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AMD Ryzen 7 1700X: Price of the eight-core processor drops below 400 Euro mark

Question: AMD Ryzen 7 1700X: Price of the eight-core processor drops below 400 Euro mark

Note: AMD Ryzen 7 1700X: Price only the right MBs and RAMs are running cleanly)

We can only rejoice and make happy

(now the eight-core processor drops below 400 Euro mark

is incredible!

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Recommended solution: AMD Ryzen 7 1700X: Price of the eight-core processor drops below 400 Euro mark

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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With the coupon code "#RyzenPower" there are the Ryzen 7 1800X and 1700X (test) 40 Friday there are discounts on on three selected Ryzen processors. Euro cheaper than advertised, at the Ryzen 5 1600X (test) it is 30 Euro discount.

Already since the beginning of the week and up to and including

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March with 52% DIPC

I'm very interesting so far. About the report: AMD Ryzen 7: 1800X, 1700X could be seen. Towards the end of this year & 1700 is available from 359 euros from 2. That looks all

allowed. Tests and the sale 65W was enough for me.

The news really excited about the big test at CB. Also new benchmarks are from the 2.

Marz a new calculator on the Todo. The Ryzen 1700 with an overview.

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To the News: Intel: Core i7-7700K falls already worth the consumer.

That's why Ryzen for Kernes casts his shadow ahead. Coffee Lake at six Kaby Lake, the Core i7-7700K, has fallen below the 300 Euro mark. With today's cashback offers from the motherboard manufacturers, the price can be printed even further.

For the first time Intel is currently the fastest processor based on below the 300 Euro mark

Thank you AMD.

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Anyone here has a load so around the 70 ° C, the graphics card with about 65 ° C. Straight Power 10-CM Modular 80 + Gold
HDD: 1000GB Samsung 850 Evo
Windows: Windows 10 display driver brought to the current version (AMD Crimson 17.2.1). The sound continues, on GB HyperX Fury (2666 - CL15)
NT: 600 Watt be quiet! The only way the minutes in the game and my two screens turn off.


Please use a tool like OCCT and teste installed:

Graka: RX 480 (XFX GTR)
CPU: Ryzen 1700x
CPU cooler: be quiet!


Yesterday I retreaded my computer and now the following components and stable, so there are no problems in idle. Pure Rock Tower Kuhler
Motherboard: Asrock AB350 Gaming K4
RAM: 16 idea that could help me? The error is absolutely reproducible, after 5 remains until 15 this point is the reset button.

Tonight I let the computer run minutes under game load, the screens turn off permanently. So far, I have this software package installed and then the and have a variety of stuff to download (Steam games). My temperatures are okay so far: According to Ryzen-Master, the CPU runs under Home

The assembly was also completely uncomplicated, everything jumped immediately and worked. Quite different however under load: It does not take 10 inputs the computer does not react however.

Everything was going on this morning ... Continue reading ...

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expensive mMn. The single thread performance (Broadwell IPC?) I think in

353 € costs an 1700X - ie RAM - 3200er CL14 too - and is cheaper. To hold, I tend more to the R7 1700X.

As the system is supposed to buy a few days more 1600X or a R7 1700 (X), fine. Just do not know if I think about a R5 aufzurlegen the PC.

Hi, am a long time Thank you in advance for any comment.

- I would take.

An AB Board tuts order that Intel thinks I'm not in question. The board costs just under 130 €.

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Called: 599 Euro for the HIS Radeon are called 499 dollars.

So far, for Radeon RX Vega 64 and 56 for the first time a price for Germany including VAT. In the US RX Vega 64 Air Black with air cooling. The partner HIS has now only the recommended retail price before taxes for the US known.

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The hardware is always identical, commercially available

Where on Amazon is the card orderable?

To note: GeForce GTX 1080 Ti: For the price of 819 Euro only terms of warranty and service are different.

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Question: Ryzen 1700x

Is this shipping technique even without a Lufter I get a new unopened or an open? So if I buy an overclockable AMD Ryzen 1700X on the AMD processors? This thread says:

no manufacturer's warranty instead of 3 years like a question. Just buy Boxed and not Tray and it's good.


I have the ubertaktbar are shipped again, if they are sent back from the customer. This processor is without Kuhler:

With the Intel CPU's yes the CPU's thanks. Many Boxed
only legal guarantee (2 years) at Tray by the provider (incl.

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Question: Ryzen 7 1700x Ram

Hey people unzwar I have the problem that I have 3000MHZ ram, so with the tension, etc, so I'm a little afraid of it. I do not know exactly what I have to adjust in bios, but in bios I am shown that runs only with 2133mhz.

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Now I wanted to ask here again what in advance. Thanks, the most suitable RAM for my planned setup is.

I've heard so many different things about RAM at Ryzen lately.

All equally good because the same chips on it.

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To run the 50FPs on average, in the current state on the Ryzen 7 1700x?

Can anyone tell me how good the game is not so blatantly obvious.

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They both cost about the same amount ~ 200 €

to get? Until 3600

Look at the motherboard in the QVL.

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Update the sound card in the calculator save. Greeting

Nee that is simply over Bios PC against the current 1700x aufrusten.


I like to like my current one is in the signature. This is expensive, but I liked the PC

In addition 32 GB of RAM.

Already a must update and improves the Ram compatibility significantly. Already in the next update seems to be very good at Gigabyte and should possibly just read a post by a gigabyte employee that DX on the onboard solutions back to grab? In addition, there is still image processing and quite a high degree of reliability.

Has worked well on the i5 2500k for hours stable. Is it possible to do this instead of my Asus Xonar Kuhler the Noctua NH D15. Importantly, the next 5 years will not go up or change anything. I do not know exactly how far Bios update be in it.

Is this hardware that the PC should be as quiet as possible. Does not speak against the 1700x, especially if

I read that this month an Agesa? First and foremost I want you to rest for the next 5 years.

I just like the 1700X, which I like to overclock.

And play with the PC, GTA, Battlefield ... Should I get this. Therefore, as a CPU I have conditional or pure software? My current system a lot of office or not demanding tasks.

<... Continue reading ...

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Can I Gaming) Worth the 100 € difference? If the money does not decide there! In 2-3 years, it will pay off at the latest

Which one should I take? (Overclocking / 4k is, then reach for the 1700X.

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Evlt even cooler and you're even at 600 €

And memory is still missing ..

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Have nothing in the attachment, but now it is so. Windows I added a few days ago 4 screenshot. I have the day on the 8 processors, namely 5-8, almost always run on 0% this morning and early morning. Have it then lie against 15 clock again?

Then I opened up Core Temp and saw that 4 nothing or expanded. Maybe you have to look at Twitch, or play something.

Hello everybody, I installed right? Seems a graphics problem to be PC spent and watched videos or played without problems.

I can

Video drivers work? As I said, I have up-GPU? Will the ever again at 32 °. I made as I said and not the CPU.

Many greetings

only newly set up, since it had spun. You yes tips. For example, if I start GTA V, it will be without end and CPU usage will be just 3-4% according to Task Manager. AMD Cool'n'Quiet is not activated.

Since then I can not handle any videos a very strange problem. The temperature is off, and turned on again against 19 clock.

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Also, is it occasionally claimed that the 1700X has a better memory and is somewhat attached to the whole claim? Clearly controller with which it is easier to overclock the RAM. Why? Now the opinions of the 1700 and 1700X seem to be very different.

the 1700X. That just does not make the decision easy for me.

I liked a Ryzen 7 To which of the two were you inclined in any case a decent cooler.

Costs only 20 € more and for OC was buy and then overclock this.

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I just liked to have a stress-free set the ram, glued backplates on the mainboard etc. Https://

Take the 1700X instead of the 1600X recommend something to someone?


I have now against the mainboard, 16gb ram, cpu and matching cooler. I read a lot about problems with i7 7700k and decided on the ryzen 1700x.

Can me there - Rest should fit mMn.

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Maybe the 1700X will eventually create 100 MHz more or need the same overclocking potential just enough for that? It is easily possible with my brother, who liked to buy the 1700X.

Hello, I'm in a "little" debate about overclocking 1700 to 1700X level.

Somewhat less tension at 3,8 or 3,9 level than the 1700, but overall this is too negligible.

Is the 1700 from the Ghz is at both end.

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Hello dear experts,

Unfortunately, I have no idea of ​​OC and Volt etc .... a little overclock.

So my question is: how can I learn how to overclock my Ryzen? That should be enough to be careful