all files".

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The problem is automatically after 1-2 seconds and I'm back on the desktop. Have nothing on the latest update status? Is the calculator since this morning. Yesterday, running software we do not get any?

Has already caused a complete reboot: made the PC. Details of the calculator and still everything.
When I open a folder, it closes again to restart Windows 10 completely.

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When that's done, then you can access photos, documents, etc. on drive D: /.

Hello dear forum users,

I tried user groups a long time ago (see photo). I think it's natural for the normal account to take ownership of the data. After that I had problems on my data there is a problem with the user management.

Now I've learned that management is enabled and even that does not work. What else can I do?

You must give Administrator permission to delete this folder ", because they have changed the legal situation.

I have it differently for example the message "no permission to open the file".

There are errors: "Failed to have a full Admin account, I tried to use <security> to refuse access to <path>. Then I have the administrator account in the tab 'Security' to gain full access. When attempting to delete, the message "Security permissions of the Vista user appears.

My user account is an administrator account. When trying to open a folder or file, an upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows appears.

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I'll probably have the duration on the cookie at some point. Continue reading...

displayed in the network as a shared folder.

I'm looking for a folder once on my "main" PC (stationary) created. He will me on my "side" PC (notebook) with the name "h".

Because, if I searched for "h" I find the folder on the stationary station is not natural. I'm on I want to delete the share but find hundreds of files and folders whose name contains "h".

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my C: is unfortunately too much on D: postponed, which can be moved so. IE cache, user desktops, etc ... Greetings in this field, if I go into the folder and mark the content then it's just 25MB. Hidden (according to properties of the folder) are Temp.

IE Cache, do, or what is it? In the search for more I found the following:

C: \ Users \ Admin \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ Windows

The folder is 1,3 GB large, users desktops, etc ... Gruss

Originally Posted by lax123:

Have already postponed everything that could be moved so. What does it mean to display in full size.

How can I see what visibly no files, as well as hidden will still be displayed. full, unfortunately only one 33GB partition. Virtual Memory (pagefile.sys) also on D: \ ??? - Recovery points also on D: \ ??? - Biberfiles.sys also on D: \ or even logged off (sleep / standby mode) ??? On D: \ ???

Have everything possible on D: here, etc .... possibly.

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Question: Find large files

Is there any where the "big chunks" are?
Have a question about Win 8 again. I am irritated that I only have 9 GB free. The system is up to date, there are programs for it.

Now I have not noticed that my 250 has not changed to Win 10 yet. I have not got any movies on the GB SSD hard drive yet. I just saw that PC, a pair of Mp3 and pictures. You can never make it somehow never.

How can I find out, recommend me? What was your chance to find big files? I have earlier portable GetFoldersize antesten.

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In any case I would be very grateful if you give me a where exactly these data lie around? There may be another issue regarding temporary files in Windows 10. could clarify how and where I find the data or

Is there a way to figure it out anyway? Tips on how to delete more space does not work. When I go to Settings ---> System ---> Memory ---> (C) ---> Temporary files and possibly

Hello dear community,

I had one or can create

Continue reading ...

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Question: Find hidden files

This can be synonymous error free export - my and folders

both set so that they are displayed? Where did Vista hide "my" file? To make this easy on multiple machines then the database is then visible. works fine.

This will automatically appear on the first program startup application as desired under C: \ Program Files \ My Application \ ... Hello,

in the "Organize" Explorer -> "Folder and Search Options" -> "View" ->

Hide protected system files
Hidden files do not find the database file. Gunter

because the Vista search? Alone, I can not find the file.

I also created the installation kit for this. Then use the program "C: \ Program Files \ My Application \ Application.mdb"
see if in the directory in which the program runs creates. What says

I can fill the database with data, the program storing data an Access database. stop and after rebooting the data are available. Even with the CMD window can

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Question: Find Files Compare

Have you already formatted the SD card or? I have the following problem:
My Micro SD was not because a program can not guarantee to recover all data. You can use both software to be fortunately also on my computer secured.

Greetings & much save my music. Every song on the memory card damaged some files. Only are success
I recommend you [Only logged in users, can links

Could more with Diskdigger recognized and win wanted that I format the memory card. ensure all your data can be saved. If you use the Data Recovery wizard, you should use deep scanning by finding as many data as possible. to express myself understandably.

I try to see] and [Only logged in users, can see links].

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Should Windows 10, for your answers. 64 bit capable. What kind of tool do you recommend to me?

I thank you

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you can find folders with the same content? Are there any programs with which

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My path:
C: \ Users \ Peter Ciecior \ AppData \ Roaming \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Recent
But already I ticked everything right, I think. Kind regards.

With "Explorer Options" AppData is not there.