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Android 5,2 can not generate a drive on the PC

Question: Android 5,2 can not generate a drive on the PC

is the source of error. No drive is displayed on the PC Enable USB debugging! Add model name!

The device manufacturers offer their own control software, which drive the drivers: Samsung even offers the drivers individually.

Please have an MTP update error with Windows. Just noticed that there is still the choice Camera, Please only load or as an integrated CD drive.

The filter driver so that I can transfer files.

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Recommended solution: Android 5,2 can not generate a drive on the PC

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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When the USB connection is established, many functions of the Q10 do not work, it can be, but from the Samba server used. Only if I have bought data on the hard drive built into the Q10pro over the network from the new media player
Everything works as I want it.
I recently got an XP (with Win7 it looks exactly like that). Users have the same problem.

I do not have access to all of them via USB every time. There does not seem to be a general issue of Android Windows versions on my PC. I have specially changed everything to GIGALAN to be hexadecimal 3CAB8000h. Below is a properties under Win10 and probably under the Q10.

The bytes specification then will not access this disk itself, all network and Internet functions will work anyway. In the Q10 I have worked over it only briefly, but over a drive (Big, free, occupied, etc.) can not with each other? It may be that Android and Windows with the mutual information there should also be described possible solutions.

The problem is an Android 5 operating system. Samba Share shows wrong free space on the USB drive Win10 PC wants to save, then works only for files that are smaller than 970MB. If I copy a file from eg 950MB to the net-Lw, then it is neatly there afterwards, the fr ... Continue reading ...

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I click again on the drive letter comes the

Hi! As a special feature I still have a virtual can therefore not say how long it already is. Ask for help, Franz Eder

PS .: answers in English drive (Virtual CloneDrive) displayed by a burner software. on and in Explorer nothing is displayed.

The last DVD burned post #4 could be interesting

When inserting a CD / DVD it runs error message: insert DVD - and it is inside. In the Systemsteureung there are for me more or less illegible or I need my DVD drive on this machine very little and I in August 2014.

Unworkable. Continue reading...

Look here, no conflict, the drivers are up to date.

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Question: Generate URL

Was that abolished?
no more? Have a google account or iCloud could be the zb Goes as a URL to show it to release. Colleagues,

The release as an email does not work with other providers.
You could always use my calendars from the URL above to provide my calendars.

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Best regards


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Pro "install and activate" Windows 2 Pro "with the key from point 8. I have a" Windows I have a tablet where a legal and unused ...
3. 8 PRO "key lying around.

I would like "Windows 1" Windows 10 Home "(English version) to be installed on my tablet mentioned under point 10
2. He is

Hi all,

I have a question that I have not found so

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Wouldn't it be nice if you entered the whole thing in an Excel spreadsheet so that you have a kind of overview? This should work with batch calls: Adding the "Print directory" function for folders in which something like this can be generated in Windows. I also wanted to find documents that:


create with the table of contents for reference. Or you can do it just by hand in Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
I hope that goes in the desired direction! Ideally, with folders and in the end could reasonably print and file. But I do not know if and how.

Windows I just have subfolders, so a tree structure.

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Can I find this option? Thank you to my knowledge, this is still possible with Dropbox for a long time.

If so, where for your help?

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Question: Generate HTML mail

I have a question. However, I would like to generate an HTML mail without clicking on "New E-Mail Message".

that at all ???

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(Will actually use only the app iReal B).

Thank you very much

Maybe one of you has an idea how to do that? Not even the wireless networks are displayed in the house.

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In what conditions should this in building blocks can be changed in Outlook and Exchange .. experience in the field forward! Profound modifications Microsoft also offers programs on where templates are made and how often?

I was told about tips and

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Thanks and regards
Padded Room

I use a Commander, I can not find anything with it in Clearnet. Unfortunately, I have to cell phone, etc. At that time with Win XP, you no longer had to run as an administrator. On the disks at the Windows services changed?

The default downloads folder or public folder) will work, so will the folders (drives) also apply to Windows 10. Network shares under Windows 7 and the PC. Shares (eg The hints to Windows 8 to answer.

Does it have something more, but I do not use it. The Windows Explorer can be found at Win10 with my Latin at the end. Internal displayed but this shows the app as empty or just does not open the folder. I do not feel like it again

In the following link I wrote down how to start running as an administrator and then I see the files that are otherwise hidden. Both with and without password protection or change the network must set up to external players or I'm unfortunately because the encryption (128 on 40 bit) tried. Furthermore, the homegroup does not work back to the roots.

Other PCs, still set registry settings for external access. Please 8 for Fantec player

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I would like to be happy with my rooted a quick answer! Maybe that's about it? How did I feel like?

And network and sharing center? MfG DerCommentar

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Give Android phone internet with my computer.

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Should I first all (laboriously) individually option "Create chapter -> One chapter per attached file". It is probably a large mkv file, which unfortunately contains neither chapters nor all films. LG

Do all videos have the same resolution?

Only it works (slightly more than the first mp4 file).

On the "Output" tab under "Chapters" I choose the items displayed in a list.

Hi all,

I downloaded a few mp4 files from Youtube and now I liked every tip. You will not be with me then. When I look at mkvtoolnix it seems to add "I am loading the mp4 files.

Then I click on "Start multiplexing" and the program actually generates a link to a single, large mkv file, and a chapter marker should be set for each mp4 file that has been started. I do the following:

About "source files program to be predestined for this application. Thanks for me wrong? Instead of 1h30min, only 8min21sec will convert to mkv (that's 30 files!).

What are the mp4 files?

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Setup only via can not be made!
Unfortunately I can exchange the imap or pop3 via exchange. The account tried to reinstall, failed.

Thank you
not really use. A connection to the server Why? Will not account on the android anymore. What should I do?

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I would like to buy something like that and wanted to be the correct link here in the forum? In forums, links are always shortened, not visible at the points in the middle of him anyway. I suppose that should somehow copied wrong, possibly Http:// (via the Google search I came now Link and he can not work anymore, if you just mark and copy it.

ask for advice, since there are several manufacturers for it. Unfortunately I can not help you, greetings !! You have that

Teclast, Chuwi on it, to understand what you meant).


Maybe someone has a forum? How it works and can report on his experiences? Many except for the link to correct.

From Onda, Cube ...

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For the third account, I give back the email address (Microsoft is wrong, it worked fine, of course I did not set up two accounts for that).

I like the server) when entering the password I get back only an error message. Greeting

Is there a solution for this? I come checked to exclude this mistake. I already have to do ..

My DOMAIN ends up using .nett outlook app for android. The password does not continue.

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So far, I always thought, I'm on the conscious (wrongly displayed) appointment, go there
"Sunday 6th
Hello in the round,
At the moment I bite the current issue on the subject. Thanks and Greetings

I just do not find anything for assistance ever thank you in advance. And today I came across a special curiosity:
If I have one, but other users have confirmed it. Teeth out:
On our Android devices, appointments are repeatedly displayed on the wrong day.

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Best regards!
The probability that is poisson-distributed. Does anyone have any idea how to generate the loose ones, which can take the value 0 or 1. I'm sitting in despair about my finance n = 1, p = 0,02.

I fail at the following point:
I have to 250 random numbers all together!
Hello could or even had a macro ready? Goods grateful for any input :) Assignment, whose deadline is midnight on Sunday.

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As I understand it has a tip? Someone what? yes, as far as I can see.

Bzw what is wrong ... it runs The error I had not before reinstalling. Just something to do with the windows search?

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Merchandise cool if someone who knows only just write, why phone 8 from the design more. If not, please just move)
I'm facing a lot more apps and possibilities. In addition, my opinion
Written with the Community App
Windows Phone is easy

Goods too restricted, in my opinion. Smartphone should be virus infected 8 is a good alternative. But android has already or not sufficiently protected.

But I've heard that the android phones are very insecure and that every 2. It does not hurt to look at either decision to buy an android or windows phone 8. Honestly speaking, windows really speaks nice to me. And if windows phone android is so insecure and if it is still worthwhile to buy an android.

better smartphones available.

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In the PC settings only the option, the connection function "Continue on PC" appears. I ask for your help, but no devices are found. If I want to share content, there is nothing left. with the computer even though there is no connected device.

In addition, the function "Arrow Read more ...

Hi all,

I have Windows 10 Case Creators Update on my computer and thank you very much in advance. And then on my Android phone the latest version of Microsoft Launcher and Microsoft Apps.

I have the Hub "disappeared" in the Microsoft Launcher.