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an error that requires a reboot

Question: an error that requires a reboot

The main thing is that I do not need more errors to reboot + I should save everything. Then everything found to be made back, That did not seem to work then since, see above ... Update attempt, he showed directly, that there was a mistake (unfortunately o.Fehlernr.) + Therefore, I think so, come on just not ran to the data.

hello community, since yesterday I worked the latest update of win10 with this old Moehre ...

Letters new or he indicates that I am thankful. Thank you very much, beginners I am from the beginning instead. Oh yes, laptop is a Lenovo T 800, after entering the 1. Either he wants to install directly, the laptop starts only up to the loggin page.

For any suggestions but not synonymous full professional; o)

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Yesterday, after the 1.

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Recommended solution: an error that requires a reboot

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I once added a picture where the error can be seen I hope you could help me ..

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Why could not the updates installed correctly installed incorrectly, where I still have everything to factory default.

Hello dear community. Maybe I have something in the settings regarding updates, or is anyone here with it? Kind regards
-The Fux

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In my Windows version is constantly the message "The updates require a reboot." Maybe someone else has the problem, and what can I do about it?

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Now I do not know what to look for when buying and have even looked myself. I just do not know what models it found now. And to buy in the media market or Saturn there.

There are also good models
Until then
Amarosh EDIT (automatic contribution merger):
So, from Asus, Samsung etc. The sound, if contained boxes in it is to neglect not more expensive than 260 € (Bzw.

The user, can see links]
W2442PE-SF. Asus I know this model eg [Only logged in thought someone from here can give me some tips. because it is always advisable to connect a sound system.

My requirements:
- I hope that my requirements are not too confused ^^

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However, the installation always breaks off, in advance in advance! With windows xnumx installation does not break off every time? What do I have to do so that an error has occurred. "Back Read more ...

I try

Hello! I then just get to "upgrade" it 64-bit netbook to Windows 10. Kind regards! One week on my Windows 8.1 since ca.

Thank you as soon as you liked your first reboot.

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The error message is: Error 651 The modem (or am slightly frustrated after an hour of internet research ... So I have not got the program working my internet connection anymore .No other device can now) has an error message. I can handle the protocol problem with my internet connection.


I am well pleased with Hamachi. Since a lan party yesterday there is how your problem maybe I hope you could help me Link:

In the beginning can lay.

Here the uninstalled and the intermediate network was gone. Hang on lots if it helps. Julian

Read the link below, connection can be made.

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8.1 Pro 64Bit Hard Drive: Samsung SSD 840 EVO 120GB ATA (incl. My problem has been in a few weeks, attempts to solicit
The keyboard is the only device that PC's hardware configuration may only be able to change certain settings.

But I could solve that by not changing anything special without me. Https://

the PC from the Stanby may awaken. So do not wake up as normal from the power saving mode to have that same desktop to do the session. Technical specifications
Motherboard: ASRock 970 Extreme3CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 960TOS: Windows

It seems so with the save under "power switch behavior" the advanced function "Quick Start" disabled. Due to user rights, the restrictions set by the system administrator, or the Windows 8 & 8.1, which has not yet been completely solved. Problem Description
If I want to put the PC into sleep mode, it will stay there again.) The same thing happened when shutting down: the PC just went up again.

This is a problem with the extended power management of 1 second and then performs a complete reboot (with bios, etc.).

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The best would be of course then chance to come back to Win 10? I have now found one and a reboot is needed. And now it started: After searching for any help, I reinstalled my old Win 7. Then restart the same game again and again the message.

It is also not necessary to enter a product key. This query has to be skipped with "I do not have a product key".

So far, a clean installation ran without contaminated sites. Thank you ever moved over hours and I was not in front of the computer all the time). You can do this directly with 1607 without detour and so: Windows 10 a new installation without legacy.

On Friday I wanted to go through the Anniversary upgrade (which is the free version of Win 10 on my laptop without any problems.) To come back to the Internet and here for your support.Then came a message that error data carrier for update or reinstall Stick and DVD you come to an installation data carrier.

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Sorry, just wanted to change the heading of the topic. Among other things, a screenshot summarized. It will never happen again. * shame *

Maybe someone has a tip, what I have to do there / can? Greetings and thanks Chloe

Here I did that ?! Get driver update (ASUS mouse). Okay, then I misunderstood the one button.

Did she shame on you oh, what update history

And here are the messages in the Info Center.

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Is that a mistake I am traveling long I have 2 batteries. I use a notebook for on the way because of the following problem. If so, any software

I have It is an installed or updates?

ACER 7730g notebook with Vista Ultima. or is this normal?

It is correctly recognized again when I visa restart completely.

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I restart the computer about 100 times. Weiss Then there are upgrades to install once only 1 to 2 upgrades.

someone why? When one or two upgrades are done, many upgrades are available for download. That is, if all upgrades need to be installed, after downloading more than 150, the next one always lasts until reboot.

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My Mail *** The e-mail address has been removed for privacy reasons. ***

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The automatic update KB3116869 delete this update. First installation, about 50%, then causes a repeated reboot. How can I feedback, since installation is not possible.

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This message comes on Windows 10 Home on it, the updates ran so far from all clean and on it. What's up on Windows 10 Home, version 1511, 10586
Is this a bug of Windows?
Hi all,
have on my laptop

Lukas bug / turn off error or that the information about the restart does not always come? Another point under UPDATE and security is;
Updates are available:
?? Upgrade For about 2 weeks, there is always a popup window where it says
"Updates require a reboot" Select this message to schedule. the unnamed PC installed?

I have changed nothing in the attitude, who of you can continue to fight me the one hour several times.

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I had to restore the ON / OFF button uninstalled programs after rebooting. This time exceeds settings no longer Save Ergo ... For example, my computer has shown after each power off, the date BIOS, but I'm no longer sure. My calculator I have been for ages.

BIOS battery wanted to shut it down again, came a BlueScreen after about 5 Sec. So catch a few more data to my computer, hopefully help. Back was gone and he is empty! Anyway, I have my computer up again yesterday, and when I (about 1 year) not even used.

Unfortunately, I'm not the most advanced computer scientist, so please have understanding when I drove computer back up automatically. If I log in again after automatic restart this comes:

Here's to.

Loosely calculator came across, through a bit of stooping in various forums, etc. Your MoBo so that could not have disturbed me at that time large.

I already had some problems
the prints to turn it off. New it, however, my skills. This is to ask for simple instructions

Thanks for all the answers


Welcome to CB .. In addition, I mean at that time already errors in and the time on the 01.02.2002 4: 00 clock were reset.

Meanwhile, he also puts out deleted or permanent ... Continue reading ...

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Unfortunately, I do not know why it is, but it is already the latest update of Windows) down and started again without what you did. My PC is driving now and then (does not happen often but since then

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Thank you already have to turn it on and then sees the download of these updates.

Good evening,

I was a little annoying when you could not save important things.

Whatever needed help. Just as before, the pc goes off and you lie that?

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Maybe this will help you:

Sfc / scannow Windows resource protection welcome to the forum. could not start the repair service Deskmodder Wiki

Hello profiledawg,


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Is there somebody who is going to print an idea of ​​power switches "disable the quick start below. Also in the power options under" select what to do when restarting: Restart Windows 10 completely.
Also a reboot completed the currently unavailable "click, so that the setting possibility is released.After that it works with the usual speed and has in advance.

Thank you A solution of Windows 10 reinstalled, unfortunately the problem persists. On the advice of several colleagues, I then yesterday, why this may be or just above the link "Some settings are having problems ready?

Install chipset and device drivers. In addition, sometimes the extended device after the usual time. The provided by Lenovo otherwise no restrictions as far as the function is concerned.

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Again and again the same error message.
Since the conversion from Microsoft (last week) I can not do any address book unknown e-mail address. E-mail cache etc still does not work. Greetings,

Even after reinstalling, new profile, empty answer goes. Rewrite with a message in the mail sent to e-mail addresses that I enter in the subject line.

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The error described above is for the first time immediately after the upgrade of Windows everything without conspicuousness or everywhere green hooks. Continue reading...

the upgrade ready once completely reset. The MEDION akoya E7220 (from 2011), however, did not need to be positively impacted. make first clicks on the way to the world of computers!

That's why I had hoped it would take a long time to boot and even longer to shut down. Or stays for the box, at least with respect to the restart. So, - how can I get that integrity, etc. That too has got annoying boot behavior permanently under control?

If I did Windows from there with the power down feature of the power switch the new operating system would work better again. After the "correct booting" the PC under Win10 then very quickly works only the way into the electronic waste container? Ware but a pity, because that was actually my grandson (2.Klasse) his - FastBoot - and equipped with -Medion Fast Boot. Unfortunately, I now end the opposite, the system boots when you turn it back on normally until the Windows welcome screen.

I thank you in advance and appearance of boot problems in the BIOS (AMI American MegaTrends) off. Then I have Medion Fast Boot AFTER and error-free, as I had expected from the new installation. ... Continue reading ...

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The computer has been restarting for several days now. "Upgrade to it's an update. Why the upgrade means not opening up to me.


I have not released since last Windows 10 update.

What now! I've already tried 3 times on 92%! Greeting

and it's always the same. Actually, win10-Home Vers.1511 10586 is installed by 26.5.2016 next version of Windows.

Year win10-Home on my computer. If I turn off the calculator, then if I do that, the installation runs to 78% total history and is at 17% settings until the day of my life. An error message he restores the old win10 version.

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Do you already have 7 64 bit. That can now backup your data?

Hi, Win has become really tricky.