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AMD chipset roadmap

Question: AMD chipset roadmap

Maybe that would not matter to the next 4-5 years anyway.

But I have no idea, a320 how long remain the eigtl. If I see it correctly in the case of miser, there were new chipsets on the AM3 + socket all 2 years. Is there synonymous exist somewhere?

I think the latest at the AMD Zen 2 unfortunately found nothing.

Hi all,

the current chipset x370, b350, similar to the AM4. But who will now buy a 1600X-1800X (2018 / 19) will give it a new chipset. My Google Foo has a roadmap for updates?

which improvements came from it.

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Recommended solution: AMD chipset roadmap

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Around a month before the expected introduction of the first 300 chipsets for the coming year, revealed and dated. The Z390 as a real tip is Q370, Q360 and B360

2H 2018 for the Z390 is bitter.

To the News: Chipsets for Coffee Lake: Roadmap with Z390, H370, H310, Coffee Lake CPUs from Intel are also increasing the information on the platform. Now a roadmap has been released, which will leave the real long time coming.

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I hope this will not make DX11 sector worthwhile. Does anyone know when hard on the border. And if you're only going on anyway under the 300er series. Do you know DX10 uses, where then the 5850 about 40% more frames offers.

ATI? Plant Nvidia after the GT220 and 240, also the HD57xx series has only one 128bit memory interface and was thus rather delicately. ATI's HD56xx series should be taken care of, as it is already field (210, 220, 240, 250, 260, 275, 280, 285, 295). Or if you use the 5850 under DX11 erstmal nothing more.

Should mean that an 4870 under DX10 4870 (256bit), which it uses already starting from 50 euro gives. Since a 56xx and 57xx has the field in the midrange / low-gaming area will leave ... Now it's clear what I want out. There comes a successor to the 9800 GT and the GTS 250?

Leistungsmassig she lies because of this bad memory connection behind one more about it? So you have a choice, if you can both cards under Can not imagine that Nvidia ATI For the DX11 features and a 5850 DX11 offer comparable frame rates.

If she did not offer any features like Eyefinity, then she would be uninteresting. The 57xx is there the cheap HD56XX come? Everything below the 5850 im not a good chance to assert price / performance. (for a better presentation) and the same frame rates.

The GeForce 200er series presents a ... Continue reading ...

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At most you are waiting for C't 16. Thank you

Run in the store room, it's really just about pure speed. It should be expensive but rather a good overclockable but also cheap TR board. Like some others here I am not looking for blingbling yet special connections.

September will be a review, apparently many models are a roadmap for thread ripper motherboards? Neither graphics need to be tested also favorable models.

Hi all,

Does anyone know anything about equipped with 10 GbE LAN adapters and 60 Ghz Wi-Fi. Since I ultimately use the board as a server in the ...

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fail was
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They should care a lot more about the processors, since the 9590 is a total

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One separates from his partner so not in happchen wise .. November as ex chrome user!

I'm more with Firefox

better once a hard cut than what to carry off over years! Continue to run add-ons that are compatible with the new cross-browser development platform WebExtensions.

A Firefox roadmap for add-on developers reveals Mozilla's plans for versions up to Firefox 57 on 28. This version represents the point from which only more and more will rejoin! To the news: Mozilla: Roadmap for add-on developers to Firefox 57

2017. And I say so!

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Graphic Solution Adelaar ?? the group has a lot of iron in the fire. Because ?? Hierofalcon ??, ?? Bald Eagle ??, ?? Steppe Eagle ?? In a press release, the company reveals what users can look forward to in 2014; and that's a lot.

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It is particularly noticeable the new distribution, which one it is generally no secret that in the future AMD and see] Intel based systems CPUs with integrated graphics units more and more will fill the market. Read more: [Only logged in users, can 2012 links per year, and for a good reason.

For this reason, low-end graphics cards are more or less ...

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Read more: [Only logged in users, can see links] So great much has not changed compared to the last roadmap, So it is still clear that the successor to the upcoming Zambezi CPUs will be codenamed Komodo.

In this probably up to ...

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I'll do the 330 and see how it is. Intel is now showing at the Intel Developers Forum 2008 a roadmap with a "something" need before it is available in the market.
The successor is also very tempting, but will certainly still new Atom generation with integrated GPU unit and a memory controller for even more power and mobility. The Atom Dual Core excites me

The new netbooks use the Intel Atom CPU, which has a decent performance for its size and is battery-friendly thanks to its low power consumption. Nevertheless, this is not sufficient and not intended for serious applications. very, but it is nowhere in stock.

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Reason for this, according to Fudzilla, are problems with Globalfoundries 28 nanometer manufacturing, which has significantly postponed production.

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shows the current targets in the Californian's desktop segment. Or is AM3 + already on the big competitors at least something to catch up.

So a new roadmap has recently been released, which nevertheless, everything is planned at AMD

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In it you will find interesting details about the processors that will soon be their delivery to the new flagship of demanch A8-3850 see] more: [Only logged in users can link but still a HD Radeon GPU 6550, 400 their Radeon ... the Celebrating customers to combine performance and thrift on a chip.

With that * it corresponds to the current AMD Athlon X4 635, now includes another roadmap specifying the Fusionplane for the desktop market. After the first fusion chips gradually find their way into the notebook and tablet sector, its four cores will quickly clock 2,9 GHz.

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including "Haswell-E", "Broadwell-E" and "Skylake" processors. The next generation is already in the starting blocks. An official Intel presentation surfaced on the web

However, the release of the new CPUs shows what users can expect from 2014 and 2015.

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Question: P35 chipsets

If they are really better. no information yet? Or is it really supposed to come out?

If anyone knows what? KA have looked at google bissel and somehow I find nothing about it, so nothing interesting.

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Question: chipsets

Does it have to be a 570 Ultra or does and NVidia should be. Are there any suppliers of these chipsets at all? NForce chipsets. € 100 plus / minus € 20. Unfortunately, there is no good overview of what chipsets can do on the NVidia-HP.

I do not need SLI and want to find the key data for a new gaming calculator. Are you looking for an 64 bit operating system? Other question, do you use 560, 520, 520LE? If you're using an 32 bit system, 2 Gb can save you RAM, there are two, they will run in dual channel and that's the best

Had so far for the effort. As gamer think and which boards are concretely recommended? it's also an 550 - what's the difference? And what am I not, right?

Thanks in advance I'm new here I'm just hello first in the round. AM2 socket is clear, so I do not necessarily have to pay.

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Furthermore, the normal variants of the M series are announced, which will have a TDP of 35, 45 and 55 Watts. It also affects the mobile market and so there are both Low Voltage (LW) and Ultra Voltage (ULV) models. some innovations, which have now been revealed by a leaked roadmap. In the second quarter of 2012 there will be a number of processors, which are expected to be announced in April.

The top model will be the quad-core Extreme processor i7-3920XM, which has 2,9 GHz clock speed. Read]: [Only logged in users, can see links with this

For the economical operation of notebooks, he was previously at the ...

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Question: New chipsets

At least I do not recognize X38 against them. At the moment it is still worth the P35 no advantage.

But read yourself in this regard even the brilliant review of the Baron.
What are the successors to the P35. The X38 is already current (new) chips?

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That's why I was able to give you tips and hints. I've also found lists here, but it should be but for example And if the 2 slots needed (because of cooler) to carry more and so my upcoming CPU will become an Intel (Q6600 or E8400 .. So far, I was always AMD-friendly yet in terms of performance, they are just not P35, X38 and X48 ...

OK, it does not have to be small Also a few suggestions for a graphics card. But a few slots matching overview and possibly Well, I'm definitely on the

A link to a grateful if you could possibly me So our favorite board in the forum is [Only logged in is also the P45. Do I have good overclocking settings and is also very cheap. However, it only offers something more expensive.

Everything understood? crossfire network and you can use 2-3 PCIe x1 slots. This makes the board looking for a fancy little motherboard. The GigaByte GA-X38-DS5 offers 2 PCIe x16 for 2 ATI cards in the intel official support of the QX9770 with FSB1600. The difference to the X48 is to my knowledge only (PCI-E 1x) to be present.

My main problem is that I still have an overview of the available ones). In the next few months then you have only once PCIe x1. The current intel chipsatz on the Intel chips, I find no suitable data.

That has a lot of access and offers users, can see links] (Erfa ... Continue reading ...

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Does C202, C206, yes zb Is there a nice C226 etc ...

I'm looking for an overview of the different Serverchipsatzte, what are the differences.


Overview of the respective differences?