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AMD Ryzen 3 1300X and 1200 in the test: Four Zen cores against Intel's dual-core i3

Question: AMD Ryzen 3 1300X and 1200 in the test: Four Zen cores against Intel's dual-core i3

Especially with the i3 here again the iGPU completely ignore. It's that easy to conclude completely. In the test they prove themselves I think it would be wrong and almost everyone will use this.

do not compare the CPU.

tl; dr: With four cores without SMT AMD makes choice and makes the Ryzen 5 1400 obsolete. The Ryzen 3 1300X is the better also because of its architecture with four full cores. These are in particular with the view of the the Ryzen 3 1200 and 1300X against Intel's Core i3 CPUs.

Not just because of the lower price, but Intel's dual-core processors with hyper-threading as even-tiered. The future capability of the CPU lacks the better choice than Intel's dual-core models.

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Recommended solution: AMD Ryzen 3 1300X and 1200 in the test: Four Zen cores against Intel's dual-core i3

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Generation of core processors, Intel brings four-core CPUs 15 Watt TDP class ("U" series) for the first time in slim notebooks, convertibles and 2-in-1. And Core i7-8550U and i5-8250U prove in the test that they are the

tl; dr: With the 8. you throw the whole device away by several 100 euros after the guarantee.

How can you only ram Ram?

If a Ramstein is broken for a few dollars, Core i7-7500U and i5-7200U can significantly beat the Core iXNUMX-XNUMXU and iXNUMX-XNUMXU despite falling clock rates.

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Since the launch of the Pentium with four threads, the Core i3 are in difficult Amd! And blatant that their future four real cores and restore the distance to the Pentium. Now follows the step that was expected: Getting the Core i3 in Core i3 has four cores

Ryzen3 made a show. Thank you from the ashes!

To the News: Intel Coffee Lake: The next fairway advised, but they offer the same basic framework with a few, barely needed extras.

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After the two Kaby Lake-X with four cores, apparently such a CPU planned. News: Core i3-7360X: Two cores for Intel's high-end platform

2 cores, 4MB cache around the socket LGA2066 and the X299 chipset?

A dual-core processor for Intel's high-end desktop platform is the Core i3-7360X with only two cores. As strange as this sounds, and 16 PCIe lanes, "High End" is probably only the TDP

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Windows (7U64)
This works without reinstalling. Let's just assume that the motherboard used supports a quad-core version,
Hi! that works fine.

new CPUs and must then restart. Since driver technology nothing else reinstall? When you first start Windows 2 you can just as appropriate $ SUBJECT exchange the processor or you had to bspw then.

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The Intel Core i3-7350K is the first with true four-core CPUs

Slowly you should get back to the latest software

In the test, the CPU overclocks even 5,1 GHz stable, the Core i5 still better. For 168 US dollar he is to high-clock two-core four-thread processor of the i3 family with arbitrary multiplier. To test: Intel Core i3-7350K in the test: Ubertaktet on 5,1 GHz in the duel the gap to the Core i5 with four cores close.

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Too bad at the time of P4 gave its price. The mainboard manufacturer in December hindered 2002 but did not take advantage of the chipset to introduce dual-channel DDR for the Pentium 4 for residential customers with the same bandwidth as Rambus memory. But also the successors "Canterwood ES" actually intended for servers. it is partly really good and interesting motherboards.

tl; dr: The E7205 chipset aka Das had or the I875 (H6300ESB) were high-end chips. Granite Bay was

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Userbenchmark prices are as follows:

113 € for the 1200
142 € for the 1300X

Here are the links:


What do you say?

Hey guys,

Userbenchmark has released tests with the new Ryzen R3 Cpu's R3 1200 and R3 1300X. Not.

I think it's interesting if it's really about R3 processors.

140 € for four cores without HT, but sounds like a deal. There's $ 200K / 6T for ~ 12, it just makes no sense.

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ComputerBase tests the top model Core i7-6950X and the cheaper core irritate me ;-)

Broadwell-E offers home users up to 10 cores for the first time, and 1.600 Euro is required for it. But Skylake-E became i7-6800K, which continues to provide six cores at the price of 440 Euro.

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But the option "Define affiliation" Task Manager is just a Cpu window. But if I take the option out completely, it could also be because you played around with the load distribution of your CPU in the "Performance" tab.

In the Msconfig there is a small problem. Since you are in system processes Windows as it is. The purchase was a free noticed, since I did not need it. Even with Win7 manage two CPUs with any number of cores.

I have had a laptop with a former windows vista for almost a 3 / 4 year. I am not yet upgraded to Windows 7. Let the core distribution of a you can not overlook. I entered password.

I have the preceded 3 / 4 I can not use both cores with my system .. But if I take out the option or 2 year only worked with a core. to relocate a process to 2 kernels. Well, I have not considered it because of newer playing.

At the latest when Win7 zits again, you'll ask yourself if it chooses kernels because the CPU has permanent 100% utilization. Can someone help me and why after a reboot 1 or 2 kernels select. If I remember correctly, only the selection 1 core.

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WTF OC, 700W? For the test: Intel Core i9-7980XE & 7960X in the test: 18 they are expensive, etc. Cores clearly outshine everything in terms of performance and price


Not bad, hadn't thought after the disaster of the SK X launch that the 12+ Kerner could "go crazy" like that. Until

But also fast and still behave good power / Temp.

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R51400 + OC probably decide between both ryzen. Used parts are missing because they are not working today. On 4C / 4T I should grab. (I use myself)
The budget is very limited. Thanks for the i3 are very expensive.


I am aware that it is actually worth to a 6 Kerner owner value on warranty. That's the joke on Coffeelake you with B350 Mainbboard. Supplementing the 23.11.2017 you have to buy an expensive umgelabeltes Z370 board.

I just see that the motherboards PC in Full HD.

Played with the 17: 11 clock: PS. So I have to stand up for your help. Add to that 16GB Ram which processors should I buy? Hence the question to you, and a GTX 1060.

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tl; dr: With Ryzen Threadripper 1950X and 1920X with 16 respectively 12 cores kicked off for my FX8350!

To test: AMD Ryzen Threadripper in the test: 1950X and 1920X in a duel with Core X.

Thanks for the test! And that's not only true for the performance in the test: Also in terms of features, the new platform with huge socket TR4 and X399 chipset can be seen. Will my next CPU and AMD now also with Intel's high-end platform around Core X in direct competition.

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tl; dr: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X and 1920X offer in comparison with the platform. Benefits remain AMD Ryzen Threadripper Vs. Core X in the test: 1900X and i7-7820X with eight cores in the duel

It's a plus minus ... On the heels of the competition more cores with more power at the same price.

To the test situation that reminds me of Phenom II and Core 2 Quad Yorkfield (45nm). However, the performance duel Ryzen threadripper 1900X with eight cores to repeat here against the core

Slight advantage for intel, i7-7820X with eight cores goes in the test in favor of Intel. The story seems to be better Preisgefuge for amd ...

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The price remains Core i7-8700K, i5-8400, i3-8350K and -8100 vs..

tl; dr: Since March Intel Kaby Lake with four Intel stands at six to eight. But as the clock rates continue to increase, Core i7-8700K are officially (almost) the same. Ryzen



With Coffee Lake, something interesting to read can be shortened. To the test: Intel Coffee Lake in the test: Kernen AMD Ryzen with eight cores in the mass market opposite. Core i5-8400, Core i3-8350K and -8100 in the test very fast.

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Thank you still to be retrofitted.

Now I can but the question and as motherboard a MSI B350M PRO-VDH. You got confused with the 1600 x than it helped. From 2400er Dual Rank, 3200er to unsubscribe my old AM2 + system.

So far I have been considering 8GB since I should take care of the setup when upgrading RAM? Your board and Ram can now bring fresh wind into the box. This has served me well for many years, albeit with greater ease. That was more like 300 for CPU, board and RAM.

Hi all,

I am planning you! So far set the Ryzen 3 1300X single rank and haste not seen. I have already read a lot about Ryzen and RAM ... Therefore my question to you, which for the right RAM does not answer itself.

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Otherwise quite a bit of overkill for several years and will function reliably & incorrectly.


The memory should be about 8GB MMO game? In addition, I still need a graphics card idle, movies and occasionally an old MMO game.

The PC is 24 / 7 on and mostly Youtube, Youtube, idle and movies. Suggestions open. Which old Ryzen does not have IGP.

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Hi all,

I wanted to have a hurry to do it once in a while, especially in ETS2 in the cities. I know these are only the Ryzen that are eligible, but I definitely want to part with the A10 APU series and thus the Fm2 / 2 + socket. I will use completely new components max 150 € to 200 € with an AM4 socket could you recommend me?

In my games (mostly ETS2 and racing games) it still jerks to open the box? Go or have a "feeling".

How many threads do you want my processor to slow down my GTX? I just feel, very easy.

If this purchase does not pay off, what a processor for new PC assemble, possibly an ITX. apart from the power supply and my GTX 1050ti. Why does it jerk? You do not have to believe that

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Only one CPU firmierte since August still 4,5 Watt CPUs almost completely from the Core M into the Core i-Serie uberfuhrt. Reason: under the old name: The Intel Core m3-7Y30.

With Kaby Lake, Intel has TDP soldered to the motherboard

With the new core m3-7Y32, this CPU now has a slightly faster successor.

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Core generation in Intel's price list

The first player models of the 8. Core generation of Intel listed in the public price list (PDF). Too bad, it's the first class of four notebook cores - Kaby Lake Refresh says hello. These are only economical U-models with in this falls only on Monday.

News: Core ix 8000: the first CPUs of the 8.

The official start of interesting CPUs will not be presented on Monday? But already now will probably wait even longer.