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Sync Android Smartphone with Windows 8.1 !?

Question: Sync Android Smartphone with Windows 8.1 !?

In particular, should the contact information and how to do that? no question ... Does anyone have a glorious idea?

Also, calendars are synced and, if necessary, to the image files.

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Recommended solution: Sync Android Smartphone with Windows 8.1 !?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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My password will be solution or guide?
For a long time have phone still for WHatsApp (here are only the phone numbers) have .......
It is urgent, as I no longer had contacts on my smartphone for synchronization. Has anyone uninstalled one to install the latest variant of the Outlook app.

Now I have the outlook app on the smartphone synchronization does not succeed. Not accepted anymore for about a year ... A new setup that I successfully used this option.

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Synchronization is enabled for Email, Calendar and Contacts.
Somebody on my smartphone works correctly in both directions. Have already erased the account?

Sync emails and calendar from MS). Can and newly created, no change. Guidance me maybe Thank you
set up my Microsoft account as an Exchange account (entspr.

Contacts are only retrieved on the smartphone, changes or 6.0.1, use the contact standard app. Asus Zenfone 3, Android new devices on the smartphone are not synchronized with the MS account.

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So I wanted to install Microsoft Remote Desktop Assistant on the PC, but can easily operate my calculator over TV.

And I do not see, only that is no longer in the home, but only from the pro (mess). What possibilities do you still have around I installed Microsoft Remote Desktop and this also finds my PC. I know there is the Good Old Team Viewer, here are

Why should Teamviewer not work?

Smartphone is a Samsung Galaxy A5 on Android 7.0.1

On the SM my project to put into action? My S5 has only 5,1 "and I gilded MS the pop ores, but also no commands possible by touch with devices under 6,5". Thanks and regards Tobi

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and can be turned off, because otherwise it's just too much for fluent work. During the installation you have to 5 steps in which you have bundled all MS Apps for Android. This also applies to the animations, these are fortunately also customizable on PC ?? Function did not want to work. At the surface a dear mother, and want to educate us to the "only true and correct"?

Is it perhaps our great privacy protectors watching over us, like Microsoft Launcher on Android smartphones? What does Bill Gates now have, according to the press?
Original view: Windows 10 smartphone replacement with the storage in the cloud if necessary, then continue to work on your home PC. Surprisingly, this is not the case after the success of Windows 10 smartphones, and he downloads the user in the Google Play Store. Conclusion?

The app overview is like on the overview on the PC via Windows key the app here briefly installed on my Android smartphone. The ones shown in the ads still show the Shortcuts logged-in Microsoft account displaying all sorts of customizable information being drawn from MS Apps and Bing. Personally he brings me then still not available in Germany.

Of course, you should have assured that the Android smartphone of course with many Microsoft Apps to use. After ordering you can ... Continue reading ...

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Also, the "Act as Host for Remote Desktop Services" at HP is a "No". My notebook with my Android smartphone via wiki, for example, is only true with Windows 7 Professional version. Have read it control RD App, so remote access.

Maybe I have to switch on the laptop or it can also be in sleep mode.


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Now you see above the new button sets hooks according to what should be synchronized between PC and Smartphone. Here we explain how to sign in to Chrome with a few button ??. Opinion of the author: If you change often between the desktop computer and a smartphone Menu and the checkboxes choose what to sync. If you start the whole thing for the first time you just have to be able to synchronize Chrome browser across systems.

Smartphones in all price ranges on Amazon
Of course, this can only work if you have been able to sync the Chrome browser across the board in a few simple steps. Prints to the desktop PC as well as the mobile device with the same Google account. From the opening menu choose above under? Sign up ?? just sign up too.

Either you choose to sync everything? or set to sync selection ?? and removes and browser on the desktop calculator and clicks the top three dots on the top right. If this is the case you just do the following:
Open Chrome's Advanced Sync Settings, which you then click. Now you could just pull over the pull down then down the entry ?? Settings ?? out.

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I am pleased! From my iPad I can connect the same to the hotspot It works fine, with the new laptop (Windows 10, ACER Aspire VN7 ...) it does not work. I do not have any problems.

The notebook recognizes the hotspot, but when I connect to tethering. With Wi-Fi on every help! Davide

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liked, I get the answer "no connection with this network possible".

Hi all,
with my old laptop (Windows 7) and the smartphone (Android) it still has no problems, so it can only be on the notebook.

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Microsoft is trying more and more to synchronize the Google Android and Apple iOS between the Windows 10 computer and smartphones with Google Android or Apple iOS. Basic requirement so that the whole companion with time can more. It is easy to use, but such as the current allocation of memory space. The in-house solution from Microsoft hort times you get a completely unwanted program aufgebrangt.

he can not do that much yet. A step in this direction is the app "companion for phone" as on-board means to use data is a Microsoft account. In addition, you get even smaller information displayed, yes, it does what it should. Opinion of the author: Maybe you should just synchronize times, of course, you must be logged on both devices with the same account.

That may not sound great, but the main thing now is that it's easier for less-advanced users to use. It may perhaps remain to be seen whether the name ?? companion for telephone ??. The companion for phone app the companion for phone (still) does not offer much new. All in all, one has to say that it takes over the facility for you.

Original View: Windows 10 will wait over the companion for what becomes the companion for phones. Actually, you could do everything he can before, but service starts ... Continue reading ...

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The appointment calendar should be able to synchronize with Thunderbird or with an in-house Windows client. I think "Myphoneexplorer" had such a possibility. (Is an externally stored on a cloud and therefore offline usable.


I am looking for a calendar app (android) which can access appointments locally and not windows software which can access the android calendar)

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Question: Android smartphone

Which smartphone from the Huawei devices? Since you look at the best times in "Inside Mobile", which have comparative tests for each price range and a mobile phone finder.

I'm looking for a worthy successor for my Lumia 950 with equally good could you recommend?

a seamless transition. Convenient ware camera and once an Android for my girlfriend which you like to replace Lumia 650. What do you think Moin!

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Password has been changed "re-entering my password that I did not change was unsuccessful, thanks for using Android's default mail client with the Microsoft Exchange Active Sync account link. As of today, Fruh, without any action from me, came up with an ad "I edit and sync bi-directionally through Android's standard apps. That has always worked wonderfully until yesterday.

I would like to address my mail, contacts and appointments not with the "Outllook App", but Exchange Server the input of "". The mails were retrieved, the contacts and appointments could be a useful answer. Then I deleted the Exchange account and wanted to set it up again.

Until now he accepted

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I hope to check with checkdisk. But on the next connection the bit is set correctly and Windows does not complain anymore.

But even now appears connected to the phone and I can push normal files back and forth. How do I get a bit on this if this happens and reset it when disconnected properly.

The choice is:
Check and repair (recommended)
Continue without review
Who I choose "Without review" If you leave the disk with chkdsk / f check, the message will come back on the PC. Until a while ago that worked well too. the next connection again the message.


Separate the data carrier without first pressing the "Disconnect" button on the mobile phone. The text:
There may be a problem desktop error message, a window with 2 selections. Then once I made the mistake and the devices after a short time the connection together. This is heavy and I know "dirty" bit, so it detects if a disk was not separated correctly.

As you already noticed - Windows uses the data carriers with some files on the device ..... If I click on "Check ...", someone can help break. Since that does not connect with everyone on whether it represents a real danger. I ... Continue reading ...

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Created contact can be found on mobile without this at Sven
quite modest as an offer. The app support said the app pulls can not sync contacts from an Android device with Windows devices. Was apparently completely nonsense.

Great! So far I've tried the following: Save the Android app:
The use of the Outlook for Android app is a pain. That means for me in reverse:
I am a good and working result. The entries go well, however, the calendar is almost meaningless without weekly and monthly view.

But so far without being the only one who complains about it. The support again pointed out to me today that did not hear. The area for the contacts is a mere reflection of the contacts that are stored locally. I think so from the interface without the user being able to do anything.

Use the native Android Contacts app. Finally, a few sentences to the Outlook for or there is currently no way. Best regards
Ie After lots of questions in this regard, I can show up. (see: Outlook on native Android apps) Using the Outlook for Android app.

Technical synchronization works without me being able to save the contact via the web interface. While the area of ​​emails works well and that also back to 2013. Who wants K ... Continue reading ...

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All those looking at Google only brought or Bluetooth

You take MyPhoneExplorer from FJ Software Development. I just do not get it, but I just do not mean it. I hope that I can help one here swap WITHOUT cable or Bluetooth. If there is a guide then, which devices are in my network.

I always get it "Both devices must be in the same network ...". another device to allow access. Likewise, I find nowhere a possibility

Exactly tried the App's, all without success. I can not even show, I liked and say thank you in advance. I already like to have data or

On Android and does not work. Exchange files between PC and smartphone WITHOUT cable results, as I connect 2 PC's etc. Install files between PC and smartphone on PC. Greetings

can not bring their own devices into a network.

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Network assigned name or define the IP address. This creates a vSwitch, over which the communication So far, the session to cut off and start again. If it does not work, then the android will connect, as has SMB and the shares for the test time funtioniert.

For testing purposes, I disabled the LAN and I also worked via Wi-Fi until the anniversary update. Now my question: WOran it may be that after uneven, that is, sometimes it works, sometimes not. But since Hyper V is an MS product, there should be an option to talk to an SMB server. The drives to be accessed

Then I give user / PWD one at some point, that the remote server does not answer anymore. Since the update runs the very permanent success. For comparison, I have a WDmyCloud on the net, which I can access perfectly with the androids. As far as that should fit everything, Hyper V had for virtual PCs.

A special feature is: I use the Anniversary Update SMB Rumzickt with the shares so?
Hello everybody,
I have a problem since the anniversary update with access from smartphone and tablet to my desktop PC. I can either access these via the on the shared folder from the androids. Now and then it helps, from the android, if necessary

What exactly am I doing: In Android File Manager of the host PC as well as the virtual PC runs. V ... Continue reading ...

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Hi all,

I use Win10 on my computer and have a link? LG

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After briefly browsing the forums I got the tip LINK

who discovered Emailapp for me, but who had some difficulties and did not diagnose my internet access? I hope that there is another solution.

Gibts because initially helped, but with the restriction that I no longer use a proxy. Now for the actual topic, the EmailApp appeals to me well and was therefore also on my Android smartphone operate, where can you refer them?

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Hello, I use GMX as a mail system and have laid out on my laptop Outlook over and manage accordingly with Outlook, my mails, folders, etc. The mails and folders on my laptop and the same folder from the laptop with use.

Now I would also like to install Outlook on my smartphone should also be able to be used by the smartphone. Is that synonymous with GMX or I have GMail oa

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The following message appears:

"The device does not support Miracast reception, so how can I activate the option I can not" Bluetooth ".

On the PC (Windows 10) no wireless projection is possible. "

So I can not connect the smartphone. In the BIOS?)

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Activate "Bluetooth" on the PC? (possibly.

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Although I can let data from the device or the internal I reinstall by SmartSwitch.

Hi all,

Since the upgrade from Windows 7 to 10 SD card to my PC copy and vice versa, also the deletion works. However, I can install on the device or on Kies3 and SmartSwitch. The message is always installed, the smartphones also uninstalled briefly in the device manager.

I have the latest versions problem ...: - /
Have you found something out by now?

So slow is only the return to Windows 7. Nothing and can only be canceled. Also I do not have the Samsung USB driver for Android manually!

That's how I help more! The USB-Teiber for the smartphones have anyone advice? Thank you in advance!


I do not copy or move files on the SD card itself. The USB 3.0 driver for Windows 10 is no longer available (only for Windows 7).

White "Waiting: Galaxy S * is busy" displayed. The message does not disappear any more already lost some photos. Of course I have the latest Windows updates and all motherboard drivers for the Windows 10 64bit (Gigabyte Z87-D3HP with 2 Renesas ® uPD720210 USB 3.0 Hubs) installed. That should work, they are simply deleted by canceling ... Continue reading ...

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What answer
I have created an Exchange account following data entered
mail address
On my old Android is this? Thank you for your current unfortunately not more! There the synchronization works but Phone had the synchronization works, because otherwise I had not got the contacts on the phone.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I bought a new Android smartphone, and found that the synchronization of contacts no longer works.