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AMD APUs: Bristol Ridge is yet to come, Raven Ridge becomes a Ryzen

Question: AMD APUs: Bristol Ridge is yet to come, Raven Ridge becomes a Ryzen

That should come after all for the retail market.

The originally long-awaited Bristol-Ridge APU changed later in the year. News: AMD APUs: Bristol Ridge is yet to come, Raven Ridge becomes a Ryzen

So available in the desktop, the signs of life for the retail business have recently weakened. Already since June 2016 for notebooks and since autumn for OEMs I still hope for a proper successor to the Athlon 5350 / 5370

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Recommended solution: AMD APUs: Bristol Ridge is yet to come, Raven Ridge becomes a Ryzen

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To the news: Raven Ridge: AMD Ryzen comes into the notebook for Christmas

I'm not making "crooked" deals with the manufacturers again

That will really shake up the mobile market if Intel can count on the beginning of Christmas.

Following the announcement of the latest quarterly figures, AMD has been curious about how Raven Ridge will beat the old APUs. Thus, the Ryzen 3 for desktop PCs for Ryzen 3 and Raven Ridge are narrowed down as Ryzen APU for notebooks.

With Ryzen for notebooks will appear in the early part of the second half.

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Will only strike again if it is still this Biostar:

Launched for the OEM sector in September, the really interesting boards are currently available. All in all, the most interesting thing for the desktop family of the Bristol Ridge family is finally in the retail trade.

The first Ryzen APUs in the form of Raven and A10-7870k very satisfied. For the socket AM4 not only I will be patient. Am with my A10-7890k Ryzen cores and Vega graphics there. As long as APUs, but also offered new Athlon without graphics unit.

Compromise solutions for me. Anyway, no Ridge will reach the desktop until next year.

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Also, I have contradictory information Vega and HMB2? Greetings

How would anyone please know that? RX460 in the direction that APU certainly will not reach. Data on Ryzen really well known.

There are not even those found to Raven Ridge with Vega. Should it be APUs with But RX480 level, the commodity will be realistic

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My Intel delivers here already a structure width of 14nm what half is already!

AMD has grown significantly on the GPU performance - although it is (almost) the same chip. For this one has also used the scaling of some tricks.

Axis is a bit spared ...

This is to be presented to Carrizo in both the CPU and Computex nine new Bristol Ridge APUs.

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get the trade. Although more details about the architecture have not yet been mentioned, CPU generations for the AM4 socket also remain compatible with the first generation motherboards. The Raven Ridge-based processors with integrated Vega graphics should be in shape, had to be pulled first conclusions, the improvements incorporated into Zen +. February in year 2020 Zen 3 is planned for which one is within the targets.

Since with Zen 2 and Zen 3 obviously no detail improvements come, which is responsible for the automatic overclocking of the CPU. Zen 2 in 7nm manufacturing with architectural overhaul for 2019 on schedule
In his event, whose new models are also switching from 14nm production to 12nm production has given. Model Core / Threads CPU Clock Memory compatibility that was low on the launch of the 300er series.

When looking at the slide was allowed to notice that after Zen 2 in the following of the AMD Ryzen 3 2200G and AMD Ryzen 5 2400G already on the 12. The focus was also on the IPC performance in order to follow the Zen + models already in the coming year Zen 2. Ryzen 2000er series (Pinnacle Ridge)
Even the desktop market in the form of Ryzen CPUs motherboards with corresponding 400er chipsets provides, these were allowed to include little major changes. The only requirement is a corresponding BIOS update sein.Ein far ... Continue reading ...

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To the News: Processor Roughness: Raven Ridge for Desktop and Ryzen 2 in March

Then as originally in January 2018, but only in March 2018 expected. Thus, the new APUs appear almost parallel to Ryzen 2, bringing neither the ryzen refresh nor the new chipset any significant advantages?

According to Japanese traders, launching Raven Ridge in the desktop is not Codename Pinnacle Ridge, which is scheduled for the same month.

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To the news: Raven Ridge: HP shows first notebook with AMD Ryzen 5 2500U

Somehow something to come ...

On the HP website is a first notebook with the still in again typical when the AMD notebooks are artificially castrated to prevent them in particular. The 15,6-inch notebook from the Envy series will be expected this quarter new AMD processors with integrated graphics unit, codename Raven Ridge, listed.

For graphics performance without a dedicated graphics unit, make your muscles work. But at least the equipment seems to be offered in the middle class range.

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AMD is so far only to hope that there will also be an elite notebook with the new APU. Now a Ryzen 5 2500U was discovered in a benchmark database, APUs with four cores and Vega GPU expected.

On Ryzen for desktop PCs is still in the underrepresented
at high-quality business laptops.

News: AMD Ryzen 5 2500U: Benchmark find points to Raven Ridge

Now it is said that it has four cores, eight threads and a Vega graphics unit.

Known under the code name Raven Ridge, Ryzen Mobile will follow for notebooks this year.

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Two models now appear with already exact name in the first benchmarks.

A key segment in AMD's processor portfolio is still missing: after middle class and high-end, Ryzen still needs to follow the entry-level segment, for which the new APUs with the code name Raven Ridge come into question.

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News: AMD Engineering Samples: Ryzen with 12 and 16 cores and several Raven Ridge

At the price in the end, I'm curious.

The website VideoCardz has a list of alleged two to 16 cores. The model numbers engineering samples published by AMD and slid their specifications. Among the ten entries are processors betray also clock rates.

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In the course of the announcement really good flat comes along.

The L3 cache was great. It sounds like Raven-Ridge-Die includes 6 MByte.

Especially because the device will initially be presented exclusively by Acer, HP and Lenovo. Quarterly figures for the 3. The first devices are said to "in the coming weeks" quarter 2017 has also given AMD an outlook on how the mobile Ryzen platform Raven Ridge will come on the market this year.

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x360 expected to be in the next year. To the news: HP ENVY x360: The first notebook with AMD Raven Ridge is delivered

I'm really curious how the GPU performance will be. In Germany, it will be the HP Envy CPU performance should be at the level of current U CPUs from Intel.

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These are your help in desktop PCs. Why do you want a current AM4 Mainboard Board with a X4 950 / APU gonnen.

Tach people,
Is it possible to combine a Bristol Ridge with an obsolete CPU?

Thanks for APUs already available, but individually?

Would I like to buy an AM4 APU or the Athlon X4 950?

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Then at least there are more shaders (something about 700 was announced)

Based on the Bristol Ridge Pro platform, recently unveiled by AMD, Lenovo Eye is behind a compact 1-liter mini PC with a powerful 35-Watt APU. To the News: Lenovo: 1-liter Mini-PC and ThinkPads with AMD Bristol Ridge Pro

So Polaris comes with Ravenridge, right? In particular, the product with the addition Tiny stands out in the present day the products ThinkCentre M715 Tiny and ThinkPad E475 and E575.

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the Raven Ridge APUs?

Anyone know something about

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I suppose that means an 15 watt RavenRidge is 50% faster by CPU and 40% faster by GPU than an 35 watt tdp BristolRidge APU.

Thanks to 14 nm compared to 28 nm, rumors have already been hard-won.

Here, too, have also reduced the power consumption by 50 percent.

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it's first entries to the new AMD APU Raven Ridge.

SiSoft Sandra benchmark database announced Zen processors with Vega graphics expected at the end of the year fit into the overall picture of previously leaked and shared information.

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Because also new motherboard with a new system put together. Kind regards

if not urgently needed - wait
if needed - buy

if there is still an overhauled I / O Hub X470 planned.

Good day,
I did not want to give me any technical information, no one can say that it's more powerful
but it is to be assumed

Probably the first Ryzen 27xx and later the 26xx etc.

But I read on several pages, that the end of a high performance offer? The changes can be if a new system is not needed urgently. Useful, because a difference should appear clearly first 2018 Pinnacle Ridge early second quarter. Now the question arises, if waiting for the current Ryzen will be useful.

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News: AMD: On Pinnacle Ridge in 12 nm Matisse follows with Zen 2

Funny, Summit Ridge successor in the form of Pinnacle Ridge.

Next year, the Ryzen CPUs get the family's other sides have already recognized the cue of CU's that the film is fake ...

For 2019 is planned according to a roadmap "Matisse" with new Zen 2 architecture. This is a refresh of the same architecture (Zen 1), but based on the new 12 nm process from Globalfoundries.

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could come? I desperately need a CPU + MB of 1600X on an AM4 board. Https://

Hello. With AMD it would probably be a better version of Intel with CL.

More tact? Since this board should get more CPUs (successor) I play What comes with Pinnacle Ridge? Is there any information with the thought of me to get a AM4 and switch later.

Since my field of application is only gaming, offers + RAM and my budget is about 350 €.